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by TLB Contributor: Dane Wigington

We are all immersed in a sea of deception and lies. The global power elite are using every tool they have at their disposal to hide countless converging catastrophes from public view until the last possible moment. From completely fictitious economic and unemployment figures, to Fukushima, to an all out (highly toxic) manipulation of the planet’s climate system and so much more. The mainstream media propaganda machine has been given the responsibility of hiding reality from the public at all cost, every option of deception and illusion the power structure has is being exercised at this point. Why? Because the moment the delusion of the the former reality is broken (and the gravity of what is unfolding becomes clear to populations), our paradigm will completely overturn. As populations are forced to face reality and the point of panic draws near,  those who rule the world will be more dangerous than ever before. There will very likely be some major maneuvering by the power structure very soon as they are increasingly exposed for what they are to an awakening world. Should we be concerned about military operations in the continental US like the upcoming “Jade Helm”? What do you think? So what is so wrong in the world? Is it really getting that bad? Below is only the short list.

“Jade Helm” US military drills to be carried out on US soil

Civil unrest in the US

Pentagon is preparing for civil unrest around the globe

The decline of the American Empire

Global shipping of goods and materials at all time low

Peak global oil production has already passed

A collapse of the dollar is imminent

Criminal global trade agreements are being assembled behind closed doors in preparation for collapse

Global collapse into fascism

The Great Climate unravelling

Arctic ice at record low 

Climate engineering is used to cool the eastern US in order to hide the true state of global climate meltdown

14 of the 15 hottest years on our planet have occurred since 2000

Catastrophic sea level rise 

We are currently on track for a runaway global warming scenario referred to as “Venus Syndrome”

We are already free falling into Earth’s sixth mass extinction

A list of mass animal and fish die-offs around the globe (constantly updated)

Fukushima meltdown

Destroyed ozone layer due to climate engineering

Global oxygen content is declining

Arable land is declining rapidly around the globe

All this is only a sample of what is unfolding around us.
Those that don’t want to believe any of this is real can easily find some source of information to tell them everything is OK. They can find someone to tell them that those who are sending out the warnings are just “alarmists”. Any who choose to go down the road of denial should not get too comfortable, there will be no hiding from the gathering storm. The world desperately needs individuals who are determined to take the road less travelled. It needs those who choose to take the path of deciding to be a part of the cure and who refuse to succumb to the diseases of fear, denial, apathy, and inaction. Which road will you choose? Make your voice heard in the fight for the common good while there is yet time to make a difference, tomorrow will be too late.



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Part #1 of a discussion with Denny Cormier – Hosted by with Ariyana Love (Click on image below to hear this show)

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By TLB Staff Writer, Talk Show Host & Sr. Admin of TLB’s Middle East Rising website: Ariyana Love

An American Journey

Denny Cormier, an American human rights activist and citizen’s journalist is not the typical foreign national to visit Gaza. Seeing beyond the media narrative, he viewed a profound gift in the Palestinian culture, like a diamond in the rough, pressurized by years of oppression, occupation and siege.

Compelled to follow his heart, and with no other agenda but to live among the Palestinian people as a fellow man, he set out to humanize this civilization to the world, through his own eyes.

Denny wrapped up his life in USA and in March of 2014, he passed through the gates of Rafah and into Gaza City, where he rented an apartment on the beach.


Not bound to the restrictions of an NGO or a Government organization, Denny had more freedom to walk the streets and mingle with the locals, as compared to other foreign nationals who find themselves restricted to the rules of their own government, NGO, or even the Hamas authority who keeps a close eye on foreign visitors. Considered a “security risk,” foreign nationals must be accompanied by a chaperone everywhere they go outside their hotel rooms and access to certain areas is restricted.

The Hamas Government are most protective of foreign nationals because of tragic incidents like the kidnapping and murder of Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni, in 2010. Or the kidnapping of BBC reporter Alan Johnston in 2007.

Incidentally, these are the only two foreign nationals ever kidnapped in Gaza and in the case of Johnston, Hamas was able to negotiate his release. Despite what media portrays, kidnapping of foreign nationals in Gaza is rare.

Equipped with his camera, Denny immediately began documenting daily life in Gaza, through his photography and writing, he shared his experiences with a growing number of followers on Facebook. He began filming a series of short documentaries, with a group of young Palestinian filmmakers and social media activists. The series is called,

Gaza Through My Eyes – An American Journey to Gaza”

Having raised already, 4 thousand dollars to make an 8 part series of short films, Denny hopes to raise double this in order to make 16 short films.

“Gaza, Through My Eyes” Episode 1: Released January 1st, 2015.

Gaza Through My Eyes” Episode 2:

Some very meaningful relationships have blossomed for Denny into an extended Palestinian family and the expressions of love he had only hoped existed but never before found in the West. A Palestinian’s expression of love is to place the others needs equal to their own. They quickly recognize and adore the “pure at heart.” Generous to a fault, you will never feel alone among them.

But these are not foolish people. Being highly self-reliant and educated, they literally built the infrastructure for the Israeli society through contracted labor.

When asked if they hate Jews, they will answer:

“Our Qur’an tells us Jews are our brothers and sisters. We know the enemy is Zionism.”

Destruction of homes across Gaza

Destruction of homes across Gaza after Israeli bombing left many families homeless or even dead. In some instances, three generations of Gaza families were left dead, ending entire lineages.

Weathering the consequences of siege and occupation, Denny knew there could be an Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip at any time and sure enough there was. On July 8th, 2014, Israel launched “Operation Protective Edge.” Instead of fleeing to Egypt to sit it out, or returning back to his home country, Denny chose to remain in Gaza. Demonstrating remarkable courage he decided, “you don’t abandon your friends when things get tough.

During the 51 days of bombing, Denny broadcasted live from his living room in Gaza city. This was when Denny and I first met. We had both joined a team of volunteer journalists and activists who were on the ground in Gaza and in other countries, in order to consolidate all breaking news as it was being released by Palestinian news stations and by civilians reporting the Israeli war crimes with cell phones cameras.

We received images and breaking news around the clock. Nights were the busiest since the Israeli bombing intensified after dark. So that’s when Denny broadcasted. Knowing that global media was not reporting on Israeli crimes, we took it upon ourselves. The news was translated immediately, from Arabic to English and shared as quickly as possible with the public, through volunteer social media sites. We gave breaking news to Denny during his broadcasts so he could convey the information through the live-stream. The breaking news was shared to Denny’s, Eyes on Gaza page and my own, Exposing Israel’s Agenda page and also Occupy Middle East Facebook pages.

Witnessing the dreadful war crimes of the Israeli Regime was horrifying beyond belief. Watching civilians targeted, exterminated and defenseless, with whole families killed within their own homes, was the most traumatic thing I had ever witnessed. Denny was right in the middle of it, suffering 51 days of sleep depravation along with everybody else.

Bombed building in Gaza

The entire infrastucture in Gaza was in rubble, leaving the living with no aid and nowhere to take the wounded or dead.

There was a constant buzz of drones in the Gaza sky, loud like a mosquito in your ear, even during ceasefires the bombings continued, just less. There was heavy bombardment of artillery fire from the Israeli war ships near Denny’s coastal building. Sonic booms from F16 fighter jets ripped through the air and caused Denny to leap from his chair quite a few times during broadcasts.

Fatal explosions echoed by screams of those searching frantically for loved ones, buried beneath the rubble, followed by the smell of chemical gas clouds and ambulance sirens and children’s terrified cry’s. There was blood, so much blood in the air! Denny soon realized nobody was safe in Gaza.

The entire infrastructure was targeted. Gaza’s main electrical plant, power lines, water pipes and tanks, farmland, businesses, livestock, mosques, schools, UNWRA shelters while children slept, high rise residential buildings, media and press centers, playgrounds while children played and died, graveyards while burials took place, hospitals and rehabilitation centers while patience were residing within and universities were all targeted.

When Gaza’s largest hospital, Al Shifa received warning from Israel that they intended to bomb it, Denny volunteered to stand as a human shield with a group of brave foreign activists who held 24 hour vigil within Al Shifa and also Al Wafa Rehabilitation Hospital. They managed to prevent Israel from bombing Al Shifa, but Al Wafa was not spared. Staff evacuated patients who were unable to walk, carrying them outside in their beds at the last minute and just escaped death. One journalist was at al Wafa, as a human shield and reporting to our team.

Hamas Government Leadership in Gaza

In one of our recent discussions, I asked Denny what he thinks about Hamas. We had both observed Hamas leadership during Israel’s summer assault and their resistance to ground invasion. Given that he has almost daily encounters with the ruling government body when he simply walks down the streets, I thought to share his perception and opinion, which does reflects my own.

Hamas is on the US Government Terror List. Both Denny and I do not agree with the US Government position, as we recognize the Palestinian people’s international human right to resist occupation.

The 4th Geneva Convention declares our international human rights to resist occupation, stating,

“A militarily occupied people have a duty to defend themselves”,

including resistance by the use of force.

Hamas is on the US Terror List because of Jewish influence on US law, APAIC and the influence of the arms industry in politics. Considering the majority of weapons Israel uses in Gaza are from US arms manufacturers, as well as their own, it’s clear a special relationship exists which allows the US and Israeli arms industry to test ongoing, their weapons in Gaza. Many of them are illegal, internationally banned, never before tested weapons. It’s therefore logical to assume that having Hamas on a US Terror List serves a political and financially corrupt, Zionist agenda. Never mind a human being’s right to resist occupation.

Hamas was however just removed from the EU Terror List in December 17th of 2014. This is a progressive move in Europe’s recognition of Palestinian rights to self-determination.

What both Denny and I observed from Hamas behavior this summer was accurate reporting and exemplar ethics in war. I could not fault them. Hamas was reliable and never once lied to the public. They held out from retaliating with rocket fire, for 3 weeks while Israel bombed the Gaza Strip and raided homes in the West Bank, looting & shooting innocent civilians. But Zionist owned, global media wouldn’t tell us that.

Media also doesn’t tell us that Hamas gives ample warning to the Israeli Government before firing rockets at a target that could have civilians in the vicinity. We’re also not told that Hamas targets are Israeli Government facilities or facilities within illegal settlements on Palestinian land. Again, civilians are warned ahead of time to vacate.

Danny standing with children amidst the rubble.

Homeless survivors standing amidst the rubble.

We observed the integrity of Hamas this summer, while the Israeli Government did nothing but lie, which is the Israeli Government’s number one rule art of war tactic. There is nothing honorable about it.

Israel has a powerful influence on global corporate media and governments, lying and manipulating the public has been it’s greatest tool.

If you read articles from Israeli newspapers of last summer, or study any of the Israeli Government claims or reports released about their sickening operation in Gaza, you will not find any two reports that are the same and not any two articles with the same claims, facts, reports or statistics. Israel even lies about their casualties.

The best example I could use of Israeli government lying during Operation Protective Edge was the Israel breech of the 72-hour UN enforced ceasefire on August 1st. Israel broke the ceasefire in order to kill their own captive soldier, Lt Hadar Goldin, who had been taken captive hours before the ceasefire would take affect, by a military wing of Hamas called al Qassam.

So that Goldin would not be taken to a safe house and so Israel would not be forced into making concessions with Hamas later for his release, the Hannibal Directive was enforced.

August 1st is known to Palestine as Black Friday because Israeli military bombarded the city with almost every mode of destruction available to it, from F-16 missiles to Apache rockets to naval shelling to drone strikes and mortars. Bulldozers ripped down homes at random while tanks barreled through neighborhoods, shelling anything in sight. In a matter of hours, at least 500 artillery shells and hundreds of missiles were dumped on the city, almost entirely in civilian areas. By the end, 190 innocent civilians had been killed, so many that unequipped local hospitals were forced to store their corpses and body parts in ice cream coolers. (Max Blumenthal) 350 more, were wounded. Needless to say, they succeeded in killing Lt Goldin.

In order to cover up their criminal operation in Rafah, Israeli Government lied and blamed Hamas for breaking the ceasefire. UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon and Obama also lied for Israel, condemning Hamas repeatedly for “ceasefire breech.” Even though, evidence to the contrary had already been produced.

Later, Israeli Government admitted to lying and Colonel Ofer Winter also admitted to ordering the mass-bombardment in Rafah and to enforcing the Hannibal Directive.

But by then, people only remember the first media reports, a president condemning Hamas of ceasefire breech and not the Israeli Governments retraction, unfortunately. This is how “We the People” are manipulated en masse.

Before this summer, all Palestinian factions of resistance signed an agreement to belong to a new Palestinian Unity Government. Hamas agreed to hand over the governmental role in Gaza to the Unity Government, while maintaining itself as the military resistance in Gaza. Israel would not tolerate a united Palestine and this is the main reason for Israel’s sudden and harrowing attack.

Denny says, Hamas wants to get out of government but they have no money. He says Hamas must hold onto the military wing because if they gave that up altogether, there would be a vacuum, causing more harm than good to Gaza. They don’t have resources to do much and Israel’s withholding of Palestinian tax revenues, amounting to 50-60 million USD per month, is a blatant violation of Israel’s duty as an Occupying Power to ensure the welfare of the civilian population in the OPT. The sanctions Israel is imposing on the Palestinian population represent a form of collective punishment, prohibited under Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, and constitute an attack on the exercise of the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people. Furthermore, the lack of funds has disrupted the supply of services essential to the safeguard of fundamental human rights such as the right to health and the right to education.

(Electronic Intifada)

Through last summer’s assault on Gaza and for over one year, no government employee’s in Gaza has received salaries. Can you imagine? Medics, Doctor’s and aid workers laboring through the conditions of the Israeli assault on Gaza, without pay and for such an extended period? From where do they get the strength and how do they manage to eat? Denny continues,

“Without financial resources, you cannot run a country. Hamas wishes to turn government leadership in Gaza, over to a Unity Government, but right now their biggest concern is another attack by Israel.”

He says Hamas are kind and educated and they do the best with what they have. Their main concern is protecting the population from another land invasion and assault on the Gaza Strip. Israel keeps them in a perpetual state of trauma and self-defense. All blame, even for Hamas rocket fire belongs to the Israeli Government.

Donations: If you would like to donate to Denny Cormier to help fund the completion of 16 short films in Gaza, please contact him directly, at Denny’s Facebook page.


About the Author:

Ariyana LoveAriyana Love is a U.S. citizen, living in Finland. She’s a journalist, activist entrepreneur and mother. CEO & Founder of Jerusalem’s Gold and Holistic Health & Nutrition Consultant with Medics Index. She has lived in the Middle East and Palestine, studying Palestinian culture, occupation and the olive oil.
Please visit Ariyana at The Liberty Beacon’s newest website: Middle East Rising
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old_man_colour_face_sad_for_web-466By Tom Engelhardt / TomDispatch

Dear Grandson,

Consider my address book — and yes, the simple fact that I have one already tells you a good deal about me. All the names, street addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers that matter to me are still on paper, not in a computer or on an iPhone, and it’s not complicated to know what that means: I’m an old guy getting older. Going on 71, though I can hardly believe it. And that little book shows all the signs of where I’m headed. It wasn’t true a few years ago, but if I start flipping through the pages now, I can’t help but notice that the dead, with their addresses and phone numbers still beside them, are creeping up on the living, and that my little address book looks increasingly like a mausoleum.

Age has been on my mind of late, especially when I spend time with you.  This year, my father, your great-grandfather, who died in 1983, would have been 109 years old.  And somehow, I find that moving. I feel him a part of me in ways I wouldn’t have allowed myself to admit in my youth, and so think of myself as more than a century old.  Strangely, this leaves me with a modest, very personal sense of hope. Through my children (and perhaps you, too), someday long after I’m gone, I can imagine myself older still.  Don’t misunderstand me: I haven’t a spiritual bone in my body, but I do think that, in some fashion, we continue to live inside each other and so carry each other onward.

As happens with someone of my age, the future seems to be foreshortening and yet it remains the remarkable mystery it’s always been.  We can’t help ourselves: we dream about, wonder about, and predict what the future might hold in store for us.  It’s an urge that, I suspect, is hardwired into us.  Yet, curiously enough, we’re regularly wrong in the futures we dream up. Every now and then, though, you peer ahead and see something that proves — thanks to your perceptiveness or pure dumb luck (there’s no way to know which) — eerily on target.

The Future Foreseen

Back in 2001, before I even imagined a grandson in my life, I had one of those moments (and wish I hadn’t).  It was sometime just after the 9/11 attacks when, nationwide, Americans were still engaged in endless rites in which we repeatedly elevated ourselves to the status of the foremost victims on the planet, the only ones that mattered.  In those months, you might say, we made ourselves into Earth’s indispensible or exceptional victims.

In that extended moment of national mourning (combined with fear bordering on hysteria), the Bush administration geared up to launch its revenge-fueled global wars, while money started pouring into the national security state in a historically unprecedented way.  It was a time when the previously un-American word “homeland” was being attached to what would become a second defense department, secrecy was descending like a blanket on the government, torture was morphing into the enhancement of the week in the White House, assassination was about to become a focus (later an obsession) of the executive branch — and surveillance?  Don’t even get me started on the massively redundant domestic and global surveillance state that would soon be built on outright illegalities and rubber-stamp legalities of every sort.

In October 2001, I had no way of grasping most of that, but it didn’t matter.  I peered into the future and just knew — and what I knew chilled me to the bone.  I had mobilized decades earlier as part of the antiwar movement of the Vietnam era, which was in its own way a terrible time, but when I looked at where our country seemed to be heading, as the president promised to kick some ass globally and American bombs began to fall on Afghanistan, I had no doubt that this was going to be the worst era of my life.

I wasn’t, of course, thinking about you that October and November.  You were then minus 11 years old, so to speak.  I was, however, thinking about your mother and your uncle, my children.  I was thinking about the world that I and my cohorts and George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and George Tenet and Donald Rumsfeld and the rest of that crew were going to leave them.

In a quiet way I had done good work — so I felt — since demobilizing (like so many Americans) from the Vietnam era.  In my spare time as a non-academic, I had written a very personal history of the Cold War of which I was proud.  I had been a book editor for two publishing houses, specializing in bringing into the world works by what I used to call “voices from elsewhere” (even when they came from here), including, to name just two, Chalmers Johnson’s Blowback and Eduardo Galeano’s Memory of Fire trilogy.

But when I somehow stumbled into the future in all its grim horror, more of that work didn’t seem like an adequate response to what was coming.  I had no sense that I could do much, but I felt an urge that seemed uncomplicated: not to hand your mother and uncle such a degraded country, planet, new century without lifting a finger in opposition, without at least trying.  I felt the need to mobilize myself in a new way for the future I’d seen.

At that point, however, my knack, such as it was, for previewing the years to come failed me and I had no sense of what to do until TomDispatch more or less smacked me in the face.  (But that’s a story for another day.)  This April, more than 13 years after I first began sending missives to the no-name listserv that turned into TomDispatch, it’s clear that, in my own idiosyncratic way, I did manage to mobilize myself to do what I was capable of.  Unfortunately, I’d have to add that, all this time later, our world is a far more screwed up, degraded place.

A Fragmenting Reality

Stretch anything far enough and it’ll begin to tear, fragment, break apart.  That, I suspect, may be a reasonable summary of what’s been happening in our twenty-first-century world.  Under stress, things are beginning to crack open.  Here in the U.S., people sometimes speak about being in a Second Gilded Age, a new era of plutocracy, while our politics, increasingly the arena of billionaires, seem to second that possibility.  Looked at another way, however, “our” Second Gilded Age is really a global phenomenon in the sense that ever fewer people own ever more.  By 2016, it is estimated that 1% of the people on this planet will control more than 50% of global wealth and own more than the other 99% combined.  In 2013, the 85 richest people had as much wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion, while in certain regions inequality seems to be on the rise. (Whether China and India are major exceptions to this is an open question.)  Dark money is rampant not just here, but globally.

Though you don’t know it yet, you’re already living in an increasingly lopsided world whose stresses only seem to be multiplying.  Among other things, there is the literal fragmentation going on — the collapse of social order, of long established national units, even potentially of whole groupings of states.  Astonishingly enough, from Ukraine to Greece, Spain to France, that mood of fragmentation even seems to be reaching into Europe.  Across much of the Greater Middle East and parts of Africa, fragmentation has, of course, been the story of our moment, with nations collapsing, wars endemic, extremism of every sort on the rise, and whole populations uprooted, in exile, under almost inconceivable pressures — and for much of this, I’m sad to say, our country bears a painful responsibility.

In these years, I wrote repeatedly (not to say repetitiously) on the subject; about, that is, a group of mad American visionaries who had dreams of establishing a Pax Americana in the Greater Middle East by force of arms and then lording it over the world for generations to come.  In the name of freedom and democracy and with a fundamentalist belief in the transformational power of the U.S. military, they blithely invaded Iraq and blew a hole in the heart of the Middle East, from which the fallout is now horrifically apparent in the Islamic State and its “caliphate.”

And then, of course, there was our country’s endless string of failed wars, interventions, raids, assassination campaigns, and the like; there was, in short, the “global war on terror” that George W. Bush launched to scourge the planet of “terrorists,” to (as they then liked to say) “drain the swamp” in 80 countries.  It was a “war” that, with all its excesses, quickly morphed into a recruiting poster for the spread of extremist outfits.  By now, it has become so institutionalized that it wouldn’t surprise me if, in your adulthood, Washington were still pursuing it no less relentlessly or unsuccessfully.

In the process, the president became first a torturer-in-chief and then an assassin-in-chief and, I’m sorry to tell you, few here even blinked.  It’s been a nightmare of — to haul out some words you’re not likely to learn for a while — hubris and madness, profits and horrors, inflated dreams of glory and the return, as if from an earlier century, of the warrior corporation and for-profit warfare on a staggering scale.

All of this happened in a country that still bills itself as the wealthiest and most powerful on the planet (though that power and wealth have proven ever harder to apply effectively) and all of it happened, despite obvious and honorable exceptions, without much opposition.  If this is a Second Gilded Age — .01% of Americans, 16,000 families, control 11% of all wealth (as they last did in 1916) and 22% of all household wealth (up from 7% three decades ago) — it is also, in the words of historian Steve Fraser, an “age of acquiescence.”

This has been true for the return of plutocracy, as well as for the growth of a national security state that has, like those billionaire plutocrats, gained power as the American people lost it.  If that state within a state has a motto, it might be this singularly undemocratic one: Americans are safest and most secure when they are most ignorant of what their government is doing.  In other words, in twenty-first-century America, “we the people” (a phrase that I hope lasts into your time) are only to know what their government does in their name to the degree that the government cares to reveal it.

That shadow government could never have gained such power if it hadn’t been for the trauma of 9/11, the shock of experiencing for one day a kind of violence and destruction that was common enough elsewhere on the planet, and the threat posed by a single phenomenon we call “terrorism.”  The Islamic extremist groups that come under that rubric do indeed represent a threat to actual human beings from Syria to Pakistan, Somalia to Libya, but they represent next to no threat to what’s now called the American “homeland.”

Of course, some whacked-out guy could always pick up a gun and, inspired by a bizarre propaganda video, in the name of one extreme organization or another, kill some people here.  But mass killings by those with no ideological animus are already, like death-by-toddler, commonplace in this country, and no one thinks to organize trillion dollar “security” systems to prevent them.

That the fear of this one modest danger transformed the national security state into a remarkable center of power, profits, and impunity with hardly a peep from “we the people” has been a kind of bleak miracle of our times.  What were we thinking when we let them spend something like a trillion dollars a year on what was called “national security” in order to leave us in a world that may have little security at all?  What did we have in mind when we let them fund their blue-skies thinking on the weaponry of 2047, instead of on the schools, energy sources, or infrastructure of that same year? I could pile up such questions endlessly, but if what we ceded to them is still of interest to you 20 or 30 or 40 years from now, and you have the luxury of looking back on our times, on the origins of your troubles, I’m sure you’ll find a clearer view of all this in the histories of your moment.

I have no way of imagining what the United States will be like in your adulthood and yet I can sense that this country is changing in unsettling ways.  It’s being transformed into something that your great-grandfather would have found unrecognizably un-American.  If we can’t yet speak of “fragmentation” here, phrases like “political polarization” and “gridlock” are already part and parcel of our new billionaire way of life.  What exactly all this is leading to, I’m not sure, but it doesn’t look either familiar or good to me.  It certainly doesn’t look like the American world I’d want to turn over to you.

America on the Couch

You haven’t set foot in school, barely know how to use one of those ubiquitous silver scooters, and can still embrace the magical thinking of childhood — of announcing, for instance, that you’re “hiding,” even in plain sight, and then assuming that you can’t be seen.  So I know that it’s a little early to bring up the seemingly unhinged nature of the affairs of grown-ups.

Still, if this country of mine, and someday yours, could be put on the couch, I suspect it would, in layman’s terms, be diagnosed as “disturbed” (on an increasingly disturbed planet).  Worst of all, we can evidently no longer see what actually threatens us most, which isn’t a bunch of jihadis, but what we are doing to our ourselves and our world.

Put another way, if we’re not significantly threatened by what we’ve dumped all our money and energy into, that hardly means there are no threats to American life.  In fact, I haven’t even mentioned what worries me most when I think about your future: the increasing stress under which life here and elsewhere is being placed by the exploitation and burning of fossil fuels.

In any case, I had the urge to put all this “on the record,” though I have no way of knowing whether that record has any permanence, whether in the world of 2047 you’ll even be able to access what I’ve written.  In other words, I have no idea whether you’ll ever read this.  I do fear, however, that if you do, it will be from a more fragmented, unhinged, stressed-out version of the planet we’re both on today, and I’m aware that our responsibility was to provide you and all other children with what you minimally deserve — a decent place to grow up.

For that record, then, I want to say that, despite my own best (if modest) efforts, I feel I owe you an apology.  In ways I find hard to express, I’m sorry for what is and what may be.  It’s not the country I imagined for you.  It’s not the world I wanted to leave you.  It’s not what you deserve.

Nonetheless, I still have hopes for you and your moment.  As a wonderful writer of my time once pointed out, the darkness of the future is a kind of blessing.  It always leaves open the possibility that, against the madness of the moment, the genuine decency, the lovability I see in you, that anyone can see in just about any child, has a shot-in-the-dark chance of making a difference on our planet.

And more specifically, however much this may be an “age of acquiescence” when it comes to wealth and war, it hasn’t proved so on the subject that matters most: climate change.  Against the forces of genuine criminality and wealth, despite a tenacious denial of reality funded by companies that have profited in historic ways from fossil fuels, a movement has been forming in this country and globally to save humanity from scouring itself off the planet.  From pipelines to divestment, its strength has been rising at the very moment when the price of alternative energy systems is falling rapidly.  It’s a combination that offers at least a modicum of hope against the worst pressures to fragment and, in the end, simply destroy this planet as a welcoming place for you and your children and their children.

So let me just end this way: someday in the distant future, I hope you’ll read this letter and that, given the ingenuity of our species, given the grit to resist madness, given whatever surprises the future holds, you’ll smile indulgently at my worst fears.  You’ll assure me — or at least whatever trace of me is left in you — that I had a typically human inability to imagine the unpredictable future, and that in the end things never measured up to my worst fears.  I hope, despite what we didn’t do, that you have the opportunity for a life of wonders, the kind that everyone on this planet deserves.

Your loving grandpa,


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Tom Engelhardt, co-founder of the American Empire Project and the author of The American Way of War: How Bush’s Wars Became Obama’s as well as The End of Victory Culture, runs the Nation Institute’s He is the author of, most recently, Shadow Government: Surveillance, Secret Wars, and a Global Security State in a Single-Superpower World (Haymarket Books, 2014).


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George Soros’ quote: “The main obstacle to a stable and just World Order is the United States.” (from his book “The Age of Fallibility”)
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By: Michael Snyder

The Russian military is in the midst of a sweeping modernization program, and it is currently developing some incredibly impressive offensive and defensive next-generation weapons that are designed to be used in a future war with the United States.  The key to winning World War III will be to strike hard and to strike fast, and the Russians understand this.  Meanwhile, the U.S. military has totally shifted gears from a “Cold War mindset” and is now completely focused on fighting smaller regional wars in the Middle East and elsewhere.  As a result, U.S. strategic forces have suffered.  There has been very little effort to modernize, and many of our nuclear missile silos are using technology that is ridiculously outdated.  For example, CBS News has documented that eight inch floppy disks are still being used in many of our missile silos.  And don’t expect things to change any time soon.  At this point, the U.S. military plans to keep Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missiles that were originally deployed in the 1960s and 1970s in service until 2030.

What all of this means is that the Russians are feverishly preparing to fight World War III and we are not.  The following are just a few of the next-generation weapons that Russia will use against the United States during the next great global war…

The Sarmat Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

Most Americans have heard of the infamous SS-18 “Satan” intercontinental ballistic missiles.  But these are now being replaced by the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile

The Sarmat (also known as Sarmatian) is a Russian liquid-fueled, MIRV-equipped, super-heavy thermonuclear intercontinental ballistic missile in development as of early 2015, intended to replace the previous SS-18 Satan and carry extensive counter-missile defense measures. Its large payload would allow for up to 10 heavy warheads or 15 lighter ones, and/or a combination of warheads and massive amounts of countermeasures designed to defeat the anti-missile systems. The Sarmat is expected to be ready for deployment around 2020, but other sources state that the program is being fast-tracked and it could comprise up to 80 percent of Russia’s land-based nuclear arsenal by 2021.

As you can see below, these missiles are extremely huge…


The Borey Class Nuclear Submarine

Of even greater concern than the Sarmat are the new Borey class nuclear submarines that Russia is building.  The following is from an article about the launch of one of these new submarines, the Vladimir Monomakh, in 2013

Russia recently launched its near silent nuclear submarine following several years of development.

The Borey Class submarine, dubbed Vladimir Monomakh, has a next generation nuclear reactor, can dive deeper than 1,200 feet, and carries up to 20 nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM).

Each of these “Bulava” ICBM’s can carry ten detachable MIRV warheads, what they call “re-entry vehicles,” capable of delivering 150 kiloton yields per warhead (luckily, tests of the warheads only yielded 11 “successes” out of almost 20 attempts). Which doesn’t mean they aren’t a concern, MIRV’s are what shook the Cold War to its foundation when they first appeared in the 1970s.

One of the primary things that has U.S. military planners worried is how quiet these subs are.  In fact, according to an RT article these subs are supposed to be “almost silent”…

It belongs to a class of missile strategic submarine cruisers with a new generation of nuclear reactor, which allows the submarine to dive to a depth of 480 meters. It can spend up to three months in autonomous navigation and, thanks to the latest achievements in the reduction of noise, it is almost silent compared to previous generations of submarines.

So why is that a problem?

Well, imagine a scenario where Russian nuclear subs approach our coastlines completely undetected and launch a barrage of missiles toward our cities and military bases.  We could be wiped out before we even knew what hit us.

If you don’t think that this could ever happen, just consider the following excerpt from a Fox News article published back in 2012

A Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine armed with long-range cruise missiles operated undetected in the Gulf of Mexico for several weeks and its travel in strategic U.S. waters was only confirmed after it left the region, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

It is only the second time since 2009 that a Russian attack submarine has patrolled so close to U.S. shores.

If we can’t detect them, how are we going to defend against them?  Here is a look at one of them in the water…

Borey Class Russian Submarine

The Bulava Submarine-Launched Nuclear Missile

The Borey class submarines are going to be carrying Bulava submarine-launched nuclear missiles.  The Russians have had some difficulties with the development of these missiles, but most of those difficulties now appear to be ironed out.  The following is a description of these missiles from

The Bulava (SS-NX-30) is the submarine-launched version of Russia’s most advanced missile, the Topol-M (SS-27) solid fuel ICBM. The SS-NX-30 is a derivative of the SS-27, except for a slight decrease in range due to conversion of the design for submarine launch. The SS-27 has is 21.9 meters long, far too large to fit in a typical submarine. The largest previously deployed Russian SLBM was the R-39 / SS-N-20 STURGEON, which was 16 meters long. Russian sources report that the Bulava SS-N-30 ballistic missile can carry ten warheads to a range of 8,000km. Other sources suggest that the Bulava might have a range of 10,000 km, and is reportedly features a 550 kT yield nuclear warhead. Apparently up to six MIRVs can be placed at the cost of offloading warhead shielding and decoys.

The Bulava is specifically designed to avoid interception, and each warhead is independently maneuverable to help ensure that they reach their targets intact.  The following was written by U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Tom Spahn

Similar to its land-based variant, the Topol-M SS-27, to thwart evolving Western ballistic-missile-defense shields, the Bulava can conduct evasive post-launch maneuvers and deploy a variety of countermeasures and decoys to defend against interception. Its ten hypersonic, independently maneuverable warheads are protected against both physical and electromagnetic-pulse damage to ensure that they can reach their targets intact.

The Barguzin Strategic Missile Train

When nuclear missiles are in a stationary location (such as a missile silo), they can be pretty easy to target.  But if you put them on a mobile platform, you can gain quite a strategic edge.

With that in mind, the Russians have reintroduced the strategic missile train

A Russian military source outlined the capabilities of Barguzin strategic missile train. The country may roll out five such disguised mobile launch platforms each carrying six RS-24 Yars missiles in five years.

A ‘nuclear train’ – properly called BZhRK, short for ‘combat railway missile complex’ in Russian – is a mobile platform for transporting and launching strategic nuclear missiles. Similarly to nuclear submarines, such trains are hard to wipe out in a preemptive strike because of their mobility and ability to be disguised as regular freight trains.

The Soviet Union had 12 such nuclear trains, each carrying three RT-23 Molodets (SS-24 Scalpel in NATO disambiguation) missiles, but they were released from combat duty after Russia and the US signed the START-2 treaty in 1993 and eventually decommissioned.

Last year the Russian military said that nuclear trains – which are no longer banned under the New START treaty – would be revived.

The S-500 Missile Defense System

Lastly, I want to discuss a very important weapons system that I recently mentioned in another article.

It is called the S-500 missile defense system, and it fundamentally changes the balance of power between the United States and Russia.

Once fully deployed, the S-500 will be able to intercept our intercontinental ballistic missiles.  This means that the concept of “mutually assured destruction” does not necessarily apply any longer.  If the Russians can take out most of our nukes with a devastating surprise first strike and intercept whatever we are able to launch back at them with the S-500, the cost/benefit analysis of a nuclear conflict completely changes.

The following information about the S-500 comes from

The S-500 is not an upgrade of the S-400, but a new design. It uses a lot of new technology and is superior to the S-400. It was designed to intercept ballistic missiles. It is planned to have a range of 500-600 km and hit targets at altitudes as high as 40 km. Some sources claim that this system is capable of tracking 5-20 ballistic targets and intercepting up to 5-10 ballistic targets simultaneously. It can defeat ballistic missiles traveling at 5-7 kilometers per second. It has been reported that this air defense system can also target low orbital satellites. It is planned that the S-500 will shield Moscow and the regions around it. It will replace the current A-135 anti-ballistic missile system. The S-500 missiles will be used only against the most important targets, such as intercontinental ballistic missiles, AWACS and jamming aircraft.

Sadly, most Americans do not believe that there is even a remote possibility that we will ever fight a war with Russia.

As a result, most Americans will never see the point of articles like this one.

But over in Russia, anti-American sentiment is at an all-time high and many of their talking heads and intellectuals are now convinced that a shooting war with the United States is inevitable.


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by  Jim W. Dean,   … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

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There were many dark moments when my faith in humanity was sorely tested, but I would not and could not give myself up to despair. That way lays defeat and death.” ~ Nelson Mandela

-  First published …  April 19, 2015  -


Foreign Minister Zarif and Head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, Saleh

Tensions are rising over prospects for a successful resolution of the Iran talks. Obama agreed to a compromise bill this week giving the Senate some time to review a final settlement in return for ending their new sanction threats during the final stage of the talks. This made sense to buy time for everyone to see while a final agreement will look like.

I had been concerned that the coordinated Senate attack on the new political agreement in the Iran nuclear talks would put Iran on the defensive, thus seceding momentum to those who want to kill the deal when we need to be putting a wooden stake through their hearts. They endanger our collective security and should be treated as threats.

Netanyahu had his sockpuppet spies in the US Senate launch a new bill that would virtually give them veto power over the final negotiations at this stage, resulting in a literal hijacking of the president’s power to execute foreign policy, even though he is the only party constitutionally empowered to negotiate with foreign governments.

The usual scare hoax was cranked up, charging that the current political agreement would guarantee a new Mideast, because Israel would be “forced” to attack Iran to defend itself. We have heard this ruse many times in the past in this region, where the aggressors claim they are defending themselves like Saudi Arabia does now with Yemen.

The fact that all the usual Congressional water carriers for Israel were using the same talking points betrayed the orchestration of the recent agreement’s sabotage. Iran had filed formal complaints with the US State Department about its re-interpretation of the agreement, which had stated that all sanctions would be removed when the final agreement was signed.

As English is my mother tongue, that seemed to me like a very straightforward and easy to understand clause. But John Kerry started walking that back with his verbiage of the sanctions would “begin” being removed after a final agreement. That was a red line for the Iranians, and they would not have signed the current agreement with that understanding. This “reinterpretation move” by Kerry will cast its long shadow forward to July 1.


Bibi continued his counterattack this week by demanding full recognition of Israel by Iran as part of the final deal, more confirmation that he has lost his mind. His sales pitch included spouting the bogus claim that Iran wants to annihilate Israel… an intelligence psyops that involved a purposeful mistranslation of an official statement that CNN was only too happy to help out with.

So I found myself hoping that Iran would make a strong statement to refocus public attention on this do-or-die deal. It’s the sanctions. The West got concessions from Iran as stated in the published agreement: “sanctions would be removed when the final deal was signed”. Iran is not going to pay twice for what was already agreed… not by a long shot.

President Rouhani said exactly that today with his statement that Iran would not sign a final nuclear agreement unless all the sanctions were removed FIRST. NPR misreported this today, stating Rouhani said he wanted them all removed AFTER the final agreement. The new demand is an acknowledgment that Kerry burned up all his diplomatic credit in Iran. Would you trust him after what he had done?


I was surprised at the boldness of Rouhani’s move — speechless actually — but it was the best move he could do by saying that Iran was not going to be a hostage to Western power-brokers over the ever-elusive nuclear deal. Given any wiggle room at all, those working for the Israeli Lobby would obviously begin a never-ending campaign to charge Iran with non-compliance and push for the re-institution of sanctions.

Iran is not so stupid to have come all this way, agreeing to conditions and inspections that no other co-signing Non-Proliferation Treaty nation has done before, only to let the Zionists have the last word through the Israeli-American Congress.

An important issue uncovered within corporate media has been that the recent agreement officially confirmed that all previous claims by Israelis and American think tanks about Iran’s nuclear weapons program were false. Yes, we all remember that no one put any proof of such a program on the table to kill the talks earlier, including Israel.

Murdering Iranian scientists was not “proof” of a weapons program, but just a cruel part of the hoax. But, of tremendous importance was Kerry’s statement that the new agreement would assure that Iran would “never” be able to build a nuclear weapons program. That was formal acknowledgment that the past claims had all been lies, including listing Iran as a major backer of international terror, when they were actually the victims of international state-sponsored terror.

Habilian Congress on 17000 Iranian terror victims

You can verify that with any of the 17,000 family members of the Habilian Association, who have endured almost the equivalent of six 911’s.

And 12,000 of those victims were killed at the hands of the state-sponsored terror group MEK, long supported by the US and Israel.This slaughter is still virtually unknown in the West because Western media hid the story from us at the behest of the conspiring governments.

The Congress on the 17,000 Iranian Terror Victims will be holding its first International event this August in Tehran, and VT looks forward to working with them to get this long hidden story made public.

If we are fortunate to defeat efforts from Israel and the Neocons in Congress to kill a final nuclear deal, there will be an opening of Iran, not only to Western business with the sanctions removal, but a booming tourism business of visitors to this ancient civilization.

Halibian Congress - Tehran

All the long-buried stories about what really happened since the CIA-British coup that brought down the Shah will be coming out of the closet. The Habilian Association will have a unique opportunity to be a leader and voice for all the terror victims in the world, as their story was literally buried alive. And it will be time to settle scores with all those who were guilty by putting them out of business.

You can add to that all the Iran nuclear hoax scamsters, as we need to make examples of them to dissuade future such conduct. If I could have been on Iran’s negotiation team, I would have played the bad cop when needed.

When Kerry tried to squeeze conventional weapons limitations into the talks when they were never on the agenda, I would have countered with demanding that Israel’s offensive weapons stockpiles, and the US’s in the region, would then also be made part of the negotiations.

If Iran was going to ensure inspections to validate it was not working on a bomb, then Israel’s WMD programs must be frozen and their nuclear arsenals put under international control. Additionally the final agreement must include the US’ guarantee of using whatever military force necessary to block a preemptive strike by Israel against Iran in attempting to trigger a new Mideast war.

And I would want a US guarantee that it would end all military and financial support if Israel attacked Iran, and require the EU and P5+1 to sanction Israel, as was done with Iran. The world could laugh all it wanted, but it is they who have sat by quietly, while the nation with the largest undeclared and uninspected WMD arsenal not only tells the rest of us to jump in a lake when it comes to inspections.

Israel then plays the victim, while threatening preemptive strikes on a nation that has no nuclear weapons that anyone was able to prove during the talks, and despite the exposure of that fraud, Israel still insists that it must have the final say on the nuke deal. This is so ridiculous it sounds like a Hollywood movie script.

A Western world that would not put such a country in a lunatic asylum has an incompetent and/or compromised political leadership. Afghanistan was a failure; Iraq was a failure. Syria was a failure, and now Ukraine is eating itself alive. And now those who were the historical liars on the Iranian nuclear weapons threat want to be left in charge of calling the shots? I have a bit of a problem with that.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean  and  Erica P. Wissinger



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By Mary Carmel (TLB)

The Inquisition Is Back And AMERICA Is The Next Jesuit Holocaust, Possibly End Game For Humanity.

With almost everyone on the planet at war, and we prepare ourselves to fight against the Jade Helm 15 False Flag events to disarm and “relocate” the American citizens for “retraining”, I cannot understand the populace that does not heed the red flags, past and present.

I have been posting articles and as much information, with our well appreciated friends at TLB, and we have really tried to reach the American that people do not know the danger they are in.  There are even the daily trolls from other countries that call Americans “stupid”, to have not seen this coming, and to put up with such tyranny is unacceptable, as they proclaim. Do people out there realize what the American Psyop was really like? Do they know what it was like to watch NYC, the Pentagon, and yes the White House presumably under attack , on a TV screen and not knowing  what was real and what was fiction as the events unfolded? I say not!

The shock of 9/11 changed our world, changed humanity’s destiny around the globe, and people are always calling us the “Stupid Americans” because the US presstitutes owned and threatened by the Vatican, Zionist, Bush Cabal that occupied US Inc. a long time ago fill our heads with a complete blackout of real events. We are thankful for our knowledge of history, research, and the alternative media that has really helped us join together as a nation searching for the truth in order to seek justice for all involved. Then there is the unending fear of terrorism within our borders, and yes, the guilt we hold for the people that were killed in the Middle East, a result of a treasonous government, attacking it’s own people, sending our military to war, only to come back with a lifetime of PTSD and illness from the chemicals they were exposed to over there. The death toll from this keeps rising here in NYC as well as abroad, and countless numbers of these veterans, live among the homeless after the economic crash under GW Bush. Obama seems to be filling his shoes just fine…perhaps surpassing him.


In our defense, as I still have the freedom to write at this hour in history (and could pay the ultimate price for it, our freedom of speech so shattered into a memory), please try to remember that these same forces, were at work on your respective countries in the past as well as now, just like us. I would like to thank other Western countries, that know this propaganda and confusion for sending their support, you know the people of the US stand with you as we do with all of humanity that has been attacked by this unthinkable machine of horrors. I cannot describe how I weep for the people of the Middle East that have lost so many… Palestine, to Libya, to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, the whole region left destabilized and  beyond broken.


How many more lives does it take before we take the REAL culprits out? The time keeps ticking, and no, we will not wake EVERYONE up, but please remember we are in this together, and cut us some slack, as we did for you during Hitler and Stalin, the propaganda machine that took so many lives, not just in Germany, but everywhere in Europe, mostly Russia… 66 million and counting. Remember the allied forces and Americans that blindly went into these wars to fight for what all soldiers around the globe thought was freedom and liberty, only to find out with the age of the internet, that we were set up. It was in vain, as we learned the intricate plan of the elite to eventually bring all of us to our knees. Humanity itself is under attack, and this time it is for keeps, endgame. WWIII is upon us and it is imperative that we stay united, despite what you see out there amidst the sea of misinformation, as well as past events we had no control over.


I have written of the Jesuits, the Zionists, the Bush Crime Cabal, the Monarchs, and all those involved in these crimes that still operate today. If you want to get to the very root of this, you have to understand the danger of Pope Francis, and his hope of ushering in the New World Order (not to mention the tools and allies he has to work with)! Please take the time to see who this man REALLY is. He is the first Jesuit pope in history, know what this means and that he has taken the Jesuit extreme oath… If you  are out there fighting for freedom, it has to start there. It is time for mankind to take out the growing cancer that will eliminate all of us!  I have often explained to people the chain of command that I see, when these perpetrators of evil carry out their mission. History has shown us that the Vatican calls the shots, the corporations and Zionists finance it through the taxpayers, the politicians legislate it, while they and the press read the scripted lies and deception, day in a day out. I think it is time for us as a whole to call for THEIR endgame! We are in overtime and on the clock.




See videos and links below that I have provided. Your answers are here. It will not be the easy thing to do, but at last. it will be the right thing. I have said it before, they have the bases loaded, and we have one shot to nail this out of the ball park. If you prefer football, we need need a hail Mary straight into the end zone, yesterday! Stay alert, we can do it, or at least give it all we have! Stay safe and carry on. With love… MC


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by TLB Contributor Dane Wigington

Richard Williams (better known as Prince Ea), is a rapper and activist that has done a great deal to expose reality for the sake of the common good. The six minute video below is exceptional and well worth the time to view. Take note of the aerosol sprayed skies in the background of this video, this is the elephant in the room that overshadows ALL other environmental issues. Though the message from Prince Ea is extremely important, we should all reach out to Prince and the foundations he represents to inform them that they are omitting the single most environmentally destructive factor of all, global climate engineering. Richard has a massive following, he would be an extremely important ally in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering if we could wake him up to this issue. His contact is HERE , I hope all will take the time to pen an articulate and sincere message to Richard about the ongoing geoengineering nightmare in our skies. Let’s all keep sounding the alarm.

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By Bill Holter

This past Friday, Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics put out a very thoughtful article and chart regarding the spike in “reverse repurchase agreements”

RRP’s held at the Fed

The chart in question shows three very distinctive spikes:


The first was Sept. of 2008, again in 2011 and the current spike. It is Dave’s contention that something behind the scenes has or is blowing up financially.

Let me explain what I believe is happening, I do not disagree with his theory but I think he may have stopped just one step short of the full story.   By adding one more chart in a moment, I’ll try to explain.  Please read the above article as it is a good explanation of “reverse repurchase agreements” and saves me the need for a long winded rehash.

For years I have described the current financial situation as a “giant margin call” waiting to happen.  The derivatives market is a zero sum game where someone wins and someone loses, the danger of course is someone losing so badly they become insolvent and cannot make payment to the “winner” …which would make all parties a loser in the game.  This is the fear, the derivatives chain breaks somewhere along the way and creates a domino effect both upstream and downstream causing the entire credit system to lock up.

Think about what has happened over just the last six months alone. We have seen unprecedented FOREX movements. The dollar has strengthened close to 30% over this timeframe while oil has dropped about 50%.  The cross between the euro and the Swiss franc saw an almost 30% move in less than 10 minutes oneMonday morning in January.  There have been some very big gains AND some very big losses which would explain the need for “more collateral” which is exactly what these reverse repo’s provide.

  Please look at the following chart:

I believe this is “the rest of the story” as I mentioned above.  You can clearly see the spikes in 2008, 2011 and again currently but “this time is different”.  It is different because of both size and the long lasting duration!  The first chart that Dave put out on Friday was of RRP’s with “Foreign Official and Institutional Accounts” whereas the chart you just looked at are “ALL” RRP’s.

It is my belief the first chart’s movements are a function primarily of international FOREX movements and represents “collateral demand” from the likes of Deutschebank, SocGen, Barclays etc. …AND from The Bank of England, the ECB and other central banks.  The second chart is of ALL players, not just foreign.  This chart in my opinion is “how” the Fed has aided and abetted the system as a whole in “hiding” the losses from derivatives!  The Fed places collateral into the system which gets lent out over and over (rehypothecated) many times and “pledged” as collateral by the loser in derivatives trades… thus the system continues “unbroken” because the collateral is put up to meet the margin calls.

Do you see?  For well over a year I have wondered and even written in disbelief and amazement that no one ever admits to any large losses when in fact there had to be losses well into the multiple $ trillions!  Think about it, there are almost $10 trillion worth of “dollar derivatives” outstanding, a 30% move means someone won and someone else lost about $3 trillion.  I don’t know of any firms that could lose even 5% of this and remain solvent, do you?  And this is just “dollars”, not oil, not interest rates, not equities, not iron ore, copper, gold or anything else!

If you see the buildup of RRP’s over the last year+, this I believe is how the margin calls have been met and the losses hidden …but is it even legal?  In a technical and practical sense, no it is not.  However, from a practical sense, if this is what is being done then we now know how no one has been declared a loser and no one has had to “book” their losses.  The margin calls have been met, the positions stay open and no one is the wiser right?  I do want to point out that under the rule of law, if the Fed “knows” this, it is without a doubt a criminal act.  If they are doing business with bankrupt institutions, one which they know or should have knowledge of as being bankrupt, the Fed is flat out fraudulently and blatantly breaking all banking laws on the planet.

Going just a step further, if this is the case, what does it say about the Fed’s own balance sheet?  If they are doing swaps or RRP’s with bankrupt institutions, will the Fed ever get their collateral back?  As Dave Kranzler so aptly tied together, this is why the “failures to deliver” have spiked.  The collateral which was originally lent out has been re lent 10 times more, or even 100 times more, who knows?

Please walk away from reading this piece with one understanding, the chart above is telling you something very big has changed and been changing for over a year.  I believe it shows the system is in and has been fraudulently meeting a systemic margin call.  Maybe I am wrong but I wouldn’t bet on it.  The chart does however give you proof beyond any doubt that “stress” of some sort has been and is building up “somewhere”.  The stress is now multiples of what we saw in late 2008 …when we were only hours from the system seizing up in a giant meltdown.

I bounced this theory off of Jim Sinclair over the weekend and received a short but very enlightening reply.  He said “The concept is correct.  We have another OTC derivative explosion at hand but no practical way to expand liquidity.  Bad derivatives never die, they just get larger”.   Think about what Jim is saying here, we again have an Autumn of 2008 event triggering …only bigger!  And no way to actually meet the margin calls.  Each episode of QE was used to meet the margin calls and hide the losses.  Each one expanded the risk while pulling more and more collateral out of the system until we reached a tipping point, NOW!

Let me finish with this one point, when this era is looked at in hindsight, “it will all be about counterparty risk”.  Do you know of anything without counterparty risk?  Can you say G O L D?


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By Allegra Kirkland

A new documentary reveals how the $770 billion chemical industry is pumping dangerous substances into our lives.

Back in 1974, the agricultural multinational Monsanto developed a class of herbicides using glyphosate as the key ingredient. By the 1990s, the company had created corn, soy and cotton seeds genetically altered to resist glyphosate herbicides, meaning farmers could kill weeds without fearing for the health of their crops. Today, Monsanto’s Roundup is the most widely used weed-killer in the world.

One problem: we now know with certainty that glyphosate is carcinogenic to humans and animals. Though Roundup has been plagued by controversy for years, a report released this March by scientists affiliated with the World Health Organization definitively linked the herbicide to increased risks for non-Hodgkin lymphoma, as well as DNA and chromosomal damage in mammals.

Roundup is only one of tens of thousands of chemicals we encounter every day in our food, clothing, furniture, electronics and cosmetics. Over 84,000 chemicals are used in U.S. commerce, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, most of which have never been tested for potentially toxic effects on human and wildlife health and the environment. The Human Experiment, a new documentary narrated by Sean Penn and directed by journalists Dana Nachman and Don Hardy, takes a wide-angle view on the health risks perpetuated by the chemical industry, and demonstrates how in their eyes we’re all just guinea pigs available for testing.

The documentary uses three case studies to provide a sampling of the potential health consequences of sustained chemical exposure. Marika Holmgren is an active, non-smoking Bay Area woman with no family history of cancer who receives a diagnosis of advanced breast cancer at age 37; Jenn Canvasser is a healthy young woman who discovers she has polycystic ovarian syndrome and endures several difficult, expensive rounds of IVF treatments as she and her husband try to conceive; and Hannah Cary, whose brother is severely autistic, is an advocate at the Autism Society of America. The subjects and filmmakers make the case that chemicals in the environment are responsible for these health conditions, and there is plenty of unnerving science to back up their fears.

Many of the professors and scientists interviewed in the film point to rising rates of cancer, learning disorders and infertility that cannot be fully explained by genetic drift or changes in diagnostic criteria. Breast cancer rates have gone up more than 30 percent in both men and women since 1975. Rates of asthma have increased by 80 percent in the last 45 years, and ADHD has increased by 53 percent. As Sean Penn narrates, these conditions “are all on the rise since the dawn of the chemical revolution.”

But correlation and causation are not the same thing, as any scientist (or journalist) knows. In the case of women like Jenn Canvasser, there could be many other environmental and genetic factors at play. Like 6.5 million other women in the U.S., Canvasser has trouble conceiving. When she finally gives birth to twins after multiple rounds of IVF treatments, both are plagued by health problems and one eventually dies after a few short, hospital-ridden months. Her story is heartbreaking, but at no point is her or her sons’ condition explicitly linked to chemical exposure. Instead, the filmmakers say “Numerous studies associate adverse pregnancy outcomes with toxic chemicals including pesticides, DDT, PCBs and BPA.” Again and again, they hammer home the connection between rising rates of disease and chemical usage, but the strongest language they use is “linked to” or “associated with.”

Still, consumers and health advocates undoubtedly have cause for concern, as the Roundup controversy shows us. Over the past several decades, the chemical industry has repeatedly demonstrated a blatant disregard for public health. Existing and new chemicals are supposed to be monitored by a 1976 law known as the Toxic Substances Control Act. But loopholes in its language mean that companies don’t have to test chemicals before including them in consumer products and make it very difficult for the EPA to pull hazardous chemicals from the market. Sixty-two thousand chemicals, including toxic substances like asbestos, were grandfathered in under the law, assumed safe because they were already in use. Essentially, the TSCA functions as little more than a long list of known chemicals, and consumers have no way of knowing which products contain flame retardants, formaldehyde, cadmium, or other chemicals that can be toxic to humans and animals.

As David Rosner, a professor at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health, says in the film, there have been “real mistakes, major mistakes where we allowed these industries to get away with murder.”

The lack of available information about the linkages between chemicals and disease is partly the design of the $770 billion chemical industry. Dow, Exxon and other major firms spend millions each year lobbying Washington for favorable legislation and funding the campaigns of industry-friendly representatives. In the late 1990s, bisphenol A, an endocrine-disrupting chemical that mimics estrogen and can lead to health problems ranging from obesity to infertility, was discovered to be in many hard plastics. These everyday products included everything from baby bottles to Tupperware. During the ensuing public outcry, chemical industry trade groups released a rash of bunk studies, insisting that BPA is safe for humans at the levels to which we’re exposed.

A great deal of work needs to be done to combat the industry’s influence, and The Human Experiment tracks the difficult, mundane efforts being made by health advocates, families and legislators to obtain stricter consumer protection laws. But this is only one angle pursued in the sprawling film, which tries to cover far more ground than its hour-and-a-half run time allows. By taking on the “chemical industry” as a whole, the filmmakers can only spend a few minutes discussing a particular chemical, or case study, before moving on to the next. This overly sweeping approach, paired with a lack of hard research connecting specific chemicals to specific health problems, can make the film somewhat juvenile at times, a documentary that basically boils down to the thesis “chemicals are dangerous.”

Yet despite this broad focus, there are notable absences in the film. With the exception of Maria Cruz, a housecleaner who immigrated from Mexico with her two children, almost all of the interview subjects are middle-class white people who have the financial resources to afford needed medical care and combat ineffective legislation. Little mention is made of the disproportionate effects of toxic chemicals on minorities and the working class, or of heavily polluted areas like Louisiana’s Cancer Alley, where the wastes pumped out by surrounding petrochemical refineries have caused high rates of miscarriages, cancer and other diseases.

The real takeaway of the film is one that aligns quite closely with the values of middle-class white America: learning how to be a better consumer. Jenn Canvasser and Marika Holmgren now both work as consumer protection advocates, warning people of the dangers of toxic chemicals in their makeup and home furnishings. Consumer protection efforts are certainly admirable, but after gaining even a cursory understanding of the public health risks perpetuated by the chemical industry, learning how to make more educated decisions about which bar of soap to purchase isn’t exactly an inspiring rallying cry.

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