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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

We know that governments are corrupt and complicit. We at TLB discuss this enough and make the proof available on numerous occasions so as to make this fact obvious and clear. But why and how is this mechanism of corruption and complicity instituted? What does it take to manipulate a faction into compliance? The three most effective tools of control are undoubtedly: the promise of Money, Power or the leverage of Blackmail.

We see many laws and bills passed in government that do not in any fashion represent the will of the people said government is charged with representing such as the Patriot Act, the NDAA, tax laws meant only to benefit powerful corporations and much more. Why is it that a government institutes laws that run contrary to the will of its people? A sure bet is that a significant number responsible for those laws are under the influence of one of the above mentioned mechanisms.

I am very fond of stating that America holds no patent on Liberty or Tyranny, and corruption within government is in fact tyranny perpetrated against its people. Corruption and complicity is cumulative over time and, in the scheme of things, the USA is a relative new-comer on the global political scene. Many of the world’s industrialized nations such as Great Britain have a much longer history, thus it may be concluded that the levels of corruption and complicity within their governments is well-rooted and advanced.

Who are the motivators or Puppet Masters of this corruption and complicity? Again all one need do is look at the information published by this project daily on a global scale to understand that one of the biggest players is Multinational Corporations or Corporate Cabals. Profit on a massive scale is huge incentive for seeking control over those who write, institute and enforce the laws. But they are not the only players, or in many cases, the most significant.

Intelligence agencies such as the FBI under the domination of J. Edgar Hoover accumulate through phone tapping and other mechanisms of spying, massive files on politicians over time to the point that they could influence government on a considerable scale via threat or outright blackmail.

The CIA is another with its tendrils wrapped around many of our lawmakers, knowing every proverbial skeleton in their closets … and in some cases being responsible for many of those skeletons. Pedophilia is a huge player in this game, perpetrated (and filmed secretly) by those who seek this ultimate level of control.  This again is not anything US intelligence agencies have a patent on and this is known to run rampant in the UK and many other countries intelligence services and agencies as well.

Just how extensive, mind warping and sickening this is, was explained in more detail in this article from 2012. How much of this did you see on the MSM?


phedopile 3

There are those who would say that the CIA via its hold on the most powerful cabal on this planet, the Military Industrial Complex and global network of inter-connectivity with other nation’s sister agencies (emphasis on the UK and Israel), controls the ebb and flow of power and politics across this planet … including puppets as high as Presidents or Prime Ministers. How many politicians are under the influence of choreographed blackmail on this planet is beyond imagining but the answer is surely enough to efficiently allow these agencies to maintain and enforce that control in perpetuity.

Power, Pedophilia and the US Government

The attached video is a blatant example of the rot contained in powerful governments across this planet. Yes it takes place in the UK but to believe this is isolated to one country is to bury your head in the sand (click on above blue text). This video is both compelling and shocking … and enough to make any decent person sick because what we see here is “The Mechanism of Ultimate Control at The Cost of Our Children!”

It’s time to wake up and push back … before everything decent on this planet is forced into extinction!

A film by: Russell Burton

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Ken 2

Photo by Ken LaRive

By TLB Contributor: Ken Larive

It isn’t easy being an honest man in a world designed by thieves. It isn’t easy to live by rule of law in a system where breaking it is lucrative. Honor is hard to uphold, love perverted, and a moral compass is rendered inconsequential in a world where nearly everything depends, and is configured by, a black bottom line.

What do you feel, as an honest person, when you stand in line after checkout at Sam’s to get your groceries rechecked? A nice lady counts your items and puts a yellow line on your receipt to indicate it was done, rendering the receipt null and void to be used twice. A thief shrugs it off, accepts it as normal, but to an honest person it sticks in their craw. And as the years progress, and never once did you ever get caught stealing, or a single mistake found, you become more and more belligerent. It is all you have, all you are allowed to have, in a system who questions your intentions to be evil.

A story…

Several weeks ago, the day my new grand daughter was born, I was on my way to visit her in hospital. I found myself on a one-way street full of flashing lights, cement trucks, and street workers. With only a few hours sleep, I backed up into a brick mail box trying to get out of the way of a large truck playing chicken… a person who had to go first. No damage to the mail box, but I had a deep scratch on several rear passenger side panels, and my light assembly popped off.

The insurance company recommended that I use a specific body shop, and that I would get 35 dollars a day on a car rental, conveniently located next to the shop. My insurance broker communicated with them, organized it, and they seemed to all be working for a common cause, something I have never seen. Over the coming days I got a call from all three, with the future pivot-point being the part’s delivery in a few days.

When that day arrived I brought it to the body shop where an adjuster assessed the damage. He told me that the insurance company might not allow what looked to be a previous ding on the left, a hit and run bump in a parking lot, on a small panel above the the bumper.

“I’ll do what I can.”

He said with a winning smile…

The insurance company allowed me 35 dollars a day for car rental, but they did not have one on the lot. She told me the only one left was 41.28 a day, and that I’d only have to pay 6 dollars or so, along with eight percent taxes. They told me I could come back the next day and pick up a 35 dollar car, but since it was almost five in the afternoon, I would have to pay for two days at 41 and change, because I should have called them first. Oops! I trusted what the insurance company told me… Should have been more assertive.

The car was a mini-van, you know the kind you see soccer moms zipping along in? But I liked it, especially the shift on the dash… I didn’t have the time the next day, so called them to say I’d keep it for the duration. I had a lot going on working with a carpenter building a gate in my yard…. They had told me there was only a quarter tank of gas in the tank, so I quickly filled it up. I’ve rented cars a number of times in my life, and always it had a full tank… and you always fill up before returning it, or you will be paying a lot for that service. And so, this way, they got about forty dollars of gas…

The next day I got a call from the shop estimator saying the insurance company did not approve the work on the left side, and that they could give me a break in that repair.. 150 dollars would do it.

“A lot cheaper to do it all at once, as it will all be painted at the same time…”

he said.

But again that little voice of experience whispered to me what was not being said. That each incident had to have a separate thousand dollar deductible fee, for one, but the real kicker is that it is considered normal that insurance companies pay more then an individual does out of pocket. A windshield is a case in point, but this scenario was different, the body shop was protecting the interests of the insurance company… Some shops give a good discount, about 10 percent, if you pay cash. They can hide that, I speculate, from taxes… So how does all of this convolution sit with a man of honor? He is drawn into it, and is complicit to save a few bucks, most often. He knows it is wrong, but it seems to be just business as usual… and everyone is doing it. Most all will fall to these tactics, and become a part of one scam after another…

Ten days later I got a call telling me my car was going to be ready in 40 minutes, if I wanted to come in soon it would be fine, to get the paper work done. I handed in my car to the the rental first, not even mentioning I almost had a full tank, paying with my company gold American Express card, and hurried to the body shop, walking over a convenient little foot bridge.

I looked over the work they had done and saw that my Ron Paul sticker was gone, so they had painted my bumper too… but wait, there was nothing wrong with my bumper… still, the work looked good. Inside, I signed several release forms, and they asked how I wished to pay the deductible, and the other work as well, and I pulled out my American Express card.

“Sorry sir, we do not accept American Express,” she said with a smile.

“Well, this is what I use for my company. Guess you are going to have to bill me” I said.

“No sir, we don’t do that. Do you have another kind of credit card, or a company check perhaps” she said, a bit more serious.

“No, I use American Express. But if you bill me, I’ll get a check to you soon, asap. I have no other way of payment.”

“Well, we normally don’t allow a person to leave without payment first.”

she said. Looking more and more uncomfortable. And then something welled up inside of me, the last tool to an honest man being treated like a thief, belligerence. I use this word now, because in the middle of an introduction later it was used to describe my attitude… It was a true description. Yes, I was being belligerent.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to talk to your manager. I’ve handed in my rental car, so I have no means to go to my company to get a check, and you are about to close.” I said forcefully.

Everyone got very uncomfortable, some even red in the face. “Of course, I’ll get the manager, but this is highly irregular. Hardly anyone takes American Express any more… and the manager, seeing a cog in the wheel of his smooth-running operation came out of his glass office, an office that commanded a 300 degree visibility.

I put my hand out to him, and it was soft and fleshy… a salesman’s hands I thought. And he became a bit flustered as the floor manager attempted to explain this highly unusual “demand” as she put it, and how I had become “belligerent.”

I then interrupted her…

“Sorry, it is a simple matter.”

I Said “You do not use American Express because I win with a 2 percent cash back, that you have to pay up front in fees to them. As it is my only way I can pay now, you will have to trust me that I will pay you by check as soon as possible. Can you bill me for your services?”

He Said “Well, first off, your receipt is your bill, It is company policy that you pay before you can be given your keys.”

I fell silent, and just stood there, and that set everyone, now five, even more on edge. From the corner of my eye I saw the adjuster move slowly and inconspicuously into his office.

“Sorry Mr. La Rive.” He mumbled.

But the Manager was not finished with his justifications…

“I have a stack of bills on my desk that are unpaid… people who have not paid, and so we ask for payment first. It is company policy.” He said.

“Well, guess I could call my wife to pick me up, since you do not trust me. I am a businessman in this community, and my reputation is impeccable. I pay all of my bills, and I’m considered trustworthy. Let me ask you a question sir, how would you feel if I told you I thought you were lying about that stack of papers on your desk, that it was all just a ploy to get your money fast, to put it in the bank, so that it could be used as collateral. If you were an honest man, would you be belligerent, as your floor manager described me?”

He looked at me for a moment up and down. Like I was a life-form he had never seen before… Not too many Libertarians in his neck of the woods, I suppose.

“Can I have a copy of your driver’s license, Mr. La Rive?”

He said, as he handed me my key.


The work on my car was well done, and I called the manager to tell him at the same time my wife was giving his comptroller another credit card number they would accept. The floor manager also talked with me, saying she finally understood my take on the situation, and said she liked my Ron Paul sticker, and was at one of his speeches at a church in Alexander several years ago. I told her I was there with a press pass, and had actually asked him a question about the Gold in Fort Knox. We talked for twenty minutes and she told me about an amazing kid’s movie she had seen recently about how the media manipulates our minds. She got on-line as we talked, and saw my writings, and said she would dig into them, and so, because of my belligerence, something positive was created.

I also found a fifty dollar error in my rental-car receipt. Just saying. They credited it to my American Express card. I’m also looking for another Ron Paul bumper sticker…

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Russian Military Power

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

I am a baby-boomer and grew up in the peak of the cold war. What we face today from the angry bear is magnitudes more dangerous than anything I ever saw in my youth.

Having spent most of my adult life in the military, or working for the Military Industrial Complex (facilitating Department of Defense contracts during this dangerous time-frame), makes me eminently qualified to voice my strong and growing concerns.

Today as Americans, we hear more and more about evil Russia. The Russians are brutally invading Ukraine and Crimea … REALLY? These nations mentioned are close neighbors of Russia, contain many Russian citizens from the old Soviet Union, and regional struggles have raged there for centuries, now spurred on by Neocon interference from the USA and NATO.

But no mention is made of American imperialism across thousands of miles, and oceans, separated from our safe country, where the massive US and NATO military machine attacks or invades sovereign nations at will, and topples governments resulting in decades of perpetual war and millions dead.








These sovereign nations are MUCH closer to Russia’s backyard than Americas by a huge margin!

NEWS FLASH: Russia, due to the above track record, DOES see this as a massive encroachment into its immediate sphere of influence (especially Ukraine), and an eminent threat existing as close as its very borders. The Russian bear is spooked and prepares for all out war with the USA, NATO and western powers. Russia (having learned painful lessons from history) will do whatever is necessary to “protect itself”.

Question … How would the USA react if Russia invaded and brutally occupied Canada or Mexico … ???

Of course to hear it told NONE of this is the fault of NATO, the western powers and the USA … We didn’t start it … we don’t want it … it’s all the fault of those evil, power hungry Russians and Putin’s Aggression.

This is the story We the People are being fed daily. Well WAKE UP because we are being (no big surprise here for those of us who are aware) LIED to !!!

Via a mechanism called “Selective Cooperation” (the USA and her minion nations take, and Russia gives), the USA has embarked on a path of subjugating Russia in the same fashion we and the Allied powers subjugated Germany and Japan after WWII.

Since the early 1990’s the USA and NATO have treated the fall of the Iron Curtain, and end of the Cold War with the USSR in the same fashion they treated the Axis powers they defeated … and to the victors go the spoils! Corporate carpetbaggers and cabals have inundated Russia with corruption and graft.

We are intentionally devaluing their currency, isolating their energy industry and challenging their regional leadership. The Russian people are suffering as a result of all this and more. This could not be more wrong or dangerous.

You don’t take a mother bears cub, you don’t sneak up on a wild bear, and you certainly DON’T kick a bear in the genitals just to see what happens! Because the end result of all three will always be an angry and seriously dangerous bear willing to fight to the death to protect themselves and their own!

Russia to this day still boast a very modern, sizable and powerful military. Its fleet still contains many of the worlds best submarines capable of delivering almost unhindered, both nuclear ballistic and cruise missiles to the heart of the American homeland. Their land based nuclear missiles outnumber their counterparts in western countries, with most NATO countries being right on their front doorstep, well within rapid striking distance. Their army is large and well equip to take on all comers. This bear has strong teeth, sharp claws and massive strength to call on.

Anyone knowing anything about Russian tenacity in the face of attack or invasion, who truly believes they will tolerate a limited strike and then roll over is an IDIOT (ask Hitler) … It has never happened and never will. When the first shot is fired … Russia is ALL IN and God have mercy on our miserable souls!

Please remember America (including Pearl Harbor) has never suffered a massive hostile invasion killing tens of millions, protecting our homeland … but the Russians have, and retain a strong collective memory of this sacrifice. Do you honestly believe they will not offer up that sacrifice again? Would Americans (who have never experienced this scenario) have the strength or testicular fortitude to match their Russian counterparts?

Today we stand on the precipice of WW III … and this is by no means a stretch of the imagination in any fashion. There will be no winner of this war! A vast majority of humanity will very likely be slammed back to the stone-age, and Russia will more than hold her own militarily. America as we know it will be reduced to ashes and our children (if they survive at all) will inherit a savage and untenable planet.

I will not waste my time or yours arguing the finer points of who is right or wrong … IT DOES NOT MATTER and there is always enough blame to go around. Arguing is senseless when the very survival of humanity hangs in a very precarious balance. The only thing that matters is …


TLB would like to thank Contributor and Partner Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show for bringing the below video to our attention. Watch and listen … then get off your dead ass and speak out, for yourself, your children, the survival of America and quite possibly humanity!

This is no joke, no lie, no exaggeration, and no time to hide under a rock … This could very well be the closest we have ever come to the total destruction of humanity, and these insane Neocons who believe attacking Russia, or backing her into a corner far enough she feels she must strike first, is winnable …



Noted Russian expert,  Stephen Cohen says that Russia and NATO are closer to war than at anytime since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Cohen feels that both sides are acting in a reckless manner. His speech on the subject is to the point and very damning. Please take the time to watch this … It may quite possibly be the most important thing you have seen in a very long time!

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Income Tax

By TLB Contributor: Robin Koerner

I have just paid my biggest bill of the year. The invoice was for a cool 9% of my entire annual income – or my “Adjusted Gross Income” (AGI) as it appears on my tax returns, which have just been filed. And that invoice was from my accountant who just filed them for me.

I have a pretty modest income – so modest, in fact, that my AGI is of the order of a half of the median household income across the United States – the kind of income that triggers significant subsidies under the Affordable Care Act. Even the “top line” of my income falls short of that median: so it’s not as if I’m earning loads and deducting huge amounts.

My financial life last year was pretty simple: my earnings derived from a modest real estate portfolio and some freelance/consulting work. My income is earned through my small business, which, for those who know about these things, is an S-corporation. I have no employees. I do no payroll.

Yet, I have just paid my accountant more than a month’s worth of income to complete my tax returns.

How many pages of tax returns do you think that I, a single individual, and my S-corporation (a small business) had to file, bearing in mind the small amount of income in question?

Frankly, there’s no good reason the answer is not one or two. But you already know the answer is more than that, don’t you?

Ten? Try again.

Twenty? Keep going.

Surely not 50?

You’re still not close.

Did I hear you say 100 – you’re going for three digits now? Wow.

Still not there.

The answer, my fellow American tax victims, is 149.

Just take a moment to absorb that. A sub median-earning American taxpayer, engaged in simple business activities, has a 149 page tax return. And if he doesn’t get it right, his error is punishable. Of that 149, about 100 go to the Feds.

Completing 149 pages of tax forms/schedules/supporting statements is a lot of work. And I know exactly how much it is, because of that big invoice from the accountant that I already mentioned.

It’s $2000 of work – my aforementioned largest bill of the year. And it’s $2000 of work I in no way could have done myself.

I’m no high school drop-out. I have a first class degree in physics from one of the best universities in the world. I like numbers. I like logic. I like intellectual rigor. I even have a nerdy love of spreadsheets (which tells me, for example, exactly how much I spent on groceries this month five years ago ($173.41, as it happens. I’m low-maintenance)).

But I could not reverse engineer those 149 pages of tax returns if my life depended on it. And I would defy anyone without a CPA qualification to be able to do so.

I have no complaint about my accountant, who provided very good service this year, but even he couldn’t get it right first time. As I type this article, I am awaiting “corrected” state returns (which are no shorter).

Moreover, as any small businessman knows, my accountant can only generate those 149 pages of returns after I have compiled all the necessary numbers and data in neat spreadsheets, nicely itemized and comprehensively annotated (two or three days’ work, right there, perhaps?). I know for sure that most tax payers are not as proficient with Excel as I am – so my accountants have an easy time of it with me. (He even told me so.)

Here’s the reality of the American tax system for modestly earning individuals who run small businesses:

My government has put me in a position where I must either pay 9% of my income to a professional just to enable me to avoid punishment, asset garnishment and even imprisonment. Supposedly, I can “do my own taxes”, but that is a joke. No one who has not gone to school for it could accurately complete those 149 pages with any honest degree of confidence – and I don’t care what software he’s using. Moreover, even if it were do-able, the time taken to learn how to do it and then do it properly would be measured in weeks, not hours. And we don’t get to invoice the IRS for our time.

Look in wonder, America, at the most regressive aspect of any taxation system in the world – its utter complexity to the point of Kafkaesque absurdity. And if you think it must be like that, literally a few days ago, the British chancellor announced the abolition of the annual tax return in the United Kingdom.

Can anyone, conservative or progressive, justify the need for self-employed individual to spend 9 percent of his income just to remain a free citizen in good standing or, should he not have the money to spare, to go to school to navigate his way through whichever of the 74,000 pages of the tax code apply to him?

If the tax code were sufficiently sensible that I could do my own taxes (which, as someone who likes money, spreadsheets and math, I’d be very happy to do), I could have paid the Feds double my actual tax bill – and still have been a thousand dollars better off on the money I’d have saved on tax preparation. Relative to the current situation, both I and the country would have been significantly better off.

It is established Constitutional Law (by Supreme Court precedent), basic morality and simple common sense that the government may not place an undue burden on a fundamental right – such as the right to stay out of prison even if one doesn’t have an accounting degree and the right not be forced to expend one’s property on anything other than actual taxes owed.

To quantify the absurdity, here’s a comparison I’ve never seen made before.

In the course of a year, my assets and non-business activities generate nine times as much tax (in the form chiefly of property taxes and sales taxes), as my end-of-year check to the IRS. The cost to me of compliance on that first nine-tenths of my tax burden is zero, while the cost to me of compliance with the other one tenth is about double the amount I actually owe.

You really can’t make it up.

Let me offer these thoughts, then, not as an article, but as an open letter to our government, the IRS and any Constitutional attorneys out there.

To the government, I am notifying you of the undue burden that you are placing on law-abiding citizens whose income, it happens, is deemed by recent legislation to be sufficiently modest that it wishes to subsidize my healthcare: the cost of this undue burden more than cancels out all such subsidies.

To the IRS, I ask this question. What will you do if I save my $2000 in preparation fees, pay you 50% more than I did this year, and I don’t complete those forms? A bonus to me of doing this would be that I don’t have to lie any more. Because we all know that you are forcing me to lie when I sign that paper saying “I declare that I have examined a copy of my electronic individual income tax return and accompanying schedules and statements for the tax year ending December 31, 2014, and to the best of my knowledge and belief, it is true, correct, and complete.”

… The real truth is that, “to the best of my knowledge and belief”, no person who is not trained, certified and engaged in daily work in the business of tax preparation, could possibly expect that he could generate a correct 149 pages of this stuff – regardless of how well he tried. And, moreover, the fact that he cannot is exactly why he can’t be expected to vouch for the work of the accountants whom he’d not have to hire if he did understand what on earth was going on in the first place.

Finally, and most importantly – to any Constitutional attorney: I can’t pay you (see above), but I have a tax return that will make your eyes bleed. Get me in front of a jury or, better yet, the Supreme Court, and let us ask 12 or nine reasonable people if the burden of completing this particular tax return – a requirement I must meet to retain my liberty and my property – is reasonable or not. And if just one of the jury or bench believes that a reasonably educated person could accurately complete my tax return in a reasonable period, I’ll be happily defeated – as long as he shows me how.

Otherwise, use me as a legal guinea pig to pull down this entire rotten structure that turns good people into unwilling law breakers or liars of both, reserving its very worst for those of us on modest means who wish to rise in the spirit of the American Dream, which our government and its agents seem all too willing to crush.

Our tax code is so complex that people our government deems too poor to buy their own health insurance must fork over nearly a tenth of their income just to comply with it. I cannot be the only one.
If I could reasonably compute my own tax – and it’s a matter of common law, surely, that a typical citizen must reasonably be able to meet all impositions of the state by his own means – I’d willingly pay double my current income tax because of all the money I’d save on compliance: I’d save enough to visit my family in England twice in a year; I’d save almost my entire year’s grocery bill; I’d save the cost of the roof over my head for two months.

I can afford my tax bill. I just cannot afford to calculate it. And as you can see from my short list, the complexity of this calculation has a very real impact on my life.

This complexity of our Federal tax system is crushingly regressive; it is impoverishing, and it is morally indefensible.

Simplifying the tax code would be simply the most immediately effective, progressive and moral low-hanging fruit Congress could pick. More importantly, the Constitutional requirement of not attaching undue burdens to our fundamental rights – whose protection, according to our Declaration of Independence, is the very justification of the existence of the state – legally and morally demands it.


TLB recommends you visit Ben Swann  for more pertinent articles and information.

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Boiling Frog

By: Zen Gardner

To continue sleepwalking once someone knows the truth is not ignorance, it’s madness, as David Icke so aptly said. Anyone looking for happiness and fulfillment while helping to build a better world has plenty of options. But sitting still and just gazing at the oncoming storm, no matter how much you know about it, isn’t one of them.

To be able to describe something and think you understand it isn’t the grand finale. It’s responding to what the information is telling you to do that matters. Do you literally have to wait for the bulldozer, as so poignantly put in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy after you found out certain disaster was coming?

Again, that’s madness.

Granted, the effects of what’s coming will be felt worldwide so at the very least we need to make preparations where we are or in some better location. Not in fear, but in informed wisdom. But I have a hard time understanding anyone who doesn’t have the sense of urgency to put everything in motion that they’re being shown needs to be done. Once we make that decision and work towards the right direction a wonderful peace comes over us, and there will be plenty more to learn and do each step of the way.

There’s really no standing still once you begin to answer the call. Yes, there’s a wonderful stillness and confident knowing in spirit that are our ever present strength and refuge, but that doesn’t mean we do nothing when so many need encouragement, empowering information, resources and even awakening motivation.


Taking Action Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Relocating – But It Might

I get a lot of criticism for encouraging people to leave the US. I realize not everyone is able to do it, but for me I put feet to my convictions about what’s happening there and I’m glad I did. The relief from the bombarding influences there is immeasurable. Besides, it’s already more difficult to travel and get passports now as I warned, all while jumping through mounting surveillance, security checks, and impromptu requirements and shake downs at the whim of the metastasizing police state.

Why do you suppose they’re doing all of that?

Sure it’s ultimately more control, but why restrict travel or crossing borders, which we’ll be seeing more and more of? Yes, they want more money at every turn which is partially why they’re flagging anyone owing the IRS anything, but they also want to do the same to people with any outstanding debts. And pray tell how many people don’t have debt. The whole system is built on it.

It’s entrapment, because the mounting tide of awake Americans is one of their biggest threats.

If you have a roomful of cockroaches you need to exterminate, what do you do? Close the doors and windows so they can’t escape to another part of the house, and then most people will spray the hell out of them. Sound familiar? Check your skies, and food and water for that matter.

That’s how we’re viewed by the dark overlords, as pests. And America is enemy #1 to them, with the UK, Canada and Australia not far behind. The American entity that once stood for freedom must be weakened, dismantled and vastly depopulated, all while socially and genetically mutating the remainder of the species into an unquestioning transhumanized work force kept in carefully guarded and monitored city centers. This widely known plan is worldwide but some places are going to be way safer than others in the near future, and in fact they already are.


The California Drought Example

It’s said California only has one year of water left. While we know that situation has been brought on deliberately via geoengineering, fracking, massive bottling operations and host of other insanities, that’s 10% of the US population facing real peril, as well as almost half of the country’s fruit and vegetable production.

Where’s everyone going to go? Do you think they’ll just sit there and wait for FEMA trucks to bring water, and food? No doubt many will for various misguided reasons. But would you just sit there until your home is worth nothing and you have to flee with whatever you can fit in your car? And to where? And if you don’t think the government will go full on fascist during such a time and heavily restrict travel, look up the dust bowl disaster in the US and how those escaping starvation conditions weren’t even allowed INTO California where there was plenty for all.

This time they’ll no doubt make FEMA camps and even prison life look attractive with food, water and accommodations as they attract a free incarcerated labor force like so many have done in other totalitarian regimes. Some serious things to think about.

The Pizza Oven Dream

A many years ago I had a striking dream that woke me up out of a sound sleep. I was watching someone standing in front of a pizza oven in a dazed, transfixed state. He was a typical youngish overweight American just staring at the oven fire from about 4 feet away. But the fire was growing, steadily. And as it did he didn’t move. He was totally fixated into such a state he couldn’t even feel the heat.

As the fire grew in intensity I could see his flesh literally starting to cook. And he still didn’t flinch. At this point I was screaming at him at the top of my lungs imploring him to get out of there, and still nothing. The scene so horrified me it woke me up as I was screaming.

I was living in Southern California near the beach at the time and we were getting chemtrailed something fierce everyday. While I had my windows rolled up, air filters running and the air-con on recycle as I did on spray days, I was always befuddled and horrified by the hundreds of joggers, bikers and surfers I drove by with my windows up each day who were completely ignorant of their demise under their poisonous chemical skies.

This vivid dream was an expression of how I feel watching this horrific reality play out on the benumbed, completely unsuspecting masses, and quite appropriate for what I’m attempting to communicate here.


Answers – Inform Others and Build Community

Getting in touch with others doesn’t have to wait for anything, wherever we are. Now is the time to connect and meet up with like minded folks wanting to take appropriate action. This should be done as locally as possible – or else move to where there is an active and awake area or community you can be part of. That is, if you’re serious about what you have found out about the ensnaring world around you. If it’s just a semi-amusing side interest this probably won’t even affect you.

But it should.

Food freedom is essential for the days to come, as well as having a reliable water supply. But even more important is having a good support network of caring and capable people with similar outlooks and real spiritual insight and understandings.

And by the way, these types of groups and communities are all over the world and very awake as well as helpful to people expatriating from other countries.

One of the good spin offs of trying times is that it drives humanity to be resourceful and get back to more natural ways of living. As we connect to the earth and each other wonderful things happen. The ultimate solution is to live and build the world we want to see created. We are beings that  were born to create. Living a life based in creativity and not partaking of the manipulated world’s media, mindsets and toxified environment as much as possible releases amazing energies that ripple out in more ways than we can conceive, including the morphic field.

If we’re serious about taking control of our lives the time is now. It’s always now, but it’s now more than ever, if you’re looking around you with even a modicum of awareness.

What can you do? The possibilities are as endless as life itself. They only remain to be pursued.

Just wait until you see what Universe has waiting for you!

Much love, Zen


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Our beautiful world… Where Love fills your heart…

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

As one travels to work this beautiful morning, it is hard to believe that anything evil could be hiding just beyond our field of vision. There is a cool spring breeze that smells like new growth, and the birds are excitedly building nests. Flowers are blooming, and honey bees, thought to be endangered just last year, are abundant again in my neck of the woods. A fuzzy sun is burning off a soft morning fog of pastel pink and gold, and the weatherman promises blue skies.

Moods are rising as winter disintegrates into spring, and the sidewalk on Camellia Boulevard are full of joggers, walkers with dogs, bicycles, and young women pushing baby carriages. and you see on everyone’s faces, the joy of being alive… and Love fills your heart for all mankind… and yet, there are men speeding… texting while driving, just four feet away…

What beauty and hope this wonderful world offers; what bounty and promise for all! And this is the nature of good times here in America, and the horrors that are common place all around the world has never been a reality here. Men are civil when the world is balanced, safe and sane, but all of that could change in an instant… and everything we so take for granted, can disappear with one flash of light in the sky… A flash of light that would suppress all electricity, and plunge our society back into the stone age… No, this generation has never been tested, not like that. And if Katrina is any indication of modern man’s ability to cope in tragedy, some would indeed fail miserably. The world would be filled, without a doubt, with a mixture of good and honest people, along with morally vacant opportunists. Yes, there is a negative side to our human nature, a side not normally shown in a polite society, and yet, it lurks in the heart of many desperate men. There are men who care nothing but for their own selfish concerns, and they can not appreciate this precious morning, without somehow owning it.

There are men so powerful on this planet, they could destroy us all in a whim. Men, who are poised to make profit in ciaos, and all of it beyond our human ken.

The true nature of our world…

It has been reveled that Russia has been funneling money through a California-based company called the Sea Change foundation. They are financing the most prominent and politically active anti-fossil fuel groups such as the Sierra Club and the Natural Resource Defense Counsel. They care nothing about the truth of their allegations, but want to paralyze our domestic oil-patch who are vying to be energy independent. This is nothing new. We used the same method in 1983 when we broke the back of the USSR with false information, funding Osama ben Louden, a CIA operative, to fight Russian Boys in Afghanistan. And our so-called Saudi friends flooded the world with cheep oil, just as they are doing today, and it caused a spectacular default on what was borrowed from the World Bank, but one element was absent then… our overburdened National Debt.

Ken 1

Photo by Ken LaRive


In 1983 the National Debt was about six trillion, and though the Cold War attack on Russia utterly destroyed our American Oil Patch for almost a decade, we as a country could survive because our debt was low. Today we are at 18.3 trillion in debt, with two trillion unaccountable from the Pentagon, so the outcome might not be the same…

All’s fair in Love and War?

…Is the justification by some in times of strife, where unfair and unpleasant competition insures survival. It is justified in dire circumstances, a competitive behavior, or nature, designed to win at any cost.

Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, 2nd ed.

And so, just as there are men who would do anything to endure, so too are there Countries, Corporations, Religions, and Institutions, who would do anything at all to survive. They would risk the entire destruction of the human race, to win. And so we have, laid out before us. an ever shrinking world, a fragile world where men are vying for world dominance, and others who would do anything at all to survive. Money indeed makes the world go round, but fear is the grease that oils that machine, and blood is the fuel.

At no time in the history of the world has this competition been more dangerous, as they strive for a black bottom line…

Energy, the catalyst for war.

We Libertarians see the need to be energy independent, and our Republic based on Constitutional Law reanimated. We see these endeavors to be of utmost importance for our very survival, and there is a primary world-wide undertaking to do the same. There is a push from the bottom up to become self-directed and self-reliant, to regain sovereignty from foreign banks and international industry who control their individual countries with debt slavery, and to have a hand, by the people, in formulating a viable future… a future that belongs to them, and their children… They are questioning the powerful lobbyists buying favors in their respective governments. a process that has grown so omnipotent they control not only the purse strings of the populous, but their minds by scientifically designed indoctrination and propaganda… So well hidden, clandestine and ultra-secretive, truth is virtually impossible to gather, and without truth, no viable decision can be made…. We are well played, and this realization is causing emotional and irrational fear, a perfect catalyst for war.

When we question what can only be considered our masters, here in America, we are labeled social deviants, with words like anti Semitic, Truthers, Conspiracy Theorists, Terrorists, and many more, and all of it designed to silence dissension.

OPEC is now found to be another driving force behind the anti-fracking movies, Gasland and Promised Land, with billionaire activist Tom Steyer’s announcement that he will fund 100 million to any candidate who opposes the Keystone pipeline. You see, his stance on this might be for what he thinks is the good of America, but most likely it is because it would damage one of his investments… It is said that America is bought and paid for, that we have the best Congress money can buy. Observance of elections indicate they are fixed, and that both sides of the isle are mostly complicit to a higher power structure, above not only our rule of law, but are unaccountable to any authority. If that doesn’t concern you nothing on this earth will.

Though I do not speak for the Libertarian Party on Keystone, I agree with Steyer, and oppose it wholeheartedly. I argue against any pipeline coming into my country, be it from Mexico or Canada. How is that good for America? We have all of the natural resources we need right here, so why not drill here, drill now? Why should we, as a nation, care one iota what an international company’s bottom line should be? The benchmark should have one criteria, and one only: Is it good for America? The Keystone pipeline would slice through the center of the United States, with right-of-way mandates to property owners. If this was during a time of war, that possibility might exist under the War Powers Act, but this is something else entirely, and not for National Security. As we stand back, we see that it is nothing more then one corporation’s lobbying and propaganda over another… No other alternative should be considered but to keep America viable and healthy. That is our primary National Security concern, not corporate profit…

Canada does not want refineries. They are too dirty in many ways. No, they want to send their low quality crude to Texas and Louisiana, our Cancer Alley. Would you like to speculate as to why we are having so much cancer here? And they will buy our Congress to approve it, as they are unrelenting in their goals, putting their profit before the good of America. If push went to shove, you can believe it! They they would step on our heads to go up and over.

When I was in Saudi back in 2006, it was common knowledge there that the once great oil-gushers were drying up. Where once we had a 95-5 oil water ratio, it was now 45-55. Of the three wells I helped drill there, all of them were Natural Gas. Not one of them went on line, but were capped, waiting for a future, more lucrative market, and a black bottom line. At that time Saudi had no idea that America ingenuity would produce the science of fracking, a veritable bonanza, a twenty fold, or more, increase in production for the same drilling and exploration cost… So hold on to your hard hats!

Lets go, one more time to the downfall of Russia… and Iran, and look at why.

A coordinated effort was put forth utilizing the Mossad and CIA, and in that process of deception, we trained Osama Ben Louden and his tribe to fight Russian Boys in Afghanistan, thwarting their efforts to build a pipeline there, in a quagmire of blood and sand. That history describes their own Vietnam… Overextended by the West’s Central Banks… the debts were called. There was no quantitative easing for them, and they fell hard in what can only be described as foreclosure. Do you think they have forgotten this? And yet, in the process, a process that produced a moral and human rights revolution, they expelled the power structure that created its brand of totalitarian Communism during the blood bath of the Bolshevik Revolution, a undemocratic morph of Marxist Communism, and in the ashes, a new Russia emerged… a Christian Russia. A Capitalistic Russia. A competitive Russia.

Are you ready? Here is what we have today… our world… in a nutshell…

What I will show below are only the main feelers, tentacles that permeate from one power source to another… Power structures that were built on the ashes of previous civilizations who feel in war and famine, and all of it orchestrated by the tools of religious dogma, high finance, propaganda and deception, to promote their competitive power structures… and each, if they could find a way to survive it, would destroy every other form of rivalry… This is the catalyst for war.

The politics of Saudi Arabia takes place in the context of an absolute monarchy founded upon the tenets of Islam, where Mecca is located. Said to be our friends, most all of their population might be considered anti west extremists, and hate the Monarchy who controls them… Almost every person involved in the attack of 9-11 were Saudi Nationals. The power structure there is attempting to manipulate the world’s resources, so that they can still be at the pentacle of supply. They are now destroying our American Oil fields for that reason… a true catalyst for war.

The new Federation of Russia is now vying to be considered a Christian nation, as they constitute about 50 percent of the population, with the largest tradition being the Russian Orthodox Church. Official statistical information indicates that there are 68 patriarchies of the Russian Orthodox Church, and they were not friends with the Jewish Oligarchy who controlled their country, nor Catholics, or the multitudes of Protestant denominations. Though there are areas where Jews live in peace, the Russian mafia, mostly Jewish, has scattered to the four winds. Taking power during the Bolshevik Revolution, they were expelled in stages, with the last actually being arrested, or fleeing to England and America just a decade ago. They, Russia, remember well the hardships imposed by Mossad and the CIA, and this sticks in their craw. They consider the United States of America under the dominion of these same Jewish Oligarchs, who tried to control Europe since WW1. They are in bed with Iran, who were also raped by Mossad and the CIA, stealing oil, and displacing a duly elected President with a puppet dictator, The Shaw of Iran… and both now owe their existence to the competitive vacuum we created… a true catalyst for war…

The Israeli system of government is based on parliamentary democracy, and considered a Jewish Church State. Here is a truthful history of Israel and Zionism, the veritable pivot point, and the catalyst for WW3. Overwhelming evidence suggests that Israel had prior knowledge of 9-11, and their fingerprints are on the entire scenario. They are said to be our friends, but do not listen or adhere to international law, using snipers and terrorism, spying and illegal intelligence, stealing the nuclear bomb from us, and spying on Congress, Senators and Business men who might not show support. Though France, England, and the US are thought to be both friends and partners, there is growing opposition to their constant and incessant warfare. This is the catalyst for war…

The politics of Iran is that of a Presidential Democracy and theocracy in a format of Syncretic politics that is guided by an Islamist ideology, and now closely aligned with Russia because of energy. At one time Iran was considered the lamp of moderate eastern thought, with a duly elected and moderate president. All that changed when Mossad and the CIA orchestrated a coup, and placed a pupped dictator, The Shaw of Iran, in office… In the process BP grew into a mega company… Here is the true history of that… And yes, a true catalyst for war.

The Government of India (GoI), is officially known to be a Union Government, and The politics of the People’s Republic of China takes places in a framework of a socialist republic run by a single party, the Communist Party of China. Both of our relationships are one-sided and convoluted, as our manufacturing base, like Japan’s, was transferred there, with the lion’s share of their sales based on American Consumption… When that dries up the international carpet baggers will descend on them with debt slavery, and that will not be tolerated. War wipes clean what is owed, and so too is a catalyst for war…

And America, once a Republic based on Constitutional Law, and predominately Christian, is now owned by a Secular Jewish central banking cartel, in league with a Jewish-owned Federal Reserve System. There is a predominate and overwhelming Zionist influence in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food and retail, newspapers and publishing, real estate, technology for the cold war with a powerful international military industrial complex who makes money on destruction and reconstruction, on both sides of war. This close knit, highly organized entity, controls most all television, film and video, and much more, with a Zionist mindset. This is the catalyst for a new American Revolution, at the same time WW3. It won’t be pretty.

We have so called Progressives on both sides of the isle, some called ultra right wing Neocons on the Right, and they all take their marching orders from the same Zionist dominated hand, the Federal Reserve and Central Banks, with atheists to the left and Evangelicals to the right doing their bidding, and all of it a dog and pony show for the elite. Yes, during the election there is a clear division of ideology, but after the election it is business as usual.

Zionist AIPAC, it the largest of all lobbyists in the US, and they control our country from the inside out. No president is allowed that office without symbolically praying at the wailing wall…

Each and every power structure I have presented here, and thousands more on this earth, with secret societies in every fold, would, if they could, take it all from the others. This is the reason wars are fought, and why we die by the millions. A one world order will happen when one faction grows so big, that all resistance from the others are futile. This can only happen if the world is laid to waist and a new world order is erected by the winner is built on the ashes. Our differences now, just as they were in the past, are used as a reason for war, but in actuality it has nothing to do with that … War is a racket, and the true reason for war is profit and power.

Wrap you mind around this…

Humanity lost between 40 and 58 million during WW2. World War 1, between 15 and 31 million. The Three Kingdoms of China killed between 36 and 37 million… The Mongol Conquests between 30 and 45 million, and the Qing dynasty conquest of Ming accurate at 25 million… and this is but a tip of the blade. The Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin, the People’s Republic of China under Mao Zedong, and the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia estimate the total number of non-combatant deaths to be between 60 and 70 million. Was this collateral damage, or was it something far more diabolical? It is competition, and it is corporate in design. Go to the Builtmore Mansion in South Carolina and look at what riches are wrought during the war enterprise, well planned and orchestrated…

There will be great resistance to a One World Order, and not just from each individual power structure. Resistance will also come from the very center of every country, religion, and corporation, and before it is over our world will again run red. Obama promised us change, and there is no greater promoter of change than war. America is being dissected, sold off to the highest bidder, distributed, and bled dry… What we have in our minds, what we think we are as a nation, could not be further from the truth, and as we strive to close our borders, to fight government intrusion into our lives from education, medicine, privacy, with a list a mile long… It originates from the NDAA and Patriot Act’s suspension of our Bill of Rights and Constitution. We see a power so strong it can print money out of thin air, with trillions missing from the Pentagon… Trillions? What change can you forge with two trillion dollars? What can you promote, cover up, create or destroy? The Federal Reserve is a catalyst for war.

Consideration of what can we do, besides crying.

I don’t have the answers to every question, but I try. It is a universal law that every question you ask will be given in like kind, so no matter what your circumstances you can find an answer to your predicament. Ask an empowering question and you will get an answer in like kind…

What can we do about it? Resistance is nothing if you are uneducated. Learn what form of government you had, and now have, and demand it back or embrace it. That choice comes from knowledge … Start with yourself first, define what you think by defining what you want, and move to combine with people of like mind. Study definitions, like what is a Progressive, what is a Neocon, and what is a Libertarian…There is strength in numbers, but you must know yourself first…. Do your homework, and find out who you are in the middle of it all. Take action and participate in the process, and you, and others of like mind, can change this world for the better. History will attest that sometimes just a handful of people make a big difference, and that should give you solace and strength of purpose… So, above all, demand truth, as nothing is of more value to a free and open society. Truth will set you free, and be the beacon of Liberty.

Question why you feel the way you do. Be suspicious of strong ideas that pop up in your mind without reason or understanding. Any religion, institution, government or corporation who asks you to do harm to another human being should be questioned… Do your own homework, educate yourself, as that is your responsibility alone. Know that in most cases your greatest enemy is yourself, and that your inability to cope is you inability to find truth. Search for that. Without it, your quest for answers will be for nothing. Read your Constitution and Bill of Rights, and demand it in those you elect, and hold them accountable if they falter. You can only do this if you are paying attention. Believe nothing promoted on face value, but get to the bottom of it by study. Do not trust anyone or anything with your life and soul at stake… Take responsibility for your own life first, before making any demands. And when you do participate, do it with all of the energy you can muster, because you are fighting a power of great strength of purpose, and it can change its face at will. Know this, your life, and the life of your children depends on what you fight for, as Liberty is not free. It must be won every generation, and that takes constant vigilance. Once lost, Liberty will only be regained by the blood of Tyrants and Patriots. Be prepared for that with the knowledge and conviction that if you can find little or nothing to die for, you will find little or nothing to live for…

And remember, what you sow so shall you reap… and we will, all of us, get exactly what we deserve. If this thought gives you chills, I suggest you change your ways…

As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves – Gandhi

Suggested readings on Liberty

The Road to Serfdom: Fiftieth Anniversary Edition by F. A. Hayek

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Human Action: A Treatise on Economics by Ludwig von Mises

The Fountainhead by Ayn Ran

The Constitution of Liberty by F. A. Hayek

Anarchy, State, and Utopia by Robert Nozick

Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis by Ludwig von Mises

The Machinery of Freedom: Guide to a Radical Capitalism by David D. Friedman

The God of the Machine (Library of Conservative Thought) by Isabel Paterson

The Prince by Machiavelli

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obama-i-am-the-law-hereBy TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

President Obama has lamented that special interests dominate the world of politics. My first reaction was to laugh out loud. After all, we are listening to the words of a politician/community activist who has done his very best job handing over the country to the communist bankers that are loosely referred to as the New World Order.  This is the same Obama who has supported continued bail-outs of criminal bankers, has overseen and mandated a failing education system (i.e. Common Core), and has mandated a failing health care system that has instituted death panels (e.g. Obamacare age related treatment exclusions). Anytime this President has proposed anything it has either taken money out of our collective pockets or it has served to shorten our longevity, or both! So, you will excuse me when I look upon Obama’s insistence that voting should become mandatory with great suspicion.

President Obama’s answer for the undue influence of the bankers in politics is to FORCE people to vote. Yes, that is right, your President wants voting to become mandatory!

Isn’t this the same President that handed over 18% of our economy to four managed care companies in the form of Obamacare and this served to drive the price up dramatically? Gee, Mr. President, you force America to take your substandard Obamacare under the threat of fines and going to jail, and now you are telling us that we must vote or face fines or going to jail? How long will be until we have elections, with only one choice, of which we are forced to vote in our approval or face fines or go to jail? This reminds me of the old style Soviet elections where the people had one choice and the citizens voted for it, or they paid fines and went to jail.  I don’t know if I am living closer to communist Cuba or North Korea. By the way, mandatory voting has its roots in communism.


Haven’t we learned that when we allow the federal government to mandate concepts like social justice and how we live our lives, it is a prescription for disaster? Just how good of a job did Goals 2000, No Child Left Behind and now Common Core do with regard to educating the country’s children? Does anyone else realize that Department of Education is unconstitutional? How many of these failed and federally mandated initiatives do we have to subject our children to in order to realize that goal is the continued “dumbing down of America“.  Literacy rates, attention spans and citizen awareness are at an all time low. If you want to improve education, get the Federal government out of the education business. The following video is a testament to what happens when the government mandates anything such as one of their endless list of failed education programs.

One unmistakable truth about what we are witnessing here, is the establishment of the first American dictatorship in American history. Shadow Stats, John Williams, states that the actual unemployment rate is 23.5% and that there has never been any recovery of the housing market. Meanwhile, we are told that the economy is fine and we should go back to sleep. It is just one failed program after another . We are seeing one failed lie after another. By the way, John Williams will be my guest this Sunday evening on The Common Sense Show as we unravel the economic lies coming out of the Obama administration.

Now we are also seeing financial institutions, like Fannie Mae is on the verge of receiving a bail out with your tax dollars. How is this new and trendy dictatorship working out for us, America? More bailouts with more debt and eventual and total enslavement courtest of the dictator residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue who may never leave office.

Ron Paul warned us over a generation ago that if we were not careful, we would one day wake up and our Constitutional liberties, our traditions along with our country would be gone. My own father said that one day, we would be a country of blithering idiots. Both men were right and that day has arrived!

America, Rest In Peace, GAME OVER!


About the Author

Dave Hodges is the host of the popular radio talk show, which airs from 9 PM to Midnight (Central). The show can be heard by clicking the following icon in the upper right hand corner of The Common Sense Show.

© 2014. The Common Sense Show. The Logo and Articles are protected by U.S. Copyright Laws, and are not to be downloaded or reproduced in any way without the written permission of Dave Hodges. Copyright 2014. Dave Hodges. All Rights Reserved

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GMO Dangers 2

Writer and researcher Colin Todhunter responds to Dr. Anthony Trewavas below.

The following is in response to an open letter published on the AgBioWorld Facebook page by Professor Tony Trewavas of Edinburgh University. He wrote it after reading my article “So You Want to Help Africa Mr Paterson? Then Stop Promoting Ideology and Falsehoods to Push GMOs” published by Global Research. 

Professor Trewavas is a prominent supporter of GMOs in Britain.

His original letter is provided in full below Colin Todhunter’s response.


Dear Professor Trewavas

I find your response to my piece disappointing. You failed to address many of the issues I discussed (not least that the world can feed itself without GMOs and that hunger and poverty are due to structural factors and not a lack of food, which GMOs have merely exacerbated) and have decided to indulge in the same type of smear-scare tactics that Owen Paterson employed in his Pretoria speech.

You forward the baseless assertions that GMOs are safe, even though there has not been one long-term epidemiological study conducted to show this.

While condemning Greenpeace and other groups for somehow being authoritarian and anti-choice, you say nothing about agribusiness corporations whose financial clout has brought them political influence that allows them to exert huge control over the WTO and capture regulatory bodies and public research institutions. These corporations have had a key role in driving trade policies from India to Europe, not least in terms of the secretive Knowledge Initiative on Agriculture and the world’s largest secretive, pro-corporate trade deal, the proposed TTIP.

Where is the choice and democracy here?

You have nothing to say on that but proceed to lecture me on the virtues of choice and democracy.

In your opening paragraph alone, you make four fallacious assertions.

First of all, I did not say GMOs would be a disaster for “any” farmer. In India’s Punjab state, for example, some farmers have done quite well from the introduction of petrochemical farming (‘green revolution’). But water tables are falling drastically, pesticides have contaminated the water supply, there is a big cancer problem and many farmers are experiencing economic distress. In Punjab, this form of agriculture is unsustainable. There is now an agrarian crisis and it is a health, environmental and social disaster. My point is that GMOs would similarly be bad for agriculture in general and would have a systemic, detrimental impact on the environment and human health.

Second, you claim that I fear GMOs will not be a disaster for African farmers but a success. Not true. You have ignored the fact that a number of GMO projects in Africa to date have indeed been failures and in my article I provided a link to a report to highlight this (which you go on to conveniently dismiss as a “biased” source).

Third, you say that the word “choice” is conspicuously absent from my article. Any objective reader would appreciate that the concept is central to it, not least where I discuss the “choices” imposed on Ethiopia via the West’s ‘structural adjustment’ of agriculture (which I refer to at the end of the article). That was not a case of farmers “choosing” to restructure their agriculture, but a case of policies being forced on them at a macro policy level. And this is one of the issues that I have with GMOs.

Although you conveniently do not mention that part of my piece, Michel Chossudovsky’s analysis takes account of the way by which agribusiness conglomerates can and do set rules at the WTO, manipulate market forces and restructure agriculture in foreign countries for their own ends. That is very much related to “choice” and its denial. You talk a great deal about “democracy” but fail to address how this situation fits with your ideas of giving choice to farmers and not imposing authoritarian agendas on people.

You say I should buy a farm and exert my choice to farm as I wish. Talk about exercising such a choice to the people in South America who Helena Paul wrote about (described in my piece). They are being driven out as agribusiness and the planting of GMOs (mainly for export) takes hold. She describes this as ecocide and genocide. Tell it to the peasant farmers who are being forced from their lands by speculators and corporations as described by reports by GRAIN and the Oakland Institute last year. These are the people who feed 80 percent of the “developing world”, without GM technology, yet are being squeezed out. Where is choice and democracy? Certain words are used cheaply by some.

The issue of choice not only concerns the options made available to people, but those which have been closed off. Owen Paterson’s claims that “primitive, inefficient” farming techniques would condemn “billions” to hunger, poverty and underdevelopment is ridiculous. He engages in hyperbole in order to denigrate credible alternatives that are forwarded by the groups he is attacking and thus trying to deny those alternatives.

Fourth, nowhere do I say that only agroecological farming should be implemented to feed the world, as you claim I do. However, there are many studies and official reports that demonstrate the efficacy of organic and agroecological approaches that are well publicised. In my article, I referred to some of these studies and reports. But rather than regurgitating references, I would say that no matter what data is presented, certain people seek to marginalise agroecological approaches and prefer to focus on external input-intensive ‘solutions’ and proprietary technologies, such as GMOs.

I find it strange that supporters of GMOs talk so much about choice when the GMO biotech industry has spent £100 million in the US to deny choice by preventing labelling of GM food.

Where is the choice for the farmer who uses non-GM crops but has his field contaminated by GMOs? Where was the choice when parts of the US wheat crop were contaminated as a result of open-field trials or when contamination took place because of Liberty Link 601? Where is the choice in West Bengal where GMOs from Bangladesh have been found?

Where is the choice for farmers when the only ones that end up on the market are company seeds, or where thousands of varieties have been reduced to a relative handful?

In my piece, Daniel Maingi and Mariam Mayet mentioned the squeezing out of alternatives as a result of the impact of Western agribusiness in Africa. Are they to be dismissed as “biased”  sources too?

You say the following:

“Most objectors in this area have a political programme not a scientific one but they like to bend science to their own political point of view. Science is by its nature not politics or political propaganda or anything like it. It deals with evidence not superstition, or political or social philosophies. If you have a political programme then please stop trying to justify it by claiming it has scientific support, it does not.”

First of all, I provided valid references which referred to peer-reviewed science in the article (and have again below), but all you can say is that my “political programme” has “no scientific support”. I say to you: please stop justifying your own pro-GMO stance by smearing critics and rejecting any evidence because it does not fit your own agenda. Please do not talk about “choice” and “democracy” when your own agenda is to support powerful corporations who via the distortion of science and the capture of strategic national and international bodies deny choice.

Your view of science is either deliberately misleading or simply naïve. And for someone in your position, I find it difficult to believe it could be the latter. From acquiring funding and formulating the questions to be addressed, to conducting research, interpreting findings and peer review, politics are present in science throughout. The manufacture of scientific knowledge involves a process driven by various sociological, methodological and epistemological conflicts and compromises, both inside the laboratory and beyond. Writers in the field of the sociology of science have written much on this. I refer you to the following link, which contests your lofty view of science and scientists: Monsanto wants to know why people doubt science.

The very fact you have responded to me in a certain manner discredits your view of scientists, not least because it becomes difficult to appreciate where the line between science and lobbying is in your case.

There is an authoritarian, political agenda behind the GMO project – not set by some environmental group (as you say) that you like to use as a whipping boy – but by the agribusiness concerns behind GMOs and petro-chemical industrial agriculture. Focusing on Greenpeace with its supposed agenda serves as a convenient diversion.

It is not NGOs, groups, activists, and campaigners that have failed to provide convincing arguments. And, by the way, to conflate such groups with intolerance, authoritarianism, and killings by brutal regimes or groups is ludicrous and smacks of desperation on your part. You are a scientist but are using all the cheap smears and tactics of a lobbyist!

When peer-reviewed science is provided by critics to support their claims, the onslaught by the GMO agritech industry and its mouthpieces against those who legitimately and scientifically contest the claims about the efficacy of GMOs is relentless. Just ask Arpad Pusztai, P. M. Bhargava, Judy Carman, Terje Traavik, Andrés Carrasco, Ignacio Chapela, Allison Snow, Marc Lappé, Britt Bailey, Bela Darvas, and G. E. Seralini.

These scientists have all either been threatened, smeared, or hindered in their work because their research called into question the safety and/or efficacy of GMOs or associated products.

The hypocrisy of those from the pro-GMO lobby who call for sound science to inform the debate on GMOs is glaringly obvious. Those who argue against GMOs are accused of not having science or facts on their side and of engaging in propaganda, while it is clear the pro-GMO lobby that hurls such allegations is itself guilty of all such things. This tactic goes hand in glove with a strident populist agenda whereby the pro-GMO lobby portrays itself as on the side of the people, while its opponents are “elitists” and are “stealing food from the bellies of the poor”.

If you really do value democracy as much as you say and wish to call to account those who show contempt for it, you would do better by reading Steven Druker’s new book “Altered Genes, Twisted Truth”. Instead of attacking Greenpeace and other groups, you should be more even handed (and employ just a little “scientific objectivity” in your approach) by looking at the fraudulent practices and processes in US government departments that led to the commercialisation of GMOs in that country.

As far as your point on there being a scientific consensus is concerned, it has been well established in recent months by over 300 scientists in a peer reviewed journal that there is no consensus. Furthermore, you bring the issue of climate change into the debate. If I am to accept your claim that there is overwhelming consensus on climate change then I certainly reject your assertion that the same applies to the GMO issue.

What you claim to be “biased” sources have demonstrated that the claims made on the back of many studies on GMOs are not supported by the evidence and that in many instances certain findings are marginalised as not being significant when they actually are (I supply these two links which provide reference to support my claims, the first of which you have already dismissed as being from a biased source, without addressing the issues raised therein:  An evidence-based examination of the claims made for the safety and efficacy of GM crops and food and Adverse impacts of transgenic crops/food: a compilation of scientific references with abstracts).

Moreover, climate change is fundamentally different to the GMO issue. Climate change may or may not be anthropogenic, but scientists are deliberately genetically engineering food and adopting a wait and see attitude towards the impact. Wouldn’t it be better to prove safety beforehand?

But let’s get one thing clear, as Druker shows, GMOs were placed on the commercial market due to political arm twisting and official bodies in the US ignoring science that pointed out the dangers of this technology. The decision to commercialise GMOs was not based on scientific evidence; in fact, it ignored such evidence. Yet you are still placing the onus on scientists to prove that GMOs are safe – and when they show they are not, they are attacked. It seems science is only called on when it suits.

Releasing GMOs onto the commercial market is not like boarding a plane, as you suggest. The genetic engineering of food affects every member of the population. It presents a widespread, systemic risk to the human population. Most planes are safe and have been tested. Moreover, we have a choice to board a plane. We have no other choice than to eat (unlabelled) food. GMO food has not been proven safe.

The GMO biotech industry carries out inadequate, short-term studies and conceals the data produced by its research under the guise of “commercial confidentiality”, while independent research highlights the very serious dangers of its products. It has in the past also engaged in fakery in India, bribery in Indonesia, smears and intimidates those who challenge its interests and distorts and censors science by restricting independent research. If science is held in such high regard by the GMO agritech sector, why engage in such practices and why in the US did policy makers release GM food onto the commercial market without proper long-term tests?

Despite its claims to the contrary, the sector cannot win the scientific debate, so it resorts to co-opting key public bodies or individuals to propagate various falsehoods and deceptions. Part of the deception is based on emotional blackmail: the world needs GMOs to feed the hungry, both now and in the future. This myth has been blown apart. In fact, the organisation GRAIN highlights that GMOs have thus far have actually contributed to food insecurity!

You say:

“If agroecological approaches can currently match yield that can be attained by using modern farming methods then by all means use it.”

Why doesn’t Paterson adopt this attitude? He denigrates such alternatives, and you deem it necessary to jump to his defence by responding this way.

“But if not and my understanding is that currently it cannot, then they should not be the farming method of recommended choice at present.”

Perhaps you need to do some more reading and consult a few more UN and scientific reports.

You say that:

“No-one with any concern for humanity or the welfare of its population should currently consider any other alternative. The groups that campaign for this kind or that kind of farming method and destroy crops to try and bounce others into their point of view have lost that fundamental concern for their own species.”

Why do you persist in attacking those who clearly do have compassion? Environmental groups have not engaged in decades of massive criminality, in decades of cover ups and serious environmental pollution. You would do better by focusing on one particular leading company whose record clearly shows that it has no regard whatsoever for humanity, yet which claims it wants to ‘feed the word’ with altruistic intent.

If you really do believe in dispassionate, objective discourse, then adopt an even-handed approach. You talk so much about democracy and choice yet there is no mention whatsoever of the crimes, cover ups, and decades of environmental pollution that a certain company that forms part of the Pro-GMO lobby has been involved in.

You talk about choice and democracy but say nothing about how big agribusiness has at international and national levels captured policy making bodies to effectively impose ‘choice’ on US consumers and poorer nations and devastate local economies. Where is your condemnation? Where is your condemnation of “big list” studies and fallacious claims made by the likes of Jon Entine about safety and efficacy on the back of them? Or are your condemnations, attacks, misrepresentations and ridiculous assertions reserved for those who flag up such things?

While powerful corporations have instant access to policy makers who work closely together, ordinary people and groups have to resort to Freedom of Information legislation to ascertain what happens behind closed doors. They have to rely on whisteblowers or leaked documents or must go through the courts to gain access to studies that formed the basis of regulatory bodies’ approvals for commercial agribusiness products. And you talk to me about democracy and of how I or some campaign group have scant regard for it?

Your response is full of warm sounding notions about democracy and choice and some high-minded words about science and scientists (of course, only the science that fits your paradigm). Rhetoric, platitudes and clichés do not constitute a considered response. Projecting the Pro-GMO lobby’s deficiencies onto its critics is not valid. It’s disappointing from a scientist.

You indulge in cheap, fallacious attacks on critics, which is symptomatic of a very transparent and predictable propaganda campaign aimed at critics.

In finishing, I would like to make clear that I do not belong to any environmental or campaign group. I received no payment for the article you responded to. This is why I refer to myself as an ‘independent’ (not freelance) writer.

I wonder how many scientists can claim such a level of independence from for-profit corporate entities.

With kind regards,
Colin Todhunter


Open letter from Professor Trewavas

Dear Mr Todhunter

I read your article against GM crops (So You Want to Help Africa Mr Paterson? Then Stop Promoting Ideology and Falsehoods to Push GMOs; but I searched in vain for one small word, ‘choice’.  It seems never to enter the commentaries of Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth or WWF or the other odd environmentalist/activist groupings that appear now and again. Your claim is that Africa can do very well just on agroecology. Well, put your money where your mouth is. Buy a farm in Africa and farm it in the way that you want. But allow others to farm as they wish and if they wish to use GM crops that is their right to do so just as it yours, not to. According to you any African farmer using GM crops will be a disaster so in that case they will stop using them. If it’s not a disaster, which I suspect is what you fear most, then they will reap the benefit and perhaps persuade you in due course to farm like them. Do you want to impose your opinions on others without allowing them to make their own minds up and choose how they wish to farm?

It is an unfortunate situation that in our present world many environmentalist groups have become typically authoritarian in attitude. Greenpeace notably decides its opinions must prevail regardless of others, so it arrogates to itself the right to tear up and destroy things it doesn’t like. That is absolutely typical of people who are unable to convince others by debate and discussion and in the last century such attitudes, amplified obviously, ended up killing people that others did not like. But the same personality type the authoritarian, ‘do as I tell you’, was at the root of it all. Such groups therefore sit uneasily with countries that are democracies. It would be nice if you could say you are a democrat and believe that argument is better than destruction but argument that deals with all the facts and does not select out of those to construct a misleading program. Misleading selection of limited information is causing considerable problems in various parts of the world that leads some into very violent behavior, particularly in religious belief. I am sure you agree that this is not a good way forward.

There is a consensus amongst scientists, at least those that have made themselves aware of all reasonable scientific facts, that GM is both safe for consumption and with appropriate regulations for the environment too. Do you agree with that consensus or not? There is another scientific consensus over climate change that is impelling governments to take action. The consensus over GM food safety is stronger amongst scientists than that over climate change, according to a current survey. I assume you accept the one over climate change, most do. But science and scientific fact is not a pick and mix situation, if you accept a scientific consensus on one than you have to accept it for the other. I am sure you will be aware that there are minorities of scientists, different in both cases, that object to both. But I have found that those that do object to the consensus on GM crops always fail to provide an acceptable balance of information in their objections. They select out only the very limited data they consider supports their view and neglect everything else that does not. That is not science that can be used to construct policy. It’s like claiming flying is unsafe because several planes a year crash whilst ignoring the hundreds of thousands every day that haven’t. If you want unbiased information on GM crops go to the many university personnel who can provide it for you. But please do not quote the so obviously-biased publication which you have, as though it were scientific fact.

Most objectors in this area have a political program not a scientific one but they like to bend science to their own political point of view. Science is by its nature not politics or political propaganda or anything like it. It deals with evidence not superstition, or political or social philosophies. If you have a political program then please stop trying to justify it by claiming it has scientific support; it does not.

All human activities have costs and benefits, that will include agroecological approaches that you apparently favor, but at the start both costs and benefits have to be drawn up to see what is appropriate to the particular circumstance. Given the rapidly increasing African population I would say that currently yield is crucial but that can change just as farming methods are changing in Europe towards increasing environmental concerns. Farming methods that do both such as no-till or integrated farm management currently offer the best compromise. Malawi, I understand, subsidizes minerals for crop growth and has turned the country from a food importer into a food exporter. That seems an excellent approach at present to solve a pressing problem.

If agroecological approaches can currently match yield that can be attained by using modern farming methods then by all means use it. But if not and my understanding is that currently it cannot, then they should not be the farming method of recommended choice at present.

When Africa has got its population increases under control and producing sufficient to feed everybody then alternatives like agroecology may come to the fore. No-one with any concern for humanity or the welfare of its population should currently consider any other alternative. The groups that campaign for this kind or that kind of farming method and destroy crops to try and bounce others into their point of view have lost that fundamental concern for their own species.

I am not dogmatic about the methods that farmers use since I consider that decision is the province of individual farmers themselves. Whatever their choice is their right in the framework of their country but they must be allowed to make that decision in full knowledge of all the scientific information and advice, not the tiny amount available to support alternative points of view. That is the nature of every democracy that I hope all will finally live under.

Good science is not set in stone or concrete, the current view on GM crops is simply based on the wealth of the factual and reproducible evidence that all good scientists recognize. But if the evidence indicates change then scientists change with it. Why not join those whose job it is to provide farmers and the populace with unbiased evidence constructed by independent university personnel? You have nothing to lose but the constraints of closed thinking and everything to gain that comes from reasoned and open scientific debate.

With my best wishes
Professor Tony Trewavas FRS
University of Edinburgh


About the author: Colin Todhunter

Originally from the northwest of England, Colin Todhunter has spent many years in India. He has written extensively for the Bangalore-based Deccan Herald, New Indian Express and Morning Star (Britain). His articles have also appeared in many other newspapers, journals and books. Visit his East by Northwest site.


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buddha thoughts 460

March 16, 2014 | Mary Carmel (TLB)

I was going to write an article today, ranting and raving as I usually do. I could not keep up, as many often experience, with the global events, being hurled at us every minute!  I have come to the conclusion, that the time for warning people has long run out, and that we are either conscious or not to evolve into the people we are meant to be, not the ones the matrix has instructed us to be. Can you remember who you were? Before the illusion that society blindsighted you with took control? Before they told you who to be?

Inspiration for the art, music, science etc, to emerge from our collective innocent minds, before it was all tainted by the puppet masters that are even quoted to say “Do not give me thinkers, give me workers.”  Yes, you remember!  It is a miracle that we even had the strength to become successful at anything, fulfilling these accomplishments under the oppression that we face, generation after generation. I feel the exhaustion!  Rebounding time after time, from the physical trauma of the free spirit, it is a wonder any of us have an immune system left! (A quote from my wonderful physician and friend after all of these years).

The miracle of this, is exactly what we need to tap into, in order to survive current the assault on humanity that has pumped up the volume so to speak. We now know a lot more about the deception, and of course, the decades of this premeditated murder the elite have perpetrated around the globe, just because they refuse to share the planet. I must say they must be fatigued as well, for I can see more people awakening to it everyday. Believe me, they are afraid of us, we are pesky insects to them, and they feel the itch, from each bite we take daily.We need to increase the amount of their discomfort, they are on our turf, not the other way around. This is the reality, the law of the land has been perverted.

When you are faced with a problem, and you do not like what is happening, it creates negative thoughts, worry, and even sickness. The only real solution is to change what you see! Change they way your body responds to it all! The way to do this, is to take action of course, but where does the action come from? Your THOUGHTS! We have been fully equipped with something so powerful, what on earth makes someone else more deserving than us in this arena? That answer is nothing, absolutely nothing at all.

So it being the weekend, I will not rant to my readers here, yet I will tell all of you to pat yourself on the back, for surviving it! I am cutting mankind slack for getting through this yes, but do not  get me wrong. Never forget how we got here.

We face such turbulent times (and that is an understatement), but do not lose yourselves in the guilt process, of how we let this happen and try loving yourselves enough to  take action now. Change those thoughts that are making you angry, depressed, or afraid. It is contagious! As well, do not sweep the joy and happiness we all desire and deserve, under the carpet. It is a daily task to maintain your thought process in a positive way, just as it is trying to slither through the grip of the bad stuff. The latter is actually much more painful and tiresome. They will  never change, so it is only logical that we as a whole must take the reign of freedom back. It is essential to stop seeing ourselves in a state of servitude that was inherited without our consent or knowledge.

I would like to thank all of you out there, fellow humanity, for fighting each day, despite which state of mind you are in. This is not a contest, it is about evolving toward the best of your capabilities, and if you are “awakened”, please share. The one thing that we have over the puppet masters is a view from the other side. They seemingly, through their wealth and superiority, do not have the gift of sharing. Oh well, poor them…Let us proceed with taking back our liberties and start packing our “just as superior brains” when we face the day!

Conclusion: It is time to change our thoughts as our forefathers once did, slamming the door on a world of tyranny and opening another to a new age. It changed the world indeed! They left us an ironclad document and a tough act to follow, but I remain positive. There is another generation we are responsible for. It is time to dust ourselves off, and kick some serious ass.

“We are what we think. all that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world”…. Buddha 


Our leaders are not the real cause of the problem, they are just puppets in a fake reality show. The control system is like a parasite, a mental virus that has taken over the physical reality and has installed its machines (government, military, police, religion, etc.) to keep control of it. Deceit, lies and Illusions are the cause of the problem.

Our Purpose is to help liberate the consciousness of mankind by touching the hearts and minds of ordinary people around the world to create a revolution of the mind and a vision of a new reality for all of us. Although the control system and its masters have commandeered the shared mental arena we call reality to suit the needs of a few rather than serve the many, we need to fully understand that it is first created in the mind. As Einstein said, “We cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that was used to create it.”

So we must use another instrument to create a revolution; our minds, or rather, our collective minds. To change the shared reality, we need first change our collective mind and remove the virus at its source. It is in our mind where the revolution must begin.

Wars, Terrorism, Financial Crisis, Political Corruption, Banking Fraud, Conspiracies, Scams, Protests, Drugs, Bombings, Hunger, Poverty, Catastrophes, Frauds, Scandals, Economic Instability, Environmental Disasters, etc. and our leaders offer no plausible reasons why, they just seem to ignore the questions and whatever solutions they offer never seem to work and everything just seems to be getting worse! Those kinds of leaders that lead us into wars that kill, maim and destroy in the name of peace, in the name of religion, in the name of politics, in the name of profit and expansion and then make movies to celebrate it!

Our current leaders allow the raping of our earth resources as fast as we can to make it into stuff we don’t really need, all in the name of economic growth, spend $1.7 trillion globally on wars we don’t need when world hunger can be eradicated for $135 billion, lead us into financial suicide, economic insanity and bureaucratic madness in the name of capitalism and economics, and say whatever you want to hear in order to get into power with no intention of ever keeping their promises all in the name of politics! Meanwhile, we see the rich get richer, their insane amounts of wealth completely unaffected by any of it. The cause of the problem is that we are being lied to, deceived and manipulated into believing in illusions that benefit only a select few and not the rest of us.

They didn’t just appear, it goes back a long way into the history of mankind. They have always been here controlling and manipulating humanity, ruling and taking everything for themselves and their offspring who continue the bloodline. We hear many theories as to who they really are such as Biblical bloodlines, alien interference, divine rights of God(s), genetic manipulation, human hybrids, and reptilians. Their identity is in our history. You will know them as the ruling class, the elite, monarchs, the pope and other heads of religions, the privileged and aristocracy, the super rich, the Nazis, the rulers of empires, the old world order. They are the heartless and selfish psychopaths that sit behind a control system that they have constructed to keep you blind and enslaved to their rules.

They control us by controlling belief and perception. Because when you control belief then you control people! And when you control perception, you control how people think! They hack into our collective consciousness. They hijack the shared mental arena we call reality and subliminally plant their lies, deceptions, and illusions to create false belief and perception. You might think you have control over your mind and that’s exactly how you are supposed to think. They use the control system they have constructed to manipulate our minds just like a hypnotist and they have a number of control mechanisms and tools to do it like the Media, Religion, Politics, Authority, Economics, Education, Health System, Global Corporations, Sports, Movies, Pop Music, Fashion, and Technology. These tools direct the way we perceive and view the world and what we believe to be true. They use subversive psychology to control our behavior in a ‘Divide and Conquer’ scenario. They set us against each other, supporting both sides, owning the winners and controlling the losers! So, what is the solution?

*See entire video for the rest of the message….

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The American depressive narrative of fear… and our human salvation: Truth and Liberty….


We are what we make ourselves to be … Photo by Ken LaRive 1973

Read part one here: The Unlikely One World Order Of Black-Ideology (Part One)

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

Once, in the company of lawyers, while having a bang-bang shrimp and Pimm’s Cup, they concurred: “Watch what you tell your doctor. It is a permanent record. Big Pharmacy wrote Obama Care.” They laughed, “Well, their lawyers did.”

Last month I wrote about experiences I had going to a Veteran’s Administration Nutritionist, and how, along the approved path to her office was asked four times if I thought I had PTSD. That seems the push of the month there, and one must ask the question why. Here is the link to my thoughts.

Most every person paying attention will feel something akin to depression when reflecting on the state of America today. If government sees PTSD and depression as an excuse to take away second amendment rights for a select few, the ammunition for that is found in the Veteran’s Administration. Even a diminutive study of so-called MED sites will show the complexity of this issue, and how misunderstood it is generally. There are no concise reasons so many American’s suffer from this most debilitating mental disorder, and the question as to why some people seem unaffected by trauma and others do not, begs a resolution. Before I finish this essay I will attempt, with my limited ability, an answer….

Seems the idea of depression is both complicated and convoluted, and finding verifiable statistics on this matter impossible from one site to another. Every page has its own reason to exist, and is under someone’s promotional thumb. A new form of designer vitamin, drug therapy from a new perspective to corner a market, and most all agendas are based on some form of conjecture, a hypothesis, or speculative point of view, and like everything in this world of men, the true reason is money, a black bottom line. That is the primary reason… and what I call a black-ideology. The following paragraph is a typical on-line MED take on PTSD and depression…

“Depression is one of the most commonly occurring disorders in PTSD. In fact, it has been found that among people who have or have had a diagnosis of PTSD, approximately 48% also had current or past depression. People who have had PTSD at some point in their life are almost 7 times as likely as people without PTSD to also have depression. Another study found that 44.5% of people with PTSD one month after experiencing a traumatic event also had a diagnosis of depression.”

Are they two different animals?

Note here that they are alluding that PTSD and depression are two different entities, and that they sometimes coexist. Can one have PTSD and not show signs of depression? Seems so, according to this site, but not all concur. On other sites PTSD and depression are discussed to be one and the same… that PTSD is a form of depression. Isn’t a concise definition needed? Yes, but the reason it isn’t is simple. The more complex an issue, the more lucrative it becomes. Make a cure lucrative, and you will have that cure tomorrow.

Yes, this issue is complicated. I’m sure it varies depending on the temperament of the person, and the severity of the trauma. But that just scratches the surface of how difficult it is to define. As I’ve been taught, usually the simplest definition is the most accurate, and this issue is the same… Note here, that we have had a singular idea instilled in our minds from early childhood, from our education and social development all the way to boot camp and business, and it is this: Depression primarily comes from a person’s inability to take responsibility for his own life. It manifests itself when a person is presented with a challenging situation and they can find no solution. Depression comes from what we can not control, and then there is a realization that digs a deeper hole for them, floundering in a self-made world of hopelessness and fear, and that little or nothing in this life has any guarantee. It is a game of toss, a competitive reality, though many would deny it. It is an illusion, as most of life is… but this is opposed to Western thought… And it is not much of a revelation to most, as this idea is found in the mind of most every man and woman in America… and that depression actually suppresses our survival instincts… Some saying even our immune system…

Let me put it another way, so it might hit home…

All of us, to the very last person, has at time felt the lash of depression. Some are frozen to inaction, and some struggle to move past it. Although the study of this phenomena is extensive, the primary reason for its amazing power over us are most always the same. It becomes manifest in our lives because of what we find, subconsciously or consciously, that we can not control. When we can not find truth, we can not make a viable decision…. and depression takes hold, to fill that void. And this eats at every thinking person to the very quick. What can be more unsettling but to listen to a person of authority, and know emphatically they are lying, or only promoting their agenda, without regard for the dynamic and empowering revelation called truth. Of all of the primary working motivators used as propaganda, nothing has more ability to coerce than the element of fear, and that is why we have been in alert mode since FDR, and why we have had one war after another since WW2. The promotion of fear is very lucrative… History tells us that before WW1 and 2, American sentiment was not to get involved… But we were forced, and after WW2 we have been in one military action after another. What has changed? No, American sentiment is the same, peace and love, and men are blindly voted in promising us the moon, but we soon forget even the promise… Because life goes on, bam, bam, bam! So very optimistic! Next time, we will try again next time…

All of us have known fear. Originally, our Republic based on Law was designed so that we could revel in our differences. Our founders abhorred Church-State, and did everything in their power to protect us from that. No matter what religion, race, or political point of view one might have, one primary element could link us to a common cause, a common denominator, our Constitution. Moments after ratification and the signing of our precious documents, there were those who plotted its undoing. I say this with the strongest voice I can muster, as the very reason for the unraveling of our society, the depressive, lethargic, immoral, and condescension of our children, and society as a whole… as all of it stems from the destruction of our constitutional form of law. In the vacuum of truth, the void needs to be filled, and manipulative propaganda pours in from a top-heavy government who vies to be everything we need from cradle to grave. In the process, we feel depressed, because we are slaves to an out of control system, when our very nature as human beings is to be just the opposite, Libertarians.

Thoughts on Liberty

America is not dead as long as one person has an understanding of the word Liberty. And yet, the word is not understood. Some think the word freedom and Liberty have the same meaning. They are not, in any way. You see, we are not in the freedom movement, but the Liberty Movement. It is up to you to answer that question, you see? It is your responsibility to answer that, not mine. The key is responsibility. You are responsible for your life, and nothing else…

“All we have to fear is fear itself.” Is that true?

We are now in what can only be described as a global community. It pivots around a central concept found on a mint-green spread sheet, a balance of debt and assets. It is, in its finality, the giver of both Liberty (God given) and Slavery (man-given), as designed by those who control the monetary system. Since 1913, that has been the Federal Reserve System. There is a reason why, an emphatic reason hard to conceive or realize, that all Federal Reserve Chairmen are Zionist Jews. They have more power then our own congress, and the reason for this I will describe in part three… Know this, and you can feel it in your chest too… This entity is so powerful, just saying this out loud fills most with fear. Fear, the greatest of all manipulating forces… And while we fear, our country is being sold to international corporations, our gold is gone, and trillions have been stolen from the the Pentagon. There is a reason building seven had to come down… and why we are now 18.3 trillion in debt. Yes, it is a daunting proposition, and responsible for our depressive state of affairs. What changes could you have personally wrought with two trillion dollars created out of thin air, electronically transferred and unaccountable? The Federal Reserve is not an American institution, but something separate… There is nothing Federal about it, and they are not supposed to have any reserve. Power corrupts, the control of money corrupts, and yet we are told to trust the system. What have we become?

“If we define an American as one who in case of conflict puts money and power ahead of human beings, then there are undoubtedly several million fascists in the United States.” Henry A Wallace quotes

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