Message From TLB: Ignore the Lying Mainstream Media … Just Get Out & Vote

Ignore the Lying Mainstream Media … Just Get Out & Vote


An important message from The Liberty Beacon Project

Unless you have been living under a rock, or in a deep, dark cave for the last few years then you must be aware, at least on some level, of the complicity and bias of the Mainstream Media (MSM). The only organizations that come anywhere near experiencing the same level of distrust are the DNC and the government (DoJ, FBI, etc…).

With this in mind there are a few things to be aware of today when considering your vote, or if you will vote, and the influence the MSM will try to exercise on your vote …

Don’t listen to MSM polling today before you vote!

If you are not voting for Hillary Clinton today you need to consider the following … The MSM will do anything to rig the vote in Hillary’s favor including reporting that their polling indicates a large margin of votes trending for Hillary in any given state. The purpose of this is to discourage those not voting for her from bothering to make the trip to the voting stations, figuring their vote is useless if Hillary is already commanding the vote in their area. This is most likely a lie, and a precedent for this tactic has been set in several past elections.

You are voting for more than just a President today.

Remember that when voting today you are also voting for congressional representatives, local candidates and other ballot issues that pertain to your community. By failing to vote you are allowing a few to decide not only our next Commander in Chief, but also who will run congress, and other important local issues that may impact your life in the near future.

Also understand that if Trump is to make good on the promises he has made to We The people, he must have sufficient numbers of Republicans and sympathetic Independents in congress to get these initiative passed and made law.

Your diligence is needed.

Today we stand on the precipice of overwhelming tyranny if Hillary is allowed to steal this election. This is easily the most important election in modern American history and EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

Ignore the onslaught of MSM Lies and get out and vote !!!

A true Trump landslide is predicted, but election fraud is also guaranteed …

The only weapon we have to defeat this is, your vote, your attention to detail at voting locations, and your willingness to speak out if you see irregularities. Take cell phone videos of any irregularities on location if allowed, or from just off property if not. Report your suspicions to local authorities and make sure they are recorded for future reference.

This is supposedly a nation of laws, a nation controlled and commanded by We The People, its only true Sovereigns, and it is our duty to ensure the Democratic process is just and fair in order to maintain this political structure. If we fail in our responsibility … we truly deserve the tyranny we shall inevitably suffer.



The Liberty beacon Project (TLB)


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  1. Both Hillary and Donald are 19th cousins. We are being set up again.
    Whoever has the most royal blood will be selected and follow orders from their masters. Wake up people.

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