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How our governments now talk about human beings.

By: George Monbiot

To blot people out of existence first you must blot them from your mind. Then you can persuade yourself that what you are doing is moral and necessary. Today, this isn’t difficult. Those who act without compassion can draw upon a system of thought and language whose purpose is to shield them – and blind us – to the consequences.

The contention by Lord Freud, a minister in the UK’s Department of Work and Pensions, that disabled people are “not worth the full wage”(1) isn’t the worst thing he’s alleged to have said.  I say “alleged” because what my ears tell me is contested by Hansard, the official parliamentary record. During a debate in the House of Lords, he appeared to describe the changing number of disabled people likely to receive the employment and support allowance as a “bulge of, effectively, stock”(2). After a furious response by the people he was talking about, this was transcribed by Hansard as “stopped”(3), rendering the sentence meaningless. I’ve listened to the word several times on the parliamentary video(4). Like others, I struggle to hear it as anything but stock.

If we’re right, he is not the only person at his department who uses this term. Its website describes disabled people entering the government’s work programme for between three and six months as “3/6Mth stock”(5,6). Perhaps this makes sense when you remember that they are a source of profit for the companies running the programme. The department’s delivery plan recommends using “credit reference agency data to cleanse the stock of fraud and error”(7). To cleanse the stock. Remember that.

Human beings – by which I mean those anthropoid creatures who do not receive social security – often live in families. But benefit claimants live in “benefit units”(8), defined by the government as “an adult plus their spouse (if applicable) plus any dependent children living in the household.” On the bright side, if you die while on a government work programme, you’ll be officially declared a “completer”(9). Which must be a relief.

A dehumanising system requires a dehumanising language. So familiar and pervasive has this language become that it has soaked almost unnoticed into our lives. Those who do have jobs are also described by the function they deliver to capital. These days they are widely known as human resources.

The living world is discussed in similar terms. Nature is “natural capital”. Ecological processes are ecosystem services, because their only purpose is to serve us. Hills, forests and rivers are described in government reports as green infrastructure(10). Wildlife and habitats are asset classes in an ecosystems market(11). Fish populations are invariably described as stocks, as if they exist only as moveable assets from which wealth can be extracted – like disabled recipients of social security. The linguistic downgrading of human life and the natural world fuses in a word a Norwegian health trust used to characterise the patients on its waiting list(12). Biomass.

Those who kill for a living employ similar terms. Israeli military commanders described the massacre of 2,100 Palestinians, most of whom were civilians (including 500 children), in Gaza this summer as “mowing the lawn”(13). It’s not original. Seeking to justify Barack Obama’s drone war in Pakistan (which has so far killed 2,300 people, only 4% of whom have since been named as members of Al Qaeda(14)), Obama’s counterterrorism adviser Bruce Riedel explained that “you’ve got to mow the lawn all the time. The minute you stop mowing, the grass is going to grow back.”(15) The director of the CIA, John Brennan, claimed that with “surgical precision”, his drones “eliminate the cancerous tumor called an al-Qaida terrorist while limiting damage to the tissue around it”(16). Those who operate the drones describe their victims as “bug splats”(17).

During its attack on the Iraqi city of Falluja in November 2004, the US army used white phosphorus to kill or maim people taking shelter in houses or trenches(18). White phosphorus is fat-soluble. Even small crumbs of it bore through living tissue on contact. It destroys mucous membranes, blinding people and ripping up their lungs. Its use as a weapon is banned by the Chemical Weapons Convention, as the US Army knows: one of its battle books observes that “it is against the law of land warfare to employ WP against personnel targets.”(19) (Personnel targets, by the way, are human beings). But never mind all that. The army has developed a technique it calls “shake ‘n’ bake”(20): flush people out with phosphorus, then kill them with high explosives. Shake ‘n’ bake is a product made by Kraft Foods for coating meat with breadcrumbs before cooking it.

Terms like these are designed to replace mental images of death and mutilation with images of something else. Others, such as collateral damage (dead or wounded civilians), kinetic activity (shooting and bombing), compounds (homes) and extraordinary rendition (kidnapping and torture by states), are intended to prevent the formation of any mental pictures at all. If you can’t see what is being discussed, you will struggle to grasp the implications. The clearest example is “neutralising”, which neutralises the act of killing its describes.

I doubt that many people could kill and wound if their language accurately represented what they were doing. It is notable that those who are most enthusiastic about waging war are the least able to describe what they are talking about, without resort to metaphor and euphemism. Few people have nightmares about squashing insects or mowing the lawn.

The media, instead of challenging public figures to say kill when they mean kill and people when they mean people, repeat these evasions. Uncontested, their sanitised, trivialised, belittling terms seep into our own mouths, until we are all talking about operatives or human capital or illegal aliens without stopping to consider how those words resonate and what they permit us not to see. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are buried, dehumanising metaphors in this article that I have failed to spot.

If we wish to reclaim public life from the small number of people who have captured it, we must also reclaim the language in which it is expressed. To know what we are talking about: this, in more than one sense, is the task of those who want a better world.





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genetic engineering 1

Researchers at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China published a paper on April 18, 2015, detailing the first use of the “gene editing” technology CRISPR in human embryos. The news initiated a global media firestorm about the irresponsibility of attempting to create genetically modified humans.

The experiments were largely unsuccessful. But as gene editing tools are refined in labs around the world, they are expected to allow easier, cheaper and more accurate insertion or deletion of genes than ever before. If perfected, this powerful new technology could contribute either to great good or to profound harm. On one hand, gene editing holds real promise for helping people who are sick. This application, known as gene therapy, affects only an individual consenting patient.

But alterations to the genes of reproductive cells, known as human germline modification or inheritable genetic modification, would be very different. Such efforts would be experiments with engineering the traits of future children, and the altered genes and traits would be passed on forever more through the generations.

Crossing this threshold has long been considered dangerously unacceptable for both safety and social reasons. It is prohibited by several international human rights treaties and more than 40 countries. However, the United States does not currently have any legal prohibitions in place. Here are seven reasons why it is time for that to change:

  1. Profound health risks to future children. Altering the genomes of our offspring — not just the first generation but all later ones as well— means irreversibly changing every cell in their bodies, forever. The risks of such biologically extreme experimentation would be huge, from the early stages of embryonic development through the life span. Even with the latest gene-editing tools, “off-target effects” are an unsolved problem, and even if genes can be added or deleted in the right place, we can’t predict what those added or deleted genes might do in the cell or the organism.
  2. Thin medical justification. Human germline modification is often presented as a way to prevent the transmission of inherited diseases. But in nearly every case, people at risk of passing on genetic diseases can have healthy and genetically related children without manipulating genes by using the embryo screening technique known as preimplantation genetic diagnosis or PGD. (Prenatal screening, adoption, and third party gametes are frequently used additional options.)
  3. Treating human beings like engineered products. Who has the right to decide the biological future of another human being? Who can ethically undertake non-consensual experimentation on someone else’s body? It’s one thing for parents to offer their kids opportunities like music lessons or extra coaching; it’s quite another to force them into a pre-determined biological mold. We must preserve the human right to bodily integrity and an open future.
  4. Violating the common heritage of humanity. Our shared humanity is the starting point for every struggle for equality. What happens to the movements for racial, gender, sexuality, and disability justice if we lose our shared evolutionary origin? What happens if traits viewed as socially undesirable are merely problems to be solved in a system that makes “fitting the mold” a biological possibility? UNESCO’s Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights, unanimously passed by 77 national delegations, declares that the “human genome underlies the fundamental unity of all members of the human family, as well as the recognition of their inherent dignity and diversity.”
  5. Undermining the­­­­­ widespread policy agreements among dozens of democratic nations. More than 40 countries and several international bodies including the Council of Europe prohibit genetic alterations that extend to future generations. In the United States, the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration have made it clear that they will not fund or permit human germline modification to the extent of their authority. But the U.S. is the only country with a robust biomedical sector that has not established a legal prohibition on creating genetically modified humans that would be binding on privately funded scientists and fertility clinics.
  6. Eroding public trust in responsible science. Scientists working on gene therapy and regenerative medicine are rightly worried that attempts to change the genetic inheritance of our species will provoke a backlash against important scientific efforts to treat disease in people who are suffering today. We can and should encourage beneficial applications of genetic technologies, and condemn pernicious ones.
  7. Reinforcing inequality, discrimination and conflict in the world. In the twentieth century, efforts to improve human genetic traits were known as eugenics. While twenty-first century efforts to directly modify the human germline would likely play out differently, the determination of “bad” genes that need to be replaced and “good” genes to be introduced would reflect criteria set by the economically and socially privileged. The social and commercial dynamics in which human germline modification would necessarily develop could easily exacerbate global disparities, and take structural inequality to a whole new (molecular) level.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  But three things must be done. First, the United States should establish an explicit prohibition on creating genetically modified humans. Second, the United States should join other countries in an international treaty that prohibits the creation of genetically modified humans. And third, civil society organizations, scientific and medical groups, and others should work to deepen public understanding of the differences between socially dangerous uses of powerful human genetic technologies and applications that can contribute to human flourishing and the common good.


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White Ashes

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive.

My not publishing for a while was no accident. So much has happened beyond my ken of understanding, so profound in the potential outcome, I was actually at a loss for words. I did not want to overreact, to speculate without reason, and in retrospect I think I was right. What we are now experiencing, too close to reality, is like trying to understand what an elephant looks like in the dark, and it is, in its entirety, very unsettling news. And I’m so sorry to be the one to tell you we have all been well played.

What we now face is the pivot point for our Republic’s actual deconstruction, the complete disintegration of our rule of law, the final and irreversible end-point of our civil liberties and inalienable rights, terminal disconnection of our beloved Constitution, and all of it culminating in an open-border destruction of national sovereignty. So emphatically profound, so blatant and unconcealed, the objective use of innocent children, and its unhampered incursion is not only deeply traitorous to our sheepish populous, but is without a doubt, the mark of pure genius. As our Federal Government refuses to secure these borders, militia men from every state are now converging there out of fear, and it is a primed powder keg for a false flag opportunity, just as designed long, long ago by the Progressive movement that has infiltrated to both sides of the isle. Indeed, it seems we are betrayed by our own so-called government, as civil unrest inside of our borders are manufactured by an overt power far beyond them, and the very same entity who flooded Europe with Middle Eastern Civilizations profoundly different from the societies that have existed there for a thousand years. And the clash, the inevitable clash of civilizations, and the ensuing chaos of blood and war, will be very good for the banking business, who horde their treasures behind neutral borders. They have milked us to the very bone, by the destruction not only of moral fiber, redesigned our collective American mindset, but have stolen our national treasure, and we are poised, positioned, to pit these instilled differences on our American streets, from the inner city to suburbia.

But this complexity is far more convoluted. We, as a nation, are known world wide to be the greatest consumers ever witnessed on our planet, but have also been groomed by media to be the most selfish, ignorant and amoral too, and when sustenance is withheld from an unsustainable welfare state, an economy drained by constant war, and Federal Reserve’s economical dilution of printing unsecured and worthless paper money positioned on our backs as debt, it doesn’t take much of an IQ to see the outcome. The starving throngs will seek the concurrent privileged class for sustenance, and along with mass immigration to help its manifestation, that process… in that process, we will eat each other alive… But not all will be lost, just as the hundreds of promoted wars of the last century prove, the international banking systems will buy what is left for pennies on the dollar, with real gold stolen from our very own vaults, as our Fort Knox has not been audited for more than fifty years… And while we slumbered in front of the black box, those in the know made fortunes in insider trading, trying to gather enough hard assets before the inevitable fall, a fall well designed and orchestrated.

Why would Orthodox Jews be burning the flag of Israel? Why are some Muslims killing Christians, while others are harboring them, protecting them, and at war with factions of religious fanatics? Why do Israelis overwhelmingly have a Russian accent? Is there any connection with our so-called enemies, like Iran, North Korea, North Vietnam, and their not wanting a central bank? Why are we so opposed to a word like Communism, when there has never been a communistic state ever to exist on the planet, just like the word democracy that is used to define us? We have never had a democracy, we are a Republic, based on rule of law…. given to us, if we can keep it….Totalitarianism has always displaced Communism, and thugs democracy, where liberty is oppressed by a ruling class. Why were Catholics and Evangelicals put on the terrorist watch list last year, and not Zionists? And why did it take a Congressional over-site committee to rescind it? Why, with all of the evidence that 9-11 was an inside job, with options put on United and American Airlines three days prior through the roof, and we can not get a Congressional over-site committee to investigate? All good questions that beg answers!

We, The United States of America, Inc., have created untold enemies who are now plotting together to destroy us, and our association with Israel is manifesting Christian crucifixions around the world, and what is happening in Ukraine, is just one more viable excuse to bring us into another cold war with Russia, with the possibility of global conflict, tenable to what may be considered WW3.

Secular Jews have partnered with Evangelical Christians, so said, and in spite of the taboo to discuss this, seemingly control much of this country, from finance to information, and is now in direct conflict with Russia for a multiple of reasons. Russia, in the last decade, has purged itself of what they considered a Jewish Secular Mafia there, and at great cost. In that process the Christian Religion is again in flower, and Orthodoxy has reemerged. Many are now calling Russia a Christian Church State, but the impact of this is not yet understood. You see, this Christian Orthodox facet sees the overt opportunity to be the primary religious power there, and is intolerant of any other denomination gaining a foothold. This has caused the wrath of the powerful banking (secular) Jews of Europe, as they see their influence dwindling not only there, but world wide, with the death of the Petrodollar, and the diminishing of Central Banking domination.

Most everything we manufacture here in America for export has something to do with war. Our constant warring is a lucrative business, and what is called nation building is both the destruction and reconstruction of countries for a black bottom line. The military Industrial Complex has grown to such an extent, become so top heavy and domineering, feared world wide, that powerful countries are banning together with the possibility of making a stand against it, first economically by sanctions, and then the looming threat for war. Now, I do not foresee armed conflict, though that possibility will be used in propaganda on both sides, as fear is the driving force for unreasoned solidarity and social unity. No, it will be far more subtle, a subversion of our founding principles that have been underway since the Federal Reserve gained complete control of our country, and actually bought our government. We will be dismantled, from the inside out, as the ignoble and predisposed masses of Americans will polish their chains with pride, and help them.

Author’s note: If I had a viable answer to this profound dilemma, I would have started this essay with that. At this point, I can find no feasible solution worthy of immediate action. It seems that until the last nail is hammered, and our coffin sealed, will we finally try to struggle out of it. So long as we can collectively exist on the back of our children’s future, little or nothing will be done. It is now the American narrative to sit back and bellyache, with the hope that someone will come up from the ranks to address their grievances, and even the illegal aliens in this country, who descended on Washington unimpeded just a few days ago, know the sounds they made were not heard, either from a practicing golfer, a bought and paid for Congress, or a banking consortium who pulls their strings. But I tell you this, I’m still betting on a semblance of honorable blood that flows in our veins, and the mindset that our founders tried so hard to instill inside of us still exist in a rag-tag group of patriots who get it, and the Liberty movement refuses to die. This is a hope that warms my soul, and yet, it seems, we will have to burn to white ashes first, before the rest will find that standard, as the blood of patriots and tyrants, that I have so longed to stifle with intellect, seems to be imminent.

One other thing, secularism is not a religion; in fact, it emphatically opposes religion. What they do so effectively is pit one religion against another and this is most effective, especially with an in-place propaganda machine taking prominence in the darkened living room of every house, and almost in every room. There we all sit, conditioned to be opened subliminally for every subtle nuance. Can we now say that free will exists, when we are fingered and spied upon for taking up for our founding principles? And the cry for Liberty that our forefathers thought so valuable they bet their lives on, is now replaced with conditioned canned laughter. And just as we laugh on cue, so too are we taught to embrace unbounded egotism, rigid and self-righteous condescension, a lazy, myopic, and convoluted sense of honor and justice, uninspired self relevance, twisted and baseless morals and ethics based on immediate gratification and an inability to grasp anything greater than ourselves… are diseases that only love and individual responsibility can cure.. And through it all, and in spite of it too, we still believe, if questioned about these matters, that we are indeed free, and capable of an original thought. We all play a part in this grand illusion, and as most now look to government for their reason for being, all responsibility for the future will be relinquished. But it is a universal law, it seems, that what you sow you will reap, and finally, when all is said and done, get exactly what we deserve.

I am a Libertarian. I didn’t get that way by osmosis, but by an education based on a standard called self responsibility… And I am inspired by my love of mankind, and the hatred for the chains that bind us all… Give me Liberty, and the death of my enemies, as I will dance on their graves. I will not die for this cause, they will. And this cry, this proclamation, rings in this world with a singular voice, as our Liberty from tyranny is not given by their grace, but by the very nature of our existence as men. This sir, is what binds us as one, as even when one falls, thousands more will stand up. Why? Because there is no power on earth greater than a righteous heart, and nothing can shadow the light of truth. This is the destiny of men, not slavery. Hold fast.

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Jonathan Barkat for The Chronicle Review

Editor’s note: Ed Dante is a pseudonym for a writer who lives on the East Coast. Through a literary agent, he approached The Chronicle wanting to tell the story of how he makes a living writing papers for a custom-essay company and to describe the extent of student cheating he has observed. In the course of editing his article, The Chronicle reviewed correspondence Dante had with clients and some of the papers he had been paid to write. In the article published here, some details of the assignment he describes have been altered to protect the identity of the student.

By Ed Dante

The request came in by e-mail around 2 in the afternoon. It was from a previous customer, and she had urgent business. I quote her message here verbatim (if I had to put up with it, so should you): “You did me business ethics propsal for me I need propsal got approved pls can you will write me paper?”

I’ve gotten pretty good at interpreting this kind of correspondence. The client had attached a document from her professor with details about the paper. She needed the first section in a week. Seventy-five pages.

I told her no problem.

It truly was no problem. In the past year, I’ve written roughly 5,000 pages of scholarly literature, most on very tight deadlines. But you won’t find my name on a single paper.

I’ve written toward a master’s degree in cognitive psychology, a Ph.D. in sociology, and a handful of postgraduate credits in international diplomacy. I’ve worked on bachelor’s degrees in hospitality, business administration, and accounting. I’ve written for courses in history, cinema, labor relations, pharmacology, theology, sports management, maritime security, airline services, sustainability, municipal budgeting, marketing, philosophy, ethics, Eastern religion, postmodern architecture, anthropology, literature, and public administration. I’ve attended three dozen online universities. I’ve completed 12 graduate theses of 50 pages or more. All for someone else.

You’ve never heard of me, but there’s a good chance that you’ve read some of my work. I’m a hired gun, a doctor of everything, an academic mercenary. My customers are your students. I promise you that. Somebody in your classroom uses a service that you can’t detect, that you can’t defend against, that you may not even know exists.

I work at an online company that generates tens of thousands of dollars a month by creating original essays based on specific instructions provided by cheating students. I’ve worked there full time since 2004. On any day of the academic year, I am working on upward of 20 assignments.

In the midst of this great recession, business is booming. At busy times, during midterms and finals, my company’s staff of roughly 50 writers is not large enough to satisfy the demands of students who will pay for our work and claim it as their own.

You would be amazed by the incompetence of your students’ writing. I have seen the word “desperate” misspelled every way you can imagine. And these students truly are desperate. They couldn’t write a convincing grocery list, yet they are in graduate school. They really need help. They need help learning and, separately, they need help passing their courses. But they aren’t getting it.

For those of you who have ever mentored a student through the writing of a dissertation, served on a thesis-review committee, or guided a graduate student through a formal research process, I have a question: Do you ever wonder how a student who struggles to formulate complete sentences in conversation manages to produce marginally competent research? How does that student get by you?

I live well on the desperation, misery, and incompetence that your educational system has created. Granted, as a writer, I could earn more; certainly there are ways to earn less. But I never struggle to find work. And as my peers trudge through thankless office jobs that seem more intolerable with every passing month of our sustained recession, I am on pace for my best year yet. I will make roughly $66,000 this year. Not a king’s ransom, but higher than what many actual educators are paid.

Of course, I know you are aware that cheating occurs. But you have no idea how deeply this kind of cheating penetrates the academic system, much less how to stop it. Last summer The New York Times reported that 61 percent of undergraduates have admitted to some form of cheating on assignments and exams. Yet there is little discussion about custom papers and how they differ from more-detectable forms of plagiarism, or about why students cheat in the first place.

It is my hope that this essay will initiate such a conversation. As for me, I’m planning to retire. I’m tired of helping you make your students look competent.

It is late in the semester when the business student contacts me, a time when I typically juggle deadlines and push out 20 to 40 pages a day. I had written a short research proposal for her a few weeks before, suggesting a project that connected a surge of unethical business practices to the patterns of trade liberalization. The proposal was approved, and now I had six days to complete the assignment. This was not quite a rush order, which we get top dollar to write. This assignment would be priced at a standard $2,000, half of which goes in my pocket.

A few hours after I had agreed to write the paper, I received the following e-mail: “sending sorces for ur to use thanx.”

I did not reply immediately. One hour later, I received another message:

“did u get the sorce I send

please where you are now?

Desprit to pass spring projict”

Not only was this student going to be a constant thorn in my side, but she also communicated in haiku, each less decipherable than the one before it. I let her know that I was giving her work the utmost attention, that I had received her sources, and that I would be in touch if I had any questions. Then I put it aside.

From my experience, three demographic groups seek out my services: the English-as-second-language student; the hopelessly deficient student; and the lazy rich kid.

For the last, colleges are a perfect launching ground—they are built to reward the rich and to forgive them their laziness. Let’s be honest: The successful among us are not always the best and the brightest, and certainly not the most ethical. My favorite customers are those with an unlimited supply of money and no shortage of instructions on how they would like to see their work executed. While the deficient student will generally not know how to ask for what he wants until he doesn’t get it, the lazy rich student will know exactly what he wants. He is poised for a life of paying others and telling them what to do. Indeed, he is acquiring all the skills he needs to stay on top.

As for the first two types of students—the ESL and the hopelessly deficient—colleges are utterly failing them. Students who come to American universities from other countries find that their efforts to learn a new language are confounded not only by cultural difficulties but also by the pressures of grading. The focus on evaluation rather than education means that those who haven’t mastered English must do so quickly or suffer the consequences. My service provides a particularly quick way to “master” English. And those who are hopelessly deficient—a euphemism, I admit—struggle with communication in general.

Two days had passed since I last heard from the business student. Overnight I had received 14 e-mails from her. She had additional instructions for the assignment, such as “but more again please make sure they are a good link betwee the leticture review and all the chapter and the benfet of my paper. finally do you think the level of this work? how match i can get it?”

I’ll admit, I didn’t fully understand that one.

It was followed by some clarification: “where u are can you get my messages? Please I pay a lot and dont have ao to faile I strated to get very worry.”

Her messages had arrived between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Again I assured her I had the matter under control.

It was true. At this point, there are few academic challenges that I find intimidating. You name it, I’ve been paid to write about it.

Customers’ orders are endlessly different yet strangely all the same. No matter what the subject, clients want to be assured that their assignment is in capable hands. It would be terrible to think that your Ivy League graduate thesis was riding on the work ethic and perspicacity of a public-university slacker. So part of my job is to be whatever my clients want me to be. I say yes when I am asked if I have a Ph.D. in sociology. I say yes when I am asked if I have professional training in industrial/organizational psychology. I say yes when asked if I have ever designed a perpetual-motion-powered time machine and documented my efforts in a peer-reviewed journal.

The subject matter, the grade level, the college, the course—these things are irrelevant to me. Prices are determined per page and are based on how long I have to complete the assignment. As long as it doesn’t require me to do any math or video-documented animal husbandry, I will write anything.

I have completed countless online courses. Students provide me with passwords and user names so I can access key documents and online exams. In some instances, I have even contributed to weekly online discussions with other students in the class.

I have become a master of the admissions essay. I have written these for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs, some at elite universities. I can explain exactly why you’re Brown material, why the Wharton M.B.A. program would benefit from your presence, how certain life experiences have prepared you for the rigors of your chosen course of study. I do not mean to be insensitive, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been paid to write about somebody helping a loved one battle cancer. I’ve written essays that could be adapted into Meryl Streep movies.

I do a lot of work for seminary students. I like seminary students. They seem so blissfully unaware of the inherent contradiction in paying somebody to help them cheat in courses that are largely about walking in the light of God and providing an ethical model for others to follow. I have been commissioned to write many a passionate condemnation of America’s moral decay as exemplified by abortion, gay marriage, or the teaching of evolution. All in all, we may presume that clerical authorities see these as a greater threat than the plagiarism committed by the future frocked.

With respect to America’s nurses, fear not. Our lives are in capable hands­—just hands that can’t write a lick. Nursing students account for one of my company’s biggest customer bases. I’ve written case-management plans, reports on nursing ethics, and essays on why nurse practitioners are lighting the way to the future of medicine. I’ve even written pharmaceutical-treatment courses, for patients who I hope were hypothetical.

I, who have no name, no opinions, and no style, have written so many papers at this point, including legal briefs, military-strategy assessments, poems, lab reports, and, yes, even papers on academic integrity, that it’s hard to determine which course of study is most infested with cheating. But I’d say education is the worst. I’ve written papers for students in elementary-education programs, special-education majors, and ESL-training courses. I’ve written lesson plans for aspiring high-school teachers, and I’ve synthesized reports from notes that customers have taken during classroom observations. I’ve written essays for those studying to become school administrators, and I’ve completed theses for those on course to become principals. In the enormous conspiracy that is student cheating, the frontline intelligence community is infiltrated by double agents. (Future educators of America, I know who you are.)

As the deadline for the business-ethics paper approaches, I think about what’s ahead of me. Whenever I take on an assignment this large, I get a certain physical sensation. My body says: Are you sure you want to do this again? You know how much it hurt the last time. You know this student will be with you for a long time. You know you will become her emergency contact, her guidance counselor and life raft. You know that for the 48 hours that you dedicate to writing this paper, you will cease all human functions but typing, you will Google until the term has lost all meaning, and you will drink enough coffee to fuel a revolution in a small Central American country.

But then there’s the money, the sense that I must capitalize on opportunity, and even a bit of a thrill in seeing whether I can do it.

And I can. It’s not implausible to write a 75-page paper in two days. It’s just miserable. I don’t need much sleep, and when I get cranking, I can churn out four or five pages an hour. First I lay out the sections of an assignment—introduction, problem statement, methodology, literature review, findings, conclusion—whatever the instructions call for. Then I start Googling.

I haven’t been to a library once since I started doing this job. Amazon is quite generous about free samples. If I can find a single page from a particular text, I can cobble that into a report, deducing what I don’t know from customer reviews and publisher blurbs. Google Scholar is a great source for material, providing the abstract of nearly any journal article. And of course, there’s Wikipedia, which is often my first stop when dealing with unfamiliar subjects. Naturally one must verify such material elsewhere, but I’ve taken hundreds of crash courses this way.

After I’ve gathered my sources, I pull out usable quotes, cite them, and distribute them among the sections of the assignment. Over the years, I’ve refined ways of stretching papers. I can write a four-word sentence in 40 words. Just give me one phrase of quotable text, and I’ll produce two pages of ponderous explanation. I can say in 10 pages what most normal people could say in a paragraph.

I’ve also got a mental library of stock academic phrases: “A close consideration of the events which occurred in ____ during the ____ demonstrate that ____ had entered into a phase of widespread cultural, social, and economic change that would define ____ for decades to come.” Fill in the blanks using words provided by the professor in the assignment’s instructions.

How good is the product created by this process? That depends—on the day, my mood, how many other assignments I am working on. It also depends on the customer, his or her expectations, and the degree to which the completed work exceeds his or her abilities. I don’t ever edit my assignments. That way I get fewer customer requests to “dumb it down.” So some of my work is great. Some of it is not so great. Most of my clients do not have the wherewithal to tell the difference, which probably means that in most cases the work is better than what the student would have produced on his or her own. I’ve actually had customers thank me for being clever enough to insert typos. “Nice touch,” they’ll say.

I’ve read enough academic material to know that I’m not the only bullshit artist out there. I think about how Dickens got paid per word and how, as a result, Bleak House is … well, let’s be diplomatic and say exhaustive. Dickens is a role model for me.

So how does someone become a custom-paper writer? The story of how I got into this job may be instructive. It is mostly about the tremendous disappointment that awaited me in college.

My distaste for the early hours and regimented nature of high school was tempered by the promise of the educational community ahead, with its free exchange of ideas and access to great minds. How dispiriting to find out that college was just another place where grades were grubbed, competition overshadowed personal growth, and the threat of failure was used to encourage learning.

Although my university experience did not live up to its vaunted reputation, it did lead me to where I am today. I was raised in an upper-middle-class family, but I went to college in a poor neighborhood. I fit in really well: After paying my tuition, I didn’t have a cent to my name. I had nothing but a meal plan and my roommate’s computer. But I was determined to write for a living, and, moreover, to spend these extremely expensive years learning how to do so. When I completed my first novel, in the summer between sophomore and junior years, I contacted the English department about creating an independent study around editing and publishing it. I was received like a mental patient. I was told, “There’s nothing like that here.” I was told that I could go back to my classes, sit in my lectures, and fill out Scantron tests until I graduated.

I didn’t much care for my classes, though. I slept late and spent the afternoons working on my own material. Then a funny thing happened. Here I was, begging anybody in authority to take my work seriously. But my classmates did. They saw my abilities and my abundance of free time. They saw a value that the university did not.

It turned out that my lazy, Xanax-snorting, Miller-swilling classmates were thrilled to pay me to write their papers. And I was thrilled to take their money. Imagine you are crumbling under the weight of university-issued parking tickets and self-doubt when a frat boy offers you cash to write about Plato. Doing that job was a no-brainer. Word of my services spread quickly, especially through the fraternities. Soon I was receiving calls from strangers who wanted to commission my work. I was a writer!

Nearly a decade later, students, not publishers, still come from everywhere to find me.

I work hard for a living. I’m nice to people. But I understand that in simple terms, I’m the bad guy. I see where I’m vulnerable to ethical scrutiny.

But pointing the finger at me is too easy. Why does my business thrive? Why do so many students prefer to cheat rather than do their own work?

Say what you want about me, but I am not the reason your students cheat.

You know what’s never happened? I’ve never had a client complain that he’d been expelled from school, that the originality of his work had been questioned, that some disciplinary action had been taken. As far as I know, not one of my customers has ever been caught.

With just two days to go, I was finally ready to throw myself into the business assignment. I turned off my phone, caged myself in my office, and went through the purgatory of cramming the summation of a student’s alleged education into a weekend. Try it sometime. After the 20th hour on a single subject, you have an almost-out-of-body experience.

My client was thrilled with my work. She told me that she would present the chapter to her mentor and get back to me with our next steps. Two weeks passed, by which time the assignment was but a distant memory, obscured by the several hundred pages I had written since. On a Wednesday evening, I received the following e-mail:

“Thanx u so much for the chapter is going very good the porfesser likes it but wants the folloing suggestions please what do you thing?:

“‘The hypothesis is interesting but I’d like to see it a bit more focused. Choose a specific connection and try to prove it.’

“What shoudwe say?”

This happens a lot. I get paid per assignment. But with longer papers, the student starts to think of me as a personal educational counselor. She paid me to write a one-page response to her professor, and then she paid me to revise her paper. I completed each of these assignments, sustaining the voice that the student had established and maintaining the front of competence from some invisible location far beneath the ivory tower.

The 75-page paper on business ethics ultimately expanded into a 160-page graduate thesis, every word of which was written by me. I can’t remember the name of my client, but it’s her name on my work. We collaborated for months. As with so many other topics I tackle, the connection between unethical business practices and trade liberalization became a subtext to my everyday life.

So, of course, you can imagine my excitement when I received the good news:

“thanx so much for uhelp ican going to graduate to now”.

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By: Mac Slavo

For now, the technology is in “crude” form undergoing R&D through animal testing, specifically with the neural connections of a zebrafish.

In the longer term, DARPA researchers (the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) believes the gene modifying optical technology will be able to restore vision to the blind and impaired, and replaced current conceptions of virtual reality, with an internal display that will provide vital stats and more about the target, err, object in view.

According to CNET, the DARPA boffins are reportedly working on a device known as a ‘cortical modem’ that plugs directly into a person’s DNA and visual cortex. Not only does this unique device help someone overcome blindness or poor eyesight, it generates a built-in heads-up display (HUD) that appears right in before their very eyes.

The implants create an augmented reality projection that appears like magic in your natural vision and without the need for helmets or special eyeglasses. (source)

The visual overlay could be developed, as in the Schwarzenegger “Terminator” films, like an automatic panel of information that meshes seamlessly with the real world, or it could integrate interactive “Minority Report”-style panels, but internally. Regardless, the implications are fantastic, and perhaps, unsettling.

Though it is hardly the first DARPA foray into brain implants, this technology represents a new breakthrough, as it requires modification to a person’s DNA, an application of optogenetics that bypasses our natural visual sensory system and makes use of what is, for now anyway, a simple $10 devices that produces the LED-like display:

“The implications of this project are astounding,” wrote Peter Rothman of Humanity+ Magazine, who was in attendance at the event. “First, this technology could be used to restore sensory function to individuals who simply can’t be treated with current approaches. Second,

The device could replace all virtual reality and augmented reality displays.”

“Bypassing the visual sensory system entirely, a cortical modem can directly display into the visual cortex enabling a sort of virtual overlay on the real world,”

he added. “Moreover, the optogenetics approach allows both reading and writing of information. So we can imagine at least a device in which virtual objects appear well integrated into our perceived world.” (source)

Researchers believe that, though still far from completion, this would make science fiction tech possible, even opening the door to telekinesis and telepathy:

The possibilities go even further, though, Rothman said. The cortical modem could potentially make electronic telepathy and telekinesis possible, and could make the neural interfaces made popular by science fiction writer’s a reality. Those advances are still a long way off, however, as the cortical modem in its current form is still, in Rothman’s words, a “crude” device.

While it might be billed as an incredible cure for blindness, the implications for the military battlefield are immense.

As many dystopic films and futurists like Ray Kurzweil have long predicted, these neural implants, modifications and “upgrades” are ripe for the making of super-soldiers, capable of making human warriors more-human-than-human and capable of given autonomous robots and AI computers a lopsided advantage against conventional enemies in any conflict.

Before you daydream about the “cool” visions of the future to be, keep in mind that the computer geeks have once again warned that the rise of AI and nanotechnology literally threatens the survival of civilization. A Global Challenges Foundation report was concerned about the extinction of the human race and a coming mass unemployment of the human workforce:

“Such extreme intelligences could not easily be controlled (either by the groups creating them, or by some international regulatory regime), and would probably act to boost their own intelligence and acquire maximal resources for almost all initial AI motivations,” suggest authors Dennis Pamlin and Stuart Armstrong.

“And if these motivations do not detail the survival and value of humanity, the intelligence will be driven to construct a world without humans. This makes extremely intelligent AIs a unique risk, in that extinction is more likely than lesser impacts.”

The report also warns of the risk that “economic collapse may follow from mass unemployment as humans are replaced by copyable human capital”, and expresses concern at the prospect of AI being used for warfare: “An AI arms race could result in AIs being constructed with pernicious goals or lack of safety precautions.”

So what is closer on the horizon: the end of life as we know it, or the next big thing?


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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Republished 05/25/2015

I dreamed about My father (God rest his soul) last night. He was a very patriotic man, having served the country he loved so much in both the Navy and the Army.

His patriotism and devotion to this country was unwavering and was proven by his being wounded, almost fatally, in combat while serving in the Korean conflict (something I never once heard him complain about).

I remembered him sitting me on his lap when I was a young boy and I  listened in awe as he described his deep unwavering love for this country.

He said to me in a soft but strong voice:

This is the only country where a man can say what is on his mind without fear of being throw in prison.

Where our government is made up of dedicated people we choose.

Where a man’s land is his in perpetuity to use as he sees fit for the betterment of his family.

Where a man can work hard his entire life, and look forward to a bountiful retirement he has prepared diligently for.

Where the people control the government, not the government controlling the people.

Where work is plentiful and opportunities for the the ambitious and resourceful are limitless.

Where our industrial might and intellectual prowess make us the true leaders of this world.

Where the world looks upon us and the guardians of freedom and liberty.

I sat there warm and coddled in his lap as I listened to him and imagined what I could do with my life in this glorious country he was so very proud to call his home!

Then I woke up this morning and …

Sorry dad, I miss you so very much, but I am truly glad you are not here to see this.

Rest in peace Edward Landry …

Obama Golf 1(See video at bottom of article)

Commentary by: Roger Landry (TLB)

All presidencies have issues, a crises and maybe even a disaster, BUT never before in my three generations on this planet have I seen such poor leadership, so much indecisiveness, so few right answers and so many national disasters in progress or looming just in front of us. Even the most staunch Supporters of this president are losing faith as is readily apparent from the latest polls. I have seen lame duck terms before, but never dead duck terms.

Now before you jump bad with what you are about to read, and say … all our woes are not his doing … I agree but please tell me one promise he made (twice) that he has kept to facilitate an end to all this madness he “may have” inherited. Yea he ran on a platform twice to alleviate most of these boggy men that haunt this country, but has produced NOTHING and in most cases …  the exact opposite of anything he promised (that is an easy statement to prove)!

This president is presiding over the most turmoil America as seen in modern history, the proverbial perfect storm of health, security, economic and political issues … Yet he has more tee times under his belt and more hyper expensive vacations than just about any other president in history. While We The people tighten our belts until our stomachs are touching our backbones, he is enjoying the high life extraordinaire. No I don’t begrudge him a vacation or a tee off on occasion but my God … Research it Yourself !!!

Here are just a few (short list) of the present or impending disasters, unresolved or exacerbated many fold in over six years, We The People are facing … Can this possibly be a monumental case of incompetence, or the “intentional means to an end” …

We have a wide open southern border allowing just about anyone to cross unimpeded (can you say terrorists), all but mandated by this government. Wait didn’t he swear to uphold the Constitution? Isn’t it the constitutional responsibility of our president (Commander In Chief) to protect the sovereignty and borders of this country? Yet for over six years now he has done nothing but encourage this invasion.

We are being threatened by some of the most ruthless radicals in history of our own construct (either by our hostile actions or direct support), while we continue to manufacture more terrorists across the middle east with our blatant militaristic imperialism. Didn’t he run on the promise to end this imperialism … not compound it many fold?

We have multiple government health agencies that are so corrupt that their policies are sacrificing the lives of millions of citizens and children all for the sake of the corporatocracy, and with zero accountability. Didn’t he sign the Farm bill containing the Monsanto protection act after promising us transparency on GMO’s in our food? Sure it was eventually withdrawn from the continued spending bill … but only because of the outrage and massive pressure applied by We The People.

We are being poisoned on a daily basis beyond anything conceivable a few short generations ago, by mechanisms such as Geo-engineering, Fluoride, Vaccines, GMO’s, Environmental toxins and Pharmaceuticals to a point where the cognitive functionality of most Americans is at a grade school level. Doesn’t he appoint the heads of these government agencies knowing full well before he did exactly where their loyalties are?

The Dollar is collapsing at an ever increasing rate, our economy is tracking in a negative direction continuously (regardless of the lies we are told), the middle class has all but disappeared, yet we continue to spend over fifty cents of every tax dollar to support the most awesome military this planet has ever seen. WAIT … wasn’t he the anti war, anti corporate favoritism candidate (a Democrat)?

We continue to use the concept of baseball bat diplomacy across this planet infuriating sovereign nation after nation with totally cavalier attitude of “So what are you going to do about it?” and nations who CAN do something (Russia and China) are already teaming up to DO so. Is he NUTS ???

The American people are suffering more under this presidents leadership (or lack of) than any president since the great depression, and that only takes into account the economic woes! America is failing on ALL fronts except global brutality, and this fiasco continues to spin up out of control at an ever accelerating rate of speed …

And all the while, with all the above stated disasters either in play, impending, or looming on the near horizon … he continues to make excuses, deflect the blame, point fingers, or just check out when the heat is turned up!

What follows is one of the most blistering critiques of the first five plus years of the Obama “Regime”, yes it is about a year old, but it is a critique I could never have improved on, so I present it for your  entertainment …



If bad OR worse things happen, will Obama be able to handle it, or will he simply check out? In one of his harshest criticisms yet, Bill illustrates his concern.

Early Check Out: The World Gets Crazier and Obama Goes Golfing

See original video here


By: Lucille Femine

The very idea of traditional war where many people are killed with guns and bombs is pretty abhorrent, isn’t it? So much so that many of us just choose to look the other way or simply wait it out. It’s much easier to think that way because, after all, guns and bombs can only kill so many and destroy so many buildings.

Then a new treaty is signed; we clean up the rubble and go on with life. We enjoy the “peace” which unfortunately, in this scenario, is merely an absence of chaos and turmoil. Peace is something that does not truly reign from war, loss and pain.

But that is traditional life on this planet. War, peace, war, peace, ad infinitum. We duck our heads, hope it will be over soon, then have a nice party with music and wine. Just like in the old WW 2 movies.

Now, although psychiatry has been with us for centuries in many different forms, these days it has grown several heads, if you will – a new monstrosity more frightening than the biggest A bomb ever created.  And why is that?

Well, I would say the main reason is because it is so covert. Albeit there is a constant threat of a bomb killing the entire planet – still, WE KNOW ABOUT THAT. We even know about the slightly less obvious ones like killer vaccines, killer GMO foods and  killer chemtrails. (There really is no other kind of these things than “killer”)

However, when something is so hidden and pervasive, it’s difficult to fight or confront it. Now of course, many of you are definitely aware of the insidious dangers of psychiatry but many others are not. Too many.

Here’s why: destruction far too often comes in the form of “help”. The friendly psychiatrist smiles and nods at his patient for five minutes, all the while writing a prescription for an anti-psychotic that will make him psychotic.

Does the psychiatrist know what his drug is about to do? Some do. Some are as clueless as their patients. After all, Rockefeller made sure the main subject in medical school is now drugs – created from his oil. So the aspiring doctor just blindly follows his curriculum.

Another head has poked into the schools where many teachers are now being empowered to evaluate their students’ sanity, based on something like fiddling with a pencil, and send them to a psychiatrist who will inevitably prescribe a mind-bending drug that might drive the poor child into suicide.

But at first, the parents are so trusting and grateful for this “help”. They’ve been told gravely how “sick” their child is, the same child who once jumped and danced and talked about being an astronaut, a crusader or an artist. Or simply looked out the window at school.

Psychiatry has a brand new head. It is gazing into the law enforcement field where police could now be trained to also evaluate sanity – in their arrestees. These police can be trusted with the decision to say – yep, this guy is crazy. Do you remember the “Go directly to jail” card in Monopoly? Well, this card says – “Go directly to the psychiatric ward.”  Mental derangement from drugs is a worse imprisonment than a jail cell. In a prison, you can at least have a mind to fight for your freedom.

This program is being used in Memphis, TN and now being proposed in Nashville – It may seem rosy and good but be forewarned, it’s more like going from the frying pan into the fire.  I will keep tabs on the results.

It’s bad enough the psychiatrist doesn’t know a thing about sanity or mental illness (otherwise, why would he prescribe drugs that kill?) but now we are asked to trust people with no training at all in the mind – except to be told psychiatry helps people. Unfortunately, many of them earnestly believe this is better than going to jail.

One more grim head has been bobbing in the military. Many of these brave men and women who have gone to war to help protect this country are rewarded with psychotropic drugs whose devastating effects are too often far worse than any wound on the battlefield.

Probably the biggest head is within the pages of Obamacare where psychiatry has full reign to administer its blanket solution to mental health with drugs. To everyone in the country, if possible – mentally ill or not. Hopefully this nightmare program is choking on its own administrative vomit.

One last note: I’ve recently re-evaluated myself as a visual artist and I’ve concluded that my passion for helping The Liberty Beacon and its goals needs to be merged with my own creative efforts. Or I just don’t feel fulfilled as an artist. In other words, I’ve expanded my  painting subjects to include what’s in my heart.

So the painting above is an effort in that direction and aligned with this article.

If so inclined, you can go here to either purchase the original or a print.


Lucille Femine

Administrative assistant for The Liberty Beacon

Hat 1-7-14




By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

It is the latter days of summer and there’s not much excitement. However, one day stands out like no other. On that fateful day, you awaken to the news that the nation’s banks are “temporarily closed” because some terrorist group launched a cyber attack upon all of the major banks the night before. You instantly recognize the lie for what it is.

You have been preparing for this moment for a long time and you recognize this event for the false flag event that it is. You announce to your family it is time to go. You grab your “bug out bag”  and you drive 20 miles in the opposite direction from your intended destination as you enter an underground parking garage. There you are met by a trusted source. You transfer your bug out bags to their vehicle and leave your vehicle behind. Why did you have to drive to an underground structure? A satellite can be backtracked on your residence. It will detect your vehicle and the number of occupants leaving your garage and you can be followed. Driving in the opposite direction of your intended destination may confuse any search protocol which will be based upon your known associates based on the DHS FAST program which is described below. Entering an underground structure will make it difficult to track you. The number of vehicles who have entered the structure are numerous and the NSA computers will have trouble matching you to a known associate if you have not had cell phone communication with your intended getaway ally. Your cell phone is now your enemy. Most of us know about the Stingray program designed to track people as it is now available to local law enforcement. The NSA has much better tracking technology.

The people that you will be staying with, must be “friends of friends” because if you have had communication with these people, the NSA computers will predict who you will hide out with and you will end reliving the modern day nightmare of the Diary of Anne Frank. Remember, the NSA super-computers match known associates by email, cell phone and landline communications. If you have ever had a cell phone conversation or your cell phone has come within 10 meters of a person, that has been logged as a known associate.

You have been careful to leave ALL electronic devices behind. Before his death, the late A.C. Griffith, former NSA specialist, appeared on The Common Sense Show several times and discussed much of the tracking technology that was available to the NSA as of five years ago.

As you are driving to your rendezvous point, the radio broadcasters are telling you that all is well and that the banking chaos will be straightened out in a few days. However, you know the truth, the economy has collapsed and it is not coming back. And you also know that in the midst of the ensuing chaos, the Red List extractions which will be conducted by Jade Helm personnel, are imminent. They could take place in a day, a week or, on the outside, a month.

Waiting for you in the underground parking garage is a friend of a friend. You have made arrangements to stay with this friend of a friend because it is not likely that you can be tracked to their home. As your getaway vehicle departs the underground structure, nobody will be the wiser.

Cell Phone Precautions

All parties, connected to your getaway, have agreed to not have in their possession cell phones. Not only can they be tracked, they can be used to listen to your conversations even when the battery has been taken out of the phone. This backdoor was a NSA mandate dating back to the 1990’s, demanded that cell phone manufacturers build in backdoors so that the device could be used to spy upon high value targets. As you are making your get away, it might be best to lie down as you enter the new vehicle. Why? Have you ever seen a photo radar photograph? Your approximate location can be tracked by traffic cameras.

What about disposable cell phones? If you are in flight to evade capture, any cell phone in your possession is a risk. The NSA has voice print records on all Americans who have ever used an electronic device. The voice print is as unique and as identifiable as a finger print. If you speak within ear shot of the phone, your voice print can be instantly matched to the super-computers of the NSA and your location can be immediately pinpointed. Therefore, you new host family can never have a cell phone, or a landline phone within ear shot of you. The same is true for a computer as they are routinely listened to even in the off position.

Your electronic devices are the greatest threat to the continued freedom for you and your family. The good news is that you will not have to remain in hiding for very long. Most of my sources believe that “Red Listed” individuals will remain high priority for about 30 days. Why 30 days?

 Phase Two: The Blue List

Under the cover of the chaos of an economic collapse, the middle of the night Red List extractions will take place. During this time cell phone and landline communications will be cut because the powers that be do not want potential resistance leaders to be able to warn each other. However, these extractions will not go unnoticed so Phase One will be immediately followed by Phase Two (Blue List enforcement) which will consist of targeting a second set of potential dissidents of lesser value. These will often include the modern day “Brown Shirts”.

It is likely at this point, that some in the military will question their mission and switch sides. Many in the militia movement will realize that the day of confrontations is at hand. Depending on how many soldiers and their units switch sides, we could see a civil war breakout at this point. Regardless of the depth of the conflict, once the shooting has started, most Red and Blue List people will lose their importance to the authorities. In other words, if you guess correctly on the trigger event for the extractions, you may only to have to hide out for a maximum of about 30 days.

Bugging Out to the Country

Bugging out to the country carries more risks than benefits unless you can get out of the country. As a matter of course, I do not recommend leaving the city because there are just too many ways to get caught. It is of paramount importance to realize that there are a plethora of license plate readers in operation. If you do make a run for the border, do not use your own car.

The healthy side of your paranoia is about to emerge as we consider the fact that there is a sponsored DHS program known as FAST, which is a DHS tested program and has been described as a “precrime” program. FAST will gather upon complex statistical algorithms that will compile data from multiple databases and will subsequently “predict” future criminal or terrorist acts. The FAST system can track 36 million faces in one second.

The “precrime” data will be gathered” through cybersurveillance and stealth data monitoring of ordinary citizens. The FAST program purports to assess whether an individual might pose a “precrime” threat through the capture of a range of data, including biometric data. In other words, FAST accuses non-convicted individuals as being a security threat risk of becoming future criminals and terrorists through data analysis. No charges, no police interviews, the system is designed to become “judge, jury and executioner“. Under the Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST), criminal cues are captured through the following types of biometric data including body and eye movements, eye blink rate and pupil variation, body heat changes, and breathing patterns. Various linguistic cues include the analysis of voice pitch changes, alterations in voice rhythm patterns, and changes in intonations of speech. Documents released by DHS clearly show that individuals …

Could be arrested and face serious consequences based upon statistical algorithms and predictive analytical assessments.

Most importantly, the FAST program has the ability to predict where you would likely run to in times of trying to evade capture. This program is one of the main reasons that the massive spying was undertaken because the program has the unique ability to predict your next move. I am very nervous because this technology is a part of Jade Helm and their “extraction drills”.


Unfortunately, the madness does not end with the FAST system. There is a new DHS funded multi-billion dollar spy tool and it is called FirstNet. This is a citizen information gathering device like no other. A company called New World Systems is in charge of implementing this system.

The Radio Access Network (RAN), which is part of this elaborate network, consists of the radio base station infrastructure that connects to user devices including cell towers and mobile hotspots embedded in vehicles which connects to the satellite network or other types of wireless infrastructure.

This is a “search and destroy system” as FirstNet is designed to hunt you down in remote areas.

The extraction component of Jade Helm in rural Texas communities, is noteworthy when these two systems are considered with regard to the potential of these two systems to abuse American citizens. Firstnet is going operationally live just prior to the Jade Helm announced kick off of July 15th.

This system is also about the disguised takeover of the Internet and all cell phone communications under the possible false premise of an emergency. Does the recent implementation of Net neutrality by the FCC make a little more sense now? When we go into martial law, communications will be suspended so potential dissidents cannot warn one another and you have just learned how they plan to accomplish this communications blackout.

Firstnet boasts a map along with the embedded graphics from the FirstNet website. From this, it is easy to conclude that they have developed the technology to track you and find you should you be a fugitive from their own special brand of justice. RAN has the ability to track you anywhere on the planet. Soon, there will be nowhere for people with high threat matrix scores to run and hide without being found by this system. These two technologies are a part of Jade Helm 15 and real time data will be available to Special Operations Forces as they carry out their missions.

Facial Recognition Software

nsa surveillance

The NGI Interstate Photo System Facial Recognition Pilot (IPSFRP) Project is a collaborative effort between the FBI and pilot agencies to identify user needs and develop a useful investigative tool for the law enforcement community through the recognition of a fugitive through facial recognition.

The Interstate Photo System provides a search of a limited population of criminal/wanted persons mug shots using a submitted probe image. I am told that these systems are now embedded in the traffic cam system in use across the country. Once a facial recognition has been established a satellite can be used to track the individual’s every movement until capture can be accomplished. Hence, keep your head down while traveling in your getaway vehicle.


There are many more programs that can be used to track fugitives than what is listed here. The intention of this article is to get you to think about your own flight to safety should you think the need will someday present itself.

I would also add that when you arrive at your host family’s residence, be discreet, don’t go outside and let your presence be known. Why? Because in the early days following the extractions, a “See something, Say something programs” will likely emerge. The authorities will likely advertise that a reward payment will be made to people in exchange for useful information related to suspicious activities.

As we move closer to July 15, more operational details will emerge. However, I have seen enough to know that Jade Helm 15 is very draconian and should serve as a threat to every American.  My thanks to former NSA agent, Vance Davis, former CIA agent, the late Bill Pawelec (the husband of my present News Director, Annie DeRiso) and finally I want to thank former NSA agent, A.C. Griffith for greatly adding to my awareness of NSA fugitive tracking capabilities.


TLB recommends you visit Dave at The Common Sense Show for more pertinent articles and information.

See featured article and read comments HERE

Coming to America

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Preface: This article was first published about ten months ago and I had hoped to see some positive changes by now … Sealed borders, illegals held accountable or sent home, a Commander In Chief taking responsibility for his Constitutionally Mandated task of protecting the sovereignty of American soil … But all I see is a situation that has worsened by magnitudes. So this commentary is still very germane and hopefully it will have more impact this time around.


I will start this commentary with the intention of reviving memories of an America that the world once admired as the land of promise, opportunity, freedom and liberty. People from across this ever shrinking globe once dreamed of immigrating to this great nation to build a new life and raise a family free of poverty and oppression and make their fortune. Most sold every last thing they had to purchase a ticket on some tramp clipper or steamer and risked a voyage of unseen or unimaginable danger just to see that dream realized.

When they arrived here poor, tired and weakened from a long harsh journey, their last thoughts were “If I stick my hand out what will America give me?” but instead they pitched in to help build America. They worked long, hard backbreaking hours at menial jobs to slowly advance their position and status in their newly adopted country.


They were adventurous, industrious and resourceful. They fought in wars to protect their new found liberty, they educated themselves to our language, customs and culture, and worked hard to acquire citizenship in a land they came to love, not only for themselves, to solidify their position in this society, but most of all to facilitate a better life for their children.

These immigrants were proud to be Americans to a point of extreme, never taking for granted what they considered their good fortune (no matter how trivial by most standards), nor did they ever forget the reasons that had motivated them to leave their distant homes in the first place.

These where the true backbone of this country, its builders, and dreamers …

Now fast forward to the present and the steady stream if illegal immigrants flooding into this already overburdened country and run a quick comparison.

I will not try to convince you that all are bad at heart, because that is not true. And some of their expectations and misunderstandings are by intention and the fault of a government with an agenda … this government!

But what we in reality face is a vast majority who can’t speak English and are not so very willing or motivated to learn, keeping them isolated from mainstream society, employment or serious education, and choosing to congregate with their own culture rather than assimilate into the native culture.

Illegal Immigrants

Instead of these immigrants striving to become a integral part of the society that is hosting and indeed supporting them in so many ways (welfare. Healthcare, housing, education), this government institutes policies that force the American society to accommodate them and their shortcomings, such as the aforementioned language barrier. These actions ultimately result in the retardation of the need or ambition for learning or working and facilitates the perpetuation of this burden on you and I … and you have to know this government is very aware of this.

A large majority are being supported by a government (through our tax dollars) intentionally bent on perpetuating this burden on the already overburdened taxpayers to suit an agenda that is not in America’s interest.

But there is also a large number who are outright hostile towards this nation, seeking only what they can get with no investment of labor or ambition and denigrating their benefactors at every possible chance.

These individuals are destructive to society, perpetrating and perpetuating crime and larceny on their newly adopted communities in the form of criminal gangs. They also see America as the land of opportunity, but not in the way of past immigrants. They don’t like us Americans for who we are, and are not shy to say so … but they seem to be very OK with America for what they can get … or take!

Before you accuse … This is NOT about bigotry or prejudice in the least. My wife is Hispanic making my children and grandchildren of Hispanic descent. Neither the language you speak nor the color of your skin make any difference in this scenario! This is about the fundamental change we were promised … and are getting in spades. This being forced on us by a government complicit to globalists intent on changing the landscape of America forever … whether We The People like it or not. Can you say North American Union … ??? … !!!

America is a compassionate society and we have always welcomed immigrants from across this planet with open arms, but as equals in the application of the laws of this land and in the services and benefits rightfully earned. In plain words, what applies to us should damn well apply to you, both legally and socially! But when illegals receive preferential treatment with respect to the law and services without ever having contributed to said benefits or services, over those who have worked hard and contributed to the payment of said services and faithfully obeyed the law, a fundamental trust has been broken and anger and resentment rightfully swells in the heartland of America.

I look at these two scenarios, past and present, and I wonder where it all went wrong. When America stopped being the land of promise and opportunity, the shining castle on the hill, a place where hard work and social participation lead to a life of reward and increasing prosperity … Camelot, and became the welfare capitol of the world.

We as Americans are literally the most generous culture on this planet giving more to charity and donating more time to the less fortunate than any society in this global community, even with our current economic woes. But you can only be used so much, abused so often and taken for a fool one too many times … then …

Well, that chapter has not been written yet but the pen hovers over the parchment as this story unfolds before our eyes …

The Liberty Beacon project

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