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by Zen Gardner

We’re being jerked around something fierce but most don’t even recognize it. The abrupt up and down news cycle changes are really doing a number on humanity. There’s this periodic deadness of spirit in the world at large coupled with this sugary news of fake social and political improvements, and then they slam us with another off the wall staged event.

The powers that be seem to regularly recoil for more madness to unleash while assuaging their docile populace. The on/off rhythm of this social programming is designed to callous, inoculate, dumb down and condition so it’s really no surprise if you’ve been watching with open eyes. They keep periodically both lulling us to sleep then hitting us with manufactured issues and weird events to keep us on our heels while we dance the defensive two-step to their music. Such perfidy.

It is upsetting. It can’t help but be.

The dearth of good news while false promises and doublespeak pervade during a blatant societal clampdown is enough to drive anyone to distraction. Which it does. Hence the emphasis on sports, fashion, entrancing Hollywand glitz and the like. What’s become the filler now, ironically enough, is global issues that are nothing but programmed diatribe to keep the war and police state narrative going. “Ho hum. Enemies everywhere, shut everything the hell down. We’re under attack blah blah. It’s all to insure our security and we’re safe here. Yay Amerika. Now pass the deep fried bullshit and shut up, the game’s on.”

The Lull During the Cull

This perceived lull is intuitive to the awake. We know much bigger events await us as they need massive triggers to push their agenda. I was thinking this morning about the upcoming Superbowl and the fact that it’s on the 33rd parallel and the Phoenix symbolism as I wrote about before in Phoenix False Flag Nuke on the Table?

Not a pleasant thought and I don’t like to put it out there as far as intention goes, but we need to be aware.

Whether it’s there or somewhere else, the PTBs have been rattling their sabres over an attack on American soil for years, and have been stepping it up vigorously since this engineered ISIS uprising. It’s the same old ploy, create the “enemy” then use what “they” do to justify whatever is on the agenda. Comatose Americans will fall for it as usual and the “world” will dutifully follow suit. Whatever the event or events, they always rattle political and societal bones far and wide to spark new clampdowns and stepped up draconian measures worldwide.

Meanwhile, the Slow Kill Proceeds

As if that isn’t dark enough, the poisoning of humanity continues. There’s enough aluminum and barium, glyphosate, GMOs, pharmaceuticals, EMFs and radiation (et al) being pumped out to stun just about any immune system and numb anyone’s brain. The reaction of the majority of such a stunted race will no doubt follow the programmed lead.

And that’s as beyond Huxley-Orwellian as you can get.

I’m clearly speaking to the informed, because we are not only aware of this madness, but are also not under their control, nor will we be. But this sits in the back of any awakened mind as things continue to deteriorate. These control mechanisms are aimed at the unknowing and unseeing, of whom there are way too many. Those that wake up, and there are more by the hour, gain control of their minds and lives. Those who don’t are blindly walking into a mass grave.

We cannot be ignorant of our current condition. It’s dire, any way you look at it. Whatever our understanding of this imposed madness, we seem destined to face serious immediate consequences and we need to be on our toes as we inform others of the reality encircling our species. Trying to identify the source of this control system is important but not essential to our survival. Dismantling whatever we can, mostly in the hearts of humanity, is our mission.

Sound the Alert

If my message has been anything it’s been to help people wake up and connect the dots, much like many others concerned for their fellow humans. It rends the heart to see such death and destruction rained down on our planet but this is our current reality and we can’t just bury our heads in the sand and attend the next celebration of life expo without this understanding firmly under our belts.

Yes, we can dance to the rhythm of the Universe and herald in the new dawn of consciousness, but we need to be awake and aware and not in denial or deliberately naive.

These hard realities sit before our eyes daily as they roll out their agenda. It’s not pretty and is more absurdly counter intuitive all the time, yet they play this card and seem to get away with it. After all, they control the media so that’s how it appears. But it’s not the case. More people are awakening by the day and are beginning to say “no more!” When individuals and their family’s lives are directly threatened things finally start to become clear and right action kicks into gear.

This is what they’re anticipating and why the militarized police build up is taking place. They know this is coming. After all, they designed this madness.

We Are Many, They Are Few

United action trumps all. When we coalesce into a cohesive force for a clear objective things begin to change, even if only energetically. That’s why words are so powerful. Aligning minds and spirits in a common understanding and goal is the most powerful weapon we have. Again, this is why they’re perpetrating the current stepped up clampdown on free speech, which has in typical Orwellian form been kicked off by the murder of those practicing free speech in the Paris set up.

Go figure. No, don’t. It doesn’t make any sense. That’s an essential part of their game.

That world leaders get a phone call to show up at this staged event in Paris is direct evidence of a dark cabal behind world affairs, but few would be able to recognize that. Who coordinated that? What pressures were brought to bear on these shills? Anyway, the world isn’t looking at why, they just react to what they are shown and told. A very, very sad state of affairs for humanity.

The good news is we are alive, very alive, and that drives them crazy. The elite mindset is that we are less than insects, a population of workers that don’t deserve to live except to bring them breakfast in the morning and clean their mansions. Sci-fi has made this clear for decades yet no one pays any attention. The above board eugenics movement in the first part of the last century was shut down because of its arrogant anti-human thrust, but they just went underground. They’ve been leaking out from their overflowing sewer covers ever since.

That’s what we’re up against. An anti-human force that seeks to not only rule, but transform our race and very planet.

It’s time to stand up and tell it like it is. You may be ridiculed, but there are those that will hear you. Maybe not now, but the time will soon come when the truth will sink in.

Perhaps it won’t be too late for this world after all.

I don’t know.

I do know once you’ve woken up the peace, love and truth flood in to where we know all is well where it really matters. But the responsibility to care for our fellow human beings is a big part of the territory, so it’s time to act on it.

You’ll know who is who by that trademark. Look for the sincere, sacrificial love. It’s what the family of humankind is all about.

Let’s do our part.

Love always,


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By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

The world is being taken to war one propaganda lie at a time. Most average people have no idea that they are being manipulated and soon the majority of people on this planet will be convinced that it is perfectly acceptable to kill strangers that they have never met as a result of this false flag based propaganda.

The Path to War Is Complicated

There are multiple paths to World War III, and I predict that the reasons for going to war will soon be readily apparent to even the sheep among us. Presently, there are two distinct paths to World War III, namely, plunging oil prices and Muslim extremism. Both of these paths are going to be exacerbated by a false flag event(s) and we have just witnessed the first example of this public opinion manipulation (e.g. Paris assassinations and bombings).

Plunging Oil Prices

petrodollarAs I have reported over the past week, the United States and Russia are playing a game of “chicken”. On one hand, Russia is leading the charge to “ditch” the Petrodollar as the world’s reserve currency. On the other hand, the U.S. has driven the price of oil so low, that Russia and the rest of its BRICS allies are being forced to use their reserve oil, gold and cash to stay afloat during a time when low oil prices are devastating Russia and the BRICS. Certainly, wars have been fought for lesser reasons.

False Flag Terrorism With An Agenda

Extremist Arab Gunmen killed a total of 12 people in an attack on the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, on January 7. A third gunman killed a policewoman and four people at a Paris kosher supermarket in the eastern Porte de Vincennes area of Paris on January 9.

The reason given for the attacks was the disparaging of the Islamic faith and its Prophet Muhummad as expressed by Charlie Hebdo. This excuse used as the provocation for the these attacks is remarkably similar to the excuse first used to explain the reason behind the murder of Ambassador Stevens because of a film made in which a spoof was directed at the Prophet of Muhammad. The ridiculousness of this excuse, related to Benghazi, was discredited. Yet, this did not deter the false flag planners of the Paris event as they attempted to use the same journalistic “disrespect to Muhammad” excuse for launching a false flag attack in Paris in a case of “the same song, second verse”.

The Paris attacks combined with the atrocities being committed by ISIS has the West on edge with regard to Muslim extremism. Yes, there is clearly Muslim extremism, but the Paris events are clearly designed to promote and greatly increase the level of fear.

Public Surveys As Propaganda

The best way to shape public opinion is to create a public opinion poll, a poorly designed poll which will yield the results that the poll makers seek. The use of close ended questions, as was the case with a recent Rasmussen Poll produced results which told the American people that you have a lot to be fearful of when it comes to the Muslims.  In a case in point, a poorly designed Rasmussen survey indicated that 65% of American citizens believe that similar attacks to the Paris assaults could take place in the United States within the next year. Promoting generalized fear is one of the basic tenets of propaganda.

More Muslim Vilification Released In the Shadows of These Events

It is interesting that the main stream media has enjoyed a love fest with the Islamic religion, while ignoring some of its extremist elements and subsequent acts, with regard to their previously one-sided reporting.

There has been a recent shift in the reporting of Muslim extremism. The shift is that the unmitigated threat of some of these groups is being exposed.

Steve Emerson, described as a terrorism analyst, reported to Fox News that parts of London have a Muslim police force who attack people if they don’t dress according to religious rules. He went on to tell the American network: that “In Britain, it’s not just no go zones, there are actually cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim, where non-Muslims simply don’t go in. And parts of London, there are actually Muslim religious police that actually beat and wound seriously anyone who doesn’t dress according to religious Muslim attire.” The media message being spread to the West, is to fear Islam. This is a precursor step for getting citizens in Western countries to accept a war in the Middle East against Islamic extremism because if we don’t “they will kill many of us and most certainly will take over our neighborhoods”.

The Jack Ruby- Lee Harvey Oswald Moment In Paris


In an old familiar pattern, anyone who possesses information which could threaten the goal of a false flag action, must be eliminated with extreme prejudice.

In the JFK assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald could be allowed to provide public testimony because of what he knew about the operation. Oswald is assassinated and Ruby, who must also be silenced, mysteriously dies in jail.

In the same vein, Police Commissioner Helric Fredou, the number two police officer in charge of the Regional Service of France’s Judicial Police, Limoges, “committed suicide on the night of Wednesday to Thursday at the police station.”

Isn’t the timing of this event a little too convenient? Fredou was an intimate part of the Charlie Hebdo investigation. Shortly before his suicide, Fredou dispatched his own team of police officials to further investigate the murders in Paris. He is reported to have waited for the return of his team for a debriefing.  Immediately following the police debriefing, he killed himself. Or, is it more likely that the police chief was suicided in order to keep the information quiet about what he had learned?

One isolated report in Le Parisien presents the act of suicide as being totally unrelated to the Charlie Hebdo investigation. Otherwise, there has been a total news blackout in France of this event.

Senator Feinstein Exacerbates the Fear

feinstein gun

This past Sunday, Dianne Feinstein said  that the surprise Parisian attacks are not only threatening Europe,  but  she warned that “terrorist cells” exist in the United States as well. How does Feinstein know this? Did ISIS leaders take Feinstein to lunch and present their grand plan to the Senator?

This Feinstein charade is so easy to see through, it is difficult to believe that the false flag planners could even promote this nonsense with a straight face as Feinstein would have you believe that there is a terrorist hiding on every street corner that has a bomb with your name on it.

Certainly, there is a morsel of truth in every lie, but the facts here are being embellished in an effort to convince the American people to give up more of their civil liberties in the name of fighting terror. Ultimately, this tyranny will go by a different name, World War III, and it is clear that this war will be fought in the Middle East. Of course Biblical scholars would state the same.


This article brought together many different aspects of a propaganda machine designed to promote fear, increase hostilities and fan the flames of the coming war.

All the elements of false flag planning are here: (1) the creation of the patsy (2) a contrived event designed to promote fear resulting in an increased “need” for surveillance, security and militarization and (3) preparations for mobilization of the military.

No doubt, that these flames are merely the precursor to the main event which cannot be that far away.


About the Author

Dave Hodges is the host of the popular radio talk show, which airs from 9 PM to Midnight (Central). The show can be heard by clicking the following icon on the  right hand side of The Common Sense Show website.

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War is a Racket

Anthony Sutton quotes [T]he power system continues only as long as individuals try to get something for nothing. The day when a majority of individuals declares or acts as if it wants nothing from the government, declares that it will look after its own welfare and interests, then on that day the power elites are doomed.

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

Author’s note: Progressive Politics have done more to enslave this country then any other ideology in the history of The United States of America, and because of the virtual size of our country, most likely in the history of mankind. They have grown offshore mega-monopoly international corporations that have taken nearly all American industry from our mainland, but for the building of weapons and tools of war. They have stolen our rich individualistic heritages, infiltrating our schools and the minds of our children with dependency for them… and have rewritten history to favor their agenda. They have destroyed our civil liberties and Constitution by decree in increments, so that a busy and trusting populous would not notice. They have displaced our gold reserve with paper printed out of thin air, promoted a welfare state on one side and a state of constant war on the other, for profit and control. They have divided us by race, color and creed, and promoted false flags to hate each other, and as they isolate us from the rest of the world on one hand, they promote a one world order on the other, built on the mutual destruction of countries that do not fall in line… and collateral damage is thought to be justified. Their international arms dealings supply weaponry to both sides of a conflict, and make money no matter who wins, as they are in control of our monetary system, our news and entertainment, and have recently acquired one third of our GDP with socialized medicine, a massive document that went unread before voting… It is treachery of the highest order, as we are most effectively controlled and dominated by voluntary servitude. In the name of security and protection, even from our own responsible decisions, our countrie’s sovereignty and our individual Liberty are forfeit.

So effective, they can demand your child by a draft… to send your sons and daughters to war for international corporate and banking profit, exchanging their lives for a piece of colored cloth and painted pot metal… and so propagandized, you actually feel honored. The power and scope of government has grown exponentially, building massive underground cities, new provocative weapons of mass destruction, experimenting with global weather, genetics, space weapons, apocryphal sciences and industry, and all for the primary purpose of furthering the effectiveness of their covert operations to remain in power. They have lied, stolen, cheated and schemed… as they promote fear, anger, frustration, and many negative emotions for an agenda, and use us all as both pawns and sheep to shear. They use religion to keep us subdued, by the threat of labels and liable marque, and have placed themselves above international law. Their abilities are not realized until after the fact, as they use their influence by scientifically sound methods of persuasion and deception that stimulate the bending of human nature. They are faceless, well hidden in the depth of corporations and loop holes, and their front men and women are just like you and I, those who participate but can only see their own compartment, their small microcosm of influence, with an admitted limited understanding of the broader picture. We feel no negativity, no guilt, no responsibility for our collective actions, as you are only required to concentrate on your department’s black bottom line…

The Progressive masters come of age…

In order to truly understand the scope of what I will present here, an understanding of the transition between the Guided Age and the Progressive Era must be studied separately. It is too convoluted and complex for an essay such as this. In fact, a whole encyclopedia could be written of the amazing events and manipulations that transpired . Those years, between about 1870 and now, the Progressive ideology have propped up our society by rule of law. Hungry manipulators eyed the potential of this country long before the Declaration of Independence were signed…

But that transition, fully visible in the study of our history, started with a so-called Republican President, Theodore Roosevelt, the Progressive movement faltering during the next presidency of Taft, and then continued full-force by Woodrow Wilson. It was under his Presidency, a truly amazing and magic moment for bankers, 1913, who promoted the institution of debt slavery called the Federal Reserve Act. It was the year our country was sold out, and our future given to master-manipulators, with no moral compass… And from that time, increment by increment, we have become debt slaves, and have relinquished our civil liberties and our very Constitution has been suspended, forfeited deceleration of due process by new additions to the NDAA, and the entire Patriot Act, force-fed to us all while we celebrated Christmas.

In the middle of this amazing betrayal, by covert means, manipulation of generated and orchestrated fear have been induced into the populous by the events of 9-11, as they have by World Wars, and our country is being dismantled and sold to the highest bidder. We are not even allowed to do an audit of the Federal Reserve, and quite amazingly, our own Fort Knox. So powerful, not even Ron Paul could demand it, even as he sat on the board of the Gold Commission… We are not allowed to see a public audit on what is still in Fort Knox, since the 1930s.

One must understand the politics of the Guided Age and the forgotten presidents… The industrialization and big business in the North both before and after the Civil War. We have to study and understand the giant trusts of that time that monopolized one industry after another, and must study the consequences of the Pendleton Act which then created the Civil Service Act. And the stars of this spectacular show are men like Andrew Carnegie, and the promotion of something called vertical integration. Who were men like John D. Rockerfeller, and his Standard Oil Company? …and oh, what is a “robber baron?” …and on, what is a “carpet bagger”?

Railroads, organized labor and the National Labor Union, stimulated of the Depression of 1873, for further power and control. Glance over the Great Railroad Strike, the Homestead Strike, and the Pullman Strike, and out of the violence emerged the American Federation of Labor. The AFL. Urbanization and Immigration umbrellas resided over a new and more powerful Political Machine. Jain Addams, Hull House, settlement houses for the immigrate, dealing with Native American resentment and the Dawes Severally Act of 1897 that forbade Indians from owning land… Wow. Then, The Populous Party, the McKinly Tariff… The ramification of Cleveland’s second term and the loan for $60 million from J.P. Morgan, and what was his interest? …the convolution of Coxey’s Army, and William Jenning’s Bryan’s deliverance of his famous “cross of Gold” speech…

An era was manifesting itself into the very fabric of government growing in singular and self serving visions in the middle, I speculate, of a forgotten war, the Spanish American War, fought over the island of Cuba. And glance at the contributions, and warnings of William Randolph Hurst and Joseph Pulitzer. And though the war only lasted a few weeks, we seized the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Cuba…. The big stick of Teddy Roosevelt was waved at the world in defiance, though we were told to speak softly, and then the overt and timely introduction of Progressiveness by Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, started the ball moving.

No sir, it wasn’t the so called Democrat,Wilson, who started it, but he sure picked up the ball from the Democrat’s side. Taft was between, and though Roosevelt was a friend, did not, according to the Progressive Standard, continue his policies. He introduced the noteworthy Payne-Aldrice Tariff and the Progressive Republican or Bull Moose Party, was over-ripe and ready when Wilson took office…

Finally, enters Woodrow Wilson, and the New Freedom. The Underwood Tariff became manifest, and it seemed that these were regulating big business, supported the labor movement, but under the covers made a monumental decision to reform our National Banking System with the Federal Reserve, and it became an independent company, above and held unaccountable by our Congress or law, as described in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Like machine gun fire he passed the Clayton Anti-Trust Act that paved the way for progressive bills, and he signed into law the Warehouse Act, the LaFollette Seamon’s Act, the Workingman’s Compensation Act, and the Adomson Act. He then ordered General John “Blackjack” Pershing to invade Mexico to go after the bandit Pancho Villa…. And this is where I would like to bracket here… because what we have now, from the military industrial complex and the big international banks that finance church states and dictators, promote Middle east oil and Saudi Arabia, who lobby for control of our Congress, the violent takeover of Iran by England’s dictator called The Shaw, Germany and Japan prior to WW2, Russia and the Bolshevik Revolution, Korea and Vietnam, and our police actions directed by international business and banks, the horror and lies of 9-11, and all it was, and still is, formulated by a formidable power structure, a lattice work of central banks that originate in Europe and England… And their influence has successfully dominated and infiltrated into the very core of our government, and is what historians are now calling, a “shadow government.”

And though some may call it now a coup, jump started after the assassination of President Kennedy, it has continued to nationalize, by coercion and fear, breaking the very backbone of a free and open society, and our primary source of truth, the media, is controlled. Movies and television, newspapers and magazines, are dominated by a Progressive mindset that has sustained and grown government to unbelievable power and influence, and a congress and lobbying matrix that puts business and banking concerns before the good of our nation. We have men in office holding duel citizenship, with allegiance and loyalty to a separate homeland… And in the process, as I will emphatically state again… we have become debt slaves, with a shredded Constitution and disunited civil liberties.

My observance…

Twice I have traveled through Ashville, North Carolina, and had to stop at the Baltimore Mansion. Of all of the places I have visited in thirty-one states, nothing I have found is more breath-taking. I remember the gardens as we drove up, and a herd of wild horses running through a picturesque landscape of rolling hills, with stands of ancient oaks surrounded by manicured lawns, is amazingly beautiful… The Mansion can not be described by the average person… The riches, the grandeur, the unimaginable wealth is beyond comprehension.

How could a family amass such a fortune?

I remember well the survival stories of my great uncles and grandfathers, who fought in WW1. All of them said they were lucky to have returned. “The total number of military and civilian casualties in World War I was over 37 million: over 16 million deaths and 20 million wounded, ranking it among the deadliest conflicts in human history.” And they came home to a changed country no longer in control by we the people, and a national debt beyond comprehension at the time, 25 billion. (Today it is 18.1 Trillion.)

I mention this for one reason only, to show that some may forfeit everything for war, everything they own, their country, their loved ones, their livelihood, and their very life… forcefully drafted, while others became rich beyond the common man’s wildest dreams…

The Government raised money by selling “Liberty Bonds,” and Americans were coerced to buy these bonds to help pay for the war. Countries in Europe had high food and fuel prices, low paying and few jobs, but not so in the United States immediately after the war. We had the Roaring Twenties going on, and industries, such as DuPont, were making synthetics, and the Marijuana Stamp Act destroy the hem industry . Their competition… At the same time government was telling us we can no longer drink alcohol… and through all of these distractions Progressiveness marched unimpeded… The US economy was still strong, however, and the government had more money than it needed…. Amazingly, this so called “budget surplus” actually shrunk the Nation’s debt to around $17 billion… but paid to whom?… And for a short time, the stock Market was kicking, and some corporations who had supplied the war effort had made some men very rich, or even richer. One of these men was a man named Vanderbilt. He lived in the Builtmore mansion.

Again, in a nutshell:

  • The U.S. Government had more money than it needed to pay for the services it provided. This is known as a budget surplus. Not like today…
  • The Government’s debt shrunk from $24 billion to around $17 billion. Not like today…
  • There was also a rise in profits from the stock market, which helped make some people rich. Just like today…

My family, who were farmers here in Louisiana, did not fair very well, just as all farmers at the time…. The price of commodities dropped to a new low, and they could only get about 20 percent of what they could before the war. Land price went through the roof, and farmers could not expand… If a bushel of corn before the war sold for $10, for instance, after the war it sold for $2. And they survived in this environment, raising their children, plowing their sixty acres with a horse… surviving both dust bowls and the years after “Black Tuesday,” October 29, 1929, because that was the mettle of an American back then, before our minds were taken from us.

A small side note, when Americans tried to unite…

“On July 17, 1932, thousands of World War I veterans converged on Washington, DC, set up tent camps, and demanded immediate payment of bonuses due to them according to the World War Adjusted Compensation Act of 1924 (the original act made the bonuses initially due no earlier than 1925 and no later than 1945). Walter W. Waters, a former Army sergeant, led this “Bonus Army“. The Bonus Army was encouraged by an appearance from retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler; as a popular military figure of the time, Butler had some influence over the veterans. A few days after Butler’s arrival, President Herbert Hoover ordered the marchers removed, and US Army cavalry troops under the command of General Douglas MacArthur destroyed their camps.” Secret Societies and Their power in the 20th Century

Butler, although a self-described Republican, responded by supporting Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1932 US presidential election.

By 1933 Butler started denouncing (crony) capitalism and (lawless) bankers, saying as a Marine general he had been “a racketeer for capitalism.” He said: “War is a racket.”



The International Bankers and their agents created conditions that resulted in World War I. WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and ever police action since:

  • they made a financial killing as a result of the war

  • they financed the Russian Revolution and seized control of that vast nation

  • they manipulated events in Europe after the war so as ‘to create a condition’ (Edward Stanton’s words) the result of which left them ‘sitting in heaven’ financially

  • they used American loans, on which they were paid huge commissions, to reequip German industry with ‘the most advanced technical facilities’ and to make her ‘industrial system… the second best in the world by a wide margin’

  • in the process of their manipulations these unscrupulous, monopolistic vultures used and abused the Germans to the point where they earned their undying hatred, and by building up German industry at the same time as they greatly antagonized the populace

  • they propped up a strong man who could rally the masses behind his ‘cause’ by promising them freedom from the International financial predators…

Your study lesson:

1.) The “Dawes Plan” was conceived by J.P. Morgan, the ROTHSCHILD advocate, and granted Germany 800 million US$ credits, in the first four years after WW1. The Dawes Plan, however, failed when Germany’s reparation payments grew. It was replaced by the “Young Plan” (named after the Morgan agent Owen Young): In order to plunder more easily, and the international bankers established the “Bank for International Settlement” (BIS).

2.) On March 9, 1929, Paul Warburg wrote in the Financial Chronicles:

If we allow orgies of unlimited speculation to go too far,…then a total collapse is assured. Those who understood quietly withdrew from the stock exchange and invested in GOLD AND SILVER.”

Des Griffin adds: “In the fall of 1929 it was time for the International Bankers to push the button that set in motion the machinery that resulted in World War II. After they, their agents and friends had sold out of the crest of an artificially inflated stock market boom, the International Bankers pulled the rug out from under the whole system and sent the United States into what became known as the Great Depression. In the years that followed, the economies of nations around the world slowed to a virtual standstill.” (Descent Into Slavery)

3.) The Bolshevik Revolution was supported by both the U.S. and Germany. The OCHRANA, the secret service found by the last Czar, consisted of several organizations that carried out all the usual functions of a secret service with secret agents, double agents, secret police and agents provocateurs. The Ochrana was a very subversive and criminal group which greatly simplified the work of the controlling world banks.

Huge sums of money from the international bankers, among others from ALFRED MILNER. who later took over the secret “Round Table”, were poured into the Ochrana that already had infiltrated the Bolshevik movement. Agents steered many of its activities. The infiltration was so strong that in 1908 four of the five members of the Peters burg committee of the Bolshevik party were Ochrana agents.

4.)They channeled the funds that came from the international bankers to the Bolsheviks who could therefore suppress their strongest opponents, the Mensheviks and the Socialist Party. Two agents of the Ochrana were the editor and the financial controller of the “Pravda” and supported its beginning. It is said that JOSEPH STALIN (his real name was Jossip Vissarionovich Djugashvili), was also a member of the Ochrana since he was an important contact between the Czarist police and the Bolsheviks. Read the book “The coming race” by Lord Bulwer-Lytton, 1871.


God bless America; it is time to grow up. An education formulated on truth is the only peaceful way to regain our Liberty from tyranny. Without that, everything you are, or hope to become, will die… You will not be strong enough without it. You will not survive. Read, learn, and you will finally see the face of your master… and then, teach your children. Teach them a Love for God, a Love for Country, and a Love for Liberty. Teach them what you have lost, and tell them you are sorry.

Years ago, at a Tea Party rally, I saw a little girl dressed in an 18th century costume. There were men all around me who had a great concern for the nation, and for hours in the hot sun, I listened to stirring speeches of patriotism. I knelt down and with a smile told her I loved her dress. She looked at me, and if on cue said: “Give me liberty, or give me death.”

Quickly I stood up and turned away, and walked from her a distance through colorful clouds of banners and flags, so she would not see my tears. What greater motivation is there for a Libertarian, then the light of trusting eyes, from the open face of a child? God, give me strength.

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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

What follows is not a bedtime story and may very well anger or even offend some (those most guilty). The truth is a often buried or masked … regardless, it remains a constant and to those who wish to ignore or corrupt it, not a pleasant one. Those offended by what they are about to read are the ones who need to read and understand what is being said the most because this truth is …

This is a Nation Of, By and For The People. If it perishes it does so by our own hands, and not by the actions of any tyrannical government!

When I state or quote this I get very little response or in some cases negative feedback … WHY? It is the absolute truth, no matter how hard it is to hear! We The People, through a major disconnect facilitated by our laziness, apathy or ignorance have permitted just about all that ails us to become reality … FACT!

I am constantly hearing how our leaders continue to pass bills that pile more debt on our backs and that of our children, that remove our civil rights and freedoms and do nothing to extricate us from our imperialistic warmongering even though they campaign on exactly these promises! Yet WE continually reelect these same idiots, and they continue to consolidate power over us. Just look back at the re-election rate of incumbents in this failing country from even the last election cycle, when so many of us railed against the known tyranny … the average exceeds 90% for all of Congress!

“We just can’t trust the American people to make those types of choices…. Government has to make those choices for people.” ― Hillary Rodham Clinton

They claim to represent us but prove by their self-centered actions that nothing could be further from the truth! Just a little research by an involved or concerned citizen would show that their actions in most cases (there are some rare exceptions) prove to serve only their masters and themselves.

Term limits have been discussed for decades as a tool to get this evil and destructive monster we call our government under control, but has a snowballs chance in hell of ever passing in congress as it would short circuit their personal power! It has also been discussed curtailing the access and influence of lobbying, or terminating it all together, basically stemming the flow of money for corruption to our elected leaders … HaHaHa what a freaking joke! These people OWN our representatives, so they will never cut off their noses to spite their faces.

“Ours is not a fated existence, for nowhere is our destiny etched in stone. In the final analysis, the last line of defense in support of freedom and the Constitution consists of the people themselves. If the people want to be free, if they want to lift themselves out from underneath a state apparatus that threatens their liberties, squanders their resources on needless wars, destroys the value of their dollar, and spews forth endless propaganda about how indispensable it is and how lost we would all be without it, there is no force that can stop them.” – Ron Paul

Freedom robbing legislation like the Patriot Act and the NDAA rider, Obamacare, just to mention a few (tyranny abounds in many bills) were passed by a majority of congressional members forcing tyranny down the throats of We The People … yet a vast majority of those who voted for this tyranny (in some cases several times) have been re-elected, WHY?

These are but a few examples of how We The People FAIL to hold our elected representatives accountable and in fact embolden them to commit more tyranny against us by not holding their feet to the fire, or just FIRING them! Are we that gullible, apathetic, ignorant, detached … or just plain stupid?

“The wisest thing in the world is to cry out before you are hurt. It is no good to cry out after you are hurt; especially after you are mortally hurt. People talk about the impatience of the populace; but sound historians know that most tyrannies have been possible because men moved too late. it is often essential to resist a tyranny before it exists.” ― G.K. Chesterton

YES, Americans as a society are highly ignorant of the inner workings of our government, probably the most ignorant and detached society on this planet. A majority of Americans are too damn lazy to do the required research into how exactly we are each represented! Instead we place immense TRUST in the people we elect, wanting to believe they will know what is best for us and will always have out best interest as their motivations … BULLCRAP !!!

At any point in time, even a large minority of this countries population could have taken a stand to push back against encroaching corporatism or tyranny … it has not happened. Most Americans are blissfully and intentionally ignorant of the tyranny unfolding right before their eyes, choosing to maintain the mindset “If I am doing nothing wrong, this wont influence my life”, again BULLCRAP!

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” ― Samuel Adams

So the next time you rant about the abhorrent economic and political conditions in America … look in the mirror to find the biggest and most responsible culprit … We The People, because at any point in time, an involved and educated people could have changed the scenario!

“Tyranny is always better organized than freedom.” – Charles Péguy

We are over 300 million strong, while they number a few thousand … and any real change for the better MUST begin with us recognizing OUR monumental failure in this long running experiment called America.

So shut your TV off, get off your couch, get educated, be involved and take America back, one booted Senator, Congressman, Governor, Mayor, Councilman or Bureaucrat at a time if necessary!

It is well past time for We The People to wake up, unite our voices and put America back on the path of greatness she has, through our neglect as the true stewards of this Republic, so egregiously steered off of. Please remember … This Has Always Been and Remains Our Duty …

And there is no better time to start than NOW … RECALL!


Litmus Test

“The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.” –  Alexis de Tocqueville

Now please look at the opening quote again and really think …


Commentary by TLB Contributor: Bruce Robinson

One thing I have learned about this game which is played out on us, particularly in our skies, is that our chess opponents not only changed the rules without our knowledge but that they are always several moves ahead. As history has shown we are consistently trailing in the game on the table. We have learned more than we knew in the beginning of the game but the gap between us and our opponents always remains the same.

Our opponents are skilled in games of deceit and deception. They’ve easily predicted at what point we would recognize the strategy of their previous moves and they laugh at us. They mock us for not knowing that which they have taken much effort in concealing from us, and then somehow believe they have superior skills and abilities. That is a mistake which will cost them in the long run. They incorrectly interpret their slight-of-hand, and their rearranging of the board when we leave the room, as skill when in fact is only a testament of their desire to win no matter how corrupt and scandalous their actions prove to be.

From watching us at a distance, and long before we accepted the challenge, they were rigging the game. They have come to learn we would focus upon the last move of theirs that we were aware of and count on us to dwell on the most resent observations and argue among ourselves. They know they will have the opportunity to adjust any of the boards pieces to their liking while some of us think in one direction and others of us think in a different direction. They are calculating and ruthless, not naive or ignorant.

chemtrails 2

We are just beginning to know for certain that which we have always expected. We know the depth of the lies and deceit used to draw us into the game. A game we never wanted to play at all, yet are forced to for the good of all. Absolute moral corruption has been the catalyst that allows for their unfair advantage. We know of their illicit actions culminating in their ill gotten gains. We recognize their ugly yet shrewd methods in predicting our responses to their actions. This is not catching up in any degree, we remain far behind. The reason for this is they have already known from experience, precisely where… and why… we would be where we are now, and they knew it from the beginning. When an opponent is devoid of morals and bankrupt in principles and character, the sinister plans they make as they sacrifice their own should be telling that this is not just a game; It’s endgame.

To me, it makes perfect sense that perhaps what we know, is precisely what they wanted us to know. They have fed us all along. To remain ahead in the game, it would be to their advantage to try and send us spinning off in some other direction far from where the game and truth is really being played out. Providing us with enough (dis)information about their game to keep us from guessing the true nature of the board that sits between us. They have known all along where we would be at any given time so we must assume they know exactly where we are at now…They have already determined our next moves. That needs to change.

I don’t pretend to have the answers which might resemble some form of truth, but from watching the game from the sidelines, and sometimes on the field, I find it is reasonable to conclude that our search for understanding of what is going on in the sky’s above us might not include any of the conclusions we have come to up thus far. There may be multiple purposes. There may be red herrings. Rest assured it is not what we think.

chemtrails 1

Our disadvantage in following the movement of their board pieces is what they rely upon to win. They require staying far enough ahead of us for them to count that “checkmate” if left playing the game as usual, will be upon us before we could even have imagined. Given the practices in this peculiar game, regular strategies will be played out to demise; figuratively and quite possibly literally. We are at the point where the clock is simply running out. Any of our anticipated moves will be countered with checkmate… with utter and complete predictability.

So if we play by the rules and counter each of their moves with a consistent predictability, then we have already lost. And they know that. What they don’t know is our ability to be unpredictable, to change the board, the pieces, and even give the game a new name. They can’t compete with the imagination we are capable of. We need to tap that resource. There is no thinking inside or outside of the box because boxes imply there are limitations.

We can imagine, and we will have to zone in on what might be worth their magnanimous efforts to steer us wrong. What will be the result they seek? It must be as large as their diversion techniques. It can’t be those of which we have deliberately been caused to believe. Remember, they began this game knowing each play and how it would end. Instead of logical and rational conclusions, we need to sidestep what appears obvious. We need to think worthy of biblical and global proportions.

Let’s take the lead by discovering “what” instead of why, “when” rather than how, and “where” instead of whom. They will be no match for us, our collective imagination, or any degree of predictability when it becomes out turn to determine the rules.

Added by TLB: This is one of those videos that is a shock to the system. Hats off to a great TLB partner, Dane Wigington, for this outstanding presentation. Please visit his site for more info, these guys know what they are talking about:

Dane Wigington presents (above video) hard data which reveals what these catastrophic programs have done to our planet to date and what they will do if they are allowed to continue. Please take the time to watch this video, follow up with some investigation of your his website … GeoEngineering Watch

Share this information far and wide.


TLB: Leslie Carol Botha hits another home run with this amazing interview. Exactly what role does the system play in child placement. What are the pitfalls and the ramifications to the mother – child bond. Do these bureaucrats even care? Or does it go much deeper than this.


Click on the show banner to listen to this mind bending show and please read Leslie’s article attached below …



Exclusive: Robin Karr & Janie McQueen, The Motherless Child Project

By TLB Radio Network Talk Show Host and Contributor:

Did you know that during a divorce mothers lose custody of their children to known abusers – often ex-husbands? What you read here and listen to in this exclusive interview with McQueen and Karr is going to shock and disturb you. But thousands of mother’s and professionals like Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB, who recently wrote an article about the Justina Pelletier case states that the judicial system is designed to destroy the mother-child bond.

If you are a mother without custody, know that you are not alone. Approximately 58,000 children are ‘legally’ taken from their mothers each year through the family court system in the U.S. ~ Robin Karr, Mothers Without Custody World

In 2008, Liz Richards with National Alliance for Family Court Justice (NAFCJ wrote an opinion piece in a Parent’s Forum in the Washington Times pointing out the fact that fathers’ rights groups coach men on stalking, harassment and sabotage tactics during custody hearings. By the time a woman who has been abused gets to court she is often emotionally and physically exhausted. And then she is barraged by a set of tactics to sabotage whatever sanity she has left.

Mothers want Justice for their children who deserve a safe and nurtured childhood.  We want the primary attached parent-child bond to remain after separation and divorce. In American Courts, Rules of law are violated and therefore reform is necessary to insure the safety of the child in family and dependency courts. ~ American Mothers of Lost Children 

American Mothers of Lost Children Rally, Wash DC 2010
American Mothers of Lost Children Rally, Wash DC 2010

Stealing children from mothers is nothing new, “Fathers who battered the mother are twice as likely to seek sole custody of their children as are non-violent fathers.”~American Psychological Association ~ Men are being instructed to file for full custody to avoid paying child support.  Angry and abusive men use these unfair and gender bias courts to punish women by stealing the child she gave birth to. Since Parental Rights for fathers are protected and supported through the courts, with federal funds and incentives  fueling a gender war and damaging children,  by violating  rights of mothers making decades of children motherless.  Fact: There is no to protect ‘Her’ constitutional rights and provide equal access to justice. ~ by M Barnett // January 3, 2015 American Mothers of Lost Children

The Motherless Child Project

Author bios

Janie (Brooks) McQueen is the author of five books, including Hanging On By My Fingernails: Surviving the New Divorce Gamesmanship, and How a Scratch Can Land You in Jail; The Janie McQueen 3Magic Bookshelf, which was featured as a series in the former Los Angeles Times Book Review as part of its Reading by 9 literacy program; and its 10-year anniversary edition, The New Magic Bookshelf: Finding Great Books Your Child Will Treasure Forever. Her writing career includes news beats for major metro newspapers including The Greenville (SC) News and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and a stint as a speechwriter for the government of Taiwan during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. A native of Beaufort, SC, McQueen has a B.A. in English literature and writing from the University of South Carolina. She lives with her husband and four children in metro Atlanta. Her author’s website can be found at

Robin Karr’s varied career includes working as a technical writer for USCIS Department of Justice, teaching high school English and working for more than thirty years in retail Robin Karrmanagement. She has worked as a writer and activist for womens’ and children’s rights since the late 1980’s. Robin holds a BA in English from Union College in Kentucky. Her oldest son Christopher is a writer who lives in Austin. Karr’s two younger children Matthew and Laura were taken in babyhood by a Texas judge who was later ousted from her position. Her journey to make meaningful contact with them continues at

Burning Sage Publishing Press Announcement
Dec. 15. 2014



In her fictitious upscale Charleston, South Carolina life, the biggest problems 16-year-old Emily Amber Ross has had to face run along the lines of designing alternative Halloween  motherless child bookcostumes, losing five pounds before school pictures, sourcing aromatherapy candles, and finding a bridesmaid dress out of season.

Until she hears an old gospel song that leads her to question who she really is. And when she decides to launch a school Internet community project based on that song—which she names The Motherless Child Project—she is plunged into a dangerous and disturbing world of judges, backroom deals, pandering middlemen and disappearing parents, and the realization that her whole life has been a lie.

Drawing on the lush South Carolina Low country backdrop that is the native home of award-winning author Janie Brooks McQueen, The Motherless Child Project, written with Kentucky native and fellow writer Robin Karr, paints a world where everything looks just right… but which is revealed to have had a deeply dangerous fault line running beneath it all along.

Realistically placed in a teen’s ordinary, busy life a swirl with crushes, siblings, school events and friendships that begin to reveal their own flaws as Emily Amber draws closer to the truth about her family, the premise of The Motherless Child Project reads like a vivid and immersive YA thriller but for its basis in fact. Without preaching or heavy handedness, the novel lays out the reality of many children leading deceptively constructed lives created by a family court system that too often fails or refuses to recognize who are the real heroes— and who are the imposters—in a family unit.

The novel has already garnered praise from reviewers such as the prestigious Midwest Book Review, which issued a page-long synopsis (excerpted here):

“The Motherless Child Project presents a powerful story told from a teen’s perspective and tells of teen Emily, who has grown up without her mother and is long used to this absence in her life. But it takes a school project, which she tailors around her experience of being motherless, to really bring her feelings to the forefront, and her journey is the subject of a story investigating why her mother left…

“Chapters flow smoothly as Emily progresses, bringing readers along for an Olympic effort as revelations are made, emotions assessed, and realities contrasted with belief and illusion. Long raised on a ‘steady diet of lies, Emily is ready to confront the facts; and within that process lies transformation. “To say that The Motherless Child Project is a book about change and self-discovery would be doing it an injustice: it’s so much more. Through Emily’s eyes the entire process of transformation is displayed, analyzed, and revealed, with all its aches and pains. Through her actions readers are treated to insights on responsibility, community connections, and, ultimately, the lasting impact of decisions.” —D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


American Mothers of Lost Children – has this to say about The Motherless Child Project

Congratulations to the Team of McQueen and Karr, the reviews are in and you did it, a hit! This touching and poignant story of a young girl caught off guard by a project, a song and her unanswered questions about her mother’s absence in her life.  Now we’re looking forward to the Screenplay ladies!!!  Thank you so much Janie and Robin for putting to pen the story that needs to be told.  The kind of nonfiction that resembles life. Let’s hope life imitates art and it strikes a chord in the hearts of other motherless children and ignites a movement for mothers’ who have ‘lost’ their children.



Leslie 1About the Author:Leslie Carol Botha is an author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women’s hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of “Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle.” Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.


TLB recommends you visit Leslie at Holy Hormones for more pertinent articles and information.

See featured article and read comments HERE



By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Updated 01/07/2015

In reality modern nations and free societies are but an illusion. There are those among us who consider themselves the Elite of humanity. These would be emperors feel it is their right and destiny to control and rule (not govern) this country and indeed the world.

This Oligarchical Elite literally owns our military, our leaders, our country and the mainstream media. The preoccupation, misdirection and constant propaganda provided by the MSM makes their actions and agenda almost impossible to ferret out … almost. All this is made possible by the divisiveness they instill in us through a constant barrage of  fear, hatred and prejudice from birth.

This Elite controls the ebb and flow of capital across the globe and can control or deeply manipulate Nations through central banking, especially if they are willing to do whatever it takes to maintain that extremely valuable (in terms of power and money) control. Bribery, Extortion and Murder are their tools and mechanisms of manipulation. We Are not talking about your local bank or the Bank of America here, we are talking about the banking powers that tell them when where and how high to jump, and when they can come down, and that they better not dare repeat what really goes on behind the veil of public perception.

Humanity is in iminent danger and our failure to recognize this and push back against it only emboldens their actions! Genocide or the culling of the herd is much easier today with tools like GMO’s, vaccinations, engineered disease, chemtrails, pesticides, fluoridated water, global warfare and many other mechanisms at their disposal and under their complete control.

When you try to picture this Elite, the Ruling Oligarchy or those who consider themselves to occupy a caste so far above the rest of humanity, that they would refer to the rest of us as cattle, to be thought of and treated as such, there is one, the granddaddy of all these tyrants, that should stand above all on the list being responsible for the rise and fall of kings, queens, emperors and nations.

Lets start off with the Emperor of the Elites himself …

In 1790 Mayer Amschel Rothschild states “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

In 1791 the Rothschilds get, “control of a nation’s money,” through Alexander Hamilton (their agent in George Washington’s cabinet) when they set up the first central bank in the USA called the First Bank of the United States. This is established with a 20 year charter. Although not a permenent entity, it facilitates the infestation of the US government from that point on.

What follows is just a few quotes from more recent self proclaimed rulers and their puppets along with applicable references (I wish to have no lack of credibility on this matter) because when you openly accuse an individual of being evil and an enemy to a vast majority of humanity (I am) … you should come prepared to back up your accusations!

Curtis Dall, (FDR’s son-in-law): The depression was the calculated ‘shearing’ of the public by the World Money powers, triggered by the planned sudden shortage of supply of call money in the New York money market. The One World Government leaders and their ever close bankers have now acquired full control of the money and credit machinery of the U.S. via the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.

Reference: Curtis Dall, FDR’s son-in-law as quoted in his book, My Exploited Father-in-Law

Today the path of total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people. Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government – a bureaucratic elite.

Reference: Senator William Jenner, 1954 –

Zbigniew Brzezinski: The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. (Sound familiar)

Reference: Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era. Authored by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Published 1970

David Rockefeller: Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history (with almost 100,000,000 dead as a result).

Reference: 1973, August 10th New York Times.

Henry Kissinger: I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves.

Reference: Secretary of State under Richard Nixon, about Chile prior to the CIA overthrow of the democratically elected government of socialist President Salvadore Allende in 1973

Henry Kissinger: Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government. (OUCH … Yup this one is almost complete)

Reference: Evian, France, May 21, 1992 Bilderberg meeting. Unbeknownst to Kissinger, his speech was taped by a Swiss delegate to the meeting.

Strobe Talbot: In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.

Reference: Strobe Talbot, President Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State, as quoted in Time, July 20th, 1992.

David Rockefeller: We are on the verge of a Global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order. (9/11)

Reference: 1994, September 23rd, Statement to the United Nations Business Council.

David Rockefeller: We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been quite impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, now that the world is more sophisticated, it is prepared to march towards a world government and accept the supranational sovereignty of an intellectual and financial elite, which is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries… (Still trust the MSM?)

Reference: Excerpt from a speech given at Bilderberg annual meeting, Essen, West Germany, on 8th June 1991. Source: Pierre, Danièle De Villemarest, and William Wolf. Facts and Chronicles Denied to the Public. Vol. 1. Slough, Berkshire, UK: Aquilion, 2004. ISBN 1-904-99700-7.

David Rockefeller: Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it. (And proud of it!)

Reference: David Rockefeller, Memoirs, page 405

Zbigniew Brzezinski: It used to be so much easier to control a million people than to kill them, but today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control them.

Reference: On November 17th, 2008, Zbignew Brzezinski, a New World Order architect and a founder of the Rockefeller-controlled Trilateral Commission, addressed Chatham House, (the British counterpart of the American Council on Foreign Relations) –

There is a virtual cornacopia of additional quotes available but as you can see by those provided here, these individuals display no allegiance to any nation, We The People, or to the masses of humanity, and serve only their aspirations and goals, or those of their puppet masters. We are but an impediment standing in their path to be dealt with in any fashion deemed necessary to achieve those goals. In their minds this country, and indeed this planet is not our domain or that of humanity, but their realm to be fashioned or exploited to suit their wishes and needs.

This plan is not a year, decade, or generation old, but has been choreographed and instituted over centuries … and is nearing completion. All that stands between them and global domination is seven billion people …

Its time to push back or be the cattle they deem us and walk passively and ignorantly into the slaughter house, because these are our only two options, and if you believe anything less … then you my friends are in for a very rude awakening, and soon …


A parting shot …


By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

The Department of Homeland Security and FEMA had interjected themselves, and appropriately so, into the area of school safety. This article explores the premise behind the cooperation between DHS, FEMA and your child’s public school. Most of the policies and procedures make a great deal of sense and should be followed as a matter of course. However there are some very concerning elements which have surfaced with regard to school safety procedures, your rights as a parent and the safety of your child.

The Prime Directive of School Safety

The first mandate for teachers and administrators in the public school setting is to keep students safe. This prime directive supersedes any other mission requirements related to the functioning of a public school. Teachers and administrators as well as support personnel have a moral, professional and legal obligation to tend to children who are in physical and/or emotional distress. The Department of Homeland Security and FEMA have prepared disaster related documents detailing the professional responsibilities for school personnel in disaster related scenarios. Increasingly, these programs are taking on a police state mentality and parental authority be damned.

Operation Mountain Guardian

mountain guardian

Whether you know it or not, your child is being subjected to an endless stream of “terror drills”. The granddaddy of these drills occurred a little over 3 years ago, on September 23, 2011, the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA conducted a disaster drill in Denver, Colorado that they called Operation Mountain Guardian. The plan was all-inclusive and basically shut down the Denver metropolitan area including Denver international Airport, many malls, many schools and several other public venues including Sports Authority Field where the Denver Broncos play professional football.

Where will they take the children? Will you get them back and when?

As a part of the drill, several busloads of school children were taken to Sports Authority Field along with their teachers. Surrogate parents were hired by FEMA to attempt to pick up their children at the stadium. The training was apparently a desensitization exercise for security personnel designed to refuse demands to pick up their children from these “pretend” parents. The real parents of these children were not properly notified that their children would be transported to the stadium and would be a part of this disaster drill. As a parent, I would have a major problem with the non-notification of the relocation of children.I find this ironic, because before a school child is allowed to go on a field trip, their parents and teachers are required to fill out a multiple list of permission forms that must be signed by parent or guardian of the child.

As a parent, I have a major issue when government officials refused to release children to their parents because the authority over a child belongs to the parent, not to a government agency.

In the latter part of the event, as parents discovered that some of their children were likely transported to the stadium, some parents attempted to go to the venue and secure their children.  When they did so, at least initially, the children were not released to the parents. Again, who is the sovereign, the government or the people?

Maybe this picture located near baggage claim at Denver International Airport will make a little more sense after reading this article.

And speaking of Denver International Airport, explain the meaning of this depiction which was displayed for years near airport baggage. Where are the children being led by this apparent Russian soldier carrying an AK-47 and wearing a gas mask?

If the Operation Mountain Guardian drill was an isolated incident, perhaps the sounding of the alarm bells would be a gross over exaggeration. Unfortunately, this is not the case,  these kids of drills are popping up all around the country and the overtones which accompany these drills are very disturbing.

In school lockdown terrorist drill in New Jersey, students were told that the gunmen were from a group of “fundamentalist Christians” called “The New Crusaders“.

“Investigators described them as members of a right-wing fundamentalist group called the ‘New Crusaders’ who don’t believe in separation of church and state. The mock gunmen went to the school seeking justice because the daughter of one had been expelled for praying before class.”

Is this why we send our kids to school?

From Winter Haven, Fla. (CBS TAMPA): “Students, teachers and parents were taken by surprise after an “active shooter drill” brought the Winter Haven middle school into lockdown as armed police officers burst into classrooms with their weapons drawn. Students at Jewett Middle Academy said they were terrified when police officers burst in the doors for a planned active shooter drill – but students and teachers are irked they were not told ahead of time…Parents were notified of the drill through email after it was over, but many parents, however, received panicked texts from their children as the drill was going on.

At a school in Muskegon County, Michigan, students and teachers were told that “homeschoolers” were the ones attacking the students in the school in the latest of your tax dollars at work in the public schools.  Observing and evaluating during the exercise were various police officials, school administrators and officials from the state and the county Office of Emergency Management.

“The exercise will simulate an attack by a fictitious radical group called “Wackos Against Schools and Education” who believe everyone should be homeschooled. Under the scenario, a bomb is placed on the bus and is detonated while the bus is traveling on Durham, causing the bus to land on its side and fill with smoke.”

Are these drills really necessary? When one examines the statistics connected to deaths by terrorism and then compare the rate to death by mundane causes, the ridiculousness of these incessant drills becomes readily apparent.

DHS Is Propagandizing Your Child

Every month, every school performs terror drills at the school under the headings of  saving children from the “bad guys.

Our children are being forced to participate in a steady stream of  “relocation drills”, “lockdown drills” and “active shooter drills”. This leads to an acceptance of a national police state which is ostensibly designed to protect us from the infinitesimal odds of being killed by a terrorist. Schools cannot afford staplers and pencils but why can they afford to invest in these activities at the further expense of time on task in the classroom?

Are these drills necessary? It would certainly make sense to have a plan and to occasionally practice that plan? But should we practice this plan every month? Is life in America become equivalent to the Gaza Strip where a terrorist, seeking to murder thousands of children, are lurking behind every corner. Your odds of being killed by a terrorist both in the United States and abroad is estimated at one in 20 million!

The CDC notes that there were 7,638 deaths from HIV and 45 from syphilis, so you’re 452 times more likely to die from risky sexual behavior than terrorism.

The National Safety Council reports that more than 6,000 Americans die a year from falls. Most of these deaths  involve people falling off their roof or ladder trying to put up Christmas lights and other similar activities. Are schools teaching your children how to put up Christmas lights? You are 353 times more likely to fall to your death putting up Christmas lights than dying in a terrorist attack.

At least 155 Americans killed by police officers in the United States in 2013. That means that you were more than 9 times more likely to be killed by a law enforcement officer than by a terrorist.

Statistics place the odds of drowning in a bathtub at 1 in 800,000; dying in a building fire at 1 in 99,000; or being struck by lightning at 1 in 5,500,000. In other words, in the last five years you were four times more likely to be struck by lightning than killed by a terrorist.


DHS, FEMA and the Safety of Students

FEMA has published a training manual which serves as the rough draft model for school safety to be enacted by all 50 versions of the State Department of Education, in times of an emergency. Of particular importance and relevance is a document  from the Arizona Department of Education entitled “Staff Skills Survey and Inventory“, which is located on page 76 of their school safety manual.

Some of the skills listed in the inventory make good sense (e.g. EMT, CPR skills, etc). However, there are some skills being surveyed which are concerning because the skills suggest an air of permanence to the use of a school as a permanent site for housing children (see below).

1. Mechanical Ability (electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc.)

2. Waste Disposal

3. Construction

Some have suggested the schools of the future may look more like…



In Operation Mountain Guardian the precedent was set that you, as a parent, do not have the right to secure your child in times of a perceived emergency. In other words, the state owns your child. Increasingly, we see this ultra “It takes a village to raise a child” approach in many of our institutions (e.g. CPS) to the exclusion parental rights and constitutional authority.  And let’s not forget that Christians are increasingly being portrayed as the terrorists that everyone needs to be concerned about.

This philosophy is not being practiced in EVERY school district, but it is present in most as we continue to buy into the myth that “they are coming to get us”, “the attack could be tomorrow” and “we could all die”.  All of these thinly veiled excuses serve to propagandize the supremacy of the state over parental authority and the ultimate acceptance of living in a police state based upon a manufactured threat with a very low probability of transpiring.


About the Author

Dave Hodges is the host of the popular radio talk show, which airs from 9 PM to Midnight (Central). The show can be heard by clicking the following icon in the upper right hand corner of The Common Sense Show.

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By: Jon Rappoport

I’ll start at an odd place, a seemingly innocuous place. Bear with me:We need to understand the distinction between two kinds of labeling.

Voluntary labeling=“I own this health-food store, and I’m doing my best to sell you non-GMO products. All such products will carry a seal that says ‘Non-GMO’.”

Mandatory labeling=“Vermont has decided that all food products sold in the state which contain GMOs must be labeled as such—‘this product contains GMOs’.”

Two very different types of labels. They contain different information.

Also, one type is voluntary, and the other becomes mandatory after passage of a vote, in a legislature or through a ballot measure.

So what?

Well, let me put it to you this way. What would happen to Whole Foods’ program of voluntary GMO labeling if there were mandatory labeling across America, or in any state where Whole Foods does business?

Can you guess?

I’ll break it down. Whole Foods has pledged to put “non-GMO” labels on their products by 2018. They’ll do everything they can to sell as many non-GMO products as possible. The products that don’t carry the non-GMO seal will obviously be GMO, and customers can avoid them if they want to.

On the other hand, if suddenly, out of the blue, mandatory labeling became law, the whole voluntary non-GMO label enterprise would be obsolete. Why voluntarily put that label on products when mandatory labeling handles the whole issue?

“We put non-GMO labels on our food. Aren’t we wonderful?”

“Not really. The mandatory labels tell me everything that’s GMO. All the other products are non-GMO. Thanks, but no thanks.”

Does that show you something? Does it suggest that Whole Foods doesn’t really want mandatory labeling?

In fact, if mandatory labeling never passes anywhere in the US, this is a boon for Whole Foods, because they become the only big food chain that allows customers to know they’re choosing lots and lots of non-GMO food products.

There’s more.

Think about an outfit called the Non-GMO Project. They do certifications of food products, and allow their now-famous butterfly seal to be applied:

“Yes, sir, your energy bar has passed our rigid standards of testing, and it is non-GMO. Congratulations.”

Whole Foods is spending millions of dollars at the Non-GMO Project to get their products lab-tested and certified as “non-GMO.”

If there were mandatory labeling, that would all go away, too. Poof. The Non-GMO Project would shrink to the size of a button, and the testing labs the Project uses would take huge hits.

For example, a lab called Genetic ID in Iowa would suffer enormous consequences.

We’re not done yet.

There is a bill in the US Congress presently wending its through Committee. It was introduced by Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo. It’s called “The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014” (HR4432).

If it passes, mandatory labeling of GMO foods will be outlawed at both state and federal levels. No more ballot initiatives. No more state bills.

So…in this topsy-turvy scene where things aren’t what they seem to be, who would want to see the Pompeo bill enacted into law? Who would look forward to a permanent ban on mandatory GMO labeling? Who would make a great deal of money if that bill passes—despite any public statements they might make to the contrary?

Two weeks ago, a Congressional Committee hearing was held on the pending Pompeo bill. A man named Scott Faber testified.

Who is Scott Faber? (twitter)

He’s the executive director of Just Label It, the pre-eminent organization dedicated to mandatory labeling of GMO foods. He’s also the VP of Governmental Affairs for the powerful Environmental Working Group.

In his testimony, Faber said all the right things about wanting mandatory labeling of GMO foods. Therefore, he opposes passage of the Pompeo bill, right?

However, Faber also offered this stunning statement to the Committee. Buckle up:

“We do not oppose… genetically modified food ingredients. We think there are many promising applications of genetically modified food ingredients… I am optimistic that the promises that were made by the providers of this technology will ultimately be realized…that we will have traits that produce more nutritious food that will see significant yield…” (see the 2h29m05s mark here)

And oh yes. In his former job, Scott Faber was, get this, the vice-president for government affairs, of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, the GMA. Ring a bell? This is the organization that donated millions to DEFEAT mandatory GMO labeling in several Western states.

And now he is Executive Director of Just Label It, the core group pushing FOR mandatory GMO labeling.

How far down the rabbit hole does all this go? Does Just Label It really want mandatory labeling? Was it created as some kind of distraction? A distraction from the far more serious business of trying to BAN GMOs? Was it a way to guide millions of well-meaning people down a false trail to a dead-end, where there is no mandatory labeling and no banning, and the expansion of GMOs and toxic herbicides continues unabated? Where the only stop-gap against Monsanto is a voluntary system of labeling, controlled by a relatively small number of retailers who profit enormously from inventing a tier of elite food products bearing the “non-GMO” seal?

Gary Hirshberg (twitter) was a founding partner of Just Label It. He is the CEO of Stonyfield Farms, the famous yogurt company.

Of all the leaders in the labeling movement, Hirshberg is the most overtly political. Let’s look at his strange track record:

During the 2008 presidential campaign season, his home in New Hampshire was a mandatory stop for candidates. Hirshberg’s first choice for the Democratic nomination was the execrable Tom Vilsack until he dropped out of the race.

Hirshberg hosted gatherings for John Edwards and Barack Obama, and eventually decided to support Obama.

Obama, despite his nods and winks, was, from the beginning, Monsanto’s man in Washington, allowing an unprecedented parade of new GMO crops to enter growing fields and the marketplace, and appointing staunch biotech allies to key posts in his administration.

Vilsack, Gary Hirshberg’s first choice for President, became the Secretary of Agriculture under Obama. Vilsack is an avid supporter of GMO food. During his term as governor of Iowa, Vilsack was given a Governor of the Year award by the Biotechnology Industry Organization.

Hirshberg serves as a co-chairman of an organization called AGree (twitter). Its objective is to “build consensus around solutions” to “critical issues facing the food and agriculture system.” As researcher Nick Brannigan (twitter) has pointed out, AGree includes, among its foundation partners: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation.

It would be hard to find foundations more friendly to, and supportive of, big corporate agriculture and GMOs.

Hirshberg is the author of Stirring It Up: How to Make Money and Save the World. He advocates revolution-by-the-consumer as an exceedingly powerful force.

It may be pretty to think so, but giving American consumers a clear choice about whether to buy GMO or non-GMO food, through labeling, isn’t going to push Monsanto up against the wall.

It isn’t going to stop Monsanto gene drift into non-GMO crops. It isn’t going to stop the aerial attack of toxic Roundup all over the planet.

But if mandatory labeling of GMOs fails, and all that’s left is voluntary labeling, Hirshberg could help launch Stonyfield Farms and other commercial ventures into new realms of profitability, by applying that “non-GMO” seal.

Let’s widen our inquiry. There is an organization called the Natural Products Association. It’s the largest trade and lobbying group in North America for natural nutritional-supplement companies. You’d think this group would be squarely in the camp of the anti-GMO movement, if the word “natural” means anything at all.

Well, the executive director of the Natural Products Association is Daniel Fabricant. (twitter)

Pop quiz: what federal agency gave the original blanket approval, based on no science, for GMO crops, allowing them to enter the US food supply in the 1990s? Which agency has, for decades, consistently fought to whittle down the power and scope of the natural nutritional-supplement industry?

The FDA.

What was Daniel Fabricant’s job before he became executive director of the Natural Products Association?

Fabricant was director of the Division of Dietary Supplement Programs at the FDA.

In December of this year, the Natural Products Association held a webinar. As reported in the Food Navigator (12/19), “5 GMO myths dispelled,” one of its speakers was Greg Jaffe.

A lawyer, Jaffe (bio here) has logged stints with the EPA, FDA, DOJ, and World Bank—all groups that, in one way or another, have vigorously supported GMOs.

Jaffe proceeded to make a case for GMOs, “dispelling the myths” prevalent in the anti-GMO community.

So you have the leading trade group for the natural products industry giving a heavy wink and nod to GMO foods.

According to the Food Navigator article, Jaffe explained that the process of using bacteria to carry foreign genes into a food plant is really quite natural. Which is like saying that a glass eye is natural.

Then Jaffe presents the tired generality: “Evidence is overwhelming that there is no harm from foods made from current GE [genetic engineered] foods.” As “evidence,” he cites the FDA approval of biotech crops. The FDA—which has basically stated that Monsanto, Dow, and the other mega-giants are basically responsible for assuring the safety of GMOs.

All this cover for GMOs is being presented in a trade magazine vis-a-vis a trade group for the natural food products industry.

Is the war against Monsanto and GMOs and toxic herbicides rigged to fail?

Citing betrayal within the anti-GMO anti-Monsanto movement, an astute observer with large knowledge of the scene recently gave me his appraisal of what amounts to a covert op against the millions of people who want a healthier non-GMO future. Here’s how he succinctly described the men taking us down the wrong road:

“Gary Hirshberg is the pied piper, John Mackey [CEO of Whole Foods] is the money man, and Daniel Fabricant is the enforcer.”


About the Author: Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.


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Bernie Suarez

Yet another new year is upon us, and those of us fully awakened can see that the globalist plan to control humanity is rolling forward at superhighway speed as our battle for humanity rages on. So let’s ask the question, what can we do as truth seekers to improve our odds of success against this global cabal of control and oppression? Is there anything worth throwing on the table with the advent of the new year for truth seekers to consider that could actually act as a game-changer in this battle for truth, freedom, and consciousness? Actually there is.

I deeply pondered on this issue as we begin a new year and I want to share seven points that could make a big difference in our battle for humanity by bringing truth seekers together on the same page so that we can act more effectively, more efficiently and have a greater impact on the world around us in the new year. Here are seven things I believe all truth seekers should stop doing (if they are doing these), so that we can gel as a movement and strengthen our presence and impact on the consciousness of the current world. These points, I believe, will help us leave our mark on history as we push forward with the current information war of today.

1 – Stop labeling everyone who doesn’t agree with you on every single issue, as “controlled opposition”

I now hear it all the time. This person and that person is “controlled opposition.” We know factually that the U.S. government has indeed co-opted (to put it lightly) many movements in America in the past, dating back to the 1960s and before. There is no question that government employs controlled opposition to stifle and derail movements. The phrase, “the truth shall set you free,” comes to mind. It is exponentially more important for truth seekers to fight the good fight, do their own research, check the authenticity of claims with verifiable facts and science, i.e. search for truth. Most importantly, determine what your main purpose is, and then focus on what means most to you instead of burning all your energy trying to warn others who the controlled opposition is or isn’t. Consider that, ultimately, if you are wrong about your accusation, this will serve to divide the movement further and potentially create more damage than good to the movement.

We all know that the trolls and shills that regularly appear on mainstream media are ALL by definition controlled opposition, but what about the person that is doing a lot of work to expose evil and state crimes against humanity? What about the perceived leader who is tirelessly working to expose the actual globalists, the Illuminati, and the long-term plans of the new world order? Is that person also controlled opposition if you don’t agree with everything they are saying? Perhaps they inadvertently are; however, shouldn’t those people be given credit for the good that they are doing to expose the globalist plans?

Example: I believe truth prevails, and if someone is working hard on one issue while declaring other things that you or I may not completely agree is true, then it might be better in the long run to say to others that person X has a message A, B and C of which you only agree with A and B and you’re hoping messenger X comes around on item C – or just be firm, you don’t agree with item C. This less aggressive approach alone could help the truth movement become stronger rather than pulling out the shotgun and tearing down the messenger all together over one issue.

Some people may do this with good intentions feeling they are “saving” the truth movement from a “disinformation” agent; but, in reality, truth seekers today are smart and not everyone believes every single thing that someone says anyway. If these people working hard in the truth movement are truly controlled opposition, I believe we should at least give credit for the “opposition” part of what they do and ignore the “controlled” part. Or, if you feel strongly, don’t accept the person all together but don’t spend all your energy bad mouthing that person. Instead spend you time in a more productive manner.

It’s a tough topic and understandably every case is unique. Ultimately, however, if each and every single one of us focused primarily on being the change and (as the late Michael Ruppert once said) picking up your weapon and firing it – we wouldn’t have so much time to attack or “expose” those who we think are “controlled opposition” who in fact may simply have a different opinion. Instead, we’ll be active making a name for ourselves as individuals who are the actual effective “opposition.” If everyone did this, I believe those that truly are controlled opposition inside the movement will eventually reveal themselves, as we have seen with some individuals this past year. Truth itself is far more important than following and believing someone you want to believe is “all truth.”

2 – Stop pushing only doom and gloom and start focusing on solutions

Some truth seekers only talk about how bad things are. We hear it all the time: The world is always about to end. The control system will never be defeated. They have eternal power and control over you and I and anyone who challenges them will die. Evil is forever, everyone is a sheep. Those who  are awake stand alone, so brace for the inevitable cataclysmic ending. They often may suggest – don’t even bother to share information and awareness because the sheep are too stupid to get it. Instead, they suggest, just look out for yourself!

That’s right, some truth seekers have completely given up on humanity. Unless someone writes about how horrible things are, the messengers are often accused by these very truth seekers of being gullible, naive, maybe even “controlled opposition”!! The attacks go on and on. Scarcity, doom and gloom is here, they warn us, and anyone who doesn’t worship this meme is a thorn in the side of the truth somehow. All of this is nonsense and is derived, I believe, from our own inherent fearful nature combined with our obsession with being right. Certainly many of us can relate to the feeling these doomsday messengers relay. We understand that they may even be right in their predictions. I get it! The world we live in is evil, and we indeed face many insurmountable obstacles.

Message to all who think this way: the world may indeed be over by tomorrow. And, if so, then you win! Congratulations! However, as humans, we must not ever give up. We must fight, and we must continue to have hope and share the hope for tomorrow with each other. Learn the power of hope. Learn the power of people. Yes, we are all the same, regardless of what your skin color is, your gender, your age or even how much money you have in your account. We all seek love and acceptance, and we all buckle to fear. We all need hope for tomorrow and it is incumbent upon us to perpetuate this hope and find and share solutions to overcome the fear.

The enemy wants nothing more than for you to live in fear, worry and hopelessness, so that they can stand on your head and declare victory over you. Call me naive, but I will never give the enemy that easy victory and neither should you. Does it mean we shouldn’t be vigilant? Of course not. There is a big difference between being vigilant and doomsday scaremongering. Learn the power of love, hope, and personal inspiration instead, and put it into practice in your journey for truth. This alone will offer more solutions to humanity than you could ever imagine, even in the face of all the darkness and evil we live in today.

3 – Stop giving a voice to those still echoing opposition to well-established facts

This next item is a pet peeve of mine; and if others don’t agree, that’s okay.

I feel truth seekers should (whenever they can and whenever it is reasonable) stop giving a voice to trolls and shills posting comments online that are entirely against well-known and well-established facts. The prime examples that come to mind are the trolls who phish sites to post comments denying the existence of admitted geoengineering programs known as chemtrails and chembomb spraying.

Despite the overwhelming evidence available to our own eyes every single day, and the evidence collected by the movement over the years, here we are in 2015 and still the “contrails” trolls continue their online campaign.

Well it’s time to cut them off. Remove all their comments from your channel, blog site or other platforms. Specifically with chemtrails spraying, these (paid?) trolls need YOUR platform to spread their lies, deception and Department of Defense propaganda and unfortunately too often you may be giving it to them. I say silence their voices on your platform to help accelerate understanding for the sake of those who are new to the issue.

Remember, these DOD trolls (to borrow the example of chemtrails) only need a Web platform to have their voices heard, which they know they can get any time with mainstream media sites. They go out of their way, however, to visit KNOWN truth and consciousness sites and channels, (which they obviously disagree with) to drop their (paid for?) messages. Why then would we (truth seekers) help them out?? At a glance, the same could be said for 9/11 truth, JFK and other issues.

Yes, I can’t believe I’m saying this. I’m actually advocating censorship to some degree and perhaps I’m wrong, but I stand behind my conviction at this time. I say it’s time to move forward with helping and healing humanity, and silencing the (Gov’t Intelligence provided) online trolls could go a very long way in our journey to improve spreading awareness!

4 – Stop demonizing those who try to be positive as unrealistic dreamers

As discussed above (point #2). Many truth seekers demonize those who are positive and share the message of hope as “unrealistic” or naive “dreamers.” Instead, consider the points above and remember that throughout the history of humanity, all evidence points to the fact that humans are capable of incredible things and these things are made possible by hope, positivity, and belief in yourself and humanity. As has often been said, it takes ONE person to change the world. On the other hand, throughout history there are no examples of anyone using fear, doom and gloom to accomplish anything great. Except for one group that is – only the globalist Illuminati cult followers look to promote fear, doom and gloom to accomplish things they consider great.

5 – Stop thinking that the current system will some day somehow repair itself

Speaking of being naive, too many truth seekers really believe that they will someday somehow repair the current system by forcing new legislation and convincing the bad politicians to behave differently by bowing to the demands of new petitions. None of this is based on reality or any political change success models of the past. Massive changes of the magnitude needed now in America usually take several generations to accomplish but, more importantly, massive changes like the ones needed today are accomplished by replacing (not repairing) the current system altogether.

6 – Stop thinking mainstream media news is true until proven otherwise

Truth seekers in their quest to be correct about what they are saying or believing, too often tend to hear mainstream media news and only debunk it IF they can somehow “prove” to themselves that the piece of news is not true. At a glance, that may sound like a prudent thing to do, but I would like to challenge this notion.

Yes, it is important to be judicious with the facts of a story. However, if we assume that mainstream media holds the power to lay down the original working narrative, then we are empowering the mainstream media without realizing it. In the real world, if someone lied to us every minute of every day, you would never believe anything they had to say at any time. That would be the logical thing to do with someone like this. Most people would agree to this without offering much of an argument.

However, despite knowing how often mainstream media lies, often for the sake of not wanting to sound like a conspiracy nut, truth seekers will initially accept the mainstream media narrative only until after it is proven untrue later on. We reason in our minds that believing mainstream media until proven otherwise must be the logical and the “normal” thing to do, but actually there is no basis for this argument. Instead we should assume that whatever initial claims mainstream media makes are ALSO an unproven (lying nut case) lie that has not been authenticated yet with hard facts. And, yes, we need to look at the current-day mainstream media standard of “evidence” with a magnifying glass since what passes as “evidence” by the mainstream media today is hardly evidence at all.

I believe it is very important to start your individual research into any story with the working hypothesis that the mainstream media has no interest in telling the truth; and their interest, across the board, as proven by the historical facts is to act as a mouthpiece for the State. We can reasonably and logically defend this assumption based on the history of mainstream media’s propensity to tell (State-scripted) lies. Why then do we give any degree of credence to any story they put out??

7 – Stop following leaders and realize we are all leaders

Finally, we need to stop putting truth-seeking perceived leaders on a pedestal like they are gods. Truth and consciousness is a manifestation of humanity. It is not intended to be limited or controlled by one person, one leader or one guru. Instead, it’s meant to be more like a network of truth where every connection and every point counts equally. Government Intelligence loves it when truth seekers look to one person or one perceived leader instead of realizing they are the leaders themselves. This “follow the leader” pack mentality plays into the hands of the opposition, as it makes it easier for the opposition to tear down the entire movement by simply tearing down that ONE leader. A very convenient and efficient tactic, don’t you think?

Realize that the last thing the opposition wants is for every single person to realize that they have the power in them to change the world. To realize that they are the leaders, and to realize they are the change that will make this world a better place. The opposition knows it cannot possibly control the masses individually for there are too many of us. But a single person is much easier to control or destroy.

It doesn’t mean we should resort back to point number 1, and label every leader as “controlled opposition.” It means we should support anyone and everyone who is making a difference, while realizing that we are the leaders as well. It means that you share with people the information instead of glorifying the person who is passing the information.

As we begin the new year, let’s re-elevate our truth-seeking game and create counter strategies so that we can be as effective as possible in waking others up and empowering them with truth. Realize that humanity is up against a sophisticated Intelligence apparatus that knows how to exploit, manipulate, divert, and confuse the masses who seek truth.

Now try applying these seven ideas to your life and see where you can improve your truth-seeking and self-empowerment strategies. If we all do a good job at applying some of these principles, I believe together this will absolutely make for a much brighter and more successful upcoming year.

Peace and love to all and have a truly happy new year!

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

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