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Sherrie Wilcox discovery of FEMA coffins 50 miles outside of Atlanta.

By TLB Contributor: 

I am presently vacationing at Ground Zero, the location of the greatest pandemic threat in American history and it is all related to unscreened immigrants.I am reading and watching the local news and gathering information in a manner that most across the country are not seeing because of the national censorship in the MSM. This week alone, I have referenced related immigration stories from San Diego’s Channel 5, 10 and 15. When contrasted to the national media, the crickets are chirping.

What I have learned from these local reports is that sick and diseased immigrants are being placed in the general population of the United States. I have also learned that there is a conspiracy of silence associated with DHS and HHS and what they are forcing the Border Patrol to do with these new immigrants. There is also a Gestapo and East German Stasi mentality that is permeating this series of events. And since I am invoking German parallels, let’s add in a Reichstag false flag moment as well. These events and what is to follow have been carefully planned for and the evidence trail goes back almost five years. Along these same lines, the CDC and HHS have tipped their hand and are plainly telling the American public what is coming and how we are all at risk.

How a Pandemic Gets Started

Late last week, at approximately 1AM, a busload of illegal immigrants pulled out of the Chula Vista checkpoint and onto a local San Diego freeway. There were two Border Patrol agents sitting behind the driver wearing surgical masks.  A San Diego 10News vehicle tried to follow the bus onto the freeway, but Border Patrol SUVs blocked the entrance to the freeway. We now are finding out that 10 people were transported to local hospitals in the San Diego area for treatment of such ANNOUNCED maladies as scabies and head lice (This Sunday evening, from 11pm-Midnight, Central, I am interviewing Barb Peterson as she will be describing how scabies can be used to transmit far more serious illnesses).

This official Border Patrol admission marks the first time that the American people had official confirmation that sick and diseased illegal immigrants are being knowingly and purposely being moved into the general population of the United States. An American child, who is in the hospital to have their tonsils removed. along with his visiting parents, attending nurses and physicians, may unwittingly become carriers for a for more serious illness with the potential to rip through the general population as a result of these irresponsible actions which are placing all of us at risk.

Border Patrol union representative, Ron Zermeno, told San Diego 10News the influx of detained undocumented immigrants pose a significant risk to the health of agents as well as national security as a whole.

FOX News Has a Rare Moment of Clarity

Todd Starnes, FOX News contributor and talk show host, has interviewed unidentified sources including doctors, nurses and counselors who say that while working with the new illegal immigrants at the Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX., and he found that these civilian employees are being threatened, by the East German Stasi contingent of the Department of Homeland Security, with prison if they report how bad the health conditions are and how much at risk the American public is being placed under.

Here is an excerpt from the Starnes report:

“We have so many kids coming in that there was no way to control all of the sickness – all this stuff coming into the country,” she (an unidentified nurse) said. “We were very concerned at one point about strep going around the base.”

Both the counselor and the nurse said their superiors tried to cover up the extent of the illnesses.

“When they found out the kids had scabies, the charge nurse was adamant – ‘Don’t mention that. Don’t say scabies,’” the nurse recounted. “But everybody knew they had scabies. Some of the workers were very concerned about touching things and picking things up. They asked if they should be concerned, but they were told don’t worry about it.”

The Starnes report issued an ominous warning:

“My sources say Americans should be very concerned about the secrecy of the government camps.”

Key Arizona Officials Speak Out

While appearing on Hannity, Sheriff Joe Arpaio stated that the border patrol crisis is a deliberate ploy designed to force amnesty. I would suggest to Arpaio that with the definitive spread of illnesses among this population, there may be a much more sinister possibility such as the one that one of Arizona’s most prominent physicians, Dr. Jane Orient spoke of when I interviewed her 10 days ago. Dr. Orient used words such as “collusion” and “bioweapons attack” during the course of our conversation. Dr. Orient expressed concern that the Border Patrol is being threatened with prosecution for speaking out about the looming health crisis. Further, she stated that the Border Patrol has taken on casualties as a result of their close contact with immigrants as they have one confirmed case of drug resistant TB and a multiple cases of Border Patrol agents contracting scabies, which could carry very serious diseases and viruses. Dr. Orient is also appearing on the aforementioned, July 13th show from 9-10pm. The show can be accessed here by clicking on the “listen” icon in the upper right hand corner.

Where Is All This Headed?

Also appearing on this week’s talk show is Alana Cook, who first brought to my attention a memo from the Health and Human Services (HHS) as administered by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in which it is abundantly clear that the CDC is planning for mass casualties. By the way, it was HHS that denied Congressman Bridenstine entry into Ft. Sill to see what going on with illegal immigrant children in a story that appeared in this column, yesterday.

The date of the memo is July 1, 2014 and this makes the timing of this release, with regard to the above reported events, a little more than coincidental.

HHS has awarded more than $840 million to continue improving emergency preparedness of state and local public health and health care systems. HHS claims that these health systems are vital to protecting health and saving lives during a disaster. “The programs provide resources needed to ensure that local communities can respond effectively to infectious disease outbreaks, natural disasters, or chemical, biological, or radiological nuclear events”. With regard to the infectious disease outbreaks, HHS and the CDC are a day late and a dollar short. The damage has already been done.

This Has Been Planned for Long Time

In early 2009, the News Director for The Common Sense Show, reported the following events on a broadcast of The Common Sense Show which applies to the story at hand. 

From the Daily Newscaster inside sources reveals that FEMA & DHS are preparing for mass graves and martial law near Chicago


  • In late December 2008 municipal officials were invited to Indianapolis for a briefing on the state of Indiana. There were told if industry were to collapse for example GM going bankrupt resulting in mass unemployment, that a depression would soon follow and municipalities could expect to loose 40% of their funds.
  • Every county in the nation would be required to prepare a Hazard Mitigation Plan.
  • The county should prepare a plan to vaccinate the entire population within 48 hours and practice the plan several times.
  • FEMA inquired to where mass graves could be placed in the county and would they accept bodies from elsewhere.
  • The sheriff’s department via the state sheriff association was told that no .223 ammunition rounds would be available as the military would be purchasing all stocks.
  • The county was asked to make plans for “hardening” of police and fire stations, putting in hardened bunker type buildings around town.
  • The county was asked to make plans for the possibility of up to 400,000 refugees from Chicago


At about the same time, Infowars reported the same kind of observations in Houston, Texas and later in Phoenix, AZ.

fema coffins sherrie 2Sherrie Wilcox went looking for FEMA Camps and found this outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

What is being reported here is the fulfillment of a long-standing plan.


Last week, it was revealed in this column that the government was advertising for “escorts” in order to bring unaccompanied illegal alien minors across the border. The date of this advertisement was January, 2014, seven months ago. It was also reported that there are multiple sightings of UN vehicles in our country. It was also reported here that the UN has been advertising for the position of  “resettlement officers who are experienced in gun confiscation”.

When we look at the posed health risks by this “sudden” influx of illegal aliens, along with the evidence of the planning for mass casualties dating back at least 5 years ago and more evidence that this planning and funding is still ongoing, the conclusions are not hard to reach.

Now that Israel seems intent on invading Syria and the UN trucks are on the move near Brownsville, TX., as of this writing, perhaps some serious dot connecting is in order and that will be the topic of the next installment in this series.


TLB recommends you visit Dave at The Common Sense Show for more great/pertinent commentary, articles, radio shows and information.

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Slavery & Serfdom | Human Farming: The Story of Your Enslavement Whether you think of it as an analogy or as an accurate portrayal of the human condition, Stefan Molyneux’s controversial essay about the rise and (hopefully) fall of the tax farmer will make you think. Early humans could only produce what they consumed. There was no excess for a slave master to steal, so there was no point owning slaves. However, when agricultural improvements allowed for excess crop production, human ownership became an advantage. History tells us that early governments were in fact a ruling class of slave hunters who believed that because humans could produce more than they consumed, they were worth capturing, breaking in and owning. Early Egyptian and Chinese empires were in reality human farms where captured humans were domesticated and owned like any other livestock. – KK

Stefan Molyneux | Human Farming: The Story of Your Enslavement

Human Farming: The Story of Your Enslavement This is the story of your enslavement; how it came to be and how you can finally be free.

Like all animals, human beings want to dominate and exploit the resources around them. At first, we mostly hunted and fished and ate off the land - but then something magical and terrible happened to our minds.

We became, alone among the animals, afraid of death, and of future loss. And this was the start of a great tragedy, and an even greater possibility…

You see, when we became afraid of death, of injury and imprisonment, we became controllable — and so valuable — in a way that no other resource could ever be.

The greatest resource for any human being to control is not natural resources, or tools, or animals or land — but other human beings.

You can frighten an animal, because animals are afraid of pain in the moment, but you cannot frighten an animal with a loss of liberty, or with torture or imprisonment in the future, because animals have very little sense of tomorrow.

Photo - Tax Farm, Human Farming: The Story of Your Enslavement

You cannot threaten a cow with torture, or a sheep with death. You cannot swing a sword at a tree and scream at it to produce more fruit, or hold a burning torch to a field and demand more wheat. You cannot get more eggs by threatening a hen – but you can get a man to give you his eggs by threatening him.

Human farming has been the most profitable — and destructive — occupation throughout history and it is now reaching its destructive climax.

Human society can not be rationally understood until it is seen for what it is: a series of farms where human farmers own human livestock.

Some people get confused because governments provide healthcare and water and education and roads, and thus imagine that there is some benevolence at work. Nothing could be further from reality.

Farmers provide healthcare and irrigation and training to their livestock.

Some people get confused because we are allowed certain liberties, and thus imagine that our government protects our freedoms.

But farmers plant their crops a certain distance apart to increase their yields — and will allow certain animals larger stalls or fields if it means they will produce more meat and milk.

In your country, your tax farm, your tax farmer grants you certain freedoms not because he cares about your liberties, but because he wants to increase his profits.

Are you beginning to see the nature of the cage you were born into?


There have been four major phases of human farming:

PHASE ONE: Direct and Brutal Slavery in Ancient Egypt

The first phase, slavery in ancient Egypt, was direct and brutal human compulsion. Human bodies were controlled, but the creative productivity of the human mind remained outside the reach of the whip and the brand and the shackles. Slaves remained woefully under productive, and required enormous resources to control.

PHASE TWO: Roman Slaves Are Free to Show A Modicum of Ingenuity

The second phase was the Roman model, wherein slaves were granted some capacity for freedom, ingenuity and creativity, which raised their productivity. This increased the wealth of Rome, and thus the tax income of the Roman government – and with this additional wealth, Rome became an empire, destroying the economic freedoms that fed its power, and collapsed.

I’m sure that this does not seem entirely unfamiliar.

PHASE THREE: Feudal Serfdom

After the collapse of Rome, the feudal serfdom model (and here, too) introduced the concept of livestock ownership and taxation. Instead of being directly owned, peasants and serfs farmed land that they could retain as long as they paid off the local warlords. This model broke down due to the continual subdivision of productive farm land, and was destroyed during the Enclosure movement, when land was consolidated and hundreds of thousands of serfs were kicked off their ancestral lands, because new farming techniques made larger farms more productive with fewer people.

The increased productivity of the late Middle Ages created the excess food required for the expansion of towns and cities, which in turn gave rise to the modern Democratic model of human ownership.

As displaced serfs and peasants flooded into the cities, a huge stock of cheap human capital became available to the rising industrialists – and the ruling class of human farmers quickly realized that they could make more money by letting their human livestock choose their own occupations.

PHASE FOUR: The Democratic Model

Under the Democratic model, direct slave ownership has been replaced by the Mafia model. The Mafia rarely owns businesses directly, but rather sends thugs around once a month to steal from the business “owners.”

You are now allowed to choose your own occupation, which raises your productivity – and thus the taxes you can pay to your masters.

Photo - Human Livestock, Human Farming: The Story of Your Enslavement

Your few freedoms are preserved because they are profitable to your owners.

The great challenge of the Democratic model is that increases in wealth and freedom threaten the tax farmer. The ruling classes initially profit from a relatively free market in capital and labor, but as their human livestock become more used to their freedoms and growing wealth, they begin to question why they need rulers at all.

Ah well. Nobody ever said that human farming was easy.


HUMAN LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT Keeping human livestock securely in the compounds of the ruling classes is a three phase process.

Phase One: Indoctrination The first phase is to indoctrinate the young through government “education.” As the wealth of democratic countries grew, government schools were universally inflicted in order to control the thoughts and souls of the livestock.

Phase Two: Division The second phase is to turn citizens against each other through the creation of dependent livestock. It is very difficult to rule human beings directly through force — and where it can be achieved, it remains cripplingly under productive, as can be seen in North Korea. Human beings do not breed well or produce efficiently in direct captivity. If human beings believe that they are free, then they will produce much more for their farmers.

The best way to maintain this illusion of freedom is to put some of the livestock on the payroll of the farmer.

Those cows that become dependent on the existing hierarchy will then attack any other cows who point out the violence, hypocrisy and immorality of human ownership. Freedom is slavery, and slavery is freedom. If you can get the cows to attack each other whenever anybody brings up the reality of their situation, then you don’t have to spend nearly as much controlling them directly. Those cows who become dependent upon the stolen largess of the farmer will violently oppose any questioning of the virtue of human ownership — and the intellectual and artistic classes, always and forever dependent upon the farmers — will say, to anyone who demands freedom from human ownership: “You will harm your fellow cows.”

HUMAN FARMThe human livestock are kept enclosed by shifting the moral responsibility for the destructiveness of a violent system of slavery to those who demand real freedom.

Phase Three: Fear The Third Phase is to invent continual external threats, so that the frightened human cattle cling to the “protection” of the human farmers.

This system of human farming is now nearing its end.

The terrible tragedy of the modern American system has occurred not in spite of, but because of past economic freedoms.

The massive increases in American wealth throughout the 19th century resulted from economic freedom — and it was this very increase in wealth that fed the size and power of the state.

Whenever the livestock become exponentially more productive, you get a corresponding increase in the number of farmers and their dependents.

The growth of the state is always proportional to the preceding economic freedoms.

Economic freedom creates wealth, and the wealth attracts more thieves and political parasites, whose greed then destroys the economic freedom.

In other words, freedom metastasizes the cancer of the state.

The government that starts off the smallest will always end up the largest.

This is why there can be no viable and sustainable alternative to a truly free and peaceful society.

A society without political rulers, without human ownership, without the violence of taxation and statism

To be truly free is both very easy, and very hard.

We avoid the horror of our enslavement because it is painful to see it directly.

We dance around the violence of our dying system because we fear the attacks of our fellow livestock.

But we can only be kept in the cages we refuse to see. Wake up…

To see the farm is to leave it.

See featured article at From sovereign to Serf


By: Roger Landry (TLB}

Watching this video has moved me to RANT a bit on a topic most are blind to, or intentionally ignore …

Why does it seem to prove out a majority of the time that those who have the most will protect it with extreme prejudice, and those who have the least are most apt to share the quickest.

Today we live in a society where ultimately those who have the most are paying less in cost or privilege, and those who have the least are paying more in cost, pride and freedom.

This is not the foundation America was built on, but it is an evolution of a society fixated more and more on possessions and the ME mindset, and less on people, or the society that surrounds them, or the WE concept.

It also seems that anyone who intrudes into that protected and guarded bubble of comfort or isolation is immediately perceived as a threat to some degree and greed immediately oozes to the surface in the false perception of self defense or the preservation of “what is mine” regardless of whether they enjoy an overabundance, and a little charity is no great sacrifice …

And this divide or chasm separating the haves and the have nots grows wider daily.

There are many (but today a shrinking minority) who still benefit from the system as it is, only benefiting the haves while isolating and taxing (physically and monetarily) to the point of exhaustion, the have nots. The real problem here is even those who consider themselves among the haves will soon be introduced via a serious wake up call into the realm of the have nots.

There are only so many seats at the elites dinner table and over 99% of you who falsely believe that you have a seat, will be seriously disappointed when your invitation to dinner never arrives … Maybe being a little kinder to the growing number of have nots surrounding you is not such a bad idea, because the day is coming soon when your bubble of comfort will POP, and it may just be you asking for “a slice of pizza please” …


UN Tanks

By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges.

Bravo Sierra is a term which can be best applied to the report that the “organic” United States is going to rise up and declare civil war against the banker-controlled Obama administration and the commencement date for this popular uprising would be July 4th. As of this writing, it is July 6th and the Obama administration is still stealing and dealing. I can barely write about this nonsense because I cannot control my hysterical laughter.


This bogus report further stated that the deposed former commander of AFRICOM, General Carter Hamm, would be leading this insurrection against the Obama administration. Please tell me, what revolution, with leaders acting in their right mind, would EVER announce their intentions and the date of inception for an impending revolt PRIOR to launching a revolution against the ruling elite? Forget the fact that the report does not have one shred of support, it does not even make sense. However, what does make sense in the report, is that the command and control structure of the military is one of self-preservation and is still largely outside the control of any president or congress.

The very existence of the military is designed to be independent of any president or any congress.  Self-preservation is the name of the game. During the Eisenhower years, there was the infamous Continuity of Government  plans, and then there was the secretive continuity of the military which has received scant attention.

The Military Controls the Nuclear Arsenal

After the introduction of nuclear weapons to the Navy, the military decided to keep control of the nuclear arsenal in case of a foreign takeover of our government, similar to the one that we see today.

My father was one of the Navy personnel that was in charge of installing nuclear weapons on the carrier Roosevelt which was the first naval vessel to be retrofitted with nuclear weapons. My father’s job consisted of rewiring the Combat Information Center (CIC) in the pursuit of this goal. The carrier departed Jacksonville and sailed around the southern tip of South America as they worked on this endeavor away from the watchful eye of the Soviets. In 1962, nuclear weapons were first installed on American submarines. The submarine fleet has its own command structure, wears its own unique uniforms, has its own disciplinary procedures that are not totally in line with United States Code of Military Justice and the control of these nuclear weapons has never been surrendered to an American president and this is by design.

Traitors Among Us

The Alger Hiss UN related spy scandal and Senator McCarthy’s pursuit of communists who had infiltrated the State Department made an impression on the military.

Obama could fire every single officer above the rank of Lieutenant and still not be able penetrate the command structure of the military’s control of nuclear weapons because of the manner in which the control structure is organized. I do not have all the details of this organizational structure, and I have pledged to not reveal the operational details that I do know, except to say that some of the control structure lies outside of active duty military personnel and therefore, outside the reach of any president.

The Brave Sierra Report On a July 4th Revolution

Inside of every piece of disinfo, is an element of truth. Hamm lost his AFRICOM command over his failure to follow presidential orders to abort a rescue mission with regard to the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens. This is an important development because it points to the fact that some of the military has reached the point of mutiny against the Obama administration over several key issues, most of which has to do with preserving the autonomy of the military’s most previous asset, namely, its nuclear weapons. However, what this does not indicate is that there will be a preannounced attack upon this administration. The military’s resistance is more covert and passive at this point.

A Manufactured Crisis


In late June, I responded to the video evidence which clearly showed UN military vehicles being transported throughout the United States. Nothing happens in isolation, so one must consider the context of these sightings. Subsequently, one need not look any further than what is going on at our southern border. I painstakingly detailed the possible pandemic health threats at our border related to the admission of untold numbers of foreign illegal aliens into our country. I documented, along with the help of Dr. Jane Orient, the potential health threats inspired by the present immigration crisis (e.g. potential Ebola from thousands of West African immigrants being illegally admitted to the country, Dengue Fever from illegal aliens coming from Honduras and Guatemala, and drug resistant TB from illegal aliens from southern Mexico, Panama, Venezuela and El Salvador).

I further detailed how members of the US Border Patrol have already contracted drug resistant TB and scabies and they are laundering their work clothes on site in order to protect their families. The designed medical crisis has begun and all that it needs to turn into the ultimate false flag event is to let nature take its course.

The Foothold for the UN Takeover

The United Nations is poised to swoop in, under the guise of humanitarian aid, and “assist” in the coming health crisis. Their presence will be welcomed by most because they will appear to be here to simply help with the present health crisis. Once the UN is out in the open as a police force, they will have gained their foothold and their subsequent power will grow exponentially. Then it will be a short step to begin enforcing the UN Small Arms Treaty Ban and all that comes with martial law which will be precipitated about by this manufactured health crisis.

Until the UN has control of America’s nuclear weapons, they cannot hope to completely subjugate this country. Part Two of this three part series will delineate the sides of the coming conflict. What you are going to read is more threatening and more plausible than the nonsense about a July 4th revolution.

TLB Recommends you visit Dave at The Common Sense Show for more great/pertinent commentary, articles, radio shows and information.

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Kens Guards

My Guards. Photo by Ken LaRive Quito 2009

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

Depression comes to those who find their lives are out of their control. It comes to those who do not take responsibility for their own life, and those who blame others for what they consider unfair, or a wrongness. It is people who can’t figure out what good and bad and right and wrong is, and people who don’t know the different between happiness and Joy. It is self-centered people who can’t find a singular thing greater than themselves. It is people who are always hungry, but never plant a seed …

It is people too afraid to open a door, where opportunity is constantly knocking. It is people who carry baggage heavier then their present circumstances, or what they can accomplish. It is people who have lost their ability to create, and yet are critical of the art created by others. It is myopic people who need self affirmations from others to feel good about themselves. And the others, too jealous or myopic or self absorbed themselves to give it back, become paralyzed with fear that they have little self worth, or value. Its cry-baby people who can’t count their blessings, who ask of life without a thought of giving, or putting back. They are takers.

And then, they get on drugs that mask these very blatant faults found deep inside.

I have not been depressed since 1985. when Anthony (Tony) Robbins held a mirror in front of my face. And if I ever forget any of these methods, I will turn to any speech that Dr. Paul has written, or actually listen to them on UTube. These two men are my heroes, and beacons of Truth. You see, a Libertarian uses his intellect. This Liberty movement is discovered by ones intellect.


Ken 1Ken LaRive has been a continuous and valued contributor to The Liberty Beacon project since its conception. TLB would like to voice our appreciation to Ken for his outstanding contributions and friendship on our second anniversary.

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Bald Eagle in mid-air flight over Homer Spit Kenai Peninsula Alaska Winter

By: Lucille Femine, TLB staff

On this July 4th, the day we traditionally celebrate our independence from the oppressive mother country, and a mighty bloody battle it was, that Revolutionary War. But did we really win?

Today and all of this planet’s yesterdays, we have faced a much bigger battle for independence, much more ominous and threatening to our very existence and peace of mind.

It’s a battle to be free from the oppressive forces that work incessantly to keep us “dependent” on them for every aspect of our lives. Their only motive for allowing us to live is an insatiable lust for power and greed. A very old story.

This is an ancient battle for freedom, one of which the War for Independence in this country was a mere episode.

The game has become extremely intense when you witness actions such as Monsanto engages in to dominate the entire planet’s land in order to grow food that kills us. All to make a profit and destroy our independence, our freedom to grow our own food as we choose.

Take the NDAA, the oppressive law meant to instill fear in our hearts and make us “dependent” on them, under the false premise that they are defending our freedom from terrorism.

When you examine games children play on their phones and such, you see they are just microcosms, exact replicas of the very activities going on all over the planet to keep us enslaved – the timeless battle of good and evil. We just have new players today. But the game is the same, the motives the same.

The game of war and peace is instilled in us from birth. After all, this is a prison planet and we all instinctively know that. It seems we are born fully equipped mentally and ready for battle. And we practice, as little boys do with toy guns and arrows. By the way, take a look at how even these childhood games are being suppressed. Recently, a young boy was considered mentally unstable because he twirled a pencil in school.

Not to defend war but don’t we need to be independent of these new, unwritten “laws” that force us to be “dependent” on their dictates of how children should and should not behave? Are they claiming to “protect” us from potential terrorists? Innocent children at play?

Again this is all to protect us by suppressing our independence to act freely in our choice to have or not have weapons.

When you look at how many shoot ‘em ups children watched on TV in the old days, how many of them grew up to be murderers and terrorists? I daresay statistics would reveal nothing to shake a stick at. (so to speak)

Let’s get to the true source of senseless murders – psychotropic drugs, another insidious, evil plan to make us dependent and robotic. Slaves. This is one of the most vital causes for independence we can ever engage in. This one takes away the freedom to think, feel and behave from the core of our being, where sanity resides.

If we can’t do that, the game of life is over for the majority of us who simply want to live freely, love, be happy and help each other. And they win their questionable “freedom.” From us?? I’d say that reeks heavily of paranoia.

If we get to the bottom of this situation on planet Earth, we might see something very interesting. First of all, the very basic of keeping life going and worthwhile is the ability and freedom to play a game.

It doesn’t matter how gruesome and deadly the game is, as in war, it is still a game.

Consider the lives of many of the leisure class. They have everything they want at their fingertips or they might have to work a bit and snap their  fingers at one servant or another. No game. Nothing to work or fight for. But they certainly experience a lot of boredom, at least eventually.

So what do they do to keep life interesting? They create conflicts, arguments, play silly video games, get drunk and crash cars – all just to have a game. Often, they might get sick just to have a game. But then, many of us succumb to that now and then – the game of acquiring sympathy.

If you consider the globalists and their gazillions of dollars, the ultimate in the leisure class, what game do they play? War. They play one nation against the other just to watch the game.

Now here’s a very potent question: do we want to play that game? Sure, we’re on the other side of the field, doing battle against them, but aren’t we still playing that same game? That endless battle for independence we never seem to permanently win?

The answer is, if this is the major game we are playing, what would happen if we win and all the oppressors are sent off to pasture? There would be no more game.

Therefore, we need independence from this need to play the game of war. BECAUSE BY SIMPLY PLAYING IT, WE KEEP IT ALIVE. Is that what we really want? Been there, done that, no?

There comes a time ultimately when we grow weary of a particular game. It may take centuries but it happens. I believe that time is approaching. We are entering a spiritual awakening where people on this planet are beginning to realize there are better games to play. And by playing these better games, the old one of war with all its misery simply vanishes from lack of care.

I don’t mean to say we should ignore the perils that exist for us now; we need to be constantly vigilant. But that is only to create a safe space so we can play a better game, to clear the field of ancient debris from war and senseless death.

While we do that, we create games like: grow more and more organic food, form independent, freedom-loving communities, create more schools that teach children correctly and help them be “independent” free thinkers, teach the Constitution, create and encourage art in all its forms in great abundance, teach tolerance for each other and our own beliefs, use healthy solutions to illness, have compassion for those who suffer. Listen to each other because we are all awesome beings – the true power on this planet.

Above all, teach and enlighten others on how to do all that. Create a better world. It’s simple. That’s the game.

So, on this special day, I salute YOU and wish you your independence to be a free American, the way our forefathers meant it to be.



Lucille Femine, Executive Assistant for The Liberty Beacon project





Dave 1

By TLB Contributor:

The term “virgin” is a term which refers to being of, or in a pristine and undisturbed state. There is nothing pristine or undisturbed about the conduct of many of Virginia’s public servants. After reading these representative accounts of the conduct of various Virginia’s officials, you will quickly conclude that there are no virgins left in Virginia.

People In Virginia Have “Political Schizophrenia”

Are you old enough to remember 1970′s Soviet-style political schizophrenia? In the former Soviet Union, a systematic political abuse of psychiatry took place and it was based on the interpretation of political dissent as a psychiatric problem. It was called “psychopathological mechanisms” of dissent. The world came to know the practice as “political schizophrenia”. Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev used psychiatry to eradicate all political opponents. An increasing number of officials in Virginia are embracing a similar philosophy.

Similar to the former Soviet Union, there are no innocent people in the state of Virginia. John Whitehead, the director of the Rutherford Institute, a public interest law firm designed to protect the Constitutional liberties of American citizens, claims that as many 20,000 Virginians are sent to mental hospitals each year against their will, and some may be victims of … political repression.

Pre-crime arrests, indefinite detention, all in violation of the Constitution, have become mainstream policy for this present administration. Amazingly, MSNBC covered the installment of these police state tactics here.

In effect, psychology is being used to enslave free-minded people. Both the Obama administration and the Virginia CPS have a new partner in crime and it is the American Psychological Association (APA). The APA created the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (5th Edition) which was recently adopted. DSM V is highly controversial and has sparked outrage from the mental health practitioners. As many of these practitioners point out, the new DSM-V makes a pathology out of simple and normal behaviors such as the grieving for the loss of a loved one. Particularly disturbing is that the new manual which targets internet users and conspiracy theorists. So, if you are reading this now, you are mentally ill and should be institutionalized because if someone is judged, by some vague set of criteria, to spend too much time on the internet, they could be judged to be mentally ill.

This is the new political schizophrenia. We will see confinements among the alternative media and the veterans for things like ADHD, grieving, normal anxiety, bad eating habits, etc. All of these behaviors and more have been categorized as pathologies under the Obama administration and a supportive American Psychological Association. Virginia has wasted no time getting involved in this new version of the Salem Witch Trials!

Virginia Loves to Steal Children from Parents

In Virginia, Monika Wesolowski had her five year old stolen from her with no charges and no convictions resulting from the courts or law enforcement. They forced Monika to take a psychological evaluation for nearly 8 hours. They tried to poke holes in her parenting skills by proving she could not do math problems or spell certain words properly during the exam. They tested spatial reasoning, her IQ and measured her political beliefs in an attempt to find anything that would disqualify her from regaining custody over her son. These are all items which have NOTHING to do with parenting and are all designed to sustain a diagnosis of mental illness which will allow them to justify the theft of a child. In other words, they were, by default, trying to label Monika as having political schizophrenia.

The Virginia CPS/DFS even tried to unhinge Monika by having its main social worker inform Monika’s ex-husband and his girlfriend where and when Monika would be conducting the psychological evaluation. The couple subsequently showed up, verbally accosted Monika and the presiding psychologist allowed the confidentiality (legal and ethical requirement) of the testing environment to be breached in violation of all ethical and legal standards.

When Monika reacted with fear by the inappropriate confrontation, (Monika at one time had a restraining order on the ex-husband), the psychologist took her emotional upset and reported it in the psychological evaluation’s conclusion. Virginia’s CPS should be getting sued over this breach. Despite this outrageous conduct, the psychological evaluation concluded that the “bond between mother and child is strong…and there is no reason that mother and son should not be reunited”. Yet, six more months have gone by and these wonderful “public servants” in the County Attorney’s office and the CPS have still not returned the boy to his rightful parent.

Please note that I have read the psychological evaluation from cover to cover. I am a former therapist, I have written a university level ethics class and I know how this process is supposed to work. This is third world psychology practices in action, at best. The social worker from DFS, the examining psychologist and the Assistant County attorney should be driven from their positions by the good citizens of Virginia and Fairfax County through whatever legal means are available. Steve Quayle mentioned to me this morning that perhaps we should look at RICO violations in regard to this case.

Despite the conclusion of the psychological evaluation, that judges Monika to be a fit parent, Monika is still without her son. Fairfax County Assistant District Attorney, M. Chris Sigler, at an administrative hearing held this past Thursday told Monika that “You will have to take another psychological evaluation”. Double jeopardy is alive and well in Fairfax County, Virginia. Sigler knows he probably will not win when this goes to court after Monika sues, so he is forum shopping until he gets the psychological diagnosis he desires which will serve to justify the previous child theft by CPS. Political schizophrenia is also alive and well in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The Virginia DFS social worker, Magda Alarcon, is pressuring and coercing the therapist that Monika was forced to obtain, at her expense, to diagnose Monika as being mentally ill. This is the same strategy Assistant County Attorney Sigler tried to employ in the administrative hearing as he demanded a psychological mulligan (i.e. do over) on Monika’s first test. So far, the therapist is refusing to provide the desired diagnosis. The therapist is smart, because Monika plans to sue the aforementioned for violating their fiduciary duties.

I almost forgot to mention that Virginia social worker Magda Alarcon and M. Chris Sigler are attacking Monika’s Second Amendment rights. In the aforementioned hearing, the CPS/DFS stated that Monika poses a threat to her son because she is a registered gun owner and has a conceal and carry permit. Yet, is was permissible that the two foster fathers, who “watched” over Monika’s son are also gun owners. And let’s not forget that the boy went from being potty trained to regressing to diapers, while running around making bizarre gestures with his arms and telling his mother to cut his arms off while in this environment, while in foster care. I cannot say from 2700 miles away, if there was anything being done to this boy. The evidence that Monika showed me was compelling enough that I would have to file an official report if this case were in Arizona where I live. And the CPS should have immediately, the same day, investigated Monika’s claims, but they did not! Even if the boy is being abused, there is no direct proof tying the two foster fathers to any crime. However, it does appear that this child was failing to thrive and that seemed to be OK with the Virginia CPS/DFS for all these months. The duplicity and the danger posed by CPS/DFS to this five year old have been exposed.

Now that Monika has an attorney, the CPS moved the boy away from the two foster fathers. However, they did not acknowledge that their own CPS workers were not following their own policies by putting the boy with two gay fathers, not allowing the boy to practice his Catholic faith and to continue to receive occupational therapy for his autism. All three of these issues violates CPS policy because they are required to place the boy in an environment which closely approximates the home environment of origin. HOWEVER, RATHER THAN CPS ADMITTING THEIR MISTAKES,THEY SAID THEY MOVED THIS BOY BECAUSE OF THE COMMON SENSE SHOW AND THE COMMON SENSE SHOW WEBSITE! Yes, that is correct. At the administrative hearing, this was given as the reason for moving the boy to another foster home with two Catholic parents. It is seven months too late CPS! Further, I want CPS/DFS to be put on notice. I am conferencing with my attorney and one of the topics will be the unfounded and public allegations that my conduct put the two foster fathers in jeopardy. I NEVER ADVOCATE FOR VIOLENCE! These officials are such bullies that they are not used to dealing with a growing number of media, including myself, who are rushing to call attention to a system that is horribly corrupt and violates the Constitution every single day.

Virginia Authorities Are Finally Meeting Their Match

What the corrupt mental health system in Virginia was not counting on was the fact that the director of the Rutherford Institute, John Whitehead, would obtain freedom for so many Virginia veterans who have been falsely institutionalized.

The Virginia CPS and DFS were not counting on a talk show host and an investigative journalist who would look at the facts in this case and decide it was time to make a stand against these kinds of government sponsored behaviors which strips all people of their constitutional rights. If the officials of Virginia only knew the level of media that I am communicating with now, they would give the boy back to Monika and pretend that this whole thing never happened. However, they are playing with taxpayers money and they don’t care how much of the people’s money they waste while trying to justify their self-appointed sense of demagoguery and how it reigns supreme while individual liberties be damned!

The authorities in Virginia need to be also concerned that they are facing a parent who now has an attorney and they just cannot steam roll over this parent like so many that they have legally abused in the past.

The Virginia CPS labeled Monika as a “Level One Child Abuser”. This will keep her from obtaining future employment. They originally asserted that she strangled her son and tried to murder him. Yet, the swat team which accompanied CPS to the child abduction point, saw no reason to arrest Monika and charge her with a crime. A pediatricians report, obtained the next day, which I have read, stated that the red mark on the neck of Monika’s son was dermatitis and not the result of an attack. Now they are trying to justify their child theft with false claims of mental illness and being guilty of the crime of being a registered gun owner.

The authorities in Virginia need to be concerned about much more than a disenfranchised mother and a talk show host. Thanks to the efforts of my colleagues and good men like Mr. Whitehead, my listeners and my readers, all eyes are upon the behaviors of these kinds of “public servants”.

Monika and Dylan Still Need Your Help

I have raised over $23,000 for Monika’s legal defense fund. However, she is probably going to need at least $30,000 to see this through to the end. CPS is willing to spend any amount because it is not their money.

I have included two ways that you can help Monika. And please, no amount is too small whether it is $5, $10 or a $1,000 dollars. We ask for your prayers and your contributions. Help me make this a poster child case for the rest of the country in which parental rights are upheld.

Realted links and earlier articles:

Below are two ways that you can donate to Monika.

Help save & bring home my 5 yr old son (go fund me)

You can donate to Monika with a check and send it to the following address.

Monika Wesolowski

PO Box 40926

1210 S Glebe Rd

Arlington VA 22204-9998


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Illegal Immigration[1]

A Personal Commentary (RANT) by: Roger Landry (TLB)

What will it take for Americans to wake up to what is going on right under our noses, what we are not being told, or told the truth about? We were promised the “Fundamental Transformation of America” and this is about the only promise the current occupant of the white house has kept, and he kept this promise in spades! Except it is nothing good for We The People and is facilitating the downfall of America as we know it.

Gone are the glory days of the world’s most powerful and influential middle class. Gone are the days when America could boast the best and most advanced medical and healthcare system on the planet. Gone are the days of American innovation and technological superiority that kept the world in awe. Gone are the days when this country, through our unparallelled work ethic, could outproduce any nation on this planet with relative ease. Gone are the days when America was seen by the people of the world as a safe haven of freedom, liberty and prosperity, Camelot or the shining castle on the hill. Gone are the days when America was looked to for protection from tyranny …. Gone are the days.

Today we live in a nation that is broke beyond understanding with a debt load  weight that will bend the backs of our children and their children for generations to come. The services WE pay for are being cut back even as our tax burden increases because we can no longer afford them. Today those of us who have are getting more and paying less, and those of us who don’t have are getting less but paying more. Today the average American is locked into a system of economic slavery who’s only beneficiary is the caste that controls this very government and a vast majority of the world. A caste who creates their wealth out of thin air and lend it to us at interest … Isn’t this something you or I would go to prison for and stay for a very long time?

Yet we can afford to perpetuate war in MANY countries across this globe simultaneously and maintain a military presence in over three quarters of the countries on this planet. This ultra-powerful military machine is under the complete control of those who would play God, the caste that pulls the strings of their puppets … our leaders. To add insult to injury, this military behemoth is manned by you and me who, through constant propaganda, give our lives to maintain the perpetually perpetuated LIE. And in the ultimate insult, it is you and I who through our tax dollars … PAY FOR this mechanism of their power projection. Yes you heard me right, We The People PAY for this, and DIE for this, BUT only they benefit FROM this, and as of late utilize it at their discretion without our permission or knowledge.

The Fundamental Transformation of America is almost complete, but not quite, because we are Americans – stubborn, not easily defeated or discouraged and we still hold our middle class mindset that we are great and proud, with the innate ability to overcome any adversity. So another mechanism must be brought into the war being perpetrated against us … The dilution of the American population, a perpetual invasion from the south of millions of people not of our mindset. These are not bad people and wish only for a better life, a chance to fulfill dreams never attainable in their homeland. But they are not us … they are not legal citizens of this once great nation, they will be the straw to break the proverbial camel’s back, and those who would play God KNOW this.

Illegal Invasion

It is estimated by some that more than twenty million illegals are currently in this country (I would venture a much higher number) and more flood across the border, daily unhindered by this government. Remember the part about our services being cut back because we cannot afford them? How many illegals do you think your tax dollars are supporting? Millions of Americans go hungry, live on the street homeless or die because they lack the healthcare to keep them alive. Yet we feed, cloth, educate and maintain the health of a HUGE number of ILLEGAL immigrants … so basically rather than stem the immense tide flooding illegally into this country … this government encourages it (by the very action of NOT stemming it) and offers them through its (not ours) generosity all that MANY Americans can only wish they had but must do without. So Please tell me again how this is not intentional … a mechanism to dilute the financial, mental and cultural strengths of America.

I am not anti-Hispanic … My wife, children and grandchildren are Hispanic, so do not dare to throw that in my face … I am anti ILLEGAL and pro America first … a concept those we elect to serve and protect us seem to have forgotten … or those who they really serve have instructed them to ignore. It has been said many times that in order to fully facilitate the New World Order, America (thus the powerful middle class) must be brought to its knees first … You are getting a first hand glimps at their play book, my friends and our defensive strategy is WHAT ???

You want references for my RANTING?  Ok, I will offer it! Please read the attached article links, paying special attention to the time line in the first one and fully comprehend that this is ample proof that this plan has been long in the process.  These are just two examples and I can offer MANY more. Then you decide if those of you who voted TWICE for the Fundamental Transformation of America … are content with it. I am not, and I am PISSED OFF !!!


Please read the following …

Plan To House Immigrant Teens Prompts A Backlash In Virginia Town



Not on my watch!

By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges.

I have been writing that my military sources tell me that their greatest fears are beginning to become realized because the United States will be, in the relatively near future, this country will be under martial law and the bulk of the occupation force will be comprised by foreign troops operating under the flag of the United Nations.

Under the heading, “Hiding in plain sight”, the United Nations is advertising for the following position:

Posting Title: Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officer, P4


Department/Office: Department of Peacekeeping Operations

Duty Station: New York

Job Description: A minimum of seven years of progressively responsible experience in disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration or related area. Experience working within peacekeeping, peace-building or development programmes operations is desirable. Experience with small arms control, conflict/post-conflict crisis management, economic recovery is desirable. Experience coordinating multiple partner agencies, funds or programmes is desirable.

Analysis of the Job Description

Peacekeeping is normally the euphemism reserved for gun confiscation and population subjugation. If there is any doubt to the veracity of this claim, the following phrase “Experience with small arms control“, should remove any doubt as to what is coming. Further this job description uses phrases such as “demobilization“. Further, the phrase “reintegration” is also significant. By definition, what is a re-education camp designed for? Quite simply put, it is designed for reintegration back into society. Back into society from where? This question can be answered with a pair of four letter words, FEMA Camp.

UN controlled FEMA Camp


un gun ban treatyNo doubt that some people, wanting to remain in a state of denial, will ignore the term used in the UN job advertisement, “small arms control“, which is significant since because we know that Secretary of State, John Kerry, illegally signed the UN gun ban treaty representing an unconstitutional end run around the Second Amendment.

What is highly significant is that nobody seems to be talking about this illegitimate imposition of foreign troops on our soil and this notion is represented in the phrase “conflict/post conflict management“! What conflict/post conflict management? Conflict management is another euphemism reserved for one of two possibilities. First, this implies there will be a civil war. With over 260+ senior military officers fired by Obama for not embracing the future need to fire on American citizens, speaks clearly to this point. Ask yourself, what would be the one thing that this administration could do that would guarantee a violent response from many of the people? That one thing would be to start seizing private guns. Foreign troops will be operating under the UN flag in the pursuit of this agenda. Obama is in the midst of purging the military leadership who will not indiscriminately fire upon American citizens who would resist having their Second Amendment rights obliterated by this present administration. Secondly, in order to create the manufactured need to impose martial law, the administration would need a pretext, a false flag event. I have been covering the pretext for nearly a year. In fact, the pretext has been rehearsed repeatedly since last fall.

Rehearsing for Martial Law

Last fall, FEMA, DHS and select foreign entities extensively rehearsed for the following contingencies in the following list of preparedness and disaster drills planned and carried out over a six week period:

1. FEMA purchase orders for over $14.2 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Region III by October 1st, 2013.

2. FEMA purchase orders for 22 million pouches of emergency water to be delivered to Region III by October 1st, 2013.

3. FEMA purchase orders for $13.6 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Austin, TX. by October 1st, 2013.

4. $11 million in antibiotics to be delivered to FEMA region III by October 1st ordered by CDC

5, Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems beginning late July for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1st

6. Great Shakeout Drill Scheduled for October 17, 2013

7. More Than 1,000 Banks Plan National Cyber-Attack Drill Oct. 16-17, Oct. 23-24

8. Quantum Dawn’ Is a Cyber-Attack Bank Drill –

9. GridEx2 Nov. 13-14

The Grid EXII drill was the most concerning of these drills because it rehearsed an EMP attack upon our grid and estimates at the time forecasted a 90% mortality rate, in America, following such an event within two years.

The most telling part of these drills is that they all have in common the need to impose strict martial law in which the tenets of EO 13603 will come into play.

Last fall, I expressed serious concerns over so many of these drills taking place in such a short period of time. I raised the question of martial law arising from any one of these events going hot. In hindsight, I think I was too close to the truth as to what is coming because even the Russian media invited me on a news show that is distributed in New York City and Washington DC, as well as in 35 other countries.

On October 28, 2013, I was contacted by reporter and producer, Victoria Mashkova, from the Voice of Russia (formerly Radio Moscow), and was invited on to their radio program to discuss the possibility of martial law coming to America. I accepted and in the early morning hours I participated in a 10 minute interview.

Inside of the United States today, there are untold numbers of Russian troops for which I have received reports of sightings from first-hand witnesses. It is quite apparent that Russian troops will be used as a UN force whose purpose is gun confiscation, American citizen detention and Lord knows what else when martial law is finally declared. The Russians have a vested interest to conceal their true intentions related to why they have thousands of troops inside of our country. As I lay out the events connected to the interview it will become increasingly clear that I was invited to appear on VOR to completely discredit the notion that America would be going into martial law.Now, if I was a merely some crazed conspiracy theorist, this Russian version of the mainstream media would just simply ignore me. However, when they go out of their way to discredit my views as it relates to them, they clearly have something to hide and were operating from a state-sponsored agenda.

Voice of Russia Attacked Dave Hodges to Conceal Russian Participation In Martial Law Preparations

After inviting me to appear on the VOR, the producer, Victoria Maskova, had requested a bio which I provided as detailed below:

“I am a retired college basketball coach. A former mental health counselor. I have taught graduate and undergraduate psychology, sociology and research classes.”

At the beginning of the interview, the Russian host, Kate Zickel, introduced me as merely the “Host of The Common Sense Show” and there was no mention of my academic credentials. Immediately, I felt this was an attempt to marginalize my credibility by ignoring the requested credentials I provided VOR with regard to my background in which I characterized myself as a researcher, someone who is knowledgeable about social systems as well as human nature. Over the past several years, I have done enough mainstream radio media interviews to recognize a “set up” when I see it coming.

Make no mistake about it, VOR is a propaganda instrument of the Russian government and their handling of the interview and post-interview situations pointed to their propagandizing of their interview of me. After the interview, their post-show analysis categorized me as an extremist for stating that America was prepping for martial law. If we were not prepping for martial law then what the hell were the nine referenced FEMA/DHS drills, taking place in a six week period, in which foreign troops played a prominent role, used for ?

Look at item number five in last year’s martial law preparation drills. “5, Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems beginning late July for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1st“. 

Please note the designation and use of the terms “386,000 troops” and, “UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn urban warfare”. This does not leave much to the imagination now does it?

In Part Two of this series, I will present the evidence about how far this plot has advanced and how we are all in a lot of trouble.

un martial law forces

TLB: Please continue with this 3 part series …

Part #2 Meet the Man Who Will Be In Charge of the UN Takeover of America

Part #3 The Trigger Event for the UN Takeover of the US

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obama god of all things

By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges.

When one looks at the scope of Obama’s Executive Orders, along with what they entail, it makes one strongly consider if Obama is attempting to become the last American President. This article examines the topic of Executive Orders (EO’s) which suggests that the President is installing a totalitarian regime which may extend far beyond the two-term limit on his presidency. Many will scoff at this assertion, but I ask the skeptical to read the following cross-section of EO’s and come up with another plausible explanation other than Obama is setting himself up to rule America for life.

JFK’s String of Unconstitutional Executive Orders

Many people are surprised when they learn that Obama had a predecessor, actually a popular President, who created a string of unconstitutional EO’s which were highly controversial and, if ever implemented, would have obliterated the Constitution. That predecessor was JFK. Am I really stating that JFK was as bad for American civil liberties as Obama has been? The simple answer is yes! However, JFK was on the edge of nuclear war with the Soviet Union and this dramatically impacted JFK. Take a look at the following JFK EO’s.


Executive Order 10990-JFK

Allows the government to take control over all modes of transportation, highways, and seaports.

Executive Order 11003-JFK

Allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.

Executive Order 11005-JFK

Allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways, and public storage facilities.

Executive Order 10995-JFK

Allows the government to seize and control the communication media.

Executive Order 10997-JFK

Allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels, and minerals.

Executive Order 10998-JFK

Allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.

Executive Order 10995-JFK

Allows the government to seize and control the communication media.

Executive Order 11001-JFK

Allows the government to take over all health, education, and welfare functions.

Executive Order 11002-JFK

Designates the Postmaster General to operate national registration of all persons.

Executive Order 11004-JFK

Allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.


JFK had his share of dramatic EO’s which were horribly unconstitutional. However, one has to consider the backdrop and context of the year 1962 in which the world stood at the edge of nuclear war as America and the Soviet Union came right to the point of World War III. Many of these JFK EO’s have set the stage for what Obama is doing but he is not in the same crisis mode as was JFK. When JFK’s unconstitutional EO’s are compared to Obama’s grand EO, 13603, Obama goes far beyond whatever JFK did and has done so without being at the edge of WW III.

Dictatorial Control Over the Ability to Grant Self Totalitarian Control Over Government


Executive Order 13603 incorporates everyone of JFK’s EO’s listed above. However, Obama does not stop there. Obama introduces America to the specter of the reintroduction of slave labor to the United States. Please consider the following:

nat def resources preparedness act

According to EO 13603, the President, or the head of any federal agency that he shall designate, can conscript “persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation,” in both “peacetime and times of national emergency.” I can hear the Obama supporters now as they will write to me and say, “Obama would never do that, you are drinking from the Kool-Aid”. Well, here it is, you can read it for yourself.

Sec. 502. Consultants. The head of each agency otherwise delegated functions under this order is delegated the authority of the President under sections 710(b) and (c) of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2160(b), (c), to employ persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation and to employ experts, consultants, or organizations. The authority delegated by this section may not be redelegated.

This means that Obama, and his fellow communists, can seize any resource, property, or person at any time for any reason, including being able to force that person to perform assigned labor without being paid.

There is only ONE word for forced, “uncompensated employment”. That word would be “slavery”. Congratulations to President Obama, he has effectively repealed the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

Section 601 of the act specifies, in part, how far tObama can go in terms of making you their slave.

Sec. 601. Secretary of Labor. (a) The Secretary of Labor, in coordination

with the Secretary of Defense and the heads of other agencies, as deemed

appropriate by the Secretary of Labor, shall:

(1) collect and maintain data necessary to make a continuing appraisal

of the Nation’s workforce needs for purposes of national defense;

(2) upon request by the Director of Selective Service, and in coordination

with the Secretary of Defense, assist the Director of Selective Service

in development of policies regulating the induction and deferment of

persons for duty in the armed services;

(3) upon request from the head of an agency with authority under this

order, consult with that agency with respect to: (i) the effect of contemplated

actions on labor demand and utilization; (ii) the relation of

labor demand to materials and facilities requirements; and (iii) such other

matters as will assist in making the exercise of priority and allocations

functions consistent with effective utilization and distribution of labor;

(4) upon request from the head of an agency with authority under this

order: (i) formulate plans, programs, and policies for meeting the labor

requirements of actions to be taken for national defense purposes; and

(ii) estimate training needs to help address national defense requirements

and promote necessary and appropriate training programs.

If the above section was merely going to be a military draft, then the Secretary of Labor would not have to be involved. However, as you will note the “Secretary of Labor, in coordination with the Secretary of Defense and heads of other agencies, as deemed appropriate by the Secretary of Labor, shall: …assist in the development of policies regulating the induction and deferment of persons for duty in the armed services;… formulate plans, programs, and policies for meeting the labor requirements of actions to be taken for national defense purposes; and (ii) estimate training needs to help address national defense requirements and promote necessary and appropriate training programs…”. Refer back to section 502 of sections 710(b) and (c) of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2160(b), (c); these are the people that the Secretary of the Labor will conscript in order “to employ persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation and to employ experts, consultants, or organizations”.

This, my fellow Americans, is a civilian conscription and this is why the Secretary of Labor is in charge instead of the head of the Selective Service! Under these provisions, the government believes that they can send you anywhere, to work on anything of their choosing. If this does not send chills up your spine, then you are clearly not paying attention.

If America does not appreciate and support EO 13603, then what can Americans do about it? If Obama actually imposes EO 13603 upon America, Americans will have no legislative recourse. Therefore, if this were to happen, we would all have to become Jeffersonian advocates and take up arms and restore the Constitution. However, Obama is trying to prevent this course of action from ever happening as well.

Dictatorial Control Over Americans Right to Defend Themselves Against Tyranny

Obama has created 23 Executive Orders which deal with gun control. Yet, the White House has not listed them as of yet, meaning that the President has not yet signed them. Clearly, this is a lever he is holding over Congress to get what he wants with gun control. If Congress, does not submit to his desires, Obama will, no doubt, enact the 23 Executive Orders, thus leaving American defenseless against the tyranny of the aforementioned Executive Orders.


When JFK implemented his unconstitutional EO’s, he was preparing America to survive a potential nuclear war. The benign comparison between JFK and Obama is not valid because the threat that America faces is not nearly as clear as what JFK dealt with. Therefore, any prudent person would ask, “What is Obama truly preparing for”?

When 2016 rolls around, will President Obama actually leave office? Will be there even be an election? I know, we have heard this before with Pappy Bush and Bill Clinton. However, these two past presidents did not have quite the kind of track record with regard to self-anointed demagoguery. Will these aforementioned Executive Order allow Obama to decree himself, “Ruler for Life”?

Under these Executive Orders he has granted himself to incarcerate those who would oppose him, starve populations into submission, control all jobs, wages, transportation and control the message to the people. He now has the ability to limit the citizens’ the right to defend themselves against his tyranny. And along with his criminal partners in Congress (e.g. Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein), under the NDAA, he has the ability to “disappear” and even murder suspected political dissidents in the spirit of Mao, Hitler and Stalin.

Who will oppose this tyrannical power grab? Will it be the 50% of the country who are sustained through federal subsidies? Will he be opposed by those who are brainwashed by the corporate controlled media? Will he be opposed by those who own the infamous Obama phone? He would only be opposed by regular middle class citizens and the previous paragraphs tell you what you need to know about the opposition that we will face and more importantly, what is coming.

Every power grab is precipitated by a trigger event. If these EO’s are not simply a grand series of coincidences, then one has to seriously consider when and where a false flag event(s) and martial law will come into play?


jarrett8Almost a half a million well-to-do people have left the country in the past year. What have they figured out that the rest of us have not?

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