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Have you noticed the similarities between Barack Obama’s platform and that of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA)? The correlations are undeniable to anyone who is being honest.

Americans voted for this man not once, but twice! Al Sharpton did say that the American people knew they were voting for socialism when they voted for Barack Obama.

Listen to the Communist propaganda video below which was put out by the Communist Party USA. It puts out an idyllic vision based on the lie that a few people with all the power will allow the collective to thrive.

This is their platform: people before profit – translation, hate the rich; good jobs, green jobs, they’re synonymous apparently; reform prison – leniency for lawbreakers; equality and fairness; nature before profits; healthcare; socialism is a necessity; people, community, harmony, freedom, education, justice, peace; peace and harmony through communism.

Capitalism is the only thing keeping us back, the video claims. We want change, they demand (is that something like Hope and Change?):

Do you like the sleekness of the presentation? They start out zeroing in on a priest and then there is that great music and the blossoming flower.

The video is actually pushing for the overthrow of Capitalism. They need to be tried for treason, instead they get more respect than Conservatives who are demonized as racists, lunatics, and flat-earthers in no small measure due to Obama’s influence.


Communism has at its core a hatred for what they say is an exploitation of the working class and poor on the part of the rich. To achieve equity, the money must be redistributed from the rich to everyone else who didn’t earn it. It’s the class struggle.

Obama likes to play up the class struggle as his policies create an even wider divide between rich and poor by diminishing the middle class. It’s built on the illogical and debunked premise that workers who earn pay for equivalent labor are exploited – there must be income equality no matter who earns what.

Profits, competition, and individual success have no room in their system.

There is also the belief that the government and not the individuals should own the land because private ownership of land drives men to commit offenses, in fact, they believe it’s a driving force of evil.

These selected quotes ascribed to the Communists are excerpted from the CPUSA’s party platform which I will not link to.

COMMUNISTS: “The great wealth of the United States will for the first time be for the benefit of all the people. Foreign policy will be based on mutual respect, peace, and solidarity. The peoples democratic rights will be guaranteed and expanded. Racial, gender, and social equality will be the basis of domestic policies and practices.”

OBAMA: Redistributing healthcare and U.S. resources is a cornerstone of Obamanism. Respect for Putin was the basis of the reset. The equality issue is for all except for Republicans and Conservatives. It’s not for ranchers either, Obama was ready to have them shot in Nevada these past couple of weeks. Income inequality, the war against women and the unfairness towards LGBTs is the mantra for 2014 and 2016.

COMMUNISTS: “We, the working people of the United States, face tremendous problems today: exploitation, oppression, racism, sexism, a deteriorating environment and infrastructure, huge budget deficits, and a government dominated by the most vicious elements of big capital and its political operatives. This government, despite its rhetoric about making Americans safe, has wasted hundreds of billions on the invasion and occupation of Iraq while it cut money for maintaining the levees leading directly to the disaster that Hurricane Katrina wreaked on the people of New Orleans and much of the Gulf Coast.”

OBAMA: He would say exactly the same thing if his words ever reflected his actions.

COMMUNISTS: “We as a country face serious choices: militarism and imperialism or peace, increased wealth for the few or justice and equality for the many, increased power in the hands of the super-rich or expansion of democracy for the vast majority, ultra-right domination of all branches of government which deals with problems by increasing exploitation and oppression or progressive electoral coalitions that seek real solutions in the interests of all working people.”

OBAMA: Obama certainly has no interest in militarism. He’s reducing the size of our Army to slightly larger than Miramar’s as he destroys all our nuclear warheads.  He does want to take money from the rich, but this is where the two platforms differ. Obama is no friend to small business but he does like the super rich and his crony friends. He can’t make them rich enough as long as they are engaged in green energy and his other agenda items. He is a fan of Wall Street.

COMMUNISTS: “The ultra-right is led by the most reactionary, militaristic, racist, anti-democratic sectors of the transnationals. They gain support for their ultra-right agenda from other political trends and social groups, most of which are misled as to their real interests, sometimes blinded by the propaganda of fear and scapegoating.”

The CPUSA are opposed to any new sanctions on Iran. That is considered far-right. They want peaceful negotiations.

“We must unite lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and straight people; professionals and intellectuals; seniors; and the disabled; and the mass peoples movements including the peace, environmental, health care, education, housing, and other movements. This all-peoples front to defeat the ultra-right is in the process of developing, learning, and being tested in giant struggles for peace, to protect social programs and services, to win health care for all, and to win control of all three branches of government from the right wing.”

OBAMA: Obama thinks anyone who is not as radical as he is are militaristic, racist and anti-democratic (as in socialist democratic). He is uniting everyone against the right with a divide and conquer technique. If you don’t support gay marriage, you are anti-gay; if you don’t support Obama, you’re a racist; if you want the borders closed, you’re a nativist; and if you want to keep your weapons, you are unforgivably militaristic and violent. Obama wants control of the three branches of government.

Communists believe the legal system is thoroughly racist and anti-working class. “U.S. prisons are bursting with over 2 million prisoners, with virtually no serious efforts at prevention or rehabilitation. Prisoners face widespread abuse and the anti-labor exploitation of prisoners for sub-minimum wages.”

Who can deny that this is Eric Holder’s belief? They want to go easy on crime.

The Communists want:

  1. a National Popular Vote;
  2. to replace U.S. foreign policy that protects U.S. interests with a policy of international cooperation;
  3. replace the Bill of Rights with the U.N. s Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  4. complete separation of church and state;
  5. full legal protection from hate crimes and racial profiling and “outlawing of oral and written racist propaganda”;
  6. affirmative action; growth of public ownership of industries and a guaranteed right to a job at living wages or full income through government jobs;
  7. expansion of union rights;
  8. full funding for education, housing, day care, Social Security, universal health care, youth job training and recreation and cultural programs;
  9. compensate minorities for previous wrongs;
  10. no taxes for workers and low or middle income workers placing the burden on the rich;
  11. slash the military;
  12. media to be government owned and controlled.

Obama for his part appears to support:

  1. voter IDs be eliminated which plays well into the National Popular Vote;
  2. he has a policy of “international cooperation” which our enemies are taking advantage of;
  3. he has called us a secular nation and supports a radical separation of church and state. There is also the HHS mandate;
  4. our new Common Core is a propaganda machine for the U.N.s Marxist “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”;
  5. Obama sees racism, hate crimes everywhere. He has been clear about wanting free speech limited if it is offensive to others;
  6. his income inequality is all about living wages;
  7. he can’t spend enough on entitlements. He thinks our money is his;
  8. he has engaged in reparations for minorities. The Pigford settlement is only one example. His push for universal day care is unquestionably extreme;
  9. only 2% of the bottom 50% pay federal taxes right now;
  10. the military is being slashed;
  11. Obama already controls the media.

Is that what Obama meant when he said this?

Glenn Beck has been on this story for several years and though I don’t agree with everything he says, these videos have some very valid information. Listen to his videos from 2010 and see if you think he was somewhat prescient:

Part I

Communism still exists only it’s no longer condemned.

Part II

How did we get here?

Part III

Evan’s law – inadequate paranoia – no matter how bad you think things are, they’re always worse.

Part IV

How to silence Conservatives.


Barack Obama was a “red diaper baby.” His grandfather and parents were Communists. His grandfather allegedly had him mentored by his friend and fellow Communist and pedophile, Franklin Marshall Davis. Davis was on the FBI security list which means he could have been arrested or detained in the event of an attack.

He was thought to be  a Haole hater (Caucasian). He worked on at least one committee with Vernon Jarrett for a communist-infested Packing-House Workers’ Union. Vernon Jarrett is the father-in-law of Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama’s closest advisor.

A key wiki report uncovered an article by Toby Harnden published in the Telegraph on August 22, 2008 which revealed the influence Communist Frank Marshall Davis had on the young Barack Obama.

According to Obama’s Dreams From My Father, Davis told Obama he had “reason to hate white people.” This prompted Obama to write: “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active Black students.  The foreign students.  The Chicancos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.”

Obama has refuted the claim that he was mentored by Davis but the two had a minimum of 15 long meetings as he was growing up.

An American Spectator article points out that “there are some truly remarkable similarities between the political actions of Obama and the ideas in Frank Marshall Davis’ columns: rejecting Winston Churchill; vilifying and targeting General Motors, a company Davis would have been thrilled to nationalize; advocating wealth redistribution from greedy corporations to health insurance and public works projects; favoring taxpayer funding of universal health care; supporting government stimulus; bashing Wall Street; trumpeting the public sector over the private sector; lambasting ‘excess profits’; warning God-and-gun clinging Americans about huckster preachers; seeking the political support of the ‘social justice’ religious left for various causes and campaigns; excoriating the ‘tentacles of big business,’ bankers, big oil, the ‘Big Boys,’ corporate profits, fat cats and their ‘fat contracts’; lambasting tax cuts that ‘spare the rich’ and that only benefit millionaires; singling out the ‘corporation executive’ for not paying his ‘fair’ share; and on and on. These thoughts and words of Frank Marshall Davis bear an uncanny resemblance to Obama’s thoughts and words and actions.’”

Barack isn’t a typical American Black. He has more in common with Indonesians and foreign students than Americans and American Blacks. As a young man, he went to the finest Hawaiian schools when he wasn’t being schooled in Indonesia.

Barack spent 20 years in a Black Liberation Theology church with an anti-Semitic, anti-white Marxist preacher, Jeremiah Wright.

He got his political start in the living room of Bill Ayers, the radical Communist who terrorized New York City as a Weatherman in the late 1960′s and early 1970′s.


In all this, I haven’t mentioned his lawlessness. Barack Obama does not enforce the laws he was elected to enforce and the media has applauded him for it. The American people seem apathetic. Are Americans ready for Communism? Was freedom too heavy a burden to bear?

This is all circumstantial evidence but there is so much more. At what point, does one have to seriously consider why Barack Obama’s platform is so similar to that of the CPUSA?

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Harry Reid 3

TLB Preface by: Roger Landry (TLB)

First off The Liberty Beacon project does not lay claim to the ideology of either Conservatism or Liberalism, as either of these if left to their own devices would eventually lead to the destruction of this republic. But we at TLB do acquiesce to the concept of Constitutionalism.

You can read what is presented as satire if you wish, or push back with the reasoning that one mans opinion (no matter how qualified) does not a mental disorder make. But after reading it a realization that so much of what is described here makes absolute sense and seriously aids in explaining the rapid and choreographed deterioration of this society, is unavoidable.

Originally published in 2008, even the author could not have seen the monumental rise of the nanny state over the last six years, and it’s facilitation by a liberal cabal with a strangle hold on Washington that is slowly sucking the life and vitality out of America, simply for the goal of making us all … vanilla. America was never intended to be valilla … that is socialism (or worse) plain and simple  … just saying …


Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

By: Van Helsing

As a clinical and forensic psychiatrist, Lyle Rossiter has treated over 1,500 patients and examined over 2,700 civil and criminal cases. Turning his hand to political psychopathology, the author of The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness, has diagnosed an alarming percentage of the population as suffering from the grotesque form of mental derangement known by some as moonbattery.

Among Rossiter’s observations:

Based on strikingly irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded. Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to grave.

A social scientist who understands human nature will not dismiss the vital roles of free choice, voluntary cooperation and moral integrity — as liberals do. A political leader who understands human nature will not ignore individual differences in talent, drive, personal appeal and work ethic, and then try to impose economic and social equality on the population — as liberals do. And a legislator who understands human nature will not create an environment of rules which over-regulates and over-taxes the nation’s citizens, corrupts their character and reduces them to wards of the state — as liberals do.

The roots of liberalism — and its associated madness — can be clearly identified by understanding how children develop from infancy to adulthood and how distorted development produces the irrational beliefs of the liberal mind. When the modern liberal mind whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains and seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious.

Basically liberalism is a willful failure to mature beyond adolescence that can have catastrophic consequences for society. With luck, the official diagnosis of this disease by a mental health professional will facilitate the search for a cure.

On tips from Jimbo and Hutchrun.

See featured article and read comments here:



By: Roger Landry (TLB)

For all who would believe that this government, so intent on selling America out that it is not even very well hidden anymore, would back down from boots on the ground freedom loving people … NOT! TLB’s prediction is to watch for another major distraction soon (maybe even a staged or false flag event) to redirect much of the attention now focused on the Bundy ranch … and then move in Waco style and eliminate the thorn in their proverbial side.

You must know they cant just stand by and let We The People set the proverbial precedent by ‘self enforcing’ our rights and liberties through mass action … and get away with it; after all we are only the TRUE governors of this Republic. Those actions, if left unchecked. would serve to embolden MANY more Americans to jump on the bandwagon the next time tyranny rears it’s ugly head and erode or remove the fear and compliance this government has worked so hard and for so long to instill in us. Now they can’t have that … can they!

Regarding the situation at Bundy Ranch with Cliven Bundy and the BLM, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stated: “Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over.”

See original video here:

While speaking at the ‘Hashtags & Headlines’ event, Reid referred to Bundy supporters: “Nothing more than domestic terrorists” saying, “I repeat: what happened there was domestic terrorism.” He also accused the Bundy supporters of inciting violence, while saying nothing of the MANY heavily armed federal agents practically invading that area and acting like bullies or armed goons.

I dare someone to tell me Reid is not playing to a crowd in the below video, propagandizing to the hilt …  doing his damndest to demonize patriotic Americans willing to stand up to a massive and corrupt federal government! But those who would rob him of his gains MUST be demonized as domestic terrorists (and this is a very effective way as we have all been so conditioned to fear the word terrorist) so that when they finally do assault the Bundy ranch, the brain dead sheeple will say over their beer … good riddance to those terrorists. This my friends is evil beyond humanity …

See original video here:

We must all understand all this comes from a supposed public servant who has his hand so far into the cookie jar it is insane. This man is nothing more than a snake in the grass and  personifies the terms corruption and cronyism investing more energy into his Chinese ties (YES I said that) than he ever did to serving the people who elected him. With leaders such as this running this country, I hang my head in shame …


And if you still don’t believe Senator Reid’s self centered complicity and the Chinese involvement in all this, there is this:

See original video here:


This has never been about endangered desert turtles (another government lie) … it is about greedy, power hungry elitists who feel We The People are nothing but a scourge to their plans to steal this land out from under us to placate the Chinese, and for self-gain, regardless of the ramifications to us … PERIOD. And if we don’t go along sheepishly … we are branded Terrorists … REALLY ???

What follows is an excerpt from a great source please watch, listen, read and share …

Excerpt from

Ben Swann Exclusive: Sources Inside The BLM and Las Vegas Metro Say Feds Are Planning A Raid On Bundy Home

From: Ben

Bunkerville, NEVADA, April 14, 2014– As reported yesterday, hundreds of federal agents are still at  the Bundy Ranch and the area continues its status as a no-fly zone. Despite  major media reports that the Nevada Bureau of Land Management is retreating, the  remaining activity that still surrounds the ranch illustrates a different  scenario.

Not only is the BLM not actually backing off of Cliven Bundy, Sheriff  Richard Mack of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association has  revealed stunning information: on Ben Swann’s radio program, Mack said that he  has received intelligence from multiple, credible sources inside the BLM and the  Las Vegas Metro that there is “no question” that the federal government is  planning a raid on the Bundy home and the homes of their children who live on  the property.

According to Mack, the so-called retreat was nothing more than theatrics. “It was a ploy to get people to back off, to get people out of the way. They  weren’t expecting us to get this amount of people here. They were surprised by  the numbers and so they wanted a way to get us out of here. This was a ploy to  get us out of here and then they’re going after the Bundys.”  Mack  said that when he was at the Bundy ranch on Saturday there were an estimated 600  to 800 protesters present when federal agents were releasing the cattle.

“If they do that kind of raid, I don’t believe there’s any way that could  happen without bloodshed,” Mack told Swann.

Mack spoke about the tactic that protesters could use by putting women at the  front of the line facing the federal agents to make them think carefully before  opening fire.

“I would’ve gone next. I would’ve been the next one to be killed. I’m not  afraid to die here. I’m willing to die here,” said Mack.

Mack said that he had been told by Bundy that the federal government is  actively shutting down the ranching industry, specifically in Clark County. He  also revealed that there used to be 53 ranches in Clark County. All of those  ranchers have been put out of business, except for Bundy who is still trying to  hold on. “Every American should be outraged by it,”  said Mack.  The ranch has been in Bundy’s family since 1877.

Mack decried Nevada governor Brian Sandoval for declaring this situation  unconstutional while doing nothing to stop it. “He could have called in the  state’s national guard, could have called in the sheriff’s office, could have  called in highway patrol, and he’s done nothing except assail what’s going on.  That’s easy, that’s cowardly.”

Sheriff Mack also called out media including radio host Glenn Beck who he  says is siding with the BLM on this issue.

“I can’t believe that there are some Americans, and some media like Glenn  Beck, that are supporting the BLM in this and it’s absolutely  disgraceful.”

You can listen to the full interview, including Sheriff Mack’s stunning  statement, above.

Reposted with consent.

See more: Follow us: @BenSwann_ on Twitter

TLB Highly recommends you visit Ben For more great/pertiment articles and information.



By TLB Contributor: David Zuniga

American, you need to learn to fight smart.  America’s latest distraction had millions of citizens posting to Facebook, hundreds joining a  caravan to an ‘event’ — and nobody addressing our systemic problem, D.C. organized crime.

Bundy Circus is in Town

In April 2014, the Bundy circus came to America.  For two days, tens of millions watched another three-ring drama in the nightmare that never ends.  The heartland becomes more weary and dispirited every week.

As zombies in an alien land, citizens make posters and attend mob rallies.  What the hell is that supposed to accomplish?

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management was forcing Mr. Bundy to remove his cattle from Nevada’s public lands, contending that the rancher refused for 25 years to pay the grazing lease fee.  Bundy counterclaims, “we have been using this land for generations” — a position that didn’t work for the American Indian.  Even granting the feds’ premise, they were still the outlaws in the Bundy circus; another in a parade of distractions that keep We The People from living as sovereigns.

Meat Comes From the Grocery Store

First, the background.  Public grazing rights is an ancient, acrimonious debate between stockmen and other residents in western states.  On one side are folks trying to make a living providing beef, mutton, milk, wool, etc to the marketplace.  On the other side, urban-dwellers who think nobody should have grazing rights, even with a lease fee, because “meat comes from the grocery store”.

Enter the Sheriffs

Former sheriff Richard Mack, founder of CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association) and several western sheriffs attended the Bundy show.  I thought this was ironic, because county sheriffs used to be the bad guys, filling the same thug role as the BLM plays on our public lands today.

In feudal England, the kingdom was divided into shires overseen by earls.  The shire reeve was the thug who collected the king’s tribute from all the serfs.  The term ‘shire reeve’ soon became ‘sheriff’.

The common man could not own land; that hereditary privilege was restricted to nobility (as it still is in much of the world).  Commoners could only rent from the earl, and were required to call him ‘my lord’ (thus today’s term ‘landlord’).  After the Norman invasion, earls became counts and oversaw counties.  Earls and counts lived in opulent estates, but the crown actually owned all lands and estates.  Meanwhile, the common man lived in worse conditions than today’s house pets.

For over a decade, Sheriff Mack has asserted that the county sheriff is the highest constitutional authority in such matters as these.  That is not true, though AmericaAgain! has always supported CSPOA as the last line of defense until We The People revive our Citizen Militias.

What the U.S.Constitution Stipulates as to Law Enforcement

Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution do We The People grant the power for BLM (or any alphabet agency) to exist; its existence is a violation of our highest law.

Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 leaves no doubt about the law-enforcement power: Citizen Militia is to “execute the laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions”. Whatever gun-grabbers may think of Militia, every Nevada citizen who belongs to organized or unorganized Militia was duty-bound to “execute the laws of the Union” during the Bundy bungle, because Nevada Citizen Militia is the highest constitutional power on the scene (contrary to Sheriff Mack’s assertion).

Nevada Citizen Militia didn’t do anything, because We The People have abdicated our duty for Citizen Militias.  So it’s our own fault that if it comes to a contest of firepower, we know who wins that match.  Ask any Afghan or Iraqi citizen, as you could have asked any American in the Southern States during Lincoln’s shock-and-awe: you defend your home and community against federal U.S. troops, you become an ‘insurgent’.

What the U.S. Constitution Stipulates as to Land

We The People in Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 give Congress the power to legislate ONLY in that area “not exceeding ten Miles square” (Washington, D.C.) and “all Places purchased by the consent of the Legislature of the State in which the same shall be, for the erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, Dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings”.

In other words, the only places on earth that We The People authorize our federal servants to control are the District of Columbia, and military bases purchased from States.  Any other land or resource claims by feds, are violations of our highest law.  Whatever our rogue servants may say (including the U.S. Supreme Court, but especially the inferior federal courts, which exist only at the pleasure of Congress), this is the supreme Law of the Land, and these criminal servants violate it every day, across America.

How the Circus Ended

Government troops from IRS, FBI, CIA, BATF, DHS, BLM and on down to state troopers, county sheriffs on some occasions — and very often in the case of local police — are now often as unlawful as Mexican narcoterrorists.  Just as fearsome, and even better-armed.

Meanwhile, We The People are stuck on stupid; apparently under God’s judgment because we refuse to act responsibly. Too many of us just want an ‘event’ — bread and circuses.  Bundy’s debacle was nothing new; he had been fighting those lease fees for decades.  But let the social media get a whiff of cotton candy and popcorn, and boy howdy…

So for three days, America’s attention is off of our enemy’s moves.  BLM outlaws held American serfs at bay, and then they left.  What a pointless circus — and it never promised to be anything but that.

Each time we play children’s games instead of acting as responsible sovereigns, citizens become more cynical, irrational, angry, frustrated, hopeless — less willing to do our duty as sovereigns.

Next Month in D.C. — Hoooooo RAH!

Next comes Operation American Spring, the planned ‘coup’ in Washington D.C. beginning May 16.  Unless Colonel Riley changes the stated objective of the shindig, it will be sillier than Bundy’s situation.  Wasted time and expense for hundreds or thousands — tens of thousands? — of Americans.

On the phone last week, I offered to present AmericaAgain! at OAS so that attendees will have a rational plan of action.  AmericaAgain! is a practical, peaceful, powerful, perpetual solution; the FAQ page is here.

The Remnant’s Duty

Popular sovereignty is not an event, but a responsible way of life for every sovereign.  Reacting to every tyrannical action after the fact will accomplish nothing.  Federal bureaucracies are just the visible aspect; behind the scenes, cartels have controlled Washington D.C. for 150 years, as explained in this article.

To stop them (and defund the countless illegal agencies, programs, and regulations), a tactical remnant of Americans have to cut off our enemies’ control mechanism.  As law enforcement rather than electoral politics, AmericaAgain! will not require majorities; half of 1% of the population will be more than adequate. AmericaAgain! was seven years in development and refinement; it is very different from anything you have ever seen.

For our Chief Counsel, we hope to recruit Congressman Trey Gowdy, a statesman with 16 years’ criminal prosecutor experience.  Our Chief Counsel will field the R&D team to launch the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™.  Including security team, the mission will require about 180,000 members at $29 annual dues.

The Solution is in YOUR Hands

To field a law enforcement team to end our nightmare, we must stop falling for distractions; stop burning $500-$1000 of gas, motel, and travel expenses for every ‘event’ and begin putting our time and money to better purposes.

Leave the posters and Molotov cocktails to Libyans, Egyptians and Ukrainians.  Sovereign Americans need to go on offense, now.  Right from your own home, today.  Not in the Nevada desert; not in a D.C. caravan.

We have the Constitution; we have all lawful authority; now, We The People have a long-term plan of action.

To get our first round draft pick Trey Gowdy on our team, please help our action plan go viral: click on SHARE and then join us.  Just donate $1 or $5 and recruit a few friends to do the same.

Bundy has most of his cows back; now let’s take our lives back.  Leave your circus seat, fellow sovereign, and LET’S ROLL.

Copyright 2014

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By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

Author’s note: There is no doubt that the black man in this country has been betrayed. What they were before equal rights were far superior in some respects to the vast destruction of family, motivation, moral compass, and their economic standing today. They have become, by far, the most violent and antisocial element America has ever witnessed, except perhaps for the Indian wars, thought today to have been justified… Extrapolation methods done by the FBI state emphatically that the male black man between 15 and 35 are 18 times more likely to commit a violent racial-inspired act on a white man then vice-verse. Now that is a staggering statistic, and one that must be addressed… Still, few in our media want to bring it to light…

Talking about black men on a personal level is mostly a taboo in this country. It’s far more than a fear that we might hurt feelings or be labeled a racist. It is portrayed by the leftist media that a white person’s observation of such things might be mistaken… That they could not possible be sensitive, unbiased, or objective enough to find the truth of the matter… But in spite of this taboo, statistics is telling this American story with balance shows something is indeed horribly wrong… Horribly wrong, and dangerous to the very core of what makes us America. And as some races have tried to move on, the black race has produced unprecedented racism, and it is growing.

It is suggested by advocacy groups, to quell the discussion, that another culture or race might not be able to understand the subtle elements of another culture without actually living it… Still, I’d like to try, and I’ll do it by just revealing my personal contact with just one man, my yard man. A man I truly liked, but who I found over a period of time so enslaved by the system and his lack of personal conviction and self worth, that he finally paid the ultimate price, his Liberty. It will show the hypocrisy of a convoluted system, a Progressive government mindset that would do anything to stay in power… and the price paid is beyond comprehension for the loss. So, here’s to you James.

Oh, what a beautiful morning!

Ken 1

Its amazing. The world we live in is amazing and so beautiful! With a morning mist of pink and gold settling over new spring grass, I look out from my balcony sipping my first cup of coffee… One can tell a beautiful day in the making, and this one has all of the earmarks…

The day is planned in my head. I have it all mapped out. My worker James and I are going to clean up the gardens, plant some flowers, cut spring grass and clover, and who knows what else as this day wears on… Its always fast-moving when I work with James. He is an amazingly hard worker, and I try to keep up… and we, over a period of time, have learned to work together for a common cause… but, I have to say, and it is the first point that has to be made to tell this story with truth… Everything that happens throughout the day, and from start to finish, is the effect of my design. I am the boss. Sorry if it sounds pompous, but that is the way of it. I orchestrate everything…

Over the years I have grown to know James, and have found that it isn’t just his life’s choices that are different from mine… It is not only his reactions to life by his hard-wired social norms, but it seems evident that his very brain is wired differently… He processes information, but the conclusions he gleams are at times 180 degrees different from mine… so wait! I’m not saying that mine are better on face value, but that the value can be understood entirely in the outcome… Again, to be fair, I can’t say that James is atypical of all black men, so I suppose I am just observing his particular way of dealing with life… And if it can be seen, perhaps it can be dealt with… because, without a doubt, James is a primary reflection of his culture.

I’ll start off, since I am a student of politics, by saying that he knows nearly nothing of the process of our government, and what I consider everything about sports. He knows the stats of every player on the NFL, and basketball too. And since I know nearly nothing about that, there is little or no connection there at all. But there are other connections, and viable ones, and the biggest one is that of a boss and a worker, and the many differences, subtle nuances that connect us for a common cause, is what makes it work… James does have a since of justice, of love and honor, even such lofty ideal as Liberty, but they do not match mine.

And so, at this point, can I say that James is considered a friend? No, I can’t say so, according to what I consider the definition to be, as there is, I must emphatically add, a great social gulf between us… What hold it all together, is not what one might consider mutual respect, but my need to get work done, and his need to work. And as I move through life by a specific set of social rules and obligations, James is in constant odds with it.

I will state here the first obvious dilemma: James cares for little or nothing but to try not to screw something up, and to collect his crisp one hundred dollar bill at exactly 04:00. Now I’m not saying he doesn’t work hard, but when he thinks it is time to go home, little else can be gotten from him. He does not want to work over eight hours, and I’m speculating it is for two primary reasons: calling for his ride to pick him up, and something he has planned for the evening. It seems to me that a truly successful person puts his job first, but the job is secondary to him, and so advancement, like starting his own business, or moving up in a company on merit, is difficult if not impossible to materialize.

Every day he works with me I serve him coffee and as many boiled eggs he can eat for breakfast, and I give him lunch. Sometimes it is left overs, but sometimes I’ll make a sandwich with chips, a hamburger on the grill, and several times I’ve ordered pizza, and sent the leftovers home with him. I pay him $100.00 for eight hours, and that includes his smoke breaks and a half hour lunch where he makes calls and chills out. He drinks bottled water, and anything out of my drink refrigerator, and energy drinks like Monster are his favorite. Every time he works I have a bag of clothes, or something like a vintage sound system, and he makes a pile of these things all day long to put in the back of his uncle’s pickup at about 16:30 hours.

The last time he worked with me I gave him a vintage timing light I had had for forty years, a pair of work boots given to me as a safety award and never worn, a cashmere sweater too small for me, a lounge chair needing to be restrung, two cans of white paint at least six years old, and a pack of smokes I bought when we were filling up my car with gas. When we stand on the front lawn talking before he is picked up, it is usually light conversation with a beer from my bar. And we both seem to enjoy this banter a lot, both tired from hard work, and each time, every time, he tells me how much he enjoyed working with me, and hopes I will call him again…

He no longer has a car, and he pays his uncle 15 dollars a day to bring him to and fro. His car was wrecked a year ago, and as he had no insurance, or a steady job, he has hope to buy another from his cousin for $2500. He has been saying this for at least a year, but admitted to me that he had lost all of his savings, $800.00, in a Saturday night card game.

James is 57 years old, and though I like him and trust him to a point, he is overtly untrustworthy on several levels… First and foremost, he spent over eight years of his life from his middle twenties to early thirties incarcerated for drug possession with the intent to distribute. He survived the experience, so he says, because he stayed to himself, and trusted no one. I asked him once if there was any opportunity there to better himself, by education, or even to learn some form of trade, and he told me emphatically no. Those things, he said, were for those who could buy them, and he had nothing of any value to trade, and yet, he talks of those times with something akin to pride, or something like that… perhaps he is stating that he had the strength and verve to survive the experience…. I don’t know.

Once, when we were working cutting a tree in front of my home, we saw a group of prisoners a few blocks away cutting grass in the park. I said I didn’t understand how they could be laughing among themselves… that I would be so embarrassed I’d have to wear a paper bag over my head… and he thought that was the funnest thing he had ever heard… “You would not last long there Mr. Ken…” But let me bring something else up at this point, to make a connection… I have tried to teach him how to attach a trailer to my Expedition half a dozen times, and he doesn’t seem to have the ability to remember the steps in the correct order… and then, if I ask him if it is done, if the hookup is finished, he gets nervous and says “Yessir!”… but when I check, the cotter pin and cap are not secured, and most likely everything would have disconnected in transit… One would think he would get extremely embarrassed, as I would…. but he takes it all in stride, like that kind of mistake is normal…so I have to check after him on all important matters, and he can’t be trusted in that regard. But in spite of that I like him… And I think I see something in him that he can not. Something I think he can not comprehend… There is goodness in his heart, along with all of the negativity… and I know there is a battle being waged every waking moment and well hidden, and so with every conscious act the outcome is unknown to the both of us…

James lives in a small wood-framed home of weathered florescent green, in one of the worst neighborhoods in this area… The grass is cut choppy and knee high, and weeds grow over my head around the several spindly trees on his front lawn… the screen door is broken off the hinge, the steps rotten, and there is what looks to be an ancient recliner on the front porch… and all of the homes in the area look the same… I think there is a window AC unit in the back, but the front door is wide open showing a dark interior and wood floors reflecting from an open back door, and one of the side windows were opened to the day through ancient broken blinds that blow in the wind… I asked him once if he ever had a garden, to grow some vegetables, and he told me that everything in that garden would be taken in the dead of night.

He quit school in the sixth grade, and often tells me, mostly as justification for something he doesn’t know or understand, or a mistake in judgment: “I was raised on the street you know.” For instance, James does not know the name of any insect, any bird, can’t tell a flower from a weed, knows nothing about anything mechanical (no trade skills whatsoever), and can’t answer any question about current events, history, and seems incapable of projecting himself into a future with a goal or plan… Except for knowing he is scheduled to come here on a Monday, he has no personal thoughts on the matter that I can see, and comes to work without gloves, a coat, or a game plan other then waiting for my direction. He lives entirely for the moment, and that is a defining difference between he and I, and that, along with our very different sense of responsibility is like a vast chasm that can’t be broached. In the yard, he is deathly afraid of any spider, any bee, even a love bug, and just the thought of a lizard or snake sends him into something akin to convulsions. If this was taught, I do not know. But I learned about nature from the Boy Scouts, and he learned his skills from the street, as he emphatically describes. Never, not once, has James ever been on time.

James has three daughters, from three different women, and has never paid child support. “They get government money for that.” he says, and justifies it all saying he was in prison when they were all young, and he doesn’t know any of them now. “I probably wouldn’t know them if I saw them on the street.” he said. And he hates his father, still alive, who he said abused his mother and his family with violent alcoholism… And because of his personal failings in the past, is alienated from his brother and sisters, who he says have good jobs, and a “life” far away.

His mother died at 41, he once told me, and he inherited her little green house. He wanted to put a trailer behind it because the house is very old and has no insulation. I asked him why he didn’t want to just fix it up… but he told me that his uncle could sell him a nice trailer cheep… He also told me more than once that if his mother had not given that to him he most likely would be dead, living under a bridge, or back in prison, and that turned out, in retrospect, to be very prophetic.

He has no savings, and when I first hired him my two days of work a week was his only income. He finally secured a job washing dishes at a diner, and he says it suits him, so long as no one gets in his way. He doesn’t know that I know his boss, and have asked about him at times, but really, that is none of my business. I am not responsible for him, and although I do care, as he is at times so painfully truthful, trusting, and child-like, I could never think to do him harm… It seems, to me, that at times he wants my opinion on things, but soon disregards it as being too hard… To incorporate them would put a damper on many of the most destructive elements of his life, and he just can’t stop them. He is pulled in an external direction, and can’t muster the inner strength, the conviction to take control.

The social norms of his race and culture controls his every action… But there is something much more emphatic, and it was put there very early on in his life…. there is what I will call a wild card in his personality that can not be denied, and I do wonder, if the chips were down, if an opportunity would present itself, knowing his lack of concern for his other responsibilities, if I could really trust him? Can I really trust him? No, I don’t think I could. Not when the chips are down. I think he is far too selfishly motivated for that, and that is the primary reason, I think, he has had so many problems in his life… trying to get “up and over” instead of becoming responsible for his actions.

He has a girl-friend who lives with him with a small child, and one would think this, in and of itself, would inspire him. She works as a “sitter for old folks,” he said, and gets a government check that helps too, for the child. He told me he does not take her money, as most all men do, and he was emphatic to have me understand that. She saves it “in a sock.” he said, and that is hers. He has pride in this area, that he provides for her… but it isn’t a clear-cut standard, and depends on factors well hidden, and I think denied.

I tell him constantly to pull his pants up… It is a subconscious act, it seems, and one day his belt broke when he tightened it. I went in my closet and gave him one of mine… It was to me a simple gesture, but something about it sticks in my mind. He thought of that act as a gift, and kept that belt without a thought of returning it… That thought, that mindset, flows from him as natural and normal, and nothing like what I hold inside… He is a taker, not a giver, and everything is weighed for his own good, for his advantage… without any other consideration but self fulfillment.

He talks about his life with what looks to be pride. …but all of it is wrapped in a tight knot of past failure and an overwhelming bewilderment for this world and his place in it. He can’t seem to comprehend or formulate what meaning it holds for him, or what steps to take to bring it to another level. Beyond planning to smoke some pot, have some beer and “Crown Royal”, or watch “big screen sports”, there seems to be little beyond. With an optimistic laugh, he tells me he is the master of “craps,” and yet hasn’t two nickles to rub together, and somehow, can’t make that most evident connection. He says he believes in Jesus, but has never read the bible or ever goes to church.

He doesn’t seem to be jealous of me or my life, or seemingly what is found in my neighborhood, but that, I think is not the norm for the average black man or woman, and I respect him for that…. However, I don’t think that is a conscious act… It is like it (my world) is so big, he can’t focus on it all. He seems overwhelmed, and because of that is a danger to himself on so many levels it is hard to fathom… I correct him constantly, from balancing on the top rung of a ladder, to spraying the water hose on a live and open outside outlet… something that children are taught, or should have been taught, has never registered.

James has never voted, nor has he ever watched the news or read a newspaper but for the sports page. He has no insurance, a credit card, internet access, has never taken a picture or wrote a letter… and yet, if I asked him if he had a full life, he would without a doubt say yes,,. And I’ll bet he sleeps very well at night.

But is seems the same for all men, and all around the world… We can work together for a common cause, and put away our differences, for a time.,, but it all comes back to that, doesn’t it? The United States has more people incarcerated then any other country, and Louisiana is at the top of the list… Some might say that the laws were designed to thwart the black man, and others say it is a magnet for just this kind of man, as James is now serving another eight years for selling drugs, caught red-handed in a Wal Mart Parking lot sting. His girl friend is still living in his mother’s old house with her daughter, with another man, so I was told, and that James does not know about it…

He will be about my age when he gets out… And I hope by then his nature will change… but I doubt it, and though he only has himself to blame, inside of his twisted perceptions he will cast himself as a victim. No doubt, another victim of the white man’s law.

And yet, in spit of it all, I really miss him…What a tragedy. What a waste. And I wonder… if he would have been my son, what would he have become? Is what he is inside innate? Is it a genetic difference? I don’t think so. I think it is a flaw in the culture…

When I travel to Europe I see blacks incorporated there, with the same norms of the culture, the same accent and values, but here they revel in the differences, as promoted by an industry feeding on lust and hatred, and the antisocial violence that digs deep into the soul. It is a powerful force, and it takes an amazingly strong and profound person to overcome that allure. He never could, and he is working in the laundry there, without Liberty, as he sacrifices the very prime of his life.

There are many ways to be enslaved, from a tyrannical government to a propagandized media system based on lies. The days of a cracker-whip and chains are over, but there is now a slavery method far more horrific and profound, and that is slavery of the spirit. And finally, as a last word, it seems that none of it would exist if we could just take responsibility for our own lives… but that would mean accountability too, and that is the rub.

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Before I start, let me say that yes, there is conjecture here. I ask  questions. I try to provide some answers. I realize that there are people who  will poo-poo this article as not being “newsy” enough or too “conspiratorial.”  That’s perfectly fine. If you’re one, then I’d like to respectfully suggest that  you stop reading at this point and move onto another article. If you fail to  heed my warning, then you are responsible for having “wasted your time” reading  it.

It is nearly impossible to prove things like what took place in Benghazi.  What I mean by that is that we know something happened.  However, people disagree over exactly what occurred. Having researched it, I am  confident in my belief that Benghazi was a multi-pronged situation that was  supposed to accomplish something for the Obama administration. In my opinion,  Benghazi was supposed to be an event that ultimately would:

Appear legitimate with Muslims storming the Benghazi consulate to kidnap Ambassador Stevens

Distract Americans’ attention so that the world would not notice that armaments and munitions were being diverted from Libya to the  Syrian Rebels fighting Assad

These – in my opinion – are the two main prongs. Once Stevens was to have  been kidnapped, Obama would have then come to the fore with this “brilliant”  plan to exchange Stevens for the imprisoned Blind Sheik in a federal  prison in North Carolina. Surely, no American would complain about this if it  meant freeing one of our ambassadors.

I believe Ambassador Stevens was there solely (or mainly) to work out a deal  that would get munitions flowing from Libya to Syria. In order for that to  happen, there needed to be some type of cover, otherwise someone might see what  was going on. Because of this, I fully believe the administration came up with a  plan, like the one described above, and decided to “go hot” with it.

The problem? When the Muslims went to the consulate, they expected to find no  resistance. Unfortunately for them, a couple of SEALs decided to ignore their  orders and headed over to the consulate to defend it and the Americans there.  Allegedly, President Obama was already asleep, which meant that Valerie Jarrett was the one to give the “stand down” order  to all military who were prepped and ready for a rescue mission, except the  SEALs.


When the SEALs showed up at Benghazi, the Muslims  began to think that they had been betrayed by Obama. They not only started  fighting hard, but others came to help. Originally, the incident (without the  SEALs) was to have been blamed on the 15-minute film that became well-known after  the attack. When the SEALs entered the picture, things changed. Obama went with  the prewritten script blaming the situation on the video and now Stevens was dead,  not just kidnapped. The Muslims had no bargaining chip at all and Obama could  not simply exchange the Blind Sheik for Stevens now.

By the way, you’ll recall that shortly after Morsi was “elected” president of  Egypt, he swore he would get the Blind Sheik out of prison, don’t you?

Understand that much of what I’ve said can be proven, while the motives  cannot.  The theory is my own, and as such is open to correction.  Some might go  so far as to call it circumstantial evidence; court cases have been won on  less.

This is the problem with things like this. Ultimately, each person has to  decide for themselves what makes the most sense to them and then go with it.

Because I believe the things I’ve highlighted about Benghazi, I do so because  those things make perfect sense to me. I didn’t arrive to that conclusion  without a good deal of reading and research. The links I’ve provided only  provide you, the reader, with a cursory understanding of how I arrived to my  conclusions. I’m assuming you’ve done your own research as well.

I believe the Benghazi situation is merely one of the ways that the Global  Elite (GE) have worked since the early 1900s to literally destroy America; by  gaining as much control as they could possibly garner. Though I believe many  presidents (both Republican and Democrat) have had a hand in aiding the GE (an  act of treason, by the way), there have been several presidents who have gone  above and beyond to give the GE exactly what they wanted to have.

According to the History Channel’s documentary, “The Men Who Built America,” the three came together and  decided that they would start promoting their own man, and castigate Bryan. They  would not only do this in every paper or magazine they owned, but would line the  pockets of editors of papers they did not own. They would spread the money  around so that their man would win. They looked over America and found William McKinley, who eventually became the 26th president  of the United States, winning with 271 electoral votes to Bryan’s 176.

Are we to believe that what these individuals (who were Republicans at the  time) did then, they stopped doing after they found success in getting McKinley  elected? Surely, each individual will believe what they choose to believe, but  the truth seems to be that once the elite got hold of the power in America, they  never let go.

Dr. Dennis  Cuddy,  has a great deal to say about what he calls the Power Elite and  what they’ve been up to for the past few hundred years.

The Power Elite (PE) has been around for centuries, but a useful starting  point for its “modern activities” would be about 350 years ago. In 1677 Sir  William Temple (a sort of John Jay McCloy PE Agent) helped arrange the marriage  of William of Orange (Holland) to Princess Mary (heir to the British throne). In  1688 another PE agent Thomas Wharton instigated the Revolution of 1688 replacing  James II (a Stuart) with William and Mary as rulers of Britain. Shortly  thereafter, William had the British treasury borrow heavily from the Bank of  Amsterdam, whose bankers received a royal charter to establish the Bank of  England which by 1698 was owed 16 million pounds by the British treasury.  Indebtedness of sovereigns and nations is one of the primary means of PE  control.

Cuddy has an excellent background for this sort of thing. “Dennis  Laurence Cuddy, historian and political analyst, received a Ph.D. from the  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (major in American History, minor in  political science). Dr. Cuddy has taught at the university level, has been a  political and economic risk analyst for an international consulting firm, and  has been a Senior Associate with the U.S. Department of Education.”

Note the last sentence in the above quote. “Indebtedness of sovereigns and  nations is one of the primary means of PE control.” This is exactly  how Mayer Amschel Rothschild started it all several hundred years ago with  Great Britain. Once a nation becomes indebted to the Global Elite (GE), they own  that nation or at the very least, can pressure that nation to do things the way  the GE wants them done.

People who believe that the GE (call them the Illuminati, the Power Elite, or something else) is simply a fairy tale that  plays well in books and movies, should do some more research. People as far back  as Woodrow Wilson in this country have acknowledged that there  exists a group of men with so much power that referencing them is done in a  whisper (my paraphrase).

Next time, we’ll be back with part two and we will detail how (according to various  sources) the GE has made such gains in the U.S. and throughout the world, what  their ultimate goals are, and how far along they are in making those goals a  reality.

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By TLB Contributor Dave Hodges.

Many talk about the fact that Americans have an estimated 300 million privately owned hand guns as the reason why no foreign power, or even our government, can subjugate the people. I am compelled to disagree. If our government ever became abusive enough that the people felt the need to rebel, there is a new generation of super weapons being developed which would doom any rebellion.

Although Yamamoto once refused to invade the United States following his attack upon Pearl Harbor because there would be “an American with a gun behind every blade of grass”, these super weapons would have changed his mind, thus, making America vulnerable to tyrants and foreign invaders. As a result, the window to resist martial law occupation and even an invasion is quickly closing.

Who will ever forget the well-publicized DHS paper targets, depicting the following targets, as a reminder as to who DHS feels is the real enemy.


Advanced Anti-Guerrilla Warfare Tactics of the Globalists

The rules of Guerrilla warfare are about to change. Although many of the weapons described below are not yet deployed, it is merely a matter of time. Afghanistan is proving to be the beta testing ground for many of these weapons as is Iraq. The following technological breakthroughs in military technology have very little value on the battlefield in a conventional war. These weapons systems are anti-guerrilla orientated and they are designed for Americans who will soon try to put a stop to the unfolding tyranny of the bankers who have hijacked our government. We are entering into a new type of guerrilla warfare with extreme counter-measures designed and created by DARPA which is the top secret research arm for the Department of Defense.

DARPA’s sole purpose is built around the goal of developing more efficient and greater means of killing. For those of you who have not figured out that we are about to enter American hunting season and you are the game, you should know that if these weapons systems are ever deployed in sufficient numbers, the game is over.



Project Endurance, is referred to in DARPA’s 2014 budget request as being tasked with the development of “technology for pod-mounted lasers to protect a variety of airborne platforms from emerging and legacy EO/IR guided surface-to-air missiles.” The budget explains that it will be the first application of DARPA’s much-touted Excalibur laser defense system, which developed lasers powerful enough to use as weapons.

Project Endurance is capable of producing drones, armed with lasers, which could shoot down inbound ICBM’s with a nuclear payload. Further, the system comes equipped with facial recognition software which is capable of reading the inscription of a dime from a 100 miles away. The implications for hunting down and dealing with political dissidents are stunning.

The Heat Ray


Controlling the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is a major asset in military operations. The Marines recently developed and subsequently demonstrated an excruciating painful “heat ray,” a weapon that blasts intruders with a wave beam that targets skin and makes victims feel like they’ve stepped in front of a blazing oven, but without killing them.

The 95 GHz millimeter wave has a range of up to 1000 meters, or seven football fields.

Robot Soldiers

Robot soldiers are coming. Some of the prototypesn reach speeds up to 30 mph. In times of civil unrest or combat, imagine your neighborhood was forcibly evacuated, these robots would make excellent clean up troops. Armed with facial recognition, rebel forces leaders could be targeted and eliminated. There will nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Every Move You Make, We’ll Be Stalking You


LACOSTE the “All seeing eye”

In a nowhere to run and nowhere to hide scenario, DARPA, has developed technology which allows the military to spy on entire cities with its Large Area Coverage Optical Search-while-Track and Engage (LACOSTE). LACOSTE is a program of imaging technology that will allow for “single sensor , day or night, ongoing tactical surveillance of all moving vehicles in an urban area. LACOSTE will eventually be able to identify individual humans in the same manner with the next generation of facial recognition software. This surveillance system is being integrated into department store video surveillance, the street light turned spy Intellistreets as well as all traffic cameras. If the globalists want to find you, you better have a “cloaking” device to hide behind. More importantly, most guerrilla activities are designed to occur under the cover of darkness. The cover of darkness is no longer an ally for future American rebels.

Meet the New Boss


Many gun owners mistakenly believe that they are going to be able to carry out acts of guerrilla warfare and/or terrorism against an illegitimate government as they begin to lock-down the country under a martial law takeover. Thwarting most ideas of a successful revolutionary effort can be found in the Battlefield Optical Surveillance System (BOSS),which is a device that can be mounted on a truck that scans and deciphers the landscape with lasers and sensors. When it sees the almost imperceptible glint of a rifle scope, or more amazingly it also recognizes you through your retinas as the detection devicepaints” you with a laser beam, just prior to your demise.



And even in the unlikely event that you can slip into firing range of your intended target, the Boomerang countermeasure system uses an array of microphones which will be able to instantly decipher the speed and direction of your shot, based on the muzzle report and the shock wave of the bullet as it zips past. Immediately, Boomerang knows where the shot came from, and even what kind of weapon was utilized. This system will reduce all future sniper missions to a Kamikaze endeavor. Therefore, it is a safe bet that prior to moving globalist controlled forces into an area to conduct a roundup, BOSS and Boomerang will be employed to detect and possible resistance and eliminate the resistance by calling in a drone strike.

Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide


If a drone is unavailable the XM-25 is a “smart” grenade launcher. The weapon is portable and can be carried to the battlefield by a soldier, or even better, a DARPA killer robot who has orders to search and destroy a specific target which will be identified by facial recognition. Once you are located, the X-25 possess a laser range-finder built in to the weapon that can detect the distance to the wall or trench that you’re hiding behind and then blow you and your cover to oblivion.

The “Can’t Miss” Weapon


On your last trip to your local gun range, how close to 100% was your accuracy? You might want to consider that the other side has a sniper countermeasure called EXACTO, or the Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance. EXACTO is the first ever guided small caliber (“smart”) bullet. If you’ve ever watched a heat-seeking missile follow a fighter jet on the big screen, then you would comprehend the idea of DARPA’s intention for creating a maneuverable and flexible bullet, which is controlled by a guidance system, that moves with the target and adjusts in mid-flight and to eventually shatters a human skull.

Raise the Shields Scotty, Micro Air Vehicles and Killer Robots

Maybe someone in your neighborhood struck a deal with al Qaeda and obtained a couple of RPG’s that the late Ambassador from Libya sold to the terrorists before he was murdered by the administration to make the trail go cold. You might feel that you had a chance against the armored personnel carriers which will be used by DHS. Or, maybe you could shoot down a Predator B drone prior to it launching 100,000 micro drones designed to attack troops at your position. Unfortunately for your forces, the other side possesses the Gizmodo Iron Curtain (GIC) countermeasure can protect a moving vehicle from an incoming RPG, by detecting the projectile and then detonating it. The next generation of GIC’s will be able to do the same with bullets.

It does not take a rocket scientist to project the next development using this technology. which would be employed to protect drones and other planes. When the globalist forces advance upon rebel positions, they will be nearly impervious to harm and free to carry out their mission. Do you remember the 2700 armored personnel carriers obtained by DHS? In the not too distant future, we will witness the fact that these vehicles will be virtually indestructible.

The following weapons systems constitute a game changing event. There is no way that a civilian insurgent force has the capacity to counter this technology. We know about the drones and they are deadly enough, but the MAV’s and the Killer Robot Super Soldiers are virtually invulnerable. If the coming guerrilla war is to have a chance for success, the masses have to aroused into action very soon for we are only a few years away of seeing the deployment of this technology.


America does have the capacity to resist tyranny with some degree of success as our people have more resources than any other guerrilla force in world history. America has successful military experience in its ranks in sufficient numbers to make a lot of difference. However, the key to saving America is twofold: (1) America would have to abandon its “soft” mentality; and, (2) the 10% that are awake would have arouse the majority in the time we have left. The guerrilla suppressing technology is so thorough and so completely devastating, that if the globalists are allowed to bring this technology to fruition in sufficient numbers, the game is over and the fate of humanity is sealed. For America falls to the globalists, then humanity will follow. Do I think that these two challenges can mitigated? Yes, I do. Do I think we in the alternative media will arouse a sufficient number of people to make a difference? The odds are far less than 50%. If you share the same world-view as I do that the alternative media may not be successful in arousing America before it is too late, then you need to ask yourself what are you doing to prepare to survive in the NWO?

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The Jeffersonian Perspective
Commentary on Today’s Social and Political Issues Based on the Writings of Thomas Jefferson


What is meant by Freedom and Liberty?  Do they refer to the same thing?  Can they be used interchangeably?  Are there limitations on Liberty, or is it something that is supposed to be completely without restriction?  If, as the Declaration of Independence declares, all men are created equal with inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, does that mean government can do nothing to restrict Liberty?

The full meaning of Freedom and Liberty is the study of politics and government itself.  But what the terms themselves mean, and how they are used, is a smaller question that is nevertheless interesting and instructive.  Whether these terms represent something that is unlimited in their scope, whether our political system guarantees to its citizens a form of liberty restrained by nothing but the equal rights of others, are questions that are important for a full understanding of republican government.

One should distinguish between the terms “freedom” and “liberty.”  Speaking generally, Freedom usually means to be free from something, whereas Liberty usually means to be free to do something, although both refer to the quality or state of being free.  Jefferson’s use of the terms almost always reflected those meanings.  Thus, he never spoke of freedom as a right, though liberty is listed in the Declaration as one of our inalienable rights.  It is safe to say that whenever Jefferson spoke of freedom, he referred to that state that is free from despotic oppression.  The thought of “limitations to freedom” in its general sense was never addressed as such because freedom was not used in the sense of our being free to do anything we want.  Consequently, when he spoke of freedom of religion, or of the press, or any other freedom, he was always referring to the release from despotic restraints; nevertheless, one might always assume that there were limitations of one sort or another.  But it was not the limitations he was addressing, rather the release from oppressive restriction.  All laws can be viewed as a restrictions on freedom, and such restrictions are proper in any well-regulated society.  Jefferson recognized that freedom coupled with self-government in improper hands might subvert orderly restrictions and take freedom to extremes, as in the following passage:

“Everyone, by his property or by his satisfactory situation, is interested in the support of law and order.  And such men may safely and advantageously reserve to themselves a wholesome control over their public affairs and a degree of freedom which, in the hands of the canaille of the cities of Europe, would be instantly perverted to the demolition and destruction of everything public and private.” –Thomas Jefferson to J. Adams, 1813.

If we think of an activity as existing along a continuum from total oppression to totally without restraint, Jefferson used the term freedom in speaking of the lower end of the scale, free from oppression.  He used specific language in his references to the higher end, but rarely if ever in terms of a general “limitation of freedom,” as in the following passage:

“Considering the great importance to the public liberty of the freedom of the press, and the difficulty of submitting it to very precise rules, the laws have thought it less mischievous to give greater scope to its freedom than to the restraint of it.” –Thomas Jefferson to the Spanish Commissioners, 1793.

This might seem pedantic, but you will notice that when he speaks of restraint, it is to be taken as applied to a particular subject, namely the press, not to freedom itself.  Restrictions to “freedom” are much too abstract and theoretical a consideration; restrictions are to be applied on a case-by-case basis, depending on the nature of the particular matter at hand.

Limitations on Rights

When we speak of inherent and inalienable rights, such as the right to liberty, then we have shifted from something we are free from to something we are free to do.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness define aspects of human existence that allow human beings to act in fulfillment of their potential.  And Jefferson frequently wrote of the limitations on our rights.

      “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.” –Thomas Jefferson to I. Tiffany, 1819.

“All natural rights may be abridged or modified in their exercise by law.” –Thomas Jefferson: Official Opinion, 1790.

“Laws abridging the natural right of the citizen should be restrained by rigorous constructions within their narrowest limits.” –Thomas Jefferson to I. McPherson, 1813.

Therefore, the idea that there should be any freedoms, any rights, or any liberties that are completely without limitations or restrictions would never be found in the writings of Jefferson.  Every activity in life is subject to some kind of limitation.  Even government itself is subject to various limitations, included those imposed by the Constitution.  So that we might say that Jefferson believed in freedom from despotic oppression, in inherent and inalienable rights, but he also believed that all our actions in the exercise of our freedoms are subject to certain limitations and restraints.

The Declaration of Independence, the document that describes our fundamental rights, includes many implied limitations on government and on the people who live under government.  Thus, governments are limited by “deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”  And if a people find it necessary to alter or abolish government, it is their right “to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”  In other words, they may found it and organize it with such limitations placed on the government and on themselves as shall be “most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”  The very word “govern” implies imposed limitations, so that we might say, “The business of government is to govern.”  Limitations are the business of government, and are the other side of the coin of freedom itself.

Both reason and experience tell us that the notion of freedom or liberty without limitations is nonsensical, whether we are speaking of government, of life, or of anything else in this world.  No rights are absolute and without restraint.  And the writings of Thomas Jefferson certainly confirm that judgment.


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By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive.

Author’s note: The Liberty movement is growing, well, it has always been there, its just that more folks are finally realizing it. We should feel very good about that. The following are six little stories from very unlikely sources, and they just might help you see Liberty in a whole new light…

The Philippines

Nearly every place I have worked internationally, I have met Filipinos. They are a very special race of people, and have taught me a lot. I think if they all went home at once there would not be enough room for all of them… They travel, because they can’t find a good paying job there… and most men send every dime home that they can… Some, who I have had the privilege to have known well, have, with broad smiles and contagious laughs, told me that they had been gone from home for three years… Three years from family, and so very glad to have a job…

A land of occupation, a Filipino knows very well the true meaning of Liberty, and they did not learn that from America… And that is why they are so optimistic inside, so responsible, so dedicated… And I know now, as I traveled that country from Olongapo to Manila, the long and bloody history of freedom fighting… And I didn’t at the time understand why a fast cigar boat tried to kill my XO, or the quick response of attack choppers who chased them down… But I saw first hand the punishment enacted on a people who resisted imperialist tyranny… and they knew, learned form the slaver’s lash, that what government does is not the fault of the average man, even one drafted to uniform… something most Americans have yet to grasp: That Liberty must be fought for every generation.

The falcon of the Gulf of Mexico

On a deep-water rig in the Gulf of Mexico I was in my second week of a 30 day hitch as a Mud Engineer, drilling slow and sure with a high-weight mud in hard formations. One of the hands noticed that a falcon had made its nest precariously on an I-beam under the helo-deck, 110 feet above the waves…. Every day men would go there and watch a fuzzy baby sit patiently for its mother to bring food, and we were so amazed to see her, a tiny dot in the clouds, finding insects a thousand feet up, and 140 miles from land…

One day it sat on the very rim and flapped its downy wings looking at its new world. “I think its ready to fly!” said a roustabout. And he climbed out on that I- beam and grabbed it. Why, I can not say for sure… Perhaps he wanted to impress his friends, or maybe it was just to be a part of the magic… men are like that, having to touch everything, to bend and manipulate, to control and dominate…and he tossed it up in the air…

It fluttered desperately for what seemed an eternity, but could never gain altitude… It landed in the waves and tried to lift off with piercing cries… and I’ll never forget that sound… I think no one there ever will… And the mother came darting from the sky and circled it, and circled and circled… as the tide carried them both beyond sight… It was terrible, and for days the rig was quiet, and the man who did it apologized many times… He felt bad, and it was a lesson for us all… Sometimes it is just better to leave well enough alone.

You see, even a bird wants Liberty. Most likely every creature on earth does…And yet, it can not be given by anyone, no matter how justified, or good it may seem for the giver who thinks it is in his power to give… but it is an emphatic truth, and a universal law: no one can own your liberty.

Saudi Arabia

While in Saudi, a Filipino I called Sam (Sim), was arrested for making hooch, white-lightning. Caught with six quarts, he spent three years of his life in the squalor and heat of a Saudi prison. While he was in there, his friends continued making it in a crawl space above their bedroom. Taking off a ceiling tile the still could be seen bubbling away…They sold every ounce, and every dime was sent home to his family… I smuggled a fifth of it back to The States, before the world was tied in knots by 9-11, wrapped up in a dirty towel and stuffed in the very bottom of my duffel. I was compelled to do it, even knowing I could have gotten in trouble… and I still have it in my liquor cabinet, far too precious to drink…

No rules, no matter how harsh, or ruthless, can take away Liberty from the heart of a man. Tyranny is the actual fuel for Liberty, and men of like mind will work together to destroy it, one way or another. Men who work together for liberty, watch each others backs… And that is where, “Give me Liberty or give me death” comes from. It is a powerful affirmation, and a true gift from God, and can never be subverted, never.

New Orleans

When I was a young boy I remember a troubled teenager who was the son of my mother’s boss. She sold Sara Coventry jewelry… He was a thief, did drugs, got several DWIs, and could not hold down a job. I liked him… He sat with me one afternoon and told me to get an education, and that the worst job you could ever get was a grease-monkey at a filling-station. To emphasize this, he put his cigarette out on his inside palm. He didn’t even flinch, because his hand was thick with callous. “You will never have callouses like this Ken.” …and his eyes sparkled when he told me that… and when he looked at me, he looked like he really cared for me… and I can still feel his great hand on my shoulder…

One day he ran a red light and a cop pulled him over. He was drunk. He pulled out a pistol and put a bullet in his head. And no matter how many years have gone by, about fifty now, I suppose, I still get a lump in my throat thinking about him. He did not know liberty. In his mind, he was nothing more than a slave, and like that bird, could not fly. Liberty comes from inside, found in the soul of every man, but it is up to you to find it… and it seems that not everyone can muster what it takes to make it a viable part of their life…  still, he knew something was lacking, and it was something so great, his life had little meaning without it. ..And I know now that what he was searching for was Liberty.

Cayman Islands

One day, when I was 37, I was jogging down seven mile beach in Cayman. On an isolated part I saw five men standing together just looking at the surf. They were dressed in street clothes… nothing special, nothing really unusual or even noteworthy to the common eye… but I felt something like a powerful magnet in my head, and I had to stop and talk with them. They didn’t seem a bit surprised when I approached, as they all had to the last man, a good and contagious nature, and I felt I had known them my entire life…

They were National Geographic photographers, and I spent the morning with them talking, even not showing up for work as Administrative Assistant at Treasure Island resort…

A few things I remember, and always will, was that none of them were married, and though two once were, the job got both of them… I realized that they had made a decision in their life of adventure, just as I had in mine, married and a father…   The next day they went diving and came up with about eight cannon balls, photographing the experience… I saw myself there with them. I saw myself as one of them in spirit, and watched them from a little sand dune with my daughter Laura, seven years old, and I knew that I had made the right decision…

Liberty is found in the heart, and has nothing to do with what choices we make, or have made. Responsibility, love, does not make liberty. It was given to us by God the day we took our first breath, and will last forever, no matter what.


Once, around the year 1998, I was working on a deep-water PEMEX flag-ship off the coast of Mexico. We were using a new synthetic mud, and since it was so deep, the cuttings steamed as they fell on the deck. In the middle of the summer the combined temperature of a blazing sun and those cuttings was scorching, and there, in the middle of it,  was a man whose job it was to shovel it over the side, through a 12″ hole in the deck.

Sweat poured from him, splashing on the iron as steam, and he laughed and sang the whole time working. I had never met a man like this, and though I knew only a working knowledge of Spanish, asked him the secret of his amazing ability to be happy in this harsh environment. He kept touching his heart, and I didn’t understand… and when I asked him what he was singing he said it was a love song… Then it hit me. He was talking about his family. And the song, he was telling me, was a song for them. And when I look at my life and I think it is hard, I remember that man, and life just doesn’t seem so very bad at all…

On the way back to the beach by chopper, the pilots were egotistical, condescending, arrogant, militant, and we yo-yoed from one platform to another… as I got madder and madder. You see, I am, as I have been taught to be, and alpha male, and I do not put up with anything I think disrespectful… And he saw this, and understood that, and took his hard-hat out of his bag and started playing it like a bongo drum, singing at the top of his lungs… laughing just inches from my face… “Not to worry.” he said, “It is all about Love.”


You see, not to worry… Liberty can not be denied. It is your epitaph, your true destiny, and it is a part of your conscious free will, and the gift and grace of life itself. And with each breath you take, every lesson learned, no one, no thing, no government, no bully… can EVER take that from you. And once you realize this you will laugh and sing, and fear will no longer grip your soul… Liberty gives your heart wings, and once you realize that, your strength of purpose will light the way, and be seen by all of humanity as a Liberty Beacon.

If you can’t find something in life to die for, you will find very little to live for, and that is the true strength of the Liberty movement… Blind faith or blind trust will not take our country back, but our hard won intellect, and its demand for truth, will, and without a doubt. Liberty is Free, but liberty from tyranny is not… that is your responsibility.

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By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges.

The world is 30-60 days away from a potential Armageddon. With scheduled NATO war games to be held in countries like Moldova and Ukraine this summer, Putin’s hand is being forced. If Putin does not act and move against Ukraine, and he allows NATO to fortify his neighbors against a Russian invasion, Putin will lose his tactical advantage. If Putin hesitates, the world could retreat into a long cold war. A cold war would not produce the war of destruction needed for the banksters to comprise the New World Order from the ashes of destruction.

Plan B

IF a series of false flag events do not result in World War III and if the world ends up in a cold war, is there a Plan B which could result in the unification of all currency and governmental power under one centralized authority?

Independence Day

American presidents, key politicians and connected insiders have publicly wondered about mankind’s fate if the planet was attacked by alien forces without provocation. Would such an attack, such as the one depicted in the science fiction classic movie, Independence Day, result in a one world government? Well, there are some who are betting that it would and I point to the existence of the false flag Operation known Operation Blue Beam as proof of this statement.

Before exploring this point, let’s take a moment and look at what some very key people in our society have been saying about the possibility of an alien invasion.

Reagan’s Alien Speech to United Nations

In 1987, Ronald Reagan addressed the United Nations and asked what would happen to the differences in and among the nations of the earth if we were attacked by a hostile alien force. This is that speech.

Bill Clinton’s Recent Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel

Bill Clinton recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Kimmel only asked Clinton two questions during the entire interview, “What do you think about the topic of aliens, and, if you knew of the existence of aliens, would you tell the public?” In the video below, look at how contrived this whole thing was. Clearly, there was an intended message to be delivered by Clinton, while his dancing girls waited backstage.

Clinton indicated that it is his belief that “if we were to be visited some day, I wouldn’t be surprised, and it is increasingly less likely that we are alone.”

Clinton also noted that in an alien invasion type scenario would be guaranteed to unite a divided America against a common enemy if they turned out to be the type shown in the movie “Independence Day.”

Clinton’s stunning revelations assures that this will kick up some speculation that some kind of alien disclosure is near. No doubt, that a fake alien invasion could be used as a false flag event designed to usher in the New World Order. It is hard to not smell manipulation when one watches the Kimmel interview as Clinton could hardly maintain a straight face.

Hillary Clinton and the UFO Question

Hillary Clinton was viewed at the Rockefeller Ranch holding a book by Paul Davies regarding the implications of extraterrestrial life.

Interestingly, Vince Foster, friend and advisor to President Clinton, was tasked with two missions upon Bill Clinton’s election. First, find out who killed JFK. Secondly, find out the truth behind the alien question. Foster, as all will recall, committed “suicide” under some very mysterious circumstances.

Dr. Carol Rosin and Wernher Von Braun

Dr. Rosin recounts her four year association with Von Braun, and is she is quick to point out that he predicted that mankind would have a series of “boogey men” designed to manipulate mankind on the way to a New World Order.

First, Von Braun said we would fear the Russians followed by terrorists and then we would fear asteroids and then, finally, mankind would be manipulated into believing that the earth was going to be attacked by aliens. The end game from this reign of terror would be planetary unification.

Operation Blue Beam

If the great of war of globalist unification fails to start in Ukraine because the leaders of the subsequently stand down because they do not have the stomach for nuclear war, will a Plan B quickly emerge?

For decades, NASA has developed space based weapons systems designed to penetrate every aspect of our lives and this plan is labeled as Operation Blue Beam.

The Blue Beam Project has four different steps in order to implement a new age religion, along with the roll out of a fake Antichrist at its head. Oh, I believe that we will see an Anti-Christ, but this will not be it. We must remember that the new age religion is the very foundation for the new world government, without which religion the dictatorship of the New World Order is completely impossible. In the final stage of the plan, it will be made clear to the people that an alien invasion is imminent and the consolidation of government will be “needed” for mankind to survive.


When an ex-President appears out nowhere and begins talking about aliens on national TV, we should all sit up and take notice. Beam is a fall back doomsday plan which will be implemented when all else fails. Is the NWO desperate enough to engage in such a plot? I think it is likely that this plan will be implemented so long as other plans of unification (i.e. World War III) fail to materialize. And when and if this plan materializes, don’t believe a single word of it, no matter how real ET seems to be. Why not? Because this event fits under the Biblical category of “Rumors of War”.

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