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Commentary by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Everything needs perspective. How did we get here? Perspective allows us to see the difference of then and now, over an extended period, something hard to see when change is slow and measured over several generations. Personal perspective also has the ability to cancel out the rewriting of history or the heavy hand of media propaganda.

I have lived for three generations and would now respectfully offer my personal perspective of what I have seen transpire over this time-frame. This is by no means a detailed perspective, that would require a book … but it is enough to make a blatant point. For those who will disagree or push back, I would simply ask … How long have you been asleep?

Mid 1950s – 1970

I can remember as a youngster people would talk about millionaires as if they were somehow supernatural, with all the money in the world !!

I can still hear my father telling me that if he had a million dollars in the bank, he could live comfortably off the interest for the rest of his life without ever touching the principal.

Everyone who wanted a job had one. Supporting a family on a one income was doable with reasonable comfort. Welfare and unemployment were a still a problem of the future, Social Security was paid into a special fund that the government was not to touch, to be available as a safety net when you retired.

If the government ran a deficit in the tens of millions my parents would have freaked and wondered where this country was headed, and a billion was a number the average citizen couldn’t conceive of in its immensity.

America was loved and admired across the world … this was the place to be, to raise children, to dream.

The people were proud and happy.

1970 – 1990

I enlisted in the Navy at seventeen years of age. A sizable portion of this nation rails against one war, Vietnam, and forces government to hear us.

Millionaires were not that uncommon and the term “billionaire” was still just creeping into our vocabulary. I can remember a local radio talk show host saying that a new millionaire was created in this country every three days; wow, who would have thought?

We suffered through a choreographed oil shortage that forced us to economize our vehicles and our homes.

The average Joe had a good paying manufacturing job and enjoyed a decent lifestyle.

If we ran a multi-billion dollar deficit the government said it was good for the economy.

The military industrial complex and pharmaceutical industry were beginning to buy massive influence and flexing their new found political power.

Billionaires were the new Gods of money, and, as we were starting to realize, wielded some serious political clout.

This was the beginning of the me generation.

The people were cautious.

1990 – 2000

I was working for the military industrial complex, making great money and helping to arm every nation and faction with weapons (ally or not) these companies and our government could sell them to.

The term “billionaire” was becoming commonplace and familiar to the masses. A published article stated that a millionaire was created in this country every day and money and material possessions ruled society.

Credit was damn easy to get, and these were the decades of mass consumption.

The budget was balanced for the first time in a long time; but then, more and more jobs began moving overseas because labor was so cheap, and corporations began to show their true greed.

Oil and cheap products were flowing into this country at an alarming rate, building a dependency that threatened our balance of trade and economic stability.

The military industrial complex and pharmaceutical industry were making serious and deep inroads into the government, acquiring serious political clout and favor all without the average citizen having much of a clue.

The people were concerned.

2000 – 2010

We survived the doomsday event of Y2K.

I was running my own little computer consulting company and scratching to make ends meet.

Millionaires were commonplace and no big deal. Billionaires were plentiful and credit was cheap.

The housing bubble burst (intentionally) and wiped out a lot of the average Joes, the semi-well to do and many of the then common millionaires.

More and more of the common folk were out of work, and getting another job meant settling for less.

Big banks were failing, but receiving bailouts from their political cronies regardless of their blatant mismanagement, while We The People fell further into debt and relative poverty.

The military industrial complex was raking in billions from multiple wars that worked to their advantage. Pharmaceutical giants were now buying government favor at a rate five times what the military industrial complex could muster. Multinational Corporations now have a visible strangle hold on the government.

Budget deficits skyrocketed as the government tried to buy their way out of a hole they had dug, due to a “push it back” or “kick the can down the road” mentality combined with severe cronyism and incompetency.

Nearly every politician had his hand in the cookie jar and their time in Washington was consumed with padding their retirement instead of why they were sent there in the first place.

America was now officially an Oligarchy.

The people were waking up!!

2010 – present

I have now worked for two companies that have gone out of business because they can no longer compete in a global economy.

More than one out of five adult males is out of work and true unemployment (not the MSM reported stats) is over that observed in the great depression (23%).  A large portion of this demographic is either collecting long term unemployment or some form of benefits from a government that is broke, and many are faced with very few prospects of ever regaining their past standard of living.

The talk of recession turns to talk of depression as more people exhaust their unemployment benefits or give up trying to ever find gainful employment again.

The big banks and global financiers have as great a strangle hold on the economy as the military industrial complex and pharmaceutical industry does on the government.

Our national credit rating has been lowered for the first time in history, and Washington’s answer is to borrow more money, or to raise the debt ceiling to heights generations to come will be severely burdened with.

Congress is impotent due to severe infighting, special deal making, and finger pointing. We now talk about yearly deficits using the term multiple trillions, a mind boggling number we could not even have conceived of a generation before!

You can’t drive through any city of size without seeing factory after factory closed down, abandoned due to the failure of American competitiveness, or beggars and the homeless on most street corners panhandling just to stay alive.

America, once seen as the shining castle on the hill, is now looked on as an out of control monster, or the proverbial bully on the block. War protests are almost non existent even-though we are involved in hostilities across the globe both overtly and covertly leaving millions of dead innocents (collateral damage) in our wake.

A college graduate is now competing with the out of work professional with thirty years of experience willing to work for peanuts. A full time job with benefits is now seen as a gift from the all-mighty. Our once globally admired middle class falters and shrinks.

The person who has worked hard all his life has seen his pension destroyed by greedy, inept bankers, while the average Joe who is about to retire wonders if the Social Security fund he has paid into all his life has been so badly abused and raided by the government that it will fail him when he needs it most to survive.

I founded The Liberty Beacon project to awaken the sleepers to the disintegration of America with the hope and belief that it is not too late.

The people are angry!


In a mere three generations, a blink of the eye by historical standards, I have personally watched the proudest, most powerful, and prosperous country in the history of this planet knocked to its knees by power grabbing, greed, and gross mismanagement and all to the benefit of a very select few!

I will always be proud to be an American, but there are so many Americans today that I can never be proud of!

It’s time to wake up America !!!

Now how is that for Perspective ???


Preface by: TLB

Updated and republished on April 25th, 2015

As we move further into 2015 we see America facing multiple game changing scenarios. Global war, Rampant disease, Martial law, Economic collapse, Social breakdown and the eminent collapse of our biosphere. Never before in the history of this country have We The People faced a more uncertain future fraught with so much danger and uncertainty.

Looking back over time always facilitates nostalgic thoughts of the past … what have we experienced or suffered, what do we see in our reflection. So lets look back and understand how we got to where we are today and what has transpired to put us and this once great country in the position we now find ourselves today.

Please understand we at The Liberty Beacon project are not fatalists, but you cannot progress to workable solutions, unless or until, you understand the events that transpired to facilitate the present circumstances.

The article that follows was originally written about two years ago, but has been seriously updated to reflect some of the most pertinent events that have transpired recently, some of the historical changes to our ability to live a free and prosperous life in today’s America. This article does not by any means contain a complete list of the changes that have been perpetrated on us … but what it does contain is of a significance beyond merely important.


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The Truth Of Tyranny: What We Have Already Lost

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Updated on January first, 2015

What follows is a statement of present day reality, NOT what could be!

So please read, and I invite one and all to challenge any part of this article they feel is falsely stated!

Since the turn of the century, and especially in the last six plus years, aided by Congress, there has been an accelerated paradigm shift in America away from a Republic to a soft dictatorship with more power being consolidated into the hands of a single individual than any American patriot would have ever believed! This has all been accomplished in the name of global oligarchs who now control or outright own our leaders. This is not a guess but a fact … !!!

Where was the massive outcry from We The People that should have followed a study released by Princeton University clearly showing that we as Americans no longer live in a Republic governed by Democratic process … but instead exist in a country Ruled by Oligarchs: Princeton Makes It Official: USA Has Become Oligarchy, No Democracy? This clearly indicates We The People are no longer captains of this ship called America, but instead our elected officials (who they select) and by default us, serve at their whim, command, and to only their benefit.

This fact alone does more to explain the massive changes in America than anything else possibly could. What you also need to understand is that this is not a recent development but a program several centuries in progress … just now accelerated by these corporatists to take advantage of the global and national conditions that prevail, all facilitated by their hands.

So what have we already lost beyond the very Republic our forefathers bequeathed to us?

This is a partial list of unalienable rights and freedoms we can now, by law or by executive order, be denied in the land of the (used to be) free, and the circumstances that prevail for the powers that be to enforce this tyranny! It is not an all-inclusive list, but enough to scare the holy crap out of any patriot …

We have lost our rights via the Fourth Amendmen to the United States Constitution. This is the part of the Bill of Rights that prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and requires any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause. But in a blow to the constitutional rights of citizens, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 8-1 (in Heien v. State of North Carolina) that police officers are permitted to violate our Fourth Amendment rights if the violation results from a “reasonable” mistake about the law on the part of law enforcement. Acting contrary to the venerable principle that “ignorance of the law is no excuse,” the Court ruled that evidence obtained by police during a traffic stop that was not “legally justified” can be used to prosecute the person if police were reasonably mistaken that the person had violated the law.

So to put this in a clear perspective, YOU and I are required to know and follow the law … Ignorance of the law is NOT an excuse in the eyes of the police or the courts. BUT the very people whose job it is to uphold the law are not required to know and understand the law. What the Supreme Court has in fact done is give law enforcement the ability to circumvent the law under the smokescreen of ignorance, but good intent (Yea this will never be abused (satire)). Welcome to the American Police state

You now have lost your right to assembly or protest through HR 347, giving government the ability to arrest and bring felony charges against anyone engaged in political protests outside their allowed or permitted definition of protest! Passed by Congress!

What we now see on college campuses and protest rallies such as the Bundy ranch, is exclusion zones where free speech is not permitted via local or federal government intervention. This unalienable right must now be practiced as a (government) granted privilege in designated “Free Speech Zones” … REALLY ??? How can something be called Free Speech if the government defines when and where THEY will permit it? But if you violate their restrictions again you can suffer arrest and felony charges.

The exclusion zones (where exercising free speech is NOT permitted) imposed by Section 1752 of this law have no set boundaries. They can be as expansive as local or federal government deem necessary. The “Free Speech Zone” will always be an area designated outside the focal point of the desired protest … and isolated from appropriate press coverage and broadcast media. So by losing your right to protest, haven’t you also lost (or fatally damaged) your right to free speech through HR 347,  Passed by Congress!

The president no longer requires the Senate to approve all his Czars, and can appoint any crony or political ally to certain high-ranking government positions now with impunity from congressional checks and balances with the passage of S 679. This will allow him to consolidate powers never before even considered, due to the relationships he may have with these appointed individuals or their organizations! Passed By congress!

You no longer have the right to due process in any way, shape, or form if our president or his appointed government officials declare you an enemy of the state through the NDAA bill (section 1032/1021). Now this in itself is not so new … But the NDAA bill for 2013 military spending included a clause to protect the rights of American citizens for due process … this (under pressure from the president/White House) was subsequently stripped from the bill leaving the tyranny of the bill intact, WHY ??? There remains no requirement for the burden of proof, as you have no due process and can be locked away indefinitely, without the prospects of a trial. Passed by congress!

You can now be targeted for assassination, as an American via Executive Order 12333, by the president or his appointed representatives if for any reason you are deemed an enemy of the state, and there again is no burden of proof, no oversight and no requirement for due process! My God doesn’t this sound like the political machinations of a Dictatorial Banana Republic? Passed by presidential executive order (but of course)!

This president has made law his power to declare a national emergency, (defined by him) or martial law in an emergency, (also defined by him) with the ability to completely subjugate We The People via Executive order 13603, National Defense Resources Preparedness , This tyrannical order calls for civilian conscription under the Department of the Labor … without compensation! Can you say “Labor Camps”, or “Total Subjugation”!

Also consider under this supposed national emergency, that this EO gives this president TOTAL and absolute control over all food, food production and storage in American … So if you wish to eat, or feed your family, you had better tow the line !!!

His EO states said government would exercise TOTAL CONTROL over the following:

e)  “Food resources” means all commodities and products, (simple, mixed, or compound), or complements to such commodities or products, that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals, irrespective of other uses to which such commodities or products may be put, at all stages of processing from the raw commodity to the products thereof in vendible form for human or animal consumption.  “Food resources” also means potable water packaged in commercially marketable containers, all starches, sugars, vegetable and animal or marine fats and oils, seed, cotton, hemp, and flax fiber, but does not mean any such material after it loses its identity as an agricultural commodity or agricultural product.

(f)  “Food resource facilities” means plants, machinery, vehicles (including on farm), and other facilities required for the production, processing, distribution, and storage (including cold storage) of food resources, and for the domestic distribution of farm equipment and fertilizer…”

Also consider that that Section 201(b) of  EO 13603 clearly states that it is enforceable under both “emergency ” and “NON-emergency conditions” … REALLY ??? … WHY ???

This president has signed a plethora of executive orders since he entered office, with some having immense power centralizing implications, but no clear definition of boundaries he may not exceed! Here is a partial list that shows the immense authority he would control over this country at his whim (pay particular attention to EO#11000)…

  • EO#10990 allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.
  • EO#10995 allows the government to seize and control the communication media.
  • EO#10997 allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.
  • EO#10998 allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.
  • EO#11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.
  • EO#11001 allows the government to take over all health, education and welfare functions.
  • EO#11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration
  • EO#11003 allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.
  • EO#11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.
  • EO#11005 allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities.

Add to the above list the constant and fervent attack on our second amendment rights, a right our founders felt critical for We The People to keep an otherwise tyrannical government in check. A right that must be defeated and rendered obsolete in order to allow the progression of tyranny to come to fruition in America. Why, because we as a society own hundreds of millions of guns … more than just about any standing army on this planet, and this poses a serious threat to the fundamental change promised to America, change that does NOT bode well for Americans.

Now consider that this government has bought, paid for and staffed over 600 internment centers, built under contract by Halliburton industries, strategically placed around the country, and capable of holding millions of patriots for forced reeducation and relocation purposes, without due process and for an indefinite period of time as detailed in DOD report FM 3-39.40 (please research this, it is very real).

Your right to reasonable privacy is gone as, through the patriot act and other legislation we are not privileged to, government agencies may spy on you and collect your personal data with legal impunity. Whether it be through social media, phone conversations, internet searches, street lights, appliances in your home, your automobile, or high flying drones etc… Even if you wish to be, you will never be truly alone again!

The government has been, and continues to actively hire tens of thousands of goons, thugs and self proclaimed mercenaries, to man an internal army called by their soft names, the TSA and Homeland Security. These troops are being armed as well as the best combat troops we send abroad to fight our illegal, imperialistic wars, including battle-proven automatic weapons, 2.2 BILLION rounds of ammunition (enough to fight a ten year war of the scope we are involved in across the middle east) including a massive number of .40 caliber hollow point rounds (only meant to kill and outlawed by the Geneva convention even for use in times of war), body armor, armored vehicles, aerial surveillance (drones) etc…!

These internal forces are currently being stationed across the country at strategic locations such as airports, train and bus stations, shopping malls, checkpoints on major highways and even sports events. So, basically, in any place there is significant gathering, or the flow of population!

Also Via the 1033 program (the Department of Defense Excess Property Program), hometown police departments are obtaining massive amounts military equipment, training and funds … all with strings back to the federal government (nothing the feds give you is ultimately free). So what we in fact are ending up with is the federalization of local police forces available to the feds to accomplish what they themselves cant or don’t have the resources to.

The Military is in the process of training as many as 40,000 returning soldiers in crowd control and riot termination to be used to augment the internal forces mentioned above, even though this is in direct violation of Posse Comitatus and the Constitution, which clearly states the standing army is to be used for foreign conflicts and not against the American people!

Now this list, as long and comprehensive as it is, only shows the surface of the preparations being made to subjugate the American population … Question, COULD THESE LAWS AND EO’S EVEN EXIST IN AMERICA without tyrannical presidents and a complicit congress?


Here is a list of things tyrannical governments throughout history have found cannot be tolerated in order to maintain and protect their hold on absolute power …

The right to Freedom of speech

The right to bear arms

The right to assemble (protest)

The right to due process

The right to reasonable privacy

The right to protection against unreasonable searches and seizures

The right to ownership of critical properties

The right of citizens to choose their leaders

No please go back over the above article and see just how many of the list above are covered … If this does not shock the hell out of you, then you are brain dead!

What is also clearly shown in this article is that this is not the result of one corrupt branch of our government. The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches are all complicit in the erosion and circumventing of what are supposed to be unalienable rights and freedoms enjoyed by, and freely practiced by all Americans.

So please look at the above title again … Need I say more. Is the title of this article making more sense to you now?

Are you angry yet ???

All of this is mind boggling, and most would truly believe this cannot happen in America! But America has no magical immunity against tyranny. Just like all republics before us, any government not held accountable by its true governors (the people) will eventually accumulate power unto themselves and tyranny WILL result!

This could never have happened if We The People had not grown so apathetic and detached from our true responsibility as the governors of this Republic! American today has the most ignorant and disconnected society from the political process that govern their country on this planet.

In America Today

Take a serious look at what has been presented here and understand that this is “What We Have Already Lost”! It is not by a large margin Everything, but it is enough to know that it is well past time to wake up and push back !!!

At present the line “Land of the Free and home of the Brave” is a cruel joke! It is obvious to anyone aware of the above that we are no longer free … and as far as being brave, well where is the massive push-back against this obvious tyranny, where are the masses of the Brave ???

The cost of Liberty

Please remember, as bleak as this seems, there is hope, because regardless of their power and preparation, the most powerful force in this country has always been, and still remains the 315 million Americans! Together we constitute an unstoppable force that cannot be silenced!

One voice may speak

old_man_colour_face_sad_for_web-466By Tom Engelhardt / TomDispatch

Dear Grandson,

Consider my address book — and yes, the simple fact that I have one already tells you a good deal about me. All the names, street addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers that matter to me are still on paper, not in a computer or on an iPhone, and it’s not complicated to know what that means: I’m an old guy getting older. Going on 71, though I can hardly believe it. And that little book shows all the signs of where I’m headed. It wasn’t true a few years ago, but if I start flipping through the pages now, I can’t help but notice that the dead, with their addresses and phone numbers still beside them, are creeping up on the living, and that my little address book looks increasingly like a mausoleum.

Age has been on my mind of late, especially when I spend time with you.  This year, my father, your great-grandfather, who died in 1983, would have been 109 years old.  And somehow, I find that moving. I feel him a part of me in ways I wouldn’t have allowed myself to admit in my youth, and so think of myself as more than a century old.  Strangely, this leaves me with a modest, very personal sense of hope. Through my children (and perhaps you, too), someday long after I’m gone, I can imagine myself older still.  Don’t misunderstand me: I haven’t a spiritual bone in my body, but I do think that, in some fashion, we continue to live inside each other and so carry each other onward.

As happens with someone of my age, the future seems to be foreshortening and yet it remains the remarkable mystery it’s always been.  We can’t help ourselves: we dream about, wonder about, and predict what the future might hold in store for us.  It’s an urge that, I suspect, is hardwired into us.  Yet, curiously enough, we’re regularly wrong in the futures we dream up. Every now and then, though, you peer ahead and see something that proves — thanks to your perceptiveness or pure dumb luck (there’s no way to know which) — eerily on target.

The Future Foreseen

Back in 2001, before I even imagined a grandson in my life, I had one of those moments (and wish I hadn’t).  It was sometime just after the 9/11 attacks when, nationwide, Americans were still engaged in endless rites in which we repeatedly elevated ourselves to the status of the foremost victims on the planet, the only ones that mattered.  In those months, you might say, we made ourselves into Earth’s indispensible or exceptional victims.

In that extended moment of national mourning (combined with fear bordering on hysteria), the Bush administration geared up to launch its revenge-fueled global wars, while money started pouring into the national security state in a historically unprecedented way.  It was a time when the previously un-American word “homeland” was being attached to what would become a second defense department, secrecy was descending like a blanket on the government, torture was morphing into the enhancement of the week in the White House, assassination was about to become a focus (later an obsession) of the executive branch — and surveillance?  Don’t even get me started on the massively redundant domestic and global surveillance state that would soon be built on outright illegalities and rubber-stamp legalities of every sort.

In October 2001, I had no way of grasping most of that, but it didn’t matter.  I peered into the future and just knew — and what I knew chilled me to the bone.  I had mobilized decades earlier as part of the antiwar movement of the Vietnam era, which was in its own way a terrible time, but when I looked at where our country seemed to be heading, as the president promised to kick some ass globally and American bombs began to fall on Afghanistan, I had no doubt that this was going to be the worst era of my life.

I wasn’t, of course, thinking about you that October and November.  You were then minus 11 years old, so to speak.  I was, however, thinking about your mother and your uncle, my children.  I was thinking about the world that I and my cohorts and George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and George Tenet and Donald Rumsfeld and the rest of that crew were going to leave them.

In a quiet way I had done good work — so I felt — since demobilizing (like so many Americans) from the Vietnam era.  In my spare time as a non-academic, I had written a very personal history of the Cold War of which I was proud.  I had been a book editor for two publishing houses, specializing in bringing into the world works by what I used to call “voices from elsewhere” (even when they came from here), including, to name just two, Chalmers Johnson’s Blowback and Eduardo Galeano’s Memory of Fire trilogy.

But when I somehow stumbled into the future in all its grim horror, more of that work didn’t seem like an adequate response to what was coming.  I had no sense that I could do much, but I felt an urge that seemed uncomplicated: not to hand your mother and uncle such a degraded country, planet, new century without lifting a finger in opposition, without at least trying.  I felt the need to mobilize myself in a new way for the future I’d seen.

At that point, however, my knack, such as it was, for previewing the years to come failed me and I had no sense of what to do until TomDispatch more or less smacked me in the face.  (But that’s a story for another day.)  This April, more than 13 years after I first began sending missives to the no-name listserv that turned into TomDispatch, it’s clear that, in my own idiosyncratic way, I did manage to mobilize myself to do what I was capable of.  Unfortunately, I’d have to add that, all this time later, our world is a far more screwed up, degraded place.

A Fragmenting Reality

Stretch anything far enough and it’ll begin to tear, fragment, break apart.  That, I suspect, may be a reasonable summary of what’s been happening in our twenty-first-century world.  Under stress, things are beginning to crack open.  Here in the U.S., people sometimes speak about being in a Second Gilded Age, a new era of plutocracy, while our politics, increasingly the arena of billionaires, seem to second that possibility.  Looked at another way, however, “our” Second Gilded Age is really a global phenomenon in the sense that ever fewer people own ever more.  By 2016, it is estimated that 1% of the people on this planet will control more than 50% of global wealth and own more than the other 99% combined.  In 2013, the 85 richest people had as much wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion, while in certain regions inequality seems to be on the rise. (Whether China and India are major exceptions to this is an open question.)  Dark money is rampant not just here, but globally.

Though you don’t know it yet, you’re already living in an increasingly lopsided world whose stresses only seem to be multiplying.  Among other things, there is the literal fragmentation going on — the collapse of social order, of long established national units, even potentially of whole groupings of states.  Astonishingly enough, from Ukraine to Greece, Spain to France, that mood of fragmentation even seems to be reaching into Europe.  Across much of the Greater Middle East and parts of Africa, fragmentation has, of course, been the story of our moment, with nations collapsing, wars endemic, extremism of every sort on the rise, and whole populations uprooted, in exile, under almost inconceivable pressures — and for much of this, I’m sad to say, our country bears a painful responsibility.

In these years, I wrote repeatedly (not to say repetitiously) on the subject; about, that is, a group of mad American visionaries who had dreams of establishing a Pax Americana in the Greater Middle East by force of arms and then lording it over the world for generations to come.  In the name of freedom and democracy and with a fundamentalist belief in the transformational power of the U.S. military, they blithely invaded Iraq and blew a hole in the heart of the Middle East, from which the fallout is now horrifically apparent in the Islamic State and its “caliphate.”

And then, of course, there was our country’s endless string of failed wars, interventions, raids, assassination campaigns, and the like; there was, in short, the “global war on terror” that George W. Bush launched to scourge the planet of “terrorists,” to (as they then liked to say) “drain the swamp” in 80 countries.  It was a “war” that, with all its excesses, quickly morphed into a recruiting poster for the spread of extremist outfits.  By now, it has become so institutionalized that it wouldn’t surprise me if, in your adulthood, Washington were still pursuing it no less relentlessly or unsuccessfully.

In the process, the president became first a torturer-in-chief and then an assassin-in-chief and, I’m sorry to tell you, few here even blinked.  It’s been a nightmare of — to haul out some words you’re not likely to learn for a while — hubris and madness, profits and horrors, inflated dreams of glory and the return, as if from an earlier century, of the warrior corporation and for-profit warfare on a staggering scale.

All of this happened in a country that still bills itself as the wealthiest and most powerful on the planet (though that power and wealth have proven ever harder to apply effectively) and all of it happened, despite obvious and honorable exceptions, without much opposition.  If this is a Second Gilded Age — .01% of Americans, 16,000 families, control 11% of all wealth (as they last did in 1916) and 22% of all household wealth (up from 7% three decades ago) — it is also, in the words of historian Steve Fraser, an “age of acquiescence.”

This has been true for the return of plutocracy, as well as for the growth of a national security state that has, like those billionaire plutocrats, gained power as the American people lost it.  If that state within a state has a motto, it might be this singularly undemocratic one: Americans are safest and most secure when they are most ignorant of what their government is doing.  In other words, in twenty-first-century America, “we the people” (a phrase that I hope lasts into your time) are only to know what their government does in their name to the degree that the government cares to reveal it.

That shadow government could never have gained such power if it hadn’t been for the trauma of 9/11, the shock of experiencing for one day a kind of violence and destruction that was common enough elsewhere on the planet, and the threat posed by a single phenomenon we call “terrorism.”  The Islamic extremist groups that come under that rubric do indeed represent a threat to actual human beings from Syria to Pakistan, Somalia to Libya, but they represent next to no threat to what’s now called the American “homeland.”

Of course, some whacked-out guy could always pick up a gun and, inspired by a bizarre propaganda video, in the name of one extreme organization or another, kill some people here.  But mass killings by those with no ideological animus are already, like death-by-toddler, commonplace in this country, and no one thinks to organize trillion dollar “security” systems to prevent them.

That the fear of this one modest danger transformed the national security state into a remarkable center of power, profits, and impunity with hardly a peep from “we the people” has been a kind of bleak miracle of our times.  What were we thinking when we let them spend something like a trillion dollars a year on what was called “national security” in order to leave us in a world that may have little security at all?  What did we have in mind when we let them fund their blue-skies thinking on the weaponry of 2047, instead of on the schools, energy sources, or infrastructure of that same year? I could pile up such questions endlessly, but if what we ceded to them is still of interest to you 20 or 30 or 40 years from now, and you have the luxury of looking back on our times, on the origins of your troubles, I’m sure you’ll find a clearer view of all this in the histories of your moment.

I have no way of imagining what the United States will be like in your adulthood and yet I can sense that this country is changing in unsettling ways.  It’s being transformed into something that your great-grandfather would have found unrecognizably un-American.  If we can’t yet speak of “fragmentation” here, phrases like “political polarization” and “gridlock” are already part and parcel of our new billionaire way of life.  What exactly all this is leading to, I’m not sure, but it doesn’t look either familiar or good to me.  It certainly doesn’t look like the American world I’d want to turn over to you.

America on the Couch

You haven’t set foot in school, barely know how to use one of those ubiquitous silver scooters, and can still embrace the magical thinking of childhood — of announcing, for instance, that you’re “hiding,” even in plain sight, and then assuming that you can’t be seen.  So I know that it’s a little early to bring up the seemingly unhinged nature of the affairs of grown-ups.

Still, if this country of mine, and someday yours, could be put on the couch, I suspect it would, in layman’s terms, be diagnosed as “disturbed” (on an increasingly disturbed planet).  Worst of all, we can evidently no longer see what actually threatens us most, which isn’t a bunch of jihadis, but what we are doing to our ourselves and our world.

Put another way, if we’re not significantly threatened by what we’ve dumped all our money and energy into, that hardly means there are no threats to American life.  In fact, I haven’t even mentioned what worries me most when I think about your future: the increasing stress under which life here and elsewhere is being placed by the exploitation and burning of fossil fuels.

In any case, I had the urge to put all this “on the record,” though I have no way of knowing whether that record has any permanence, whether in the world of 2047 you’ll even be able to access what I’ve written.  In other words, I have no idea whether you’ll ever read this.  I do fear, however, that if you do, it will be from a more fragmented, unhinged, stressed-out version of the planet we’re both on today, and I’m aware that our responsibility was to provide you and all other children with what you minimally deserve — a decent place to grow up.

For that record, then, I want to say that, despite my own best (if modest) efforts, I feel I owe you an apology.  In ways I find hard to express, I’m sorry for what is and what may be.  It’s not the country I imagined for you.  It’s not the world I wanted to leave you.  It’s not what you deserve.

Nonetheless, I still have hopes for you and your moment.  As a wonderful writer of my time once pointed out, the darkness of the future is a kind of blessing.  It always leaves open the possibility that, against the madness of the moment, the genuine decency, the lovability I see in you, that anyone can see in just about any child, has a shot-in-the-dark chance of making a difference on our planet.

And more specifically, however much this may be an “age of acquiescence” when it comes to wealth and war, it hasn’t proved so on the subject that matters most: climate change.  Against the forces of genuine criminality and wealth, despite a tenacious denial of reality funded by companies that have profited in historic ways from fossil fuels, a movement has been forming in this country and globally to save humanity from scouring itself off the planet.  From pipelines to divestment, its strength has been rising at the very moment when the price of alternative energy systems is falling rapidly.  It’s a combination that offers at least a modicum of hope against the worst pressures to fragment and, in the end, simply destroy this planet as a welcoming place for you and your children and their children.

So let me just end this way: someday in the distant future, I hope you’ll read this letter and that, given the ingenuity of our species, given the grit to resist madness, given whatever surprises the future holds, you’ll smile indulgently at my worst fears.  You’ll assure me — or at least whatever trace of me is left in you — that I had a typically human inability to imagine the unpredictable future, and that in the end things never measured up to my worst fears.  I hope, despite what we didn’t do, that you have the opportunity for a life of wonders, the kind that everyone on this planet deserves.

Your loving grandpa,


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Tom Engelhardt, co-founder of the American Empire Project and the author of The American Way of War: How Bush’s Wars Became Obama’s as well as The End of Victory Culture, runs the Nation Institute’s He is the author of, most recently, Shadow Government: Surveillance, Secret Wars, and a Global Security State in a Single-Superpower World (Haymarket Books, 2014).


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Xray hand

Touro Hospital X Ray Department experiment 1976

Are we on the verge of finding, or losing America?

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

As I have moved among my fellow human beings, several elements I have learned from the experience is ultimate truth, and it is found all around the world, and in every culture…. When you display to another person that you truly love them, unless they are mentally damaged or a human deviant, they will respond in like kind. If you truly respect a person, and with love in your heart, promote their finer side, they will, in most every case, do the same to you… Ask yourself, in your own life, how can it be otherwise? A genuine smile in front of a loving heart will pierce another soul. What you give is the seed for the life you will grow, and yet, we must admit that some men will not respond to this… where Love is an alien concept. These men, and throughout all of history, have developed another mindset… the mindset of a reprobate, and they have plagued mankind from time immemorial. Men who have lost their way…

My definition of what it means to be a man is quite simple. It is a person who consciously chooses to accept responsibility for his own actions. Sure, sounds too simple, but this is at the core of every person… Of course this responsibility is self-designed, and different for each individual, but the concept of this duty remains constant, as the universal law of attraction.

Some try to promote what they consider to be good and right, with an amazing goal to be effectively selfless, where personal welfare is secondary to the common good, for family, country, and their God, but not always in that order, of course. This is the ideal of a hero, of honor without laurels, and they have pushed the envelop to the very limit, in war surely. but being a good husband and father too. I call them men of light. Men who are self directed… They believe that if one can find little to die for, there is little to live for.

Others find their moral code, or compass, on their selves, and forsake all empathy and responsibility for their own general welfare. They tend to place little or nothing in this life above immediate personal gratification, and since they can find little, if anything, greater than themselves, they are pulled through life by the many hooks that enslave them. They need direction, a power they trust to follow. There is hope for them, and some will gain a higher consciousness with time, and this powerful Love, I call Agape, can be understood by them in a flash of insight. These are our human brothers, no matter how lost they may find themselves.

What is this Love?

Some think that Love is a man-made concept, and an ultimate societal survival tool, and like nothing else, the veritable force that holds our humanity together. Others define Love to be God inspired… But Love, no matter the source, is not profitable in a world that judges value by a black bottom line, and some, who grasp this dark shadow as their own, no longer respond to Love, even denying it exists as they laughingly thwart its positive effects.

In our world, Love is not our guiding force, fear is. Fear is the primary factor, the underlining motivator for every human deed. If an institution can promote fear, and it is unresolved, people will do anything to survive, even living in slavery. This is the fuel for all power and control. And yet, when you find something higher than yourself to fight for, fear dissipates.

A monster.

There is another human entity who lives in the folds of our humanity, and they can only be described as monsters. I call them men of shadows, because the are so very good at hiding. In fact, this degenerate race of men not only vie to control the entire world with their evil mindset, but will use our own free will of Love to control us. They will use a mother’s love to sell a bogus drug or inoculation, a father’s responsibility to protect his family, while stripping them both of freedom and liberty… They will try to control, by subliminal messaging, the minds of our children from a black box in our living room, or through the institution of indoctrination in the guise of education … And they do far worse: they enslave by debt, and seek to control our very souls by their lascivious media lies. wrathful and vengeful violence as entertainment, and atrocious propaganda and pornography that can reach those we try to protect. In the process of this convolution, from every direction, they win over a portion of our weakest humanity to do their evil bidding, and they mimic the very mindset of their masters. Look around, you will see these zombies everywhere. Mindless, and without a will of their own… they are mostly incapable of an original thought, and so make the perfect slave.


One might make the argument that selfless men are more capable of finding joy in their lives, something considered long-lasting. It is stated that this super Love, called agape, can be attained only by a pure self-less spirit, and though unattainable by the fallibility of men, it is his ultimate goal, and reason for being… But who, as a human being, can define themselves by ether of these strict descriptions? All of us are a complex combination of both, depending on life’s circumstances, and teachings. The Catholic Ideology of Situation Ethics is, to me, a good description of these selfless/selfish expressions, where we mix up good and bad and right and wrong. Situation Ethics is a worthy study, a method to find strength, conviction, and solace in your life. You don’t have to be a Catholic to see this Philosophy, as it is a description of our spiritual and intellectual side, working in conjunction.

In the shadow of monsters?

A study of the world of men show that these life-personifications might not be flexible enough to withstand the constant onslaught of a power-structure designed to thrive in a world of ciaos. There is little profit in peace, earnings have no stop if unchecked, and it seems that to battle an all consuming fire, fire must be used. But this would indeed change the righteous man to be a monster too, even as in their heart they know that light will curse the darkness… Men of shadows know that to control a populous, Love will have to be eliminated, and when civilizations are bombed into oblivion, killing their loved ones in the process, only monsters will survive. Men will pick up arms and travel across a continent killing everything in their wake, as we see now in the Middle East, and they are putty in the hands of the monster men of shadows… because they have nothing else to lose. Their lives are masterfully manipulated in the shadows their masters cast…

The tools of our shadow masters…

Who, as you stand among your fellow men, have found true solace? Who have found peace and harmony in their hearts? Loved ones get sick and die, years of hard work will vanish from savings in a trend, and we grasp the fearful unknown with blind faith as our eminent death weighs heavy. We hope our faith is the one true faith, and it will insure that we live forever in peace without suffering, and in the process to find this nebulous solace, our mind becomes glaciated, galvanized in fear to believe you have found the ultimate truth… And as time moves fast, we are told that we must make a decision before we die, as after will be too late… and we are told not to waste these waning moments that grow more and more precious with each passing day… And as we see the light in this metaphorical tunnel grow brighter and more vivid in our mind’s eye… we become more desperate, more opinionated, less tolerant of other faiths, as we try to quell the fear buried in our hearts… These are but some of the tools that monsters use to control us… One philosopher of antiquity addressed these inhibitors to happiness and Joy, and was Thomas Jefferson’s favorite philosopher writer, other than the teachings of Jesus… They called him Epicurus, and he is another worthy study.

Our human breed, and the question of identity..

Let us consider the feminist movement, the civil rights movement, The Labor movement, The Skeptical movement, The Tea Party Movement, The Liberty Movement, The Progressive movement, The Libertarian Movement, The Neoconservative Movement, the Communistic Movement, the Socialistic movement, the Anti-globalization Movement, the Anti-nuclear Movement, the Anti-consumerism Movement, the 9/11 Truth Movement, the Arab Spring Movement, the Zionist Movement, the Anti-war Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, the Black Consciousness Movement, as they all beg a question: Are they freeing us, giving us Liberty from tyranny? Or are they wrapping our society in a straight-jacket, a cocoon wound tight with intolerant separation and voluntary servitude… To say for instance that Liberty is God given, and yet must be fought for with each generation, inhibits us from ever enjoying true Liberty, as we are in constant war to keep it. If our objective is to find Joy and peace, it indicates we can never relax, never trust, never stop questioning reality. Is there something of a higher order that can help us to cope, to give solace, and strength of purpose? Yes, yes, there is.

Beyond human ken.

Men have evolved and developed specific innate characteristics, though mostly denied today, and these distinctions have helped protect him and family in what one may consider a mostly inhospitable world. He found that when he used his spiritual side for hope and strength of purpose, and balanced it with a new-found intellect, they enabled him to be creative and visionary. With these tools he could now look at the world with dreams of his own design, mimicking the creative spirit he saw in God, and this freed him from the enslaving shackles of evil design. He now yearned to find new ways, better ways that would give security, value, and reason to his life, and these creative ideas lit his mind. There are many men of light in the world today making dreams reality, and the reason we are now doubling our store of knowledge every four years.

Promises. Promises…

In wonder, and sometimes horror, men willed to harness earth, fire, and water, and in a blink have broken the nucleus of an atom for both good and evil. From spectacular dreams they harnessed power to move mountains, build roads, drill for oil, and advances in medicine and science are growing exponentially, recently cracking the genome code. Banding together for a common cause, men of light are now poised to break the back of disease and negative biological adversities that have plagued us from our very beginnings, and one of the most controversial is genetic modification. Indeed, there is a real danger in these endeavors and on all fronts, as even in the quest for an understanding of this new technology, as some governments and institutions are doing with monsters at the helm, are seeing this knowledge just for the black bottom line, and power, without any consideration of morality. They promise us, over and over again, that they will forge a new age of reason, where mankind will triumph over all sickness, creating life, even conquering our ultimate death. But no matter what promises monsters make, when the time tested duality of spirituality and intellect are progressively being ignored, most often, only his destructive nature will manifest. It is the law of attraction, the universal law of cause and effect, and it can be our salvation, or promote damnation as our ultimate manifest destiny. That is the gift of free will, where responsibility was borne.

The Value of life

Mankind scratches for knowledge; it is hard won. Men of light will formulate a new design, create amazing scientific advances for a specific purpose, like the use of lasers in fighting cancer without surgery, for instance, only to find out the technology can be used in a Star War program. The byproduct of an industry is put in drinking water by a powerful lobby who convinces government to mandate it at a lavish dinner party… and can you imagine what is being wrought by genetics all around the world, controlled by monsters? A new technique of death, for instance, takes many individual inventions, for a completely new application… One, the perfection of visually seeing a child in the womb, along with a new curved syringe that can reach inside of the Fallopian tube, a new sedation for the mother, and a new, quick acting and so called “humane” poison can be administered directly into the heart of a child accurately, in the third trimester. It has been approved for use in New York this month. Is this the creation of men of light?

Are we working together for progress and a common cause, plowing forward for the good of mankind, learning and growing and trying to understand the fundamental elements that give our lives value? Or is morality and our consciousness becoming redundant and obsolete, with soulless decisions being made by morally deficient computer generations composing new avenues of profit without the human fingerprint of ethics? How is giving 3000 abortions a day generating a value for the precious gift we call life? Still, we hope that progress will continue for the overall good of humanity, built by men of vision and their dreams of light… and yet we are horrified when we see otherwise, because it is out of a man of lights comprehension that a person could not hold themselves responsible for what they do, and would not show the least bit of remorse or guilt, as responsible men should feel. I can assure you, they feel justified, as they consider themselves super men, self-chosen to rule all others, and above the moral laws of both God and men.

Real monsters under the bed …

When the light of goodness, righteousness, and Love shines on this evil incarnate, they shrink away into the shadows like the roaches they are. Only in shadow can they exist.

Last year Russia and China sold American debt just before Russia’s involvement with Ukraine. Amazingly, a mysterious financial entity of mega proportion, located in a country without a viable government, Belgium, bought them back. This is the workings of monsters, and it was well hidden from you… Read, “The Prince” by Machiavelli. Read it… You are in it. Your true solace lies in the fact that there is a universal law, the law of cause and effect, as what you sow, so too will you reap, and as a great man once said, as he was being betrayed by his friends… “He who lives by the sword will die by it.” And as a responsible person of free will, you have an innate freedom to choose, where love or hate can have a place in you life.

Note* Please look at the movie “Mindwalk”. It describes the mindset of men of light.

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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

PREAMBLE – When you read this please don’t flood me with comments attacking these Presidents character or proclaiming their true historical faults (issues I am truly aware of). This commentary was written on the text book versions of these men, their place and their discussed influence exercised on our history. Thanks!


MY TRIP – I took a trip to Mount Rushmore to have a discussion with four of our country’s most prominent historical leaders. Each responsible for forging a different portion of our national character. The father of our country, the composer of our freedoms and rights, the originator of our national conscience and the mastermind of our international respect and military might. This is how it went…

George Washington:

First I talked to George Washington; I looked up and I asked him, “Mr President what do you think about the state of our freedom in America today?”

He looked down at me and said in a very aristocratic voice, “I sacrificed a big portion of my life convincing other people to die for our right to govern ourselves, to be able to control our own destinies, to bow down to no man!

We fought against tremendous odds and lost, regrouped and fought only to lose again, but in the end, sheer determination, perseverance and the patriotic sacrifice of countless lives won the day. This was done to bring about a form of government that would truly represent all the people.

I have watched these United States grow in area, in prosperity, in populace, and in power; however, it looks to me like you’re about to forsake your birthright, and are through apathy, misdirection, an increasingly self-serving congress, intervention and manipulation by global oligarchs and a monolithic world organization you call the united nations, are on a path to cede the most important gifts we bestowed upon you, your freedom and independence.

Believe this … when these are gone, so is the heart and soul of what is supposed to be America, and even if she continues to exist, it will be in name only!

Thomas Jefferson:

Feeling a little disheveled I turned to Thomas Jefferson and asked him, “Mr. President, what do you think about the the state of our rights in America today?”

He stared down at me with a wrinkled brow and said, “I can remember hiding from the British in a cold and dank fruit cellar with quill and parchment scribbling down thoughts I felt should be self evident, including that all men were created equal, and were endowed with rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness from their creator, and not from any king or despot, and that these rights were unalienable.

It pains me terribly to see the ease with which a corrupt and complicit political system negates and dilutes the very liberties so many of us fought and sacrificed our lives to bequeath to you. It is even more troubling that nary a whimper is uttered by the masses and this unfolds right before their very eyes.

I fought for years against a central banking system because of my knowledge of the inherent greed of wealthy men and other obvious and exploitable flaws designed into that system!

It troubles me that liberty may be waning due to apathy, misinformation, indecisiveness, and power grabbing. That the pursuit of happiness is all but gone because of a collapsing economic system brought down by centralized banks wrought with untold influence, greed, and the absolute control of our currency by a federal reserve system I fought so hard to prevent!”

Abraham Lincoln:

Now feeling apprehensive I turned to Abraham Lincoln and asked him, “Mr President, what do you think about the state of American equality and unity today?”

He squinted one eye and took a long deep breath and said, “I watched a nation fall apart over the rights of one man to consider another man his property. I struggled every day with the pain and torment of knowing that, in order to preserve our great union, I would have to take responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of good young American men; but, there was one thing I knew was even more important than those or even my life, that being the knowledge that this land should not, in fact, could not exist divided, and that if as a result of dealing with this issue I could free the colored race enslaved in this land it was my fervent wish to do so. For this, my life was forfeit!

I look around today and I see a whole different type of racial segmentation. I see politicians playing on the emotions and fears of the Hispanic communities to gain political favor. I see a multitude of illegal aliens treated as well as, or given preferential treatment over, American citizens, and I see the fear and disunity that this engenders.

I still see a disproportionate amount of the black, brown, and red peoples living below the line of poverty with very little hope of ever climbing above it, and this being aggravated by an ever worsening economy with no visible sign of relief. I see states challenging the federal government over laws that tread upon their rights and even mention (even if in jest) of cessation.

I truly fear that America is in the process of loosing its hard earned and unique standing in this world as the land where equality and unity are paramount to our national identity.”

Theodore Roosevelt:

Now I was truly depressed, and I turn finally turned to Theodore Roosevelt and in a weary voice I asked him, “Mr. President what do you think about the sate of American military might and respect it garners in the world today?”

He looked down and sorta wriggled his mustache a little, before bellowing out in a magnificent baritone that resonated off the walls of the cliffs, “Balderdash! I remember when this great country had one hell of a time playing on the stage of world politics and no one took us seriously.

Why it wasn’t until we kicked some Spanish ass in the Philippines and Cuba that we got any real respect at all? Yup, but we worked it out. Built us a fleet of battleships people called the great white fleet and sent it around the world to show them foreigners we were here to stay! Hell, even had a great motto back then “Speak softly and carry a big stick”.

We made quite an impression on the world stage by doing great things like building that big canal in Panama! We got the chance to negotiate the end of a war between Russia and Japan and I even became the first American to win the Nobel Peace Prize! Bully for me! America was finally being seen as a world power and people loved us. This was the golden land of opportunity, and every one from somewhere else wanted to be here!

But now? I look around and I see a whole different story. We got a war going on in Iraq that started over ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that turned out to never be there at all. We got another war going on in Afghanistan to find and kill a guy that supposedly killed three thousand Americans in New York city, but he is already dead and we are still there fighting.

We bombed Libya because we didn’t like their leader, or more to the point the bankers didn’t. We have active military forces in over one hundred and fifty foreign countries around the globe, some involved in skirmishes we are sure as hell not even aware of! All for what? Oil in Iraq, Opium from Afghanistan, and who knows what else from where else! All of this only to the benefit of the oligarchs and the detriment of the American people.

How many more Americans will die for imperialistic ideals that, in my time, were almost acceptable but by today’s standards are barbaric? I used to be so proud of our military and the fear it struck in the hearts of our potential enemies; I look around today, and I see a world who looks at us with the same disdain we used to look at the global tyrants and malevolent dictators with.

We are hated around the globe as the ‘bully on the block’ that nobody has the power or will to stand up to, and it is costing us our national treasure, our respect in the eyes of the world, thousands of great American lives, millions of innocent lives, and our souls!

My Reflection:

Well, when I had finished my conversations with these icons of American history, I was so demoralized as to be dysfunctional. I couldn’t think of anything to say because I knew it had all been said. I bowed my head in shame because of what we had done to the country these four Americans of standing had dedicated their lives to building and shaping.

Disheartened I turned to leave, it was then that Mr. Jefferson quietly cleared his throat and spoke in a voice that reverberated deep into my very soul …

The tree of liberty is not dead my distraught friend, but it is surely in need of pruning. We four and millions of Americans before you have worked so hard to give you what you have. We have made sacrifices in our in our livelihoods, our spirits, our families, and our moralities …

So ask yourself this question, what would you be willing to sacrifice to bring vitality back to this tree of liberty?

Freedom 01


Life and happiness in this life under any political system directly depend upon how much our individuality (versus the crowd) is retained and to what extent we throw off manipulated illusions.

The more we are immersed into the mass mind (the crowd), the more we are manipulated and the more dependent on authority (government) we become. Every thrust of this nebulous thing called society is calculated to drive us into the dependent, mindless herd with automatic response to authority.

Often, we ponder why we get closer and closer to total authoritarianism, regardless of whom we vote for. The simple, but unrecognizable, answer is that we are unconsciously manipulated. We are born into a system that prescribes our thought processes, beginning with the first words we learn. As we grow into adults, we reach a state of existence and mental evolvement where we are shackled with a subtle and invisible system of myth and counter-myth.

We can be and are incarcerated with our minds. We imagine happiness as we exist within the confines of our prescribed mental parameters. In fact, we live out our physical lives and never come close to freedom of choice. It is impossible to make choices when all options are prescribed by the system — options that channel us into the service of the state.

Not one American in a million discovers that he lives under deception and illusion and that he is victimized by the power of repeated words and phrases. Our lives and property are plundered simply because we don’t know that we don’t know. Our thought system enslaves us far more than would a conquering army.

I have wondered for years why only a few people have escaped the net, while millions never do. There is apparently some gene or filter that allows a few people to see truths and overcome their conditioning. It grants them the courage to stand up to the crowd and to resist the ridicule and oppression that comes with opposing conventional wisdom.

The creation of the mass mind and/or mass consciousness is the secret weapon of the ruling elite. The more one’s mind is immersed into the crowd, of course, the more one loses his individuality and independence of thought. The more we become a part of the crowd, the more dependent we become on authority. And the more dependent we become, the more defensive we are when presented with new information contrary to “conventional wisdom.” Simply stated, the crowd syndrome inoculates us against reality. Yes, I believe that the psychological phenomenon of group consciousness is a created strategy for population control. It certainly appears to be an ironclad protection system for the elite, who by all definitions are the natural enemies of the people.

What exactly is group consciousness? Group consciousness is all the teachings of “brotherhood” in all of its forms and expressions. When our dominant thoughts center on the group rather than our own ego or individuality, we have been psychologically integrated into the mass mind. Therefore, we are necessarily dependent on the system. This is a subtle and sophisticated people-control strategy that allows unseen authority to manipulate the masses at will. It is, on the other hand, hyper-individualism that escapes the mental system along with authoritarian control.

Why are the elite natural enemies of the people? The elite are a parasite class ruling through manipulation propaganda. They are nonproducers, and they pay nothing for what they get. They create imaginary money (numbers), and use it to make pretend payment for goods and services. They camouflage their fraud with “income taxes” and double speak about national debt and balanced budgets.

Police power is in the hands of the elite so that modern governments can be defined as one word: force.

By virtue of the fact that the elite (government and the banksters) has the power to create money, all wealth flows away from the producers to the nonproducers. Modern money (nonsubstance) expropriates wealth. Translated, this simply means that one class of people perpetually steals from the other class. This makes them natural enemies.

If you “buy” my labor and my goods and services with money that you create (get for nothing), you are stealing from me. This system is the cause of all political and social evil in America, but it is hidden with political oratory and hypocritical welfare benevolence.

Common sense tells any sober mind that the political establishment cannot give you anything except that which it steals from you. This is clearly a fact of reality, but the mesmerized crowd has no sense of cause and effect. This can be explained only by the fact that the crowd (the people) are in a state of hypnosis and, therefore, do not possess conscious control of their minds.

Mass hypnosis is not just a state of stupor, but a well-defined system of behavior modification and absolute control. People in an altered state of consciousness will act against their best interests and dissipate their mental and physical energy on political myths and counter-myths. While in a state of hypnosis or learned behavior, obvious stupidity and self-denial becomes “politically correct.” To the conscious mind, this is madness and confounds communication between the hypnotized and the conscious person. Most of you have experienced this breakdown in trying to communicate with people around you. What is obvious to you is invisible to those under hypnosis.

Fewer and fewer people have any cognitive imperative to question the system because hypnosis and learned behavior are transferred from one generation to another. False beliefs are self-perpetuating and feed upon one another. The more generations accepting myths, the more reinforcing they become. Religion in the generic sense is a very classic example of this. Religion is a manipulative psychic system (phenomenon).

Just as magnetism and electricity have a positive and a negative, amorality needs morality. Amorality is dependent upon morality. Politicians and governments are amoral. They could not exist without the self-sacrificing morality of the people.

In other words, crooks and politicians do not feed upon each other. They feed upon honest people or people with morality. For example, when you go into a “court of law” and swear to tell the truth, the system is using your morality to convict you and entangle you. That explains why there are laws against lying to government agents investigating crimes real and perceived.

All of this is a reminder that the next political election will bring no benefits to the people — regardless of which party holds power — any more than the past political election or political elections have for several generations past.


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bob livingstonBob Livingston is the founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.


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By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

Humanity is presently locked in a pitched battle for survival. Our traditions, our cultures, our health and longevity, our mental health and our spiritual well-being, are gravely threatened by self-serving allies of some very dark forces that we often refer to as Satan. Subsequently, when we reduce the world’s conflicts to the lowest common denominator, what we are left with is a battle between good and evil. And for now, evil is winning hands down.

KennedyAs John Kennedy pointed out in his, now famous Secret Societies speech, the globalists are well-funded, well equipped and seemingly control everything. Today, we see the manifestation of the dark side and their desire to destroy humanity in the form of fluoride and psychotropic drugs in the water, chemtrails in the sky, GMO’s in our food supply, DNA and RNA alterations, various forms of mind control, exposure to dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation, the destruction of our oceans and seas through catastrophic events such as Fukushima and the Gulf oil explosion, the continuing fighting of elective wars of global domination which benefit nobody but the bankers which could culminate in an extinction level event called World War III.

transhumanismWhile humanity wallows in these multitude of challenges to our survival, the global elite are developing well-documented quantum leaps in life extension technologies through a series of experiments emanating out of a general area which we label as transhumanism. Transhumanism was originally designed as a vehicle to capture and negate the power of the soul. The Frankenstein folklore is a manifestation of these attempts at producing soulless creatures. Having proven unsuccessful in their attempts, the global elite have decided to permanently alter the fundamental structure of humanity in which they hope we lose the connection to our soul which is the well spring of free will and the essence of what we are which is the likeness of God on Earth. Even our popular entertainment media is championing the bifurcation of critical resources between the haves and the have-knots. For example, in the movie, Hunger Games, the ruling elite living in Capital City possessed life enhancing technologies that the rest of the people couldn’t even dream about. In the recent movie, Man of Steel, the birth of who we would come to call, Superman, represented the first live birth in centuries on the mythical planet of Krypton. The movie made it clear that everyone else, on Krypton, for the past several centuries, had been bred for a specific purpose in which to serve the leaders of society in a transhumanist culture where genes were turned on and turned off as it befitted the leadership of the planet to breed people with specific skill sets. In the soon-to-be-released movie Elysium, the elite don’t even live on the earth, as they exist in a disease-free and idyllic world while leaving the bulk of humanity to suffer in universal Third World conditions.

Any researcher who has studied transhumanism, to any degree, recognizes the themes of these popular movies as a representation of where the science is headed.

Additionally, the global elite are moving to control the distribution of all food and all water as well as to remove the essential elements of self-protection from its global citizens in such legislative actions as the United Nations Small Arms Treaty Ban. We are plunging headlong into a nightmarish existence controlled by evil entities with no conscience. These are entities who do not live by the same morals, codes of ethics, laws, and spiritual principles which are imposed on the bulk of humanity in which we now exist in a type of “rules for thee but not for me.”

The elite have attempted to remove God from all secular institutions including our schools as a spiritual attack upon our children. And before you remind me that we live under a constitution which espouses the belief of separation of church and state.

It is now a crime to pray at school which negates our children’s inherent power.


It is now a crime to pray at school which negates our children’s inherent power.

Let me remind you that the founding fathers did not envision a nation in which we had freedom from religion instead of the intended freedom of religion. This was a 1960’s detour which has had catastrophic consequences for the citizens of our time. Since the 1960’s, our country has witnessed continuous war, the murder of 53 million innocent human beings and the spread of unconscionable tyranny and violence to those who would oppose the will of international bankers around the world and we Americans have served as their army of enforcement and compliance. Therefore, by definition, our government and its overall leadership, with some exceptions, should be considered to be evil.

The globalists control all industry and decide to a large extent who gets elected by various means. They control the banks, the corporations and the government and, today, there is virtually no distinction between the three. On the surface, the global elite seems invincible because they have duped humanity into serving them while we fund our own demise through the fruits of our labors.The forces running the planet, mostly made up of unscrupulous, ruthless and satanic international bankers as well as the heads of monolithic corporations, are seemingly hell-bent on implementing their depopulation, eugenics based corporate-fascist domination of humanity. Is there any hope?

There is no hope as long as we use the tools of the evil to fight evil. In other words, the presence of 300 million hand guns in America is a good stop gap provision for self-protection, but it should be considered as an the end goal.

There Is Another Way

As human beings, we have incredible superpowers which would make the superheroes very envious. As I pointed out in part one of this series, we have clear and irrefutable proof of the following:

  1. Human beings, beyond the laws of statistical probability, have the ability to anticipate unseen and unheard danger. Research studies in the area of social psychology have demonstrated that people can usually tell when they’re being stared at from behind even when there are no possible sensory cues to tip them off. This ability has obvious implications towards our survivability and, therefore, should be considered to be a natural part of the repertoire that we possess in order to maximize and enhance our prospects for longevity.
  2. Human beings, as demonstrated in the “Princeton Eggs” experiments, have the unconscious ability, as manifested in our autonomic nervous system, to anticipate catastrophic danger 3 to 4 hours in advance of the event. Part one demonstrated that on a global scale, the two biggest anticipated dangers as indicated by a spike in autonomic nervous system reactions, were the events of 9/11 and the Tsunami of 2004.
  3. Human beings, as demonstrated in a multitude of double-blind research studies, have the ability to affect a physical change in the environment when collective mental processes are utilized in harmony in a phenomena known as mass consciousness. The mass consciousness experiments have been very public and even embraced by popular media figures such as Art Bell.

These three examples which I referenced in part one are only a tip of the iceberg. If you have never heard of these powers, or think they are merely a child’s fantasy, I would encourage you to read part one before proceeding to the following information. I have also included a partial annotated bibliography for your review. Research results on human consciousness may not speak as loudly as the propaganda of the mainstream media, but the results speak the truth much more loudly than our friends do from the corporate controlled media.

The Laws of the Universe

The Supreme Creator fashioned the universe based upon a very consistent and predictable scientific set of processes. As I began to become exposed to some of the good research being done by scientists such as Dean Radin, I was forced to take note of the sophistication of the research data which was highly suggestive of the fact that we, as human beings, possess incredible and seemingly magical powers.

Once I became awake to the conspiracy of the bankers who have hijacked the planet’s governments and economic systems, did I come to view the suppression of human potential as a conspiracy to limit the growth and power of every person on the planet with ultimate enslavement as the goal. Subsequently, as I continue to write various installments in this present series, I wish to point out to all that, (1) these powers can be scientifically demonstrated; (2) each and every human being can harness these powers and collectively utilize these powers for the greater good; and, (3) it is important to bring awareness to the fact that these abilities can only be harnessed to their potential only if they’re being used in the spirit of love, cooperation and equally applied for the benefit of all.

The information being set forth in this series is not proprietary nor secretive. In fact, several have written in depth analyses of these phenomena. However, within the alternative media and the truth movement, I see a large knowledge gap, thereby, creating the need to bring this information out to a different audience.

The Effectiveness of Prayer

Can we pray our way out of the difficulties that we are in now? The answer is both yes and no. If we could awaken humanity to the nature of the threat which imperils all life on this planet, and we could impart the knowledge on how to use prayer as an instrument of defense against these forces, the answer would be yes. However, with the present levels of ignorance on the part of humanity and the lack of knowledge on how to effectively utilize prayer, the answer is a no and we will continue to slide into the abyss of tyrannical enslavement and extermination.

We should all be working to enlighten our fellow man in both areas. The following contains critical information, that if known by the masses would constitute a clear and present danger for the global elite. Let’s begin demonstration of the power of prayer by an examination of the science behind the healing at a distance through the use of prayer.

Healing Prayer at a Distance


We can heal people from long distances using the power of prayer.

The term “distant healing” has actually made its way into the lexicon of the National Institute of Health (NIH). Many medical facilities, including hospitals, referred to this phenomenon by various terms including prayer, spiritual healing and non-local healing. Just within the past few years, two major peer-reviewed journals have published studies on healing at a distance. The Annals of Internal Medicine published a review of 28 double-blind distant healing studies from reputable journals which came to the stunning conclusion that there is enough evidence to support a measurable effect of prayer at a distance and that more research was warranted and needed. Additionally, The Archives of Internal Medicine published a study, which reviewed the health data of 990 cardiac patients who were prayed for in a double-blind study. In this study, the people did not know that they were either being prayed for, or were not being prayed for. Further, in keeping with the tenets of double-blind studies, the people doing the praying did not know the individuals they were praying for. The praying people merely had a list of first names and last initials representing the people that were being prayed for. The survival rate of the group prayed for was significantly and measurably higher than the control group, in which nobody was prayed for.

To the religious zealots who believe that their dogma is the only true dogma, I have disappointing news. The fundamental belief system of the person doing the praying did not seem to alter the results. I do not believe that this negates any one worldview, it simply removes the arrogance from anyone’s worldview! Arrogance and selfishness are the antithesis of this process.

Does experience with praying make a difference in the outcome? It is interesting to note that many of the people in the formal studies used experienced “healers,” while many studies have demonstrated that novices are just as effective. However, there is empirical evidence which suggests that these skills can be taught. Various schools and disciplines (e.g. Reiki, Therapeutic Touch) have collectively produced nearly a half of a million of trained “prayer” practitioners on the skills related to intercessory prayer.

Stunningly, the National Institute of Health is calling for more research to address the question of how to integrate healing at a distance prayers into the practices of mainstream medicine. Dr. Larry Scherwitz, who was the co-director research at the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California, has designed guided imagery techniques, not unlike the ones used by athletes, to this end. The goal of these practices is to teach cardiac patients the ability to control blood flow in order to minimize dangerous complications which can occur during surgery. What separates Scherwitz’s approach from the “mainstream” is that he also teaches the techniques to the family members of the patient. Prior to the surgery, the family takes a walk in order to collectivize and unify their intentions. Then, while the patient is asleep on the operating table, the family works with the therapist practicing the guided imagery in which they visualize minimal bleeding, a steady heart rate and a steady hand on the part of the surgeon. They end the session with what is called end-result imagery in which the patient awakens easily, experiencing comfort and is in an alert state. These practices, according to Scherwitz, are adaptable to all types of surgery. This approach to surgery parallels the physics which underlies quantum entanglement which was discussed in part one of this series. The NIH has issued a grant to study healing at a distance.

Two Types of Prayer and When to Use Each

A 501 c 3 is definitely not the church for me.


A 501 c 3 is definitely not the church for me.

Many readers know that I am not a fan of the modern church. If Jesus were here today, he not only would chase the money changers from our temples, he would also chase the pastors, rabbis and priests from their pulpits for their abrogation of the word of God. There can be no doubt that the church has been totally subverted. Most churches are 501 3 c tax exempt foundations who are compromising their spiritual mission to the will of the IRS. This has resulted in a cowardly church which is afraid to challenge governmental authority even when it violates word of God in such practices as abortion and widespread war resulting in the death of millions of innocent people.

The church should be a beacon of resistance against the encroaching tyranny upon America because the tyranny is satanically inspired and violates every precept of the Bible. But from the pulpits, America’s pastors act as is there is no outside world to worry about and that is because most of them belong to NOVAD which is an organization controlled by DHS designed conscript religious leaders to the government’s side in times of emergency. Don’t serve the recipients of 30 pieces of silver.

The biggest sin in today’s churches is not that they do not stand up and challenge the Satanically inspired tyranny of the government, their biggest sin is that they do not teach their flock how to pray and what type of prayer to use and in what type of situations.

Faith can move mountains. However, the expression of prayer can take two forms and according to the good work of the Spindrift organization, there are two types of prayer:

  1. “Goal-directed prayer is conditional prayer.  Directed prayer sets up conditions to be met.  Conditional prayer constructs borders to follow to arrive at specific results.”
  2. “Non goal-directed prayer is unconditional prayer.  Unconditional prayer has no borders or biases or conditions to be met.  Non directed prayer promotes order and resolution.  Non directed prayer creatively changes circumstances in unexpected ways.  Creative prayer could create a way where there is no way.

When I have talked about these concepts to various groups, they often ask which is the best to use? That is not the right question. The proper question is when to use each one and in what situation. So far in this article, we have only see the application of goal-directed prayer (i.e. the healing of specific medical conditions). When praying for the reversal of a dire medical condition, goal-directed prayer is ultimately the only effective approach. However, if one were to pray for our enemies, the globalists (e.g. Rockefeller, Rothschild, Soros, Gore, Obama, etc.), non goal-directed prayer would be best in terms of a “thy will be done” approach. In these types of prayer we are asking for the best possible outcome. When I have prayed about the evils of transhumanism, I do not ask for the abolition of the science. Universal laws are very literal, and the science of transhumanism cannot be defeated with a focused prayer because it is too complicated and diverse. I do not desire to stop legitimate science (e.g. transplants), so we need to be careful what we pray for. Therefore, non goal-directed prayer in which we ask for the best possible outcome would be the wisest choice.

Bruce Klingbeil, the founder of Spindrift, commented about the difference between goal-directed prayer and non goal-directed prayer.  He said, “One is the use of will. The other is the release of will.” I would also add a caveat, if in doubt, use non-directed prayer.

Sadly, Bruce and his son were found dead under very mysterious conditions, just like Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings. The powers that be do not want this information in your possession. This is why most of humanity is not taught how to pray and what is the true nature of prayer. In our churches, most worshipers simply do a cheap imitation of what their DHS compromised pastors pray for, which is usually for you to be generous with your tax exempt donations to the church. As an aside, any church which serves the IRS over God is not worthy of your spiritual allegiance.

When the two types of prayer are combined with the power of intention, which is actually a subset of goal-directed prayer, mankind can indeed use their faith to move mountains. This notion is explored in a future installment in this series in which I discuss how to use the power of intention which is embedded in goal-directed prayer.

Below, I have included a partial annotated bibliography for your review.

Partial Annotated Bibliography

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For most of us the question that I ask in the title is a no-brainer. How trustworthy is Hillary Clinton? She’s not. She’s not trustworthy at all. In a fight based solely on being untrustworthy, she’s right up there with North Korea, Iran and Cuba… which for Democrats means she’s perfect. Ha! But for most sensible people, it means that they should move forward with caution.

Let’s not forget about Hillary’s first brush with fame — the Watergate hearings during the Nixon administration.

The now-retired general counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, who supervised Hillary when she worked on the Watergate investigation, says Hillary’s history of lies and unethical behavior goes back farther – and goes much deeper – than anyone realizes.

Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, supervised the work of 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee. Hillary got a job working on the investigation at the behest of her former law professor, Burke Marshall, who was also Sen. Ted Kennedy’s chief counsel in the Chappaquiddick affair.

When the investigation was over, Zeifman fired Hillary from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation …

One of only three people who earned that dubious distinction in Zeifman’s 17-year career.Why?

“Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview last week. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

Anyway, let’s get to the video, which some conservatives are saying could be a game changer. I guess the real question of how effective this video could be is if the media will actually pay attention to it. Here’s what conservative comedian and pundit Steven Crowder had to say about it.

But this ad, is without a doubt, the most effective anti-campaign ad that I’ve ever seen.  And it shows Conservatives the blueprint on how to beat Hillary.  Attack the dishonesty.  I’ve been saying this for years. Hillary Clinton is more than a slimy politician, she’s a compulsive liar.  She lies about big things, but more importantly, she lies about little things when she thinks that nobody’s watching. For no reason!  Ignore the “sexism” claims from the left, speak freely, and focus on this. Watch below. It’s a must.

Here’s the video from America Rising PAC, it’s called “Trustworthy?” and it might very well change more than a few minds.

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A Monolithic Government 1

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

A Population dependent on the government is much more easily subjugated.

Welfare and many other similar/related programs were the catalyst in the creation of an entirely new life style and class of citizen, those who would be permanently and generationally bound to and dependent on, thus ultra loyal to the government! This was NOT unintentional!


Whereas the basic safety net concept is justifiable and even compassionate, the government provided incentive to leave these programs through the encouragement of bettering ones future prospects in just about non existent, or if it exists, is not enforced! This is a lever our tyrannical leaders in Washington (and their puppet masters) are leaning on heavily.

Remember this from a few years back?

Question:Who are you going to vote for? Answer: Obama! Question: Why? Answer(S): Because he gave me a free phone, Because he is going to put gas in my car, Because he is going to give me a place to live … etc…, Question: Where is that money going to come from? Answer: His stash!

These were given reasons for electing the leader of the most powerful country on this planet …

This is very real my friends, and “his stash” was the taxes all of the remaining Americans are paying in ever increasing amounts. Yes he promised your sweat and toil to those who would offer him their loyalty. This is a system that cannot be maintained and will bleed the middle class into extinction (as we see happening today). But what it does accomplish, in a very effective fashion, is to birth and grow a large portion of the population mostly or totally dependent on the government responsible for their very existence. A government they will blindly support to maintain that existence, even over generations.

Obama money

Now try to take those promised social benefits, handouts or gifts away and watch these citizens get angry and rise up to defend what they now considers their just dues! This is now a considerable chunk of the population to be used for political leverage as observed (in a smaller way) by our presidents actions in the 2008 and 2012 election cycles.

At this point in time this group has expanded by a huge margin with about half of all Americans receiving some form of social assistance! This is a ticking time bomb for the fall of our Republic because a population dependent on the government is in fact a population controlled by that government, and now a mechanism, a tool to be used for advancement of socialistic or authoritarian agendas, a means to an end, SUBJUGATION!


Now lets consider the Federal Reserves role in this scenario of National Destruction.

The national annual budget today exceeds $3,500,000,000,000 (three and a half trillion), and probably much more because we all know that the government lies about what it spends until it is already spent. But all this money, cash, moola is a drop in the bucket compared to the most diabolical theft ever perpetrated on the American public in our history, hell anybody’s history by none other than our not so federal, Federal Reserve!

More than $16,000,000,000,000 (sixteen trillion) was stolen from the American people and doled out to the friends of the Fed and the robber barons of American industry and Global finances! This money was handed out like candy at a birthday party to every one BUT the American people. Please understand, at the time, this totaled more than the entire US national debt, a debt accumulated over generations by a massive country … Not a lone banking entity over a few months.

We need to put this into some kind of perspective because the average citizen cant even wrap their mind around a figure this massive! So lets say there are approximately 320,000,000 (320 million) citizens living in this country and we divided this $16 trillion evenly among all of them, that would be over $50,000 per citizen, every man woman and child alive today!

Again how much of this did you receive, even though we are weathering the worst economic times in American history … ZERO, NADA! But you will pay it and the interest back …

No this handout/bailout was reserved for friends of the FED, global corporations, banks and even nations. Some estimates say the actual figure exceeds $70 trillion, but we will never know the truth of this.

Federal reserve

Now lets imagine what this massive money printing boondoggle has done to the value of the dollar…..trashed it, made it almost worthless, funny money just like the value of the Russian Ruble just before the Soviet Union collapsed from within! This is when it took a bushel basket of rubles to buy a loaf of bread but the shelves were almost bare because industry had also collapsed (witness the collapsing of American industry today).

So not only did we as American citizens receive nothing from this bailout of the elite and every power broker world wide, but you can expect and will eventually see inflation on a massive scale creep into your life because the fed can only artificially hold it down for so long! Now when this happens the second kick in the teeth will arrive as we find just feeding our family’s, keeping the electricity on, hell putting gas in our cars, becomes next to impossible … when a loaf of bread costs a bushel basket of greenbacks! Will our government be there to dip into their “stash” to bail us all out?

America sits on the precipice of total sociological and economic collapse or destruction today.

Total collapse may be inevitable, either by the massive (funded through increased national debt) social programs/handouts enslaving more of the population daily … Or the unbridled spending of an out of control government via the Federal Reserve, intentionally devaluing and destroying the dollar, but it is absolutely assured with the convergence of both. Each of these mechanisms in their own right is a catastrophe for America, but combined they make the perfect storm of economic ruination and the total subjugation of We The People.

Is any of this sounding familiar, are you angry, had about enough?

End The Fed, End the Subjugation, End this Madness !!!

In America Today

2nd Amendment 1

Gun Laws … Because Criminals follow the law … Right?

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

About 450 school children were shot with over 60 fatalities in Chicago, Illinois and they hit the 500 gun related homicide mark in 2012. This has dropped a few percentage points (in some categories, not all) by 2015, but not of any real significance.

This itself is a horrible travesty that we as Americans should be ashamed of. But what really makes this noteworthy is the fact that Chicago has some of the most numerous, staunch and restrictive gun laws in the country! Now please remember that very significant point as we continue.

Standing in stark contrast I present Kennesaw, Georgia which boasts the least restrictive gun laws in the country, going as far as to make it mandatory for each household to own and maintain a gun, as well as ammunition.

When this ordinance was passed by a unanimous city council vote in 1982, expectations were for the city to turn into a free for all zone where handling disagreements with ruthless shoot outs was common.

This expectation never materialized. In fact, for over 30 years since the ban, not a single resident of Kennesaw has been involved in a fatal shooting – as a victim, attacker or defender!

For all of you who would push back stating “You are comparing apples and oranges” … Please look at the facts again … Over thirty years with NO gun related deaths, but EVERYBODY has a gun VS how many deaths in just one year in Chicago (never mind the massive total over 30 years) with the most restrictive gun laws in the country. And this does not even take into account all of the other violent crimes committed in Chicago with guns.

Yea tell me there is no significance here … !!!

Now I will be the first to state the the environment of Chicago stands in stark contrast to Kennesaw, but even with this contrast taken into account, the conclusions that can be drawn scream volumes about the futility and myriad of incorrect assumptions that accompany restrictive gun control legislation.

We would assume that our leaders are not idiots or mentally deficient, and can figure this out as easily as we can, so this begs the question …

Why do they push this agenda of disarming the American population so vehemently?

Do some research and you will find a great deal of information to support each side of this discussion, but conspicuously missing are comparisons like this, and many could be made to varying degrees. WHY, because it would blow holes in the gun grabbers argument, so it is poison, as are the murder statistics in other cities like Chicago where gun control is highly prevalent and an EPIC FAIL!

You will hear very little to nothing like this from the Main Stream Media!

Restrictive gun laws serve only those who wish to disarm Americans. Any unarmed population is an entity that can easily be controlled and subjugated! Every tyrannical government who has perpetrated genocide on its own people has first sought to take their guns!

Our founding fathers were aware of the possibility of tyranny from our own government and in the Second Amendment sought to give us a tool, a mechanism to prevent this … can we keep it, or will we go the way of Germany, Russia, Red China, Cuba or many of the other countries that gave up their guns for a promise from their leaders of protection and safety …

Only to find out too late it was their leaders they needed the protection from !!!

2ndAmendment- 02

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