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By Author & TLB Contributor: Duke Lakeland

America needs help!  Financial instability, fighting factions, corporate greed, irresponsible Congress, etc.  Have you tried to influence politics but failed at it?  Maybe you did contact your members of Congress and got no joy – then gave up.  Have you at least been able to help things at a local level?

We have to get control of the federal government which is spiraling out of control by stopping the things that aren’t working to our benefit and change to things that will benefit us all.  First comes understanding – then comes action!

There is a group that is sucking the life out of this country that is behind the fighting, the racial strife, the corporations buying up Congress, struggling to make ends meet, an inadequate minimum wage, financial bubbles and bursts, etc. The people in this group appear to have no allegiance to any country and especially none to the common man.

However, the other part of the equation has to do with citizen participation.  Do you know people who complain about the way things are going but don’t do anything about it?  Have you ever done that yourself?

There is an old military tactic – DIVIDE AND CONQUER.  If an army could splinter up its enemy and get the splinter groups fighting within their own ranks, the splinter groups could be picked off one by one until they were completely conquered.

The first task is to find out who is really pulling the strings.

If we just fight among ourselves, we won’t make it.  We have to expose and cut off the head of the snake.  We need to expose the head of the snake – the one group that pushes all the other agendas on us.  It doesn’t matter if you are Left or Right, Democrat or Republican, old or young, we all need to work together to get rid of this group from our country because nothing will get fixed until that happens.

Every day the federal government runs up debt that our children and grandchildren are going to have to pay.  There won’t be enough money to pay this debt, so they will have to pay with their homes, their jobs, their future.  They are rapidly becoming slaves to this debt and it’s not fair to them.  Those who stand to benefit from this are the group I mentioned above.  They are pushing their agenda in the halls of Congress with millions and even billions of stolen dollars.

With understanding comes hope, with hope comes action.  We cannot leave it up to our children and grandchildren to fight the snake alone and unarmed.  We all need to work together to fix this now.  If we do this, we will be able to create a new civilization that will outshine anything we have ever seen in the history of Earth.


Now lets get a little more specific …

The Truth Behind the Veil: (or Dig Deep – Your Life May Depend On It)

For anything broken to be fixed, one must know the truth. Lies and false statistics will give you wrong answers.

Yes our country is in trouble. Let’s look at Washington, D.C. and what is passing for politics there. The federal government is in free-fall. This would be the time to know exactly what the altitude of the plane is, how fast it is falling, whom we could talk to who had been in this predicament before and gotten out of it, etc. Unfortunately, the experts who really know what they are talking about are being laughed at or ignored.

You have to look under the veil. If you don’t, you will miss the big picture. Here are some of the areas that the federal politicians have put behind a veil:

Unemployment Rate: On the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, it shows that unemployment peaked at 10% in 2009 and has gradually gone down to 5.5% as of March of 2015. Searching on the internet, I came across an article that was in Forbes. According to this article, as of August 2014 when the rate was being reported as 6.1%, the rate was really 12.6% if you took all factors into consideration. Some of those factors are that the lower rate is computed by removing all people from the list who have run out of unemployment benefits and doesn’t take into consideration people able to find only part-time work.

Social Security Trust Fund. A “fund” is an account with cash in it put aside to be available when needed later. “Trust” means someone is in charge who will protect it. We are told that the Social Security Trust Fund has $2.6 trillion in it which will run out of money in 2033. Looking a little deeper into that we find that ALL THE MONEY HAS BEEN SPENT, probably by Congress, and it has been replaced with IOUs called U.S. bonds. All those bonds have to be replaced with current revenues. Looking a little deeper we discover that our members of Congress are not themselves covered by Social Security – they have a cushy retirement plan that pays them their entire salary for life, even when they are voted out of office.

Our Money System. Our money is controlled by the Federal Reserve System (the “Fed”), which is not part of the federal government even though a lot of people think that because of the word “Federal.” They are said to be able to control booms and busts, making them less extreme, but in reality they make them 10 times worse that if they stayed out of it altogether. The people running the Fed pretend to have divine inspiration when it comes to our money, interest rates, the economy, and promote the propaganda that they should be allowed to act in secrecy so that they are not influenced by politics. The banking and finance industry gives millions of dollars to Congressional elections. So do large corporations, but a lot of these corporations are really owned by the big banks. They are the plutocracy (“rule by the super wealthy”) manipulating us behind the scenes.

The above are just 3 examples among many others of the lies and half-lies coming out of the mouths of our government officials.

Duke LakelandI wrote my book Divided We Are Falling But United We Can Stand! to clear up confusion in the area of politics by defining the words so we will all be on the same page, giving examples of how good people are duped into believing propaganda and how you can see the men behind the curtain who are pulling the levers.

The book is more than an exposé – it is your guide to learn how to look behind the veil.

Read this book and recommend it to others. We have an election coming up next year and we all need to be as educated as possible so that we can make the right choices in that for the future of America.


Duke Lakeland 2

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Please visit Duke at his website for more pertinent information concerning his book.


Income Tax

By TLB Contributor: Robin Koerner

I have just paid my biggest bill of the year. The invoice was for a cool 9% of my entire annual income – or my “Adjusted Gross Income” (AGI) as it appears on my tax returns, which have just been filed. And that invoice was from my accountant who just filed them for me.

I have a pretty modest income – so modest, in fact, that my AGI is of the order of a half of the median household income across the United States – the kind of income that triggers significant subsidies under the Affordable Care Act. Even the “top line” of my income falls short of that median: so it’s not as if I’m earning loads and deducting huge amounts.

My financial life last year was pretty simple: my earnings derived from a modest real estate portfolio and some freelance/consulting work. My income is earned through my small business, which, for those who know about these things, is an S-corporation. I have no employees. I do no payroll.

Yet, I have just paid my accountant more than a month’s worth of income to complete my tax returns.

How many pages of tax returns do you think that I, a single individual, and my S-corporation (a small business) had to file, bearing in mind the small amount of income in question?

Frankly, there’s no good reason the answer is not one or two. But you already know the answer is more than that, don’t you?

Ten? Try again.

Twenty? Keep going.

Surely not 50?

You’re still not close.

Did I hear you say 100 – you’re going for three digits now? Wow.

Still not there.

The answer, my fellow American tax victims, is 149.

Just take a moment to absorb that. A sub median-earning American taxpayer, engaged in simple business activities, has a 149 page tax return. And if he doesn’t get it right, his error is punishable. Of that 149, about 100 go to the Feds.

Completing 149 pages of tax forms/schedules/supporting statements is a lot of work. And I know exactly how much it is, because of that big invoice from the accountant that I already mentioned.

It’s $2000 of work – my aforementioned largest bill of the year. And it’s $2000 of work I in no way could have done myself.

I’m no high school drop-out. I have a first class degree in physics from one of the best universities in the world. I like numbers. I like logic. I like intellectual rigor. I even have a nerdy love of spreadsheets (which tells me, for example, exactly how much I spent on groceries this month five years ago ($173.41, as it happens. I’m low-maintenance)).

But I could not reverse engineer those 149 pages of tax returns if my life depended on it. And I would defy anyone without a CPA qualification to be able to do so.

I have no complaint about my accountant, who provided very good service this year, but even he couldn’t get it right first time. As I type this article, I am awaiting “corrected” state returns (which are no shorter).

Moreover, as any small businessman knows, my accountant can only generate those 149 pages of returns after I have compiled all the necessary numbers and data in neat spreadsheets, nicely itemized and comprehensively annotated (two or three days’ work, right there, perhaps?). I know for sure that most tax payers are not as proficient with Excel as I am – so my accountants have an easy time of it with me. (He even told me so.)

Here’s the reality of the American tax system for modestly earning individuals who run small businesses:

My government has put me in a position where I must either pay 9% of my income to a professional just to enable me to avoid punishment, asset garnishment and even imprisonment. Supposedly, I can “do my own taxes”, but that is a joke. No one who has not gone to school for it could accurately complete those 149 pages with any honest degree of confidence – and I don’t care what software he’s using. Moreover, even if it were do-able, the time taken to learn how to do it and then do it properly would be measured in weeks, not hours. And we don’t get to invoice the IRS for our time.

Look in wonder, America, at the most regressive aspect of any taxation system in the world – its utter complexity to the point of Kafkaesque absurdity. And if you think it must be like that, literally a few days ago, the British chancellor announced the abolition of the annual tax return in the United Kingdom.

Can anyone, conservative or progressive, justify the need for self-employed individual to spend 9 percent of his income just to remain a free citizen in good standing or, should he not have the money to spare, to go to school to navigate his way through whichever of the 74,000 pages of the tax code apply to him?

If the tax code were sufficiently sensible that I could do my own taxes (which, as someone who likes money, spreadsheets and math, I’d be very happy to do), I could have paid the Feds double my actual tax bill – and still have been a thousand dollars better off on the money I’d have saved on tax preparation. Relative to the current situation, both I and the country would have been significantly better off.

It is established Constitutional Law (by Supreme Court precedent), basic morality and simple common sense that the government may not place an undue burden on a fundamental right – such as the right to stay out of prison even if one doesn’t have an accounting degree and the right not be forced to expend one’s property on anything other than actual taxes owed.

To quantify the absurdity, here’s a comparison I’ve never seen made before.

In the course of a year, my assets and non-business activities generate nine times as much tax (in the form chiefly of property taxes and sales taxes), as my end-of-year check to the IRS. The cost to me of compliance on that first nine-tenths of my tax burden is zero, while the cost to me of compliance with the other one tenth is about double the amount I actually owe.

You really can’t make it up.

Let me offer these thoughts, then, not as an article, but as an open letter to our government, the IRS and any Constitutional attorneys out there.

To the government, I am notifying you of the undue burden that you are placing on law-abiding citizens whose income, it happens, is deemed by recent legislation to be sufficiently modest that it wishes to subsidize my healthcare: the cost of this undue burden more than cancels out all such subsidies.

To the IRS, I ask this question. What will you do if I save my $2000 in preparation fees, pay you 50% more than I did this year, and I don’t complete those forms? A bonus to me of doing this would be that I don’t have to lie any more. Because we all know that you are forcing me to lie when I sign that paper saying “I declare that I have examined a copy of my electronic individual income tax return and accompanying schedules and statements for the tax year ending December 31, 2014, and to the best of my knowledge and belief, it is true, correct, and complete.”

… The real truth is that, “to the best of my knowledge and belief”, no person who is not trained, certified and engaged in daily work in the business of tax preparation, could possibly expect that he could generate a correct 149 pages of this stuff – regardless of how well he tried. And, moreover, the fact that he cannot is exactly why he can’t be expected to vouch for the work of the accountants whom he’d not have to hire if he did understand what on earth was going on in the first place.

Finally, and most importantly – to any Constitutional attorney: I can’t pay you (see above), but I have a tax return that will make your eyes bleed. Get me in front of a jury or, better yet, the Supreme Court, and let us ask 12 or nine reasonable people if the burden of completing this particular tax return – a requirement I must meet to retain my liberty and my property – is reasonable or not. And if just one of the jury or bench believes that a reasonably educated person could accurately complete my tax return in a reasonable period, I’ll be happily defeated – as long as he shows me how.

Otherwise, use me as a legal guinea pig to pull down this entire rotten structure that turns good people into unwilling law breakers or liars of both, reserving its very worst for those of us on modest means who wish to rise in the spirit of the American Dream, which our government and its agents seem all too willing to crush.

Our tax code is so complex that people our government deems too poor to buy their own health insurance must fork over nearly a tenth of their income just to comply with it. I cannot be the only one.
If I could reasonably compute my own tax – and it’s a matter of common law, surely, that a typical citizen must reasonably be able to meet all impositions of the state by his own means – I’d willingly pay double my current income tax because of all the money I’d save on compliance: I’d save enough to visit my family in England twice in a year; I’d save almost my entire year’s grocery bill; I’d save the cost of the roof over my head for two months.

I can afford my tax bill. I just cannot afford to calculate it. And as you can see from my short list, the complexity of this calculation has a very real impact on my life.

This complexity of our Federal tax system is crushingly regressive; it is impoverishing, and it is morally indefensible.

Simplifying the tax code would be simply the most immediately effective, progressive and moral low-hanging fruit Congress could pick. More importantly, the Constitutional requirement of not attaching undue burdens to our fundamental rights – whose protection, according to our Declaration of Independence, is the very justification of the existence of the state – legally and morally demands it.


TLB recommends you visit Ben Swann  for more pertinent articles and information.

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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

I am a baby-boomer and grew up in the peak of the cold war. What we face today from the angry bear is magnitudes more dangerous than anything I ever saw in my youth.

Having spent most of my adult life in the military, or working for the Military Industrial Complex (facilitating Department of Defense contracts during this dangerous time-frame), makes me eminently qualified to voice my strong and growing concerns.

Today as Americans, we hear more and more about evil Russia. The Russians are brutally invading Ukraine and Crimea … REALLY? These nations mentioned are close neighbors of Russia, contain many Russian citizens from the old Soviet Union, and regional struggles have raged there for centuries, now spurred on by Neocon interference from the USA and NATO.

But no mention is made of American imperialism across thousands of miles, and oceans, separated from our safe country, where the massive US and NATO military machine attacks or invades sovereign nations at will, and topples governments resulting in decades of perpetual war and millions dead.








These sovereign nations are MUCH closer to Russia’s backyard than Americas by a huge margin!

NEWS FLASH: Russia, due to the above track record, DOES see this as a massive encroachment into its immediate sphere of influence (especially Ukraine), and an eminent threat existing as close as its very borders. The Russian bear is spooked and prepares for all out war with the USA, NATO and western powers. Russia (having learned painful lessons from history) will do whatever is necessary to “protect itself”.

Question … How would the USA react if Russia invaded and brutally occupied Canada or Mexico … ???

Of course to hear it told NONE of this is the fault of NATO, the western powers and the USA … We didn’t start it … we don’t want it … it’s all the fault of those evil, power hungry Russians and Putin’s Aggression.

This is the story We the People are being fed daily. Well WAKE UP because we are being (no big surprise here for those of us who are aware) LIED to !!!

Via a mechanism called “Selective Cooperation” (the USA and her minion nations take, and Russia gives), the USA has embarked on a path of subjugating Russia in the same fashion we and the Allied powers subjugated Germany and Japan after WWII.

Since the early 1990’s the USA and NATO have treated the fall of the Iron Curtain, and end of the Cold War with the USSR in the same fashion they treated the Axis powers they defeated … and to the victors go the spoils! Corporate carpetbaggers and cabals have inundated Russia with corruption and graft.

We are intentionally devaluing their currency, isolating their energy industry and challenging their regional leadership. The Russian people are suffering as a result of all this and more. This could not be more wrong or dangerous.

You don’t take a mother bears cub, you don’t sneak up on a wild bear, and you certainly DON’T kick a bear in the genitals just to see what happens! Because the end result of all three will always be an angry and seriously dangerous bear willing to fight to the death to protect themselves and their own!

Russia to this day still boast a very modern, sizable and powerful military. Its fleet still contains many of the worlds best submarines capable of delivering almost unhindered, both nuclear ballistic and cruise missiles to the heart of the American homeland. Their land based nuclear missiles outnumber their counterparts in western countries, with most NATO countries being right on their front doorstep, well within rapid striking distance. Their army is large and well equip to take on all comers. This bear has strong teeth, sharp claws and massive strength to call on.

Anyone knowing anything about Russian tenacity in the face of attack or invasion, who truly believes they will tolerate a limited strike and then roll over is an IDIOT (ask Hitler) … It has never happened and never will. When the first shot is fired … Russia is ALL IN and God have mercy on our miserable souls!

Please remember America (including Pearl Harbor) has never suffered a massive hostile invasion killing tens of millions, protecting our homeland … but the Russians have, and retain a strong collective memory of this sacrifice. Do you honestly believe they will not offer up that sacrifice again? Would Americans (who have never experienced this scenario) have the strength or testicular fortitude to match their Russian counterparts?

Today we stand on the precipice of WW III … and this is by no means a stretch of the imagination in any fashion. There will be no winner of this war! A vast majority of humanity will very likely be slammed back to the stone-age, and Russia will more than hold her own militarily. America as we know it will be reduced to ashes and our children (if they survive at all) will inherit a savage and untenable planet.

I will not waste my time or yours arguing the finer points of who is right or wrong … IT DOES NOT MATTER and there is always enough blame to go around. Arguing is senseless when the very survival of humanity hangs in a very precarious balance. The only thing that matters is …


TLB would like to thank Contributor and Partner Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show for bringing the below video to our attention. Watch and listen … then get off your dead ass and speak out, for yourself, your children, the survival of America and quite possibly humanity!

This is no joke, no lie, no exaggeration, and no time to hide under a rock … This could very well be the closest we have ever come to the total destruction of humanity, and these insane Neocons who believe attacking Russia, or backing her into a corner far enough she feels she must strike first, is winnable …



Noted Russian expert,  Stephen Cohen says that Russia and NATO are closer to war than at anytime since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Cohen feels that both sides are acting in a reckless manner. His speech on the subject is to the point and very damning. Please take the time to watch this … It may quite possibly be the most important thing you have seen in a very long time!

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We The Peoples Conscience … On Life Support

Boiling Frog

By: Zen Gardner

To continue sleepwalking once someone knows the truth is not ignorance, it’s madness, as David Icke so aptly said. Anyone looking for happiness and fulfillment while helping to build a better world has plenty of options. But sitting still and just gazing at the oncoming storm, no matter how much you know about it, isn’t one of them.

To be able to describe something and think you understand it isn’t the grand finale. It’s responding to what the information is telling you to do that matters. Do you literally have to wait for the bulldozer, as so poignantly put in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy after you found out certain disaster was coming?

Again, that’s madness.

Granted, the effects of what’s coming will be felt worldwide so at the very least we need to make preparations where we are or in some better location. Not in fear, but in informed wisdom. But I have a hard time understanding anyone who doesn’t have the sense of urgency to put everything in motion that they’re being shown needs to be done. Once we make that decision and work towards the right direction a wonderful peace comes over us, and there will be plenty more to learn and do each step of the way.

There’s really no standing still once you begin to answer the call. Yes, there’s a wonderful stillness and confident knowing in spirit that are our ever present strength and refuge, but that doesn’t mean we do nothing when so many need encouragement, empowering information, resources and even awakening motivation.


Taking Action Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Relocating – But It Might

I get a lot of criticism for encouraging people to leave the US. I realize not everyone is able to do it, but for me I put feet to my convictions about what’s happening there and I’m glad I did. The relief from the bombarding influences there is immeasurable. Besides, it’s already more difficult to travel and get passports now as I warned, all while jumping through mounting surveillance, security checks, and impromptu requirements and shake downs at the whim of the metastasizing police state.

Why do you suppose they’re doing all of that?

Sure it’s ultimately more control, but why restrict travel or crossing borders, which we’ll be seeing more and more of? Yes, they want more money at every turn which is partially why they’re flagging anyone owing the IRS anything, but they also want to do the same to people with any outstanding debts. And pray tell how many people don’t have debt. The whole system is built on it.

It’s entrapment, because the mounting tide of awake Americans is one of their biggest threats.

If you have a roomful of cockroaches you need to exterminate, what do you do? Close the doors and windows so they can’t escape to another part of the house, and then most people will spray the hell out of them. Sound familiar? Check your skies, and food and water for that matter.

That’s how we’re viewed by the dark overlords, as pests. And America is enemy #1 to them, with the UK, Canada and Australia not far behind. The American entity that once stood for freedom must be weakened, dismantled and vastly depopulated, all while socially and genetically mutating the remainder of the species into an unquestioning transhumanized work force kept in carefully guarded and monitored city centers. This widely known plan is worldwide but some places are going to be way safer than others in the near future, and in fact they already are.


The California Drought Example

It’s said California only has one year of water left. While we know that situation has been brought on deliberately via geoengineering, fracking, massive bottling operations and host of other insanities, that’s 10% of the US population facing real peril, as well as almost half of the country’s fruit and vegetable production.

Where’s everyone going to go? Do you think they’ll just sit there and wait for FEMA trucks to bring water, and food? No doubt many will for various misguided reasons. But would you just sit there until your home is worth nothing and you have to flee with whatever you can fit in your car? And to where? And if you don’t think the government will go full on fascist during such a time and heavily restrict travel, look up the dust bowl disaster in the US and how those escaping starvation conditions weren’t even allowed INTO California where there was plenty for all.

This time they’ll no doubt make FEMA camps and even prison life look attractive with food, water and accommodations as they attract a free incarcerated labor force like so many have done in other totalitarian regimes. Some serious things to think about.

The Pizza Oven Dream

A many years ago I had a striking dream that woke me up out of a sound sleep. I was watching someone standing in front of a pizza oven in a dazed, transfixed state. He was a typical youngish overweight American just staring at the oven fire from about 4 feet away. But the fire was growing, steadily. And as it did he didn’t move. He was totally fixated into such a state he couldn’t even feel the heat.

As the fire grew in intensity I could see his flesh literally starting to cook. And he still didn’t flinch. At this point I was screaming at him at the top of my lungs imploring him to get out of there, and still nothing. The scene so horrified me it woke me up as I was screaming.

I was living in Southern California near the beach at the time and we were getting chemtrailed something fierce everyday. While I had my windows rolled up, air filters running and the air-con on recycle as I did on spray days, I was always befuddled and horrified by the hundreds of joggers, bikers and surfers I drove by with my windows up each day who were completely ignorant of their demise under their poisonous chemical skies.

This vivid dream was an expression of how I feel watching this horrific reality play out on the benumbed, completely unsuspecting masses, and quite appropriate for what I’m attempting to communicate here.


Answers – Inform Others and Build Community

Getting in touch with others doesn’t have to wait for anything, wherever we are. Now is the time to connect and meet up with like minded folks wanting to take appropriate action. This should be done as locally as possible – or else move to where there is an active and awake area or community you can be part of. That is, if you’re serious about what you have found out about the ensnaring world around you. If it’s just a semi-amusing side interest this probably won’t even affect you.

But it should.

Food freedom is essential for the days to come, as well as having a reliable water supply. But even more important is having a good support network of caring and capable people with similar outlooks and real spiritual insight and understandings.

And by the way, these types of groups and communities are all over the world and very awake as well as helpful to people expatriating from other countries.

One of the good spin offs of trying times is that it drives humanity to be resourceful and get back to more natural ways of living. As we connect to the earth and each other wonderful things happen. The ultimate solution is to live and build the world we want to see created. We are beings that  were born to create. Living a life based in creativity and not partaking of the manipulated world’s media, mindsets and toxified environment as much as possible releases amazing energies that ripple out in more ways than we can conceive, including the morphic field.

If we’re serious about taking control of our lives the time is now. It’s always now, but it’s now more than ever, if you’re looking around you with even a modicum of awareness.

What can you do? The possibilities are as endless as life itself. They only remain to be pursued.

Just wait until you see what Universe has waiting for you!

Much love, Zen


TLB recommends you visit for more pertinent articles and information.

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Ostrich Syndrome

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Many of my fellow citizens don’t have a clue as to what is actually happening to them, their freedoms or rights, or their very health … but the most damning consideration here is … most don’t want a, or pretend not to have a, clue!

Tell me just how clueless they can actually be when they know exactly what and who to avoid to keep themselves out of the governments eye, or off government lists of radicals, conspiracy theorists, possible domestic terrorists or no fly lists. The obvious answer is … to keep yourself off the governments radar … you must know what said government is looking for.

Enemies of the State

This brings to mind what I like to refer to as the “Ostrich Syndrome”, an affliction far too many in America suffer from via fear, apathy, complacency or complicity. No, Big Pharmaceutical has no drug or vaccine for this affliction, and the government’s prescription is More Propaganda forcing them into a heightened level of this syndrome.

Flanders and Swann – The Ostrich Song

We have all seen the pictures of an ostrich hiding its head in the ground to avoid discovery by a dangerous predator. Yet to make the decision to hide from an eminent danger, they first have to be aware, on some level, that the danger exists. Obviously this form of defense is worthless as hiding ones head only increases the danger to oneself because you cannot see the danger approaching, nor can you defend yourself from it. In essence this makes you a more opportune and  stationary target.

Those who feel they have nothing to fear if they are doing nothing wrong, or by avoiding the truths they are at least marginally aware of, they will keep themselves safe, are doomed by their display of passivity to be enslaved and used in any fashion a tyrant sees fit.

Fear of association

These are the people, try as we may, we cannot seem to reach to educate or awaken. These are the people who this tyranny has not influenced enough yet, and just maybe … These are the cannon fodder in any coming struggle.

America is on the verge of economic collapse, global war, and health disaster. We are perpetuating hostilities across the globe, our allies are deserting us in droves, our dollar is a paper tiger propped up by the military might the oligarchs who own this country wield, and our health has fallen from the best on this planet to what most would comfortably say is the worst, and all in about three generations.

If you finally wake up

What I present to you now is a plethora of information on the disaster America steadily drives toward, and who is driving the bus.

HINT: hiding your head in the sand WONT KEEP YOU SAFE !!!


A $100,000,000,000,000 economic extinction level event is about to descend on America. D.U.M.B.S (Deep Underground Military Bases) are already being prepared (FACT) for the high level government officials, the military hierarchy and elites to ride out the massive civil unrest to closely follow this unavoidable event.

FEMA camps are ready across the country, and the unprecedented arming of government non-military forces (DHS, TSA, IRS, etc …) intended only for use against We The People is all but complete. This is not a guess but is easily substantiated … Please watch …

Habeas Corpus, Due Process, and so much more has gone up in smoke via the Patriot act, the NDAA and traitorous and unconstitutional Executive Orders.

Where were the congressional defenders of the constitution, the Supreme court push back, or the outcry from the mainstream media … crickets chirp … And now we live under an oligarchy (Princeton study), a Totalitarian government … Please watch …

Obama and his staunch anti-colonialist views instilled by his communist father and mentors in his formative years has lead to his egregious spending, bankrupting America (just about doubled national debt of all presidents before him combined). This is facilitating the redistribution of wealth away from America to the rest of the world and collapsing the US economy. Debt is Obama’s weapon for the redistribution of wealth away from America.

America has also inherited more enemies under Obama’s leadership than ever in our history, and we now back and support both monetarily and militarily some of the most radical Muslim factions in existence … Please watch …

This last video requires no introduction. This documentary lays out the plans for bringing America to her knees. A role our president was selected and groomed for by the caste who call themselves the elite.

These elitists have clearly stated that a New World Order cannot be instituted unless or until America (especially the powerful middle class) is first brought to her knees. A clear signal to the rest of the world that if the freedom loving and powerful Americans cannot hold out against the NWO … what chance do they have … Please watch …

Never before in the history of this great nation has America been attacked both from outside and within with such calculated tenacity and intention!

Today we as a nation stand on the very precipice of total collapse. This is not a theory, a joke, a lie or even an exaggeration … this is a fact that can be easily seen by any who …

Don’t have their head buried in the sand like …

Those Who Suffer, The Ostrich Syndrome !!!

The only choice



By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Many will not wish to hear what I am about to put forth … Yes the truth DOES hurt, especially when the facts are as blatant or brutal as they truly are. If America continues on this path, the inevitability MUST BE a world rising up to contain and possibly destroy a brutal and tyrannical nation, as was the case in our last two world wars.


Before you can accomplish a task you must first strategize, choreograph and make contingencies for undesired scenarios … then take Action in a Controlled and progressive fashion to facilitate the required goals … The usurpation of America from within is no Exception, actually it could quite possibly be the Rule.

The American people throughout our history have resisted change, conflict and outright war. It took direct acts of aggression from perceived enemies against We The People to facilitate enough backing for our leaders to justify entering into The Spanish American war, WWI, WWII, the Vietnam war, the invasion of Afghanistan, etc… Remember the words of Admiral Yamamoto after the attack on Pearl Harbor proclaiming, “I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant” (emphasis on the word awakened).

But is this reality or incidents (false flag operations) contrived and perpetrated by a few all-powerful elites who own this government and in fact rule America and a vast majority of this planet, to bend the will of the American people and utilize the most powerful military force this planet has ever known to achieve their personal goals? Look around you today and see the ultimate control mechanism of fear being smothered over the American population once again to extract compliance and support for even more imperialistic warmongering across the globe.

Kill one million

We all learned of the ultimate evil of tyrannical leaders and governments such as Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Stalin’s USSR, Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Mao’s China and so many more, who through the exercise of tyranny and totalitarianism, sought to impose their will over the lives of unsuspecting masses, resulting in the slaughter of untold millions of innocent people … Yet this country enforces its will or wishes on countless nations via the most powerful war machine this planet has ever seen or through military or economic blackmail … or both … Please explain to me how this government is so different or innocent of the same mechanisms of tyranny?

Collateral Damage 2Today, we as a people who once resisted any type of conflict, are now mentally repressed under a monolithic government responsible for having killed directly or indirectly at least three million people (with some estimates approaching 4 million), and destroyed the lives of untold millions more. The vast majority (by our government’s own accounting – over 95%) of this carnage consists of innocent human beings never having been of any threat to America … Collateral Damage.

But for me the worst consideration is to try to understand how most of this planet now sees America, how they see us as bullies, tyrants and liars, caught with our hands in the cookie jar once too often. We are hated, feared and the butt of many nasty local jokes … a far cry from Camelot or the beacon of freedom for the world as we used to represent. But too many Americans are oblivious to this and sleep on.

The fact is so many Americans are totally disconnected and have little to no clue as to what is being perpetrated in their names across this planet … Blissful Ignorance is an American staple of mind.

The crimes against humanity being conducted on a daily basis with the knowledge and outright support of our leaders (under the direction of their masters) is driving a growing hatred of America and everything it stands for … Here is but one example of this and the lies we are told by our own government.

The part of this that borders on insanity or just plain ridiculous is this is emanating from a country that professes to value personal freedom, national sovereignty and self determination …

REALLY … ???

Just how the hell does that work?

Where is the conscience and moral fortitude of We The people?

Because in America if you fire the boss for ineptitude, well … Look in the mirror … like it or not by the very document that this once great nation was founded and built upon …


Do you honestly believe the forces that will inevitably rise up to punish America for her greedy and brutal global transgressions will see We The People as innocent? If you think yes … then your head is buried so far up your butt that we will have to pump sunshine to you!

You see as the world sees it, we as a people don’t push back against this imperialistic march across the world only to suit an elitist agenda, but at our cost in burden and freedoms. We by our disconnect with the actions of our government ALLOW all of this, so on some level we must be complicit.

The involvement of Americans today is nowhere near the engagement we experienced as a society during the Vietnam era or even to some extent in the Bush era. We don’t fire our leaders who allow or ignore it. We don’t impeach those who, through the wishes of their true global masters, would advance it in a perpetual cycle, illegally. Hell, in the case of most of us, we don’t even discuss it! Has the voice of We The People been neutered?  The American conscience, the past guide to actions we condoned by our government as a people … is on life support …

Time to make history

Fifty years from now, when the children of our children study the history of this once great and admired country, will we be the USSR, Red China or Nazi Germany of our time? You may push back and say this is not so … and I will say


By our founding documents We The People are sovereign and bear the task of policing and maintaining the safety, health, vitality and the ability for this great country to continue … and we have ceded that responsibility for far too long!

Those who would put blame, must first recognize their own.

We The People have proven to be the weak link in the chain of politics and power in America. A majority of this failing by us has been accomplished by two mechanisms, the elitist propaganda behemoth (the mainstream media), and as a result … ourselves via apathy, complacency or complicity.

This video is FACTUAL, BLATANT and it is SPOT ON! Watch it and if you come away with the same imperialistic viewpoint, content on allowing a few greedy elite with their own global agenda to write the future history of America, we who are awake and truly aware will know for sure where and with whom you stand!




Roger 1About the Author: Roger Landry is the founder of The Liberty Beacon project, a global organization consisting of multiple websites, contributors from many countries and a radio network. The mission of TLB is the eradication of programmed ignorance and the push back against anything that harms humanity. Roger spent over 30 years of his life traveling the globe either in or working for the military, including almost 20 years working for the Military Industrial Complex facilitating DOD contracts … So since his awakening less than 4 years ago, he approaches most topics with a unique perspective and in-site most activists are not privy to.


American Free Press Photoshop by Ken LaRive

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

At least once a week something seemingly out of my control comes over me, and I have to write something down. It wells up inside, infiltrates and permeates my mind in the middle of the night, and the formula is tossed like a subconscious tennis game to completion.

The time is 06:30, and the golden glow of the sun can be seen through the trees from my office window, growing by the moment on a perfectly blue sky. And as I look to fill this blank screen with these thoughts, a dread fills me… It sits inside as a kind of frustrated wonder, as what I want to say might just be beyond my ability. Thoughts so profound, I just don’t know where to start… and I know that most likely what I say will make little difference in the broader spectrum…

The block of sliver tags…

Yesterday, I saw a photograph of a war memorial where the dog-tags of every man who died in Vietnam were suspended from a ceiling on filaments. From the photographer’s vantage point of just a few yards away, it looked like a large block of silver, topped with vanilla icing.

Men commented on this photograph on Face Book. All seemed to think themselves patriots in one form or another, but with far different perspectives in the viewing… Some looked at it with pride, a display that indicated the comradeship of men in arms, men who fought together as one. Others viewed it in incomprehensible wonder… Others in awe and reverence… And others still, expressed gratitude for their service, noting that they had paid the ultimate price to advance our freedoms… And all, including myself, felt the utmost respect for these men, our brothers… I was, however, the only one there who expressed that this war memorial reflected the horror of war. Horror, for the loss of our humanity, without reason. It was the thought that war had no good reason that set them off…

I saw there, over sixty thousand men, my brothers, who died for nothing that could be positively defined… and when I asked the question, “What did these men die for?” no one could tell me. Not one. One stated that it was to fight Communism, and yet could not define that word when questioned… And yet, they all collectively reveled in a patriotism that could not be denied. And then, one of them questioned my loyalty to America, which stimulated another to call me a traitor, and another said I was a “Freak’n Liberal.” And yet, though I asked the question again, could not get a definitive answer. I had to withdraw, and it has haunted me ever since to understand it…

Traitors and cowards…

I’m fixing to be sixty-six in a couple of months, and I am no longer the wide-eyed and trusting boy who left his family and home for a place he had only recently found on a map. I was 57 on the draft in 1969. There were men all around me who were refusing to go, and some gave up everything to go to Mexico or Canada… and at the time I thought they were traitors, cowards… but I no longer think this.

I grew up in service, and learned a lot about myself and the world. God knows I needed some form of structure living in that virtual hell-hole called the inner city of New Orleans. I thought it was normal to have six murders over a weekend. I thought it was normal that the black man and white man would fight, and the destruction of property from City Park to Pontchartrain Beach was the transition for a greater good. And I realize I was conditioned from a young age to accept it…but I no longer do.

I looked at that twinkling silver cube that must have taken a stupendous effort to create, and the true horror of it gripped my heart and soul. I saw the lives of men who would now be grandfathers, husbands, sons and brothers, just like me. And the loss, the monumental loss, filled me with the greatest revulsion. When I participated in war, at 19, the questions I have today were indeed asked then, but the true gravity of the situation was not understood. It took fifty or more years of living to do it, and I’m still trying… as somewhere along the way, from learning the pain of death of a loved one, changing a diaper in the middle of the night, to working hard offshore for my family… somewhere in the middle of it all, as I grappled to find my self-worth and God in my life, I developed an empathy based on Love. An empathy based on life experiences, something that is lacking at 19… an element of immaturity sorely needed for the war machine. You see, they don’t require men like me to war, because I would ask the question why. And yes, I would die for this country, no doubt, but I will not die so that some man, or a corporation, will get rich… Before I pull the trigger on a fellow human being, I must know why. And I don’t think that is too hard to ask!

I could not understand my feelings back then, dull and incomprehensible feelings that welled up in me. I grappled to understand the hate-filled glares on the faces of people at the airport, and some had even spit in our faces… I tried to understand the man who wrote obscenities on the bombs lighting up our horizon, and the people being incinerated by Monsanto’s Napalm. And through it all, deep in the quick, I felt the yearning and lonely solace of my country so far away, marking the days for my return… And as I closed my eyes in the night, in a room of forty other men, I was haunted by the memories of the life I had left behind… I had hugged my girlfriend around the waste while sitting at her kitchen table that last night… my arms held her tight as my head settled on her stomach… And like the man I wanted to be, swallowed back my tears, my greatest fears, and told her I’d see her soon… I told her not to worry. I laughed it off, and told her a guy who was raised in New Orleans could survive anything. But the body bags were already coming home… the football hero, a neighbor’s nephew, the young boy who had worked at the meat market…

I remember the seven people who told me goodbye as I boarded the plane the next morning, and saw them standing at the window from my seat… I saw my sister Cindy, and the love of my life, Maddy, and both were crying. I could never forget this.

We have all been betrayed in this life. Tragedy has stolen loving lives from us, painful relationships that dissolved, and yet we come away from these pangs with a new understanding and insight. But in war… this is another matter…

As I now travel to the Veteran’s Administration for checkups… There are many men there suffering from what is called PTSD, Post Traumatic Syndrome. They saw things, did things, things that they never could justify, and so can not forget. There were horrors so great it follows them throughout their lives… But to me, it seems that those who come away from that experience with some form of justification, are more able to cope… like the men commenting on that war memorial. They used words like justice, honor, good, and right, to keep their sanity. You see, without words such as these, the loss would be just too much to comprehend, too much to reason. But for me, I find my solace in my unswerving need to find truth. My sanity, my very salvation, is this need. There are those I have known who have had faith, and are now but empty shells, and no matter how I try, my words bounce back unrealized…

Facts I consider today that I had no clue about at nineteen…

  1. The military industrial complex, that we hear about, grew large enough in WW2 to win the war. It was so lucrative, so big, it refused to dissipate, and we were warned by one of our greatest hero, General Eisenhower, that it would control our country if left unchecked. He was right. Find his warning here. From that time til now we have been in one war after another, and they get around this Constitutional breach by calling it a police action. When there is a lull in the tide of war, another fear is soon promoted, a new enemy created, and threats even from factions inside of our own government are manifested, like our right to bear arms, our open borders, or government spying, and out of this fear we buy every weapon and box of ammunition within reach. Very profitable, and pure genius! Unfortunately, few see through this…
  2. International banking cartels vie to control the world first by war, and then by reconstruction. They care nothing about anything but profit and survival, and make money no matter who wins, as they back both sides.
  3. Industry once found in America are put overseas in places conquered in a variety of methods, some by war, and others economically. These businesses are not regulated as they would be here, nor are there any viable labor laws. For all intent and purpose, they utilize the populous there as slave labor. Prices can be kept low, and commodities sold back to us, the largest consumers on the planet, accepted by us even with low quality design and workmanship. They are intentionally configured to break one month after warranty…. we live in a throw away society for a reason…. It is designed that way, and it is very lucrative… and that is the true reason for war.
  4. War is a racket. And here was our warning… and here. …and here. But we did not listen. We did not have the power to change…
  5. The Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air, and charges us interest for that privilege. When President Bush Jr. took the reigns of the Presidency we were at 6 trillion in debt, and when he got out we were at about ten. Now we are at 18.1 trillion, and gaining with no end in sight. What is happening now as Saudi/OPEC floods the market with oil, is destruction of the last viable industry we have left, the oil patch. It is all about competition, as we made it clear that we the people overwhelmingly want to be energy independent. The US and Russia are considered competition to these oil producers, and if they can destroy the infrastructure, cause layoffs, it will take years to recoup. If we could learn form the past, we would look at 1983, but one major difference is that we are about to default on our loans, just as the USSR did in the middle ’80s. We are told to keep calm, as our country is sold to the highest bidder.
  6. Our congress is the best money can buy. Almost to the last man they are sponsored by a multitude of industry, just as NASCAR drivers. Both sides of the isle take their standing orders from the same source, and all can be likened to a fixed wrestling match.
  7. War is about corporate profit, and has little or nothing to do about fighting Communism, terrorism, or bringing in a nebulous idea like Democracy. A Republic based on law, as was our original concept for America, has been hijacked by a Progressive mindset of big government, and the domination of the people both mind and spirit, by hook or crook. The only moral compass is found in their offshore bank accounts, and that is a black bottom line. They do not want to promote a Republic based on law, because they are the same people responsible for the destruction of ours…
  8. My era, Vietnam, was motivated by the false flag of The Tonkin Gulf Incident. Learn more here. And though most have been well conditioned to believe the official narrative of 9-11, it too was a false flag. Learn about this here, and here, and here. The world you live in does not belong to you, and from every direction there is a concerted effort to control your mind and destiny. But of course, most will deny this.
  9. Our Constitution has been suspended by the NDAA and Patriot Act. What seems viable is an illusion, granted by a powerful central government who dominates and controls every aspect of our lives from cradled to grave. Those truly in power in America control the media, our educational system, central banking debt slavery, and we are now considered a socialistic state, where over fifty percent of the population are now getting some form of government assistance. Socialized medicine, has given government power of over a third of industry, with all of our personal information at their disposal.
  10. Two days prior to 9-11 Rumsfeld stated that over two trillion was missing from the Pentagon, and yet we haven’t the money to secure the borders. Can you wrap your mind around what two trillion dollars is?
  11. We are not allowed to audit ether our own Fort Knox or the books of our true masters, the Federal Reserve. They have more power then the president, and is unaccountable by even international law or our Constitution. They can destroy us economically by just a simple notation, a virtual transfer of funds. We are utterly at their mercy, and supposed to trust them, and be calm. We trust them with our future, the future of our children, our sovereignty, our lives and fortunes. We are told we are free, and yet we are not at Liberty to question their actions. Not at Liberty…

Author’s note: Once, back in the year 1974, I became friends with a Marine who had spent two hitches in Vietnam. He had actually reenlisted to go back. I asked him why, and he told me he wanted to make things right, to have a second chance, and to back the men in his unit… the men he had left behind…

One night, after a few drinks, as the girls talked and laughed in the living room, he brought me up to a spare upstairs bedroom. There he pulled an old sea-chest from his closet, painted green, with his name and serial number stenciled on the top…

“I’m going to share something with you Ken,” He said in a serious voice… And he unlocked the pad, and opened it up. There on the top was a hand-made comb cut from a piece of aluminum, a clothe pin made out of bamboo, a plastic wallet with pictures of oriental children, faded from water, a woven straw hat with what looked to be a bullet hole in the middle, and there, wrapped in a gallon Crown Royal bag, was a human skull, with a bullet hole at the temple.

I had to sit down.

He had brought that skull from the theater of war, as a souvenir, a trophy. I was speechless, as I let this sink in, and I realized that this man had a side in him that he kept well hidden, and yet respected me enough to share it… but to me, it was a burden I carry to this very day, and hard to admit.

I knew emphatically, for all intent and purpose, that the side he was showing me was indeed insane, and a growing fear swept over me. What horrors had this man witnessed, that he would smuggle these items back, and keep them hidden under lock and key, as his life continued…

I didn’t understand it then, and not to this very day… but to me he was ruined in a way, so deep inside, with a pain so great, he could never, ever be whole again. And soon afterwards he divorced his wife, and disappeared from my world… and I must admit I was glad. I saw in his eyes that he was capable of anything, and that his mindset was created in the horrors of war… and his perspective has influenced mine.

And in the process, over a period of many years, I have learned to hate war. It is indeed, the greatest of all waist, and the truest horror for men. And I work to stop it.

See featured article and read comments HERE


Commentary by TLB Contributor: Bruce Robinson

One thing I have learned about this game which is played out on us, particularly in our skies, is that our chess opponents not only changed the rules without our knowledge but that they are always several moves ahead. As history has shown we are consistently trailing in the game on the table. We have learned more than we knew in the beginning of the game but the gap between us and our opponents always remains the same.

Our opponents are skilled in games of deceit and deception. They’ve easily predicted at what point we would recognize the strategy of their previous moves and they laugh at us. They mock us for not knowing that which they have taken much effort in concealing from us, and then somehow believe they have superior skills and abilities. That is a mistake which will cost them in the long run. They incorrectly interpret their slight-of-hand, and their rearranging of the board when we leave the room, as skill when in fact is only a testament of their desire to win no matter how corrupt and scandalous their actions prove to be.

From watching us at a distance, and long before we accepted the challenge, they were rigging the game. They have come to learn we would focus upon the last move of theirs that we were aware of and count on us to dwell on the most resent observations and argue among ourselves. They know they will have the opportunity to adjust any of the boards pieces to their liking while some of us think in one direction and others of us think in a different direction. They are calculating and ruthless, not naive or ignorant.

chemtrails 2

We are just beginning to know for certain that which we have always expected. We know the depth of the lies and deceit used to draw us into the game. A game we never wanted to play at all, yet are forced to for the good of all. Absolute moral corruption has been the catalyst that allows for their unfair advantage. We know of their illicit actions culminating in their ill gotten gains. We recognize their ugly yet shrewd methods in predicting our responses to their actions. This is not catching up in any degree, we remain far behind. The reason for this is they have already known from experience, precisely where… and why… we would be where we are now, and they knew it from the beginning. When an opponent is devoid of morals and bankrupt in principles and character, the sinister plans they make as they sacrifice their own should be telling that this is not just a game; It’s endgame.

To me, it makes perfect sense that perhaps what we know, is precisely what they wanted us to know. They have fed us all along. To remain ahead in the game, it would be to their advantage to try and send us spinning off in some other direction far from where the game and truth is really being played out. Providing us with enough (dis)information about their game to keep us from guessing the true nature of the board that sits between us. They have known all along where we would be at any given time so we must assume they know exactly where we are at now…They have already determined our next moves. That needs to change.

I don’t pretend to have the answers which might resemble some form of truth, but from watching the game from the sidelines, and sometimes on the field, I find it is reasonable to conclude that our search for understanding of what is going on in the sky’s above us might not include any of the conclusions we have come to up thus far. There may be multiple purposes. There may be red herrings. Rest assured it is not what we think.

chemtrails 1

Our disadvantage in following the movement of their board pieces is what they rely upon to win. They require staying far enough ahead of us for them to count that “checkmate” if left playing the game as usual, will be upon us before we could even have imagined. Given the practices in this peculiar game, regular strategies will be played out to demise; figuratively and quite possibly literally. We are at the point where the clock is simply running out. Any of our anticipated moves will be countered with checkmate… with utter and complete predictability.

So if we play by the rules and counter each of their moves with a consistent predictability, then we have already lost. And they know that. What they don’t know is our ability to be unpredictable, to change the board, the pieces, and even give the game a new name. They can’t compete with the imagination we are capable of. We need to tap that resource. There is no thinking inside or outside of the box because boxes imply there are limitations.

We can imagine, and we will have to zone in on what might be worth their magnanimous efforts to steer us wrong. What will be the result they seek? It must be as large as their diversion techniques. It can’t be those of which we have deliberately been caused to believe. Remember, they began this game knowing each play and how it would end. Instead of logical and rational conclusions, we need to sidestep what appears obvious. We need to think worthy of biblical and global proportions.

Let’s take the lead by discovering “what” instead of why, “when” rather than how, and “where” instead of whom. They will be no match for us, our collective imagination, or any degree of predictability when it becomes out turn to determine the rules.

Video added by TLB: This is one of those videos that is a shock to the system. Hats off to a great TLB partner, Dane Wigington, for this outstanding presentation.

Dane Wigington presents (above video) hard data which reveals what these catastrophic programs have done to our planet to date and what they will do if they are allowed to continue. Please take the time to watch this video, follow up with some investigation of his website … GeoEngineering Watch



By: Sigmund Fraud

“In prison, illusions can offer comfort.” – Nelson Mandela

For a magician to fool his audience his deceit must go unseen, and to this end he crafts an illusion to avert attention from reality. While the audience is entranced, the deceptive act is committed, and for the fool, reality then becomes inexplicably built upon on a lie. That is, until the fool wakes up and recognizes the truth in the fact that he has been duped.

Maintaining the suspension of disbelief in the illusion, however, is often more comforting than acknowledging the magician’s secrets.

We live in a world of illusion. So many of the concerns that occupy the mind and the tasks that fill the calendar arise from planted impulses to become someone or something that we are not. This is no accident. As we are indoctrinated into this authoritarian-corporate-consumer culture that now dominates the human race, we are trained that certain aspects of our society are untouchable truths, and that particular ways of being and behaving are preferred. 

Psychopaths disempower people in this way. They blind us with never ceasing barrages of suggestions and absolutes that are aimed at shattering self-confidence and confidence in the future. 

Bansky, the revered and elusive revolutionary street artist, once commented:

“People are taking the piss out of you everyday. They butt into your life, take a cheap shot at you and then disappear. They leer at you from tall buildings and make you feel small. They make flippant comments from buses that imply you’re not sexy enough and that all the fun is happening somewhere else. They are on TV making your girlfriend feel inadequate. They have access to the most sophisticated technology the world has ever seen and they bully you with it. They are The Advertisers and they are laughing at you.” – Banksy

Advertising is just the tip of the iceberg. When we look further we see that the overall organization of life is centered around the pursuit of illusions and automatic obedience to institutions and ideas which are not at all what they seem. We are in a very real sense enslaved. Many call this somewhat intangible feeling of oppression ‘the matrix,’ a system of total control that invades the mind, programming individuals to pattern themselves in accordance with a mainstream conformist version of reality, no matter how wicked it gets.

The grandest of the illusions which keep us enslaved to the matrix, the ones that have so many of us still entranced, are outlined below for your consideration.

1. The Illusion of Law, Order and Authority

For so many of us, following the law is considered a moral obligation, and many of us gladly do so even though corruption, scandal, and wickedness repeatedly demonstrate that the law is plenty flexible for those who have the muscle to bend it. Police brutality and police criminality is rampant in the US, the courts favor the wealthy, and we can longer even lead our lives privately thanks to the intrusion of state surveillance. And all the while the illegal and immoral Orwellian permanent war rages on in the background of life, murdering and destroying whole nations and cultures.

The social order is not what it seems, for it is entirely predicated on conformity, obedience and acquiescence which are enforced by fear of violence. History teaches us again and again that the law is just as often as not used as an instrument of oppression, social control and plunder, and any so-called authority in this regard is false, hypocritical, and unjust.

When the law itself does not follow the law, there is no law, there is no order, and there is no justice. The pomp and trappings of authority are merely a concealment of the truth that the current world order is predicated on control, not consent.

2. The Illusion of Prosperity and Happiness

Adorning oneself in expensive clothes and trinkets, and amassing collections of material possessions that would be the envy of any 19th century monarch has become a substitute for genuine prosperity. Maintaining the illusion of prosperity, though, is critical to our economy as it is, because its foundation is built on consumption, fraud, credit and debt. The banking system itself has been engineered from the top down to create unlimited wealth for some while taxing the eternity out of the rest of us.

True prosperity is a vibrant environment and an abundance of health, happiness, love, and relationships. As more people come to perceive material goods as the form of self-identification in this culture, we slip farther and farther away from the experience of true prosperity.

3. The Illusion of Choice and Freedom

Read between the lines and look at the fine print, we are not free, not by any intelligent standard. Freedom is about having choice, yet in today’s world, choice has come to mean a selection between available options, always from within the confines of a corrupt legal and taxation system and within the boundaries of culturally accepted and enforced norms.

Just look no further than the phony institution of modern democracy to find a shining example of false choices appearing real. Two entrenched, corrupt, archaic political parties are paraded as the pride and hope of the nation, yet third party and independent voices are intentionally blocked, ridiculed and plowed under.

The illusion of choice and freedom is a powerful oppressor because it fools us into accepting chains and short leashes as though they were the hallmarks of liberty.

Multiple choice is different than freedom, it is easy servitude.

4. The Illusion of Truth

Truth has become a touchy subject in our culture, and we’ve been programmed to believe that ‘the‘ truth comes from the demigods of media, celebrity, and government. If the TV declares something to be true, then we are heretics to believe otherwise.

In order to maintain order, the powers that be depend our acquiescence to their version of the truth. While independent thinkers and journalists continually blow holes in the official versions of reality, the illusion of truth is so very powerful that it takes a serious personal upheaval to shun the cognitive dissonance needed to function in a society that openly chases false realities.

5. The Illusion of Time

They say that time is money, but this is a lie. Time is your life. Your life is an ever-evolving manifestation of the now. Looking beyond the five sense world, where we have been trained to move in accordance with the clock and the calendar, we find that the spirit is eternal, and that the each individual soul is part of this eternity.

The big deception here is the reinforcement of the idea that the present moment is of little to no value, that the past is something we cannot undo or ever forget, and that the future is intrinsically more important than both the past and the present. This carries our attention away from what it actually happening right now and directs it toward the future. Once completely focused on what is to come rather than what is, we are easy prey to advertisers and fear-pimps who muddy our vision of the future with every possible worry and concern imaginable.

We are happiest when life doesn’t box us in, when spontaneity and randomness gives us the chance to find out more about ourselves. Forfeiting the present moment in order to fantasize about the future is a trap. The immense, timeless moments of spiritual joy that are found in quiet meditation are proof that time is a construct of the mind of humankind, and not necessarily mandatory for the human experience.

If time is money, then life can be measured in dollars. When dollars are worth less, so is life. This is total deception, because life is, in truth, absolutely priceless.

6. The Illusion of Separateness

On a strategic level, the tactic of divide and conquer is standard operating procedure for authoritarians and invading armies, but the illusion of separateness runs even deeper than this.

We are programmed to believe that as individuals we are in competition with everyone and everything around us, including our neighbors and even mother nature. Us vs. them to the extreme. This flatly denies the truth that life on this planet is infinitely inter-connected. Without clean air, clean water, healthy soil, and a vibrant global sense of community we cannot survive here.

While the illusion of separateness comforts us by gratifying the ego and and offering a sense of control, in reality it only serves to enslave and isolate us.


The grand illusions mentioned here have been staged before us as a campaign to encourage blind acquiescence to the machinations of the matrix. In an attempt to dis-empower us, they demand our conformity and obedience, but we must not forget that all of this is merely an elaborate sales pitch. They can’t sell what we don’t care to buy.

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Compromise 1

“If a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.” – Mark 3:25

“Politics at its purest is philosophy in action” – Margaret Thatcher

By TLB Contributor: Robin Koerner

Whereas to many outside the liberty movement, including the mainstream media, politicians like Rand Paul seem quite libertarian, many Americans who actually call themselves “libertarians” seem to despise Rand Paul for not being libertarian enough in various areas, and so they call him a “neo-con” or a “shill” or similar.

To other libertarians, Rand Paul is exciting not only because he’s standing up for important pro-liberty and pro-Constitutional positions but also because he’s getting significant parts of the libertarian message into the mainstream, and doing it in a way that isn’t making everyone roll their eyes and marginalize him as some kind of a kook. The latter may be his most important work because culture drives politics, and cultural change is what makes political change stick.

Among the latter subset of liberty-lovers, there is some frustration in the perception that as a movement, we actively refuse to make the best of every opportunity (and goodness knows we have so few of them) to move the dials of the cultural and political mainstream toward liberty.

Like it or not, it is almost impossible to discuss political effectiveness without an understanding of the nature of compromise. Speaking as an insider of the liberty movement, I believe we have a particularly uncomfortable relationship with it, which we must examine if we are going to cease to be political outsiders.

A good way in to the topic is to consider the sentiment, felt by so many of us who realize that both sides of the political duopoly (or monopoly disguised as a duopoly) are responsible for the destruction of our liberty: “I’m sick of supporting the lesser of two evils.”

What does that really mean? For a libertarian, liberty is the direction of the Good, and tyranny is the direction of evil. In a complex society of competing interests, and especially in politics, you almost never get to move directly toward where you want to go (your version of the Good). Imagine it on a diagram. Draw a line from where we are to where we want to be: we are moving in the right direction when we move not more than 90 degrees from the direction of that line.

On our political spectrum of evil (tyranny) to good (liberty) stand those who would actually make things worse than they now are. They want more Patriot Act, more state killing without due process, more NDAA, more curtailments of speech, more invasions of privacy, more welfarism – especially corporate , and more militarism. In 2012, Romney and Obama both fitted that description. In other words, they stood between where we are and the “evil” end of our spectrum. To support either was to move more than 90 degrees away from the line to the good that we are seeking to follow.

And indeed, if you thought one was less bad than the other, then you could accurately call him the “lesser of two evils”.

I wonder if, though, in its passion, the liberty movement sometimes mistakes the lesser of two goods for an evil? For consider another situation. Consider two imperfect candidates (the word “imperfect” is redundant, of course: people are not perfect). One that stands between where we are as a nation and the Good (liberty) cannot be said to be “the lesser of two evils”. At worst, he is the “lesser of two Goods” – since should he take office, we’d have moved in the direction we are seeking to go, even if not as far as we would wish, and even if not along that direct line to the Good.

Let’s say you like the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson on nearly everything; you like the Libertarian Party because it’s unapologetically libertarian. And let’s say you like Rand on civil rights and due process, but think he’s as bad as Obama on everything else. (I don’t think this is reasonable, but there are plenty of Libertarians who say this, so let’s go with it for the sake of argument.)

If that’s what you think, then don’t call Rand the lesser of two evils. Call him the lesser of two Goods. If you don’t actively support Rand because you have a more libertarian alternative, that is great, but take great care before standing against those who support him – for one simple reason. If he were running the country, in important respects, we’d have shifted closer to your ultimate destination … not just politically, but, more importantly, because one of the greatest media platforms in the land would be in the control of someone who promotes – and normalizes – many libertarian ideas, rather than in the hands of someone who does promotes –and normalizes – statist ones.

“That’s all very well”, say some libertarians, “but even if I like him on some issues, look at how he’s sold out on others, and on his endorsements”. This is worth considering because someone’s consistency speaks to their integrity and you can only really tell the value of someone’s principles when you see the price he’s prepared to pay to defend them.

To stick with Rand Paul as an example, when he endorsed Romney in 2012, I felt physically sick for most of the day. I campaigned against Romney fervently – as fervently as I campaigned against Obama, and as fervently as I had campaigned for Ron Paul. I did so out of principle. Which begs the question, does that mean that Rand’s endorsement of Romney necessarily violated the principles on which my campaigning against Romney was based – or worse, was an act of selling out? Put simply, how could a person who campaigned against Romney on principle support a man on the same principle, who campaigned for him Romney?

When Rand ran for Senate in Kentucky, he made a deal to gain the support of the Republican party, which he calculated he needed to be able to win the Senate seat, if and only if he supported the eventual presidential nominee of the party in 2012. So in 2012, Rand kept his word. What did he get for keeping his word and doing that (literally) nauseating thing of endorsing Romney? Simply, he got the platform that has enabled everything he has done since. Now we might say, “but he didn’t have to: he could have won in KY without selling out”. Perhaps. But that is a hypothetical and necessarily uncertain. Rand had to make an actual decision to maximize his capacity to achieve a specific purpose. What we know is that he made that decision for a reason and he got the result he played for.

So that endorsement, when seen in its full context, has moved the dial toward liberty inasmuch as Rand has, since making it, stood against the NSA, against drone killing of Americans without trial, against militarization of the police, against unconstitutional declaration of war, and all the other things Rand and his staff have stood for since he’s been in the US Senate. Did the endorsement make me sick? Absolutely. Does that mean I stand in judgment against of it from a libertarian position? Based on the analysis above, of whether the net effect of his actions was to nudge the culture toward liberty or away from it, I cannot – because principles are made valuable when they are acted upon.

As the liberty movement comes of age, it will have to understand that, whereas some endorsements and other political moves are made purely out of principle, some are made – and must be made – strategically to better place a principled politician to act on his principles. Usually, those of us on the outside of the game cannot see, or even guess, the factors that a politician must consider in the strategic calculation at the time he must make it – and we cannot see the outcome until much later.

When Rand endorsed McConnell a few months ago, what was the calculation then? More libertarians were sickened. McConnell is a partisan, after all – and a partisan man of a party that has undoubtedly promulgated anti-libertarian after anti-libertarian policy. Was Rand’s endorsement of him a compromise of principle or a means to gain something that will enable him to get support for a practical change in the direction of some principle in the future?

A fair answer must consider this: is it better to make an unprincipled declaration to be able to make positive principled change – or better to make only principled declarations and thereby be excluded from being able to do make that principled change?

Even more important is this question: is it better to go along with a bad state of affairs when you believe that your overt support cannot make it worse if it enables you subsequently to do good – or is it better to state one’s opposition to that current state of affairs the get-go but in so doing reduce your chance of being able to put your principles into practice and change it with great effect later?

Clearly, good and principled people can and do answer both of those questions differently. But the differences in answers are not necessarily themselves differences of principle: they are just as likely to follow from differences of beliefs about method or strategy.

All this means that a political act cannot be judged in isolation from the context in which it is made – both situational, and personal. When it comes to the horse-trading of politics, we, the public, are very far removed from the game. We have no idea, say, of what was given or taken for that endorsement of McConnell. Does the fact that McConnell’s victory speech stakes out for the first time ever …

a non-interventionist foreign policy indicate that Rand’s strategic concessions are bringing concessions from the Republican party on philosophy? I don’t know, but if so, great – because that’s exactly how you want to make those trades: make concessions that make nothing worse, to win concessions on that actually make things better. (Consider the political equivalent of exchanging Federal Reserve Notes for gold.)

But we still haven’t gotten to the most radical challenge of political compromise for principled citizens: we are often too quick to label as “compromises of principle” decisions that not only aren’t compromises of principle at all, but are their very opposite – principled compromises. For example, if a statement or endorsement is not going to actually make a practical difference to anyone’s liberty in the short-run, but has a significant chance of enabling the person who makes it make a material difference to our liberty in the long-run, then at the level of principle, the statement or endorsement is not a compromise at all: it is actually principled act inasmuch as it is a step toward the practical manifestation of principle.

While the unapologetic statement of principles is a critical component of cultural and political change, principles that never become more than statements are worthless. Libertarians have been purely stating their principles for a long time – and look at where we are. Let’s at least allow that playing to win is a reasonable approach for a libertarian and/or Constitutionalist politician who wants to be in a position where his principles can have a practical and long-lasting impact.

Winning means being in the game. It also means collecting enough good cards throughout the game to be able to play a strong hand for liberty when the opportunity to make actual change arises.

If you can’t stomach that game, then don’t play it. But if you are of the “no good can come of politics” mindset, please be careful of taking a position whose logical consequence is that all who fight for liberty within the political process are irredeemably compromised – for that position is denied by history time and time again. Throughout a thousand years of Anglo history, the established political process, with all its flaws, has been the arena in which the hard-fought improvements in liberty, won by the People, moved first in the culture, have been secured for future generations. In times and places where it hasn’t been, change has typically been violent (think of the Russian revolution, or the French revolution), and less successful in securing liberty at all.

Indeed, fighting for liberty “in the system” vs. “outside the system” is an entirely false dichotomy: history and common sense both say that when real society-wide change happens, it reflects attitudinal changes outside of politics that are eventually realized in the political establishment.

One of my favorite examples is that of Thomas Clarkson, a student of my alma mater, who in 1786 wrote a thesis on the “slavery and commerce of the human species”. He spent two years travelling on a horse around England, interviewing people, collecting information, sharing information, talking about the issue of slavery, publishing engravings of instruments used on slave ships etc. He wrote another tract in 1788, “Essay on the Impolicy of the African Slave Trade”. There were myriad currents and reasons that explain the shift in Britain against slavery, some to do with the economics of empire, others to do with the loss of the American colonies. But none of that marked the actual beginning of the end of the slave trade: that came because of a principled politician, but a politician nonetheless, called William Wilberforce, who directly incorporated Clarkson’s work in a speech in Parliament in 1789 that resulted in the vote to end slavery. It may not have been able to have been done without Clarkson. But it certainly could not have been done without Wilberforce – or someone else playing the game of politics, as committed as he was to advance the one libertarian issue the country was ready for, compromising as necessary as he, and his supporters, went.

I campaigned against Romney for president, on principle. The organization with which I am associated campaigned against him fervently, supporting Gary Johnson, also on principle. But I don’t get to sit in judgment of Rand on principle – because my context was not, and is not, his. Rand was operating in a world where such a compromise may enable him to do more for liberty than I can do. In other words, a compromise that for me would definitely have been one of principle, for him may, have been just methodological.

That the same principle can result in different decisions in different contexts has profound implications for political strategy. Once we admit that we never can fully know the context in which others operate in, the humility gained should help us not divide our small libertarian house against itself.

I wonder if there are a few Libertarian Party supporters, or Independents, who are reading this, and caring about liberty as I do, can’t imagine voting for Rand for president if Gary Johnson was also running. Just as I endorsed Johnson in 2012, I’d be delighted to see him run again in 2016. But remember this. If Johnson becomes the Libertarian nominee for president in 2016, and there is every sign that he shall, it will be because of the compromise he made to run and win as a Republican for Governor of New Mexico, in which capacity he did more for liberty – and especially economic liberty – in his state than any Libertarian or unaffiliated governor has ever done.

That’s unfair because there hasn’t been a Libertarian or unaffiliated Governor? Well, exactly.

It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that soon, libertarians and Constitutionalists may have the opportunity in a Presidential election to choose between a very small chance of moving the country a long way toward liberty (say by a vote for a Libertarian Johnson for President) or a much larger chance of moving it toward liberty but less far (say by a vote for a Republican Rand for President). Good libertarians can make that call differently, but none can claim without arrogance that those who decide differently are choosing the lesser of two evils: in this case, they’ll be deciding between two goods. That is a fundamentally different thing, especially when you consider that even the lesser of two goods on paper might become the greater of the two if it is better placed to do the Good it wants to do.

This is emphatically not an article written to endorse Rand Paul or Johnson or any other politician. Rather, it is a plea for libertarians who put more weight on moving the dial toward liberty at all and libertarians who put more weight on the need to turn the dial a long way, to recognize that we are not opponents. It’s the very fact that each of us is using liberty as the primary metric for choosing whom to support – that, in other words, we are all seeking to move to the Good – that puts us on the same side.

Of course, there are those who just hate all parties and the electoral process, on principle. And that is a perfectly defensible position too. But the problem is the same, because the measure of Good is not just what you stand for; it’s what you deliver. (That is a truth that all libertarians see clearly when it comes to Republicans who talk about small government and individual rights and deliver none of it, or even its opposite. Consistency demands we apply it to ourselves.)

I, too, am a purist by instinct. At Thomas Clarkson’s university, I studied physics and the philosophy of science. For purists, I recommend these subjects heartily.

But now I’m doing politics – and political purism, alas, is a contradiction in terms.


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