CDC, Polio Vaccine, Cancer Risk & Millions of Dead Baby-boomers

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Once more we delve into history to show the early foundation of the health tyranny we as Americans suffer today … tyranny, complicity, and greed that has caused the lifelong suffering and death we see accelerating right before our eyes. Why have we fallen from the healthiest to the most chronically ill society on this planet in just three short generations? What you are about to read has its roots in the beginnings of that time period (1955 – 1965), and the half-truths and outright lies were already deeply rooted in the mindset and actions of those we depend on to keep us safe and healthy.

Question: Do vaccines cause cancer?

Well Straight from the horses mouth, The CDC says it just may be so

But after over 50 years they state more studies are needed (REALLY?).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) posts on its own website the concern that as many as 30 million Americans could be at risk for cancer after receiving a Polio vaccination during the 1955 – 1963 time frame. This possibility exists because the vaccine in question was found to be contaminated with the SV40 virus. Most Americans received multiple doses of this vaccine that was administered to almost 100 million people.

It is stated that after the SV40 contamination discovery in 1960, any newly manufactured Polio vaccine was free of this virus by 1963. No information is available as to exactly how much of the vaccine was tainted at the time, nor is there any information as to the controls put in place to insure all the tainted vaccine was effectively recalled.

Why did it take three years after the discovery of the contamination to reformulate the vaccine? Could the manufacturer suffering a huge loss be a factor? Was any of the existing stock utilized after the discovery? Was the infected vaccine supply destroyed, or sold off by the manufacturer to avoid a huge loss (this has happened before with a HIV contaminated vaccine that was sold abroad)?

With almost 100 million Americans (most receiving several doses) affected (and many Russians), the stated (CDC) 30 million possible infections seems understated or arbitrary at best.

Now consider that today maturing baby boomers, who would have been at the optimum age to have received Polio vaccinations during this time period (myself included) are experiencing the highest cancer rate of all age groups with some studies showing cancer rates as high as 1 in 3 individuals, drastically … insanely … catastrophically up from an estimated 1 in over 8,000 in the early to mid 1900’s.

Remember, regardless if the CDC states the vaccines as the culprit for a portion of the massive increase in baby boomer cancer … you cant sue Big Pharma because the government granted them immunity!

Please read (between the lines) the included ‘CDC Cancer, Simian Virus 40 (SV40), and Polio Vaccine Fact Sheet’ but remember it is what is not said or provided that is most important …


Cancer, Simian Virus 40 (SV40), and Polio Vaccine Fact Sheet

  • SV40 is a virus found in some species of monkey.
  • SV40 was discovered in 1960. Soon afterward, the virus was found in polio vaccine.
  • More than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine from 1955 to 1963 when a proportion of vaccine was contaminated with SV40; it has been estimated that 10–30 million Americans could have received an SV40 contaminated dose of vaccine.
  • SV40 virus has been found in certain types of cancer in humans, but it has not been determined that SV40 causes these cancers.
  • The majority of scientific evidence suggests that SV40-contaminated vaccine did not cause cancer; however, some research results are conflicting and more studies are needed.
  • Polio vaccines being used today do not contain SV40. All of the current evidence indicates that polio vaccines have been free of SV40 since 1963.

Additional Facts

  • In the 1950s, rhesus monkey kidney cells, which contain SV40 if the animal is infected, were used in preparing polio vaccines. Because SV40 was not discovered until 1960, no one was aware in the 1950s that polio vaccine could be contaminated.
  • SV40 was found in the injected form of the polio vaccine (IPV), not the kind given by mouth (OPV).
  • Not all doses of IPV were contaminated. It has been estimated that 10–30 million people actually received a vaccine that contained SV40.
  • Some evidence suggests that receipt of SV40-contaminated polio vaccine may increase risk of cancer. However, the majority of studies done in the U.S. and Europe which compare persons who received SV40-contaminated polio vaccine with those who did not have shown no causal relationship between receipt of SV40-contaminated polio vaccine and cancer.

More information

  • For in-depth information about SV40, polio vaccine, and cancer, see our frequently asked questions.
  • National Immunization Hotline: English 1 (800) 232-2522 Spanish 1 (800) 232-0233age last modified: October 22, 2007
  • Content source: Immunization Safety Office


When reading the CDC data sheet the first thing that should pop into you mind is ‘nothing said is definitive’:

  • After ’50 years’ the connection between SV40 and cancer still needs further study. Yet on the video the Merck doctor clearly states the discovery of cancer agents in the formula and jokes that “the USA will win the Olympics because the Russians will have cancer” (field studies where being conducted using this vaccine in Russia at the time).
  • There is a 20 million individual spread in the possible recipient number (fiction) of the contaminated vaccine. Aren’t vaccines supposed to be highly regulated and tracked?
  • “All of the current evidence indicates that polio vaccines have been free of SV40 since 1963”, but the contamination was discovered in 1960. How many baby-boomers were vaccinated in that over 3 year period with a (known) contaminated vaccine …

Nothing in any of these statements lends confidence to an organization responsible for safeguarding the health and well-being of Americans, but it sure looks like they can tap-dance!

My Parting shot …

So after all is said and done and possibly as many as 100 million babyboomers had been (knowingly) exposed to polio vaccines contaminated with the SV40 virus (which some say has been found in some vaccines even as late as 2000)

Has polio been eradicated?

Was the supposed intent worth all the suffering and death?

Not if you read the following article … The CDC Made 2 Changes & 30,000 Diagnoses of Polio Vanished

Update: Since the writing and original publishing of the article (July 2013) this updated article is based on, the fact sheet shown above (screen shot) and many others have been removed from the CDC website as well as other related information … WHY”

Read more here : CDC ‘Disappears’ Page Linking Polio Vaccines To Cancer-Causing Viruses


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Roger LandryAbout the Author: Roger Landry (TLB) spent about three decades of his adult life either in, or working for the military, with about two decades working directly for the Military Industrial Complex facilitating DOD contracts. His awakening to Political, Economic, and Health realities was less than seven short years ago. Since that time he has founded The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) consisting of over a dozen proprietary global websites, media projects such as TLBTV, and partner websites across the planet. He contributes regularly to multiple forums both in and outside of TLB Project. Most of his work can be found on the TLB Flagship website


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  3. how many cases of polio has the vaccine prevented? how many cases of polio do we see each year in the USA?
    i got the polio vaccine when it was first available to the public. that was the high point of our society.
    the conspiracy theory foolishness here belongs in the time of the black death. it’s outrageous humbug.

  4. I was trying to find the original and published ‘CDC Cancer, Simian Virus 40 (SV40), and Polio Vaccine Fact Sheet’ but it seems it has been removed. I am doing some research about this topic and I would like to have access to this document. Can anyone help me with this? Many thanks,

  5. Agreed. Now, who gets to go to jail? We can talk all day about the who’s and the whats but what is being done about them? Why are they still able to continue what they do? Why aren’t they put in prison?

  6. All rhetoric aside, how does an agency responsible for the containment and or eradication of dangerous/deadly diseases manage to infect 1 person, not to mention “98 million” without it having been done on purpose? I would also like to know if the CDC is going to pick up the tab for ALL the medical bills that may come to those who are battling cancer as a result of this incident and others like it. Also, who gets to go to jail as a result of all of this? This event and others like it are nothing short of being genocidal in nature. Those responsible are simply pathetic and soulless.

  7. If I were all y’all, I’d be looking at the food bacterium they are using for preservatives as the cancer causing agents. We may have monkey virus in us but they have shown monkey virus and other mammalian viruses to be especially susceptible to these preservatives as the mutagens that are cancer causing agents. Also, gram-negative bacterium are starting to show up as the culprits for thyroid issues, adrenal issues, immune response issues etc and it is highly suspected that they are the causes of so many of our cancers. Monkey virus may just be one of the many vehicles that make us susceptible to more and more cancers. Chicken or egg. Which agency is responsible for what? Good scientists are getting bad raps so lets not bad mouth but look at the whole picture. If you’re not helping your hurting!

  8. Sorry Randall, the chemtrails happen right here in the good ole U.S. of A. Try going to the desert around Palm Springs? or in Oregon up the Columbia River Gorge. People want to believe that the government has their best interests at heart though.

  9. Sandra, both are not what a parent hopes for their child. However being a lab experiment for a pharmaceutical company or a government agency would not be my choice for my children either. In my opinion your argument disregards the fact that the makers of these new “cures” knew they would cause problems and chose to distribute them anyway. That was the attitude in Hanford when they were working on the atomic bomb, “Well, let’s just release some of this radioactive iodine and see how it effects the people in this area, after all most of them work for us and then we will hide the fact that we did for 40 years.” I don’t think anyone would argue the fact that a vaccination that prevents horrific diseases is a good thing but to say that it’s ok to do at the risk of creating other horrific problems is criminal.

  10. I got the oral vaccine in 1961 or 1962. We’d moved from Baltimore, MD to Silver Spring, MD in 1961 and it was definitely in the new place.
    The oral vaccine isn’t contaminated. It’s the earlier injected vaccine that may have a problem.

  11. Boy, Liz. Talk about having your head in the chemtrails. Wake up! The “tin hat” is comment is brought out by people who have no intelligent response to truth.

  12. How bad do you want to be scared, sir? I used to practice nursing, and so did my mother, so I was kind of exposed to a LOT at an earlier age than most were in her books and such, which is part of why I was aware of things going on at an earlier age than many were. Basically, I would suggest you find yourself a GOOD naturopathic doctor and see him or her. Were you a guinea pig? Almost certainly in one way or another. I sure was, and the ugly truth is that our “government” is STILL running “experiments” on us and/or introducing known poisons and’/or carcinogens into our environment via food, air and water alike, without even going to the pharmaceuticals, which are worse.

  13. As I sit. Here reading this, simply because a cousin posted it..I am flashing back to age 5 (1958) a nurse would come to our house and either give me a shot or draw blood, a long time ago I asked my Mom why that nurse use to come, she just said it was something to do with Polio, I never pushed it any further, she now has Alzheimer’s …As I type this I am going through Severe pain in all joints, Thyroid just stopped working, just saw Endocronoligist , who took 9 vials of blood…I was a healthy 60 yr old 6 months ago..reading all this scares the hell out of me..was I aGuinea Pig ???? I lived in Louisiana..near New Orleans!!!!

  14. It’s always a tragedy when someone we know dies of something believed preventable; however, and I went through chicken pox, mumps, German and regular measles and whooping cough without any immunizations to them, and suffered some serious and long term effects from the measles personally, I STILL say those diseases are kind of like exercising the muscles of our immune systems; teaching them HOW to fight real, live healthy “bugs” so that when they face the more serious ones they have learned how to fight; and give us a better chance of surviving. The over use of those and antibiotics have given rise to even more potent bugs for which overly ‘immunized” systems have no idea how to go about fighting, because all the ones they’ve encountered have been DEAD already before being introduced. That may not sit well with people who lose a child; but as a nurse, I would also suggest that perhaps that child simply wasn’t strong enough to have survived the tests of life. Certainly the future facing children today is no blessing I can’t explain why a child would come into the world only to die before life has really begun; beyond to say that evil is in our world and disease is one consequence of that evil. It didn’t “select” that child, but it did take the child, as the free will acts of one may take the life of another or do that other harm in some other way. But the vaccines themselves are as dangerous, if not more so than many of the diseases they were to protect against. So which is worse? For the child to die of a disease, or to die of the “protection” against that disease? I don’t believe there is a right answer; the child is dead either way.

  15. I wish my employee’s son had an immunization so he would not have died from Chicken pox when on the second day it went to
    his lungs and he died of respiratory failure at the UHS Dornbecker Hospital

  16. Sandra Curle, good info on EAV system…I live in US, how are the practitioners of this device titled so as to seek one out, and where did you get your training so I can consider this as an option to be of service…energetically this feels like a YES to help those with immune challenges that cannot be diagnosed. Thank you, Mira

  17. Paralysis in “only 1 in 1,000” is misleading. Yes, many got polio and did not have after- effects but in the United States, the 1952 polio epidemic became the worst outbreak in the nation’s history. Of nearly 58,000 cases reported that year 3,145 died and 21,269 were left with mild to disabling paralysis. I was paralyzed from the neck down at age 3 in 1954. I wore leg braces and used crutches all of my life until my 40’s when I became progressively worse, had constant pain and experienced severe fatigue. I am 62 now and continue to cope with debilitating pain, fatigue and weakness. I can no longer walk even with braces/crutches and use a power chair. Life is difficult and I would take the vaccine any day if I had a chance to live my life polio free.

  18. Thank you, Rick. He was a wonderful, intelligent man.
    I got polio 5 months before the vaccine was available for everyone. I was 3 and was paralyzed from the neck down. Today I use a power chair and have a lot of Post Polio fatigue and pain. I would have liked to take my chances and gotten the vaccine.

  19. When an agency? wants to alleviate guilt they deliberately set the parameters for any research on cause and effect to prove whatever it is they want the outcome to be. I was born in Hanford, Wa. in 1944 and the government deliberately poisoned that area with radioactive iodine and sealed the evidence for 40 years so that no one could find out why people were dying of thyroid cancer etc. When the information was released the parameters were set in such a way that most people did not meet the criteria (many were already dead) so that they could say, “See, we didn’t really hurt anyone” while making a bomb that killed millions of people in the process. Just saying you can’t always believe what the CDC or the federal government tells you. Think for yourselves…..

  20. Danna, I am also 60 andI was reading your post and read what exactly has happened to me. The only difference is that I have no lung problems at this time and also no cancer. But I also got very sick as a child after the shots. I’ve always wondered about my crooked frame from the shoulder down to lower right side of my back. I suspect scoliosis but I haven’t officially been diagnosed. I0 years ago I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and 1 year ago diabetes. I am not overweight and have always been health conscious but still my health is not good. I always thought genetics and working hard labor but now I wonder if the vaccine was the start of my problems…Thanks for posting.

  21. First, Salk vaccine was available in ’55; as reported here SABIN, the oral vaccine didn’t come out for commercial sale until the early ’60s. Second, Iron lungs were simply respirators, and as those improved so did the lives of the many survivors of severe polio; many of whom lived even for decades after affliction. I spent considerable time around St Charles Hospital in Pt Jefferson, NY, which was a hospital that specialized in the care of polio victims in the mid ’50s in fact, because my sister was a patient there. Ditto one of my classmates with whom I went from 3rd-12th grades in school. I learned quite a lot at that hospital, in fact. Things that served me well, later when I went through nursing school.

  22. I lived in Bradford, PA. I remember getting the vaccine around the mid 50’s. I had a ‘mild’ form of polio after that and eventually needed back surgery for double scoliosis in the early 60’s. I found out that the polio affected not only by back muscles, but also the ‘front’ muscles needed to have a baby without help. I’m still ‘crooked’, but very happy to be 66 and still functioning well. You have to remember that the best treatment for severe polio was the dreaded “Iron Lung Machine”. Those victims did not survive!

  23. You goof. The papacy has always been the antichrist and always will be. Read Martin Luther’s writings and the bible for yourself.

  24. Dear Troll Gather your vaccination records and post them here if you can prove your fantasy. What I posted can be found online if you use google, I know that’s not definitive or admissible in court but I have not seen anything vaguely irrefutable from you. Where did you get vaccinated?. When ?date, month and year will do? Who’s your parents? Where did you graduate from high school? Don’t denigrate unless you can back it up.

  25. I remember receiving the oral polio vaccine in a SUGAR CUBE in the Dr office, In Philadelphia, PA.

  26. Come on man don’t beat her up -she cannot even spell feeble. Don’t even bother. This is a troll. But funny nevertheless. I’m wearing a tan (sic) hat myself ,

  27. Agreed. But Sabin supposedly did that very thing- giving it to himself and his family-I stress supposedly. Kinda BF Skinner if you ask me. Gotta wonder.

  28. Not only were the polio prophylactics contaminated but so were the Adenovirus Vaccines Type 4 and 7. These use is almost exclusively confined to all military recruits to supposedly counter the sometimes very dangerous infections they may suffer due to the crowding and stressful conditions of boot camp. Manufacturers were told in 1961 that 100% of all samples tested were found to have SV40. They were told to do something about it. I’m sure they did it promptly (wink.) So it seems that all military people as well as getting the bad polio vaccines got an additional hazard too. Goodness knows how long that was the case.

  29. I remember in the early sixties going to some building to receive a sugar cube with the vaccine inside it. My father came with me. This was in north Dallas.

  30. The SV40 Foundation states that SV40 was in both the injected and oral versions. While the CDC claims studies have shown that those that received the tainted vaccine have not been shown to have more cancers than those that did not, this is simply dishonest and fraudulent science. Since they have no possible idea nor any way of telling who did and did not receive tainted vaccines any epidemiological studies are a crap shoot at best. You could easily gather thousands of individuals that received polio vaccines from that time period and actually have zero in that group that received the tainted vaccines. Or visa versa.
    There is now also debate amongst scientists as to how we are now finding SV40 in childhood cancers. These are children that were supposedly never exposed to SV40 in their polio vaccines. One side says that when they killed the original monkeys in the U.S. and brought in 12 new “Green Monkeys” in the early 60s that the seed starter for the vaccine was tainted and so the contamination goes on. The other theory is that it has altered our genes or DNA and the SV40 virus is now being past from parent to child. SV40 is found in 60-83% of Mesothelioma cases in the U.S. but not at all in countries that did not get the tainted polio vaccines such as Turkey and Finland.
    New Zeland’s rates are very similar to the U.S. The newest studies done compared malignant tissue to regular tissue in the same patients, and SV40 was present in the malignant tissue but not in other nearby lung tissues, confirming that laboratory contamination is not at play and SV40 cancers and tumors are very real.

  31. Since I’m in the target age group I read this article. There seems to be some confusion here between correlation and causation. Also, no one seems to be commenting on these particular points in the CDC fact sheet:

    “SV40 virus has been found in certain types of cancer in humans, but it has not been determined that SV40 causes these cancers.”

    “The majority of scientific evidence suggests that SV40-contaminated vaccine did not cause cancer; however, some research results are conflicting and more studies are needed.”

  32. I remember receiving the oral polio vaccine in the first grade – that would have been in 1962.

  33. @Gene and Bad News Bill: The timing Bill offered fits what I remember of the availability of the Sabin vaccine too, and I was in HS when it was initially released in the US; indeed helped administer it in community clinics in my HS the first 2 summers running. I also was aware of the increased incidence of polio in the later ’50s after Salk had been out and widely distributed. I was in grade school, 2nd or 3rd grade when Salk was tested, as my school was one of the test areas, although my mother refuse to allow me to participate because of the way the test was set up. She was a nurse, and understood how the protocols were amiss on that. The only reason I recall what age I was when those tests were run at all is because of WHERE they were run. Early childhood memories are often faulty, as appears to be the case with yours, in this instance. It’s not crime; just let it go; the vaccine wasn’t yet available in ’58.

  34. But you put them in the car and take them places The risk of side effects (maiming and death) here are way greater than modern vaccinations. There were lots of medical procedures undertaken in the 60’s that would never be considered today.

  35. Since when has “official” ever been the truth? Just because it’s on paper does not make it true either. I hate to break it to your “holier than thou” memory, I had the oral polio vaccine while I was in elementary school and that was 1958 or earlier.

  36. As far as the USA goes the official dates for licensure for the “oral” or “Sabin” or “OPV” vaccine by DBS/NIH were as follows Poliovirus Vaccine (Live) Type I 8/61, Type II 10/61 Type III 3/62. Poliovirus Vaccine (Live) Trivalent 6/63.
    I worked for this bunch and I had access to all records and prepared public informational papers based on those records and I’m looking at one done by a predecessor dated 2/74 right now.
    Your mind IS therefore clouded or you are something else. It wasn’t a clinical trial either because none were done in the USA.(at least legally) If you received something orally on a sugar cube in 1958 it wasn’t OPV.
    Furthermore remember standing in a line with my girlfriend and friends at a school in the evening to “Take It Ora Lee,” as we spoofed about it at the time, it was Oct, 1963 and I do remember it well. We drove to the Peoples Drug Store and had an ice cream soda afterwards before hurrying to get her home before her 9:00 pm.curfew. I didn’t drive in 1958.
    Two of my classmates that I know of have died of brain glioma (in their early thirties) which IS associated with SV40 infection and we all had received the IPV before we were persuaded (after all it was free!) into taking OPV as well.

  37. That should be done with EVERY pharmaceutical since most of them are just as poisonous as the vaccines they produce. But money rules these days so it will never happen.

  38. If it were up to me I would require that before releasing any new vaccine onto the public, that it is first injected into all lab personnel and scientists that created the new vaccine. Then all management of the company that created the product, up to and including the CEO and all their children. This would have to be fully documented with third party oversight and controls to stop cheaters. That should be the new guideline and official regulations before release to the general public. After all if it is safe they will have no problem doing just that!!!

  39. Shira, I was born in 1961, and my father, Great Spirit bless his soul, got custody of me at a young age and stopped the vaccine program against me, and I’ve only had the big three, mmr, and no boosters, and have had no adverse side affects, so I support you and your stance. Your body does not need any more horse puss, or sheep puss, or thimerosol, or any of the heavy metal poisons involved with vaccines. I laud you.

  40. So the oral polio vaccine has been free of SV-40? I wouldn’t trust anything the CDC – Centers for Disease Creation – tell us. The oral polio vaccine (OPV) used in developing countries where it causes polio) and the new injectable polio vaccine (IPV) used in developed countries where the OPV has been banned for some years now are still manufactured by growing the (so-called) polio viruses on monkey kidneys, so how can they be SV-40-free? I don’t believe they are as for one thing, according to Dr Eva Snead MD the SV-40 virus is now an integral part of polio vaccines as it has been incorporated by means of genetic engineering. I don’t know what her statement is based on, but it makes sense in the context of the fact that making vaccines safer defeats the whole purpose of why vaccines are given in the first place, which is to make and keep us sick.

    You didn’t honestly think it was to prevent ill-health, did you? When Bernice Eddy vaccinated test animals with SV-40-contaminated polio vaccine she knew there was a problem, but when she alerted her superiors they wouldn’t hear of it and when she went public she was relieved of her duties and transferred to another post, similarly to what happened to Dr Anthony Morris when he warned first his superiors and then the public that the swine flu vaccine ready to be used to combat the swine flu epidemic predicted to occur in 1976, except that he was fired and all his research results including his test animals (mice) were destroyed.

    The New Zealand government bought a Salk vaccine lot from the Canadian government because it was cheap due to it being so badly contaminated that it had been banned from being used in Canada and the USA. Thousands of New Zealand children (and adults) were vaccinated with this contaminated vaccine. Parents were told on the consent forms that “the vaccine was well tested and harmless”(!). The New Zealand äuthorities inflicted this vaccine on New Zealanders at a time when the polio epidemic was virtually over, it seems I in accordance with the principle “Never let a chance go by to poison people for profit!” The scandal broke in 1983, when the NZ Truth ran the story of how the public’s health had been knowingly put at risk. The government’s chief virologist described the whole affair as “an atrocity”, so the government put a gag order on him to stop him from commenting further.

  41. Hardly worth replying to that, however – eyes to the skies Liz. Those “extended contrails” only happen in the NATO countries. Germany posts the chemical composition of the air daily – and the EPA tests for 120 + metals in the environment, with the exception of – you guessed it, Aluminum. I wonder why?
    Enjoy your natural – cough – fluffy – cough – clouds…

  42. I will trade a possibility of cancer when I am old (currently 71, so far so good) than the certain death, severe crippling or life in an Iron Lung (you “crime against humanity” folks can Google that). I had both the shots and sugar cube oral. I have several friends that got polio before the vaccines and were crippled and now suffering more as they age. Thank God for the drug companies that eliminated this scourge.

  43. Thankyou for sharing these details. I work with an EAV system, which can detect virus’s vaccines etc, in a clients body. For years now I have been ‘finding’ Simian Virus SV40 and Polio Vaccine coming up as a stress in my clients readings. At first I was noticing it in clients of around 60+ years of age.It was also detected in my reading, and I am 67 years old. Then I realised I was finding it in the next generation as well. YES, our children…….so did it come through the placenta?? I found SV40 and the Polio Vaccine in both my daughters. Whilst they are now in great health, there was a time that their immune systems were not working well for them at all. At the ages of 12 and 13 years, they were suffering from Chronic Fatigue, then known as Tapanui Flu here in New Zealand, and then later called ME. The only treatment available that was/IS successfully removing the SV40 and Polio Vaccine is what I now work full time with and that is an EAV system. (Electroacupuncture according to Voll)If you think or know that you were given this vaccine, get in touch with a Practitioner that is able to detox it from your system. It does work, it has improved my life, that of my daughters and countless hundreds of clients. I’d also like to mention that the vaccine that I had and all that I have spoken to about it over the years, that had it here in New Zealand had the ORAL dose.

  44. I just turned 60 and I had both the series of shots and the oral sugar cube dose at my grade school. My parents wanted to make sure I was protected. Shortly thereafter, I was extremely ill with “the flu” for several days resulting in the muscles on the lower right side of my back (basically from the shoulder blade down) to atrophy and that resulted in an extreme scoliosis.All my doctors said it looked like a post polio back but none would put it in writing to allow my parents the opportunity to take advantage of programs to help pay for my medical bills and college later. I do not trust the medical profession but they are necessary. Today I have heart and lung problems along with diabetes. Was the vaccine the start of all my problems? Maybe but get some doctor to commit to that. So far, no cancer.

  45. This article reports on info that was updated on the CDC website from back in 2007. What’s the purpose now? Create fear in the feable minds. Take off the tin hats. That’s like saying chemtrails exist….

  46. This old news and finally being admitted as more and more people are finding out about it. What they don’t tell you is that the virus was sexually transmitted, and as a result, over 95% of both American and Europeans now have it.

  47. It’s the very nature of vaccines to be harmful. That’s how they work. You wager that the rewards will outweigh the risks.

  48. Now what do you suppose is in the flu shots they force on people, the shingles shot, gardisol for teenagers? None of it should be taken no matter what they tell you!!!

  49. You have hit the nail on the head ! Cognitive Dissonance for the frogs ! And a feast for Lucifer’s minions.

  50. THE LORD says get ready,your going to be ATTACKED by the foreign troops, “OBAMA THE ANTI-CHRIST” is bring into america,thats why there here,he’s been charged with 5 counts of HIGH TREASON,its go to prison ,or start a WAR in america,WHAT would you do?…Boston,while all the IDIOTS yelled horey,for the police gangs,THEY ROUNDED UP 150,green berets,navy seals,army rangers,army special forces ex-military,now boston is screwed,their best fighting men are gone,this was really stupid on their part to let this happen,the russians will take down the east coast with out a fight..the demoncrates are total morons,THIS has been happening all across america,YOU LETTING THE POLICE GANGS arrest your BEST FIGHTING MEN,and take them to jail,STOP,ARE YOU ALL IDIOTS…….YOUR losing the only protection you have,and you think your smart,trust me this ain’t smart,IT PROVES americans are stupid………………………

  51. Dr. Bernice Eddy, a researcher at the NIH, injected gerbils with IPV in the 1950’s and they all quickly developed cancer. She was threatened and silenced and the information suppressed. The book alluded to, Doctor Mary’s Monkey, contains important information indicating that polio vaccine still contains SV40 and that SV40 can cause up to about 55% of soft tissue cancers. Ed Haslam also makes a strong case that cancer viruses were secretly mutated at a hidden linear particle accelerator in New Orleans during the 1950’s to be used in vaccines. In other words, SV40 is no mistake but rather a sensationally effective part of a smoothly running depopulation agenda which is soon to go into warp drive with the so-called cell-line vaccines now coming online

  52. THE VACCINES,ARE AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN POISON,the government knew it,and any body who was watching them knew it,the entire government is ROTTEN TO THE CORE,they would kill their own children to make a dime,think I’am kidding ,look at the CHEMTRAILS,floride in the water,metal in the childrens breakfast cereal,SV-40 in all the VACCINES,the government is ran by demons from hell,THEY ARE THE TERRORIST,STOP SUPPORTING THEM….the police gangs are training to kill the americans who have WOKEUP,be very careful of them,their demons from hell to……………………

  53. Shira – no spiteful ignorant comments from me. Good for you for not subjecting your children to vaccines. If people would just stop blindly trusting the “general consensus” and do their research, they would Never allow their child(ren) to be injected with the poisons in vaccines. Sadly, many people are fear mongered into it.

  54. Well my memory is not clouded. I was in the first grade when we all lined up for the oral polio. It was 1958

  55. Also, I know that some spiteful comments may be directed towards me for not vaccinating my child, but I have done extensive research from both sides of the debate, and I believe that indeed the risks of these vaccinations far outweigh the benefits, and i REFUSE to knowingly damage my child simply because the general consensus thinks I should.

  56. Can you please post a link to where it says this on the CDC website? I have looked and from what I have read they say it did contain SV40, but did not cause cancer in humans.

    I know all this is BS, I do not give my son vaccinations, and I know about Operation Paperclip as well. I’m not questioning that they are harmful, I would just like to read where the CDC admits it, because I the only thing I found on the website was them saying it doesn’t harm humans.

  57. Your memory is incorrect,the oral vaccine was given out in the 60’s. Maybe the salk vaccine damaged memory cells,lol

  58. They knew about it at the time. Look up Dr Mary’s Monkey and you will see they knew about it. They were forced upon us in school and that is just the tip of the ice burg.

  59. i had the oral polio vaccine, it was in Harrisburg PA where us Catholic School kids needed to go to the Public School to receive the doses…. this was in the mid 1950s not the 1960s as the “Sandra Lee Smith” comment states…Am I incorrect or have a faulty memory of the Salk V Sabin vaccines

  60. The original Salk vaccine required a three shot series, initially then a booster annually. Part of why they would have also used up the stock on hand, as opposed to changing it, in addition to the NWO agenda already being worked out, is that Sabin came out with his within a year of that 1960 mark, and made the Salk vaccine obsolete already, and they hadn’t near recouped their investment, of course. Add to that the extreme fear of polio among parents of that era, and the lie that the vaccine was safe. Was the earlier test batch also tainted? Many I went to school in the years prior to ’55 were among those who received that test vaccine to see if it worked, before full immunization was instituted nationwide.

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