Mind Reading: From Science Fiction to Science Fact: Are Your Thoughts Really Private?

 By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Mind reading, both voluntary or against your knowledge or consent, is a topic that by the very nature of the subject, raises many more questions than answers afforded. Here are some of the urgent points of discussion that need to see the light of day, the questions to be asked … and answered …

The thought of someone being able to read your mind by pointing a remote beam at your head, or by intercepting an omnidirectional transmission of your origin, is a very scary concept and one most of us would immediately push back against! In this day of tyranny when we are fully aware of the fact that our own government eavesdrops on our (supposed) private communications, including our phone calls, tweets, text messages, emails, cable box selections, and internet (social media) conversations, we are well aware that if the technology was available to them, it would be utilized without reservations or limits … IS IT?

Now we are told that rudimentary mind reading is not only possible, but is a reality being practiced by as many as 90 companies globally. This process is in its infancy, cumbersome and by no means an exact science yet. BUT if we are being informed of this via the very complicit mainstream media, just how long has our government, via black ops and highly classified research programs within DARPA been working on, or with this? Is this a conspiracy theory, or by past revelations a possibility that cannot be discounted or ignored? And if so how advanced is this technology in actuality?

I personally spent three decades working for the Military Industrial Complex and by default the DOD, involved in high tech projects. I am aware that the military and intel agencies have access to technologies years if not decades in advance of the technology we use as a society today … and think is the epitome of technology (NOT). Once technology is advanced enough to replace their secret toys, or their toys are compromised by other technologies … the replaced tech now becomes available to you and I through the big tech companies that are locked at the hip of this government. This is not a guess … it is an observed fact.

How long will it be before this process finds its way into our legal system? Do we in fact have any rights to deny a brain scan to determine our thoughts via our Constitution, Bill of Rights, or our existing legal system? Consider that your blood, DNA and sperm can already be used against you in a court of law. Will your thoughts be next? And to answer my first question in this paragraph … NO, there is no Constitutional or legal protection for your thoughts as we speak … will there ever be?

Privacy is defined as – The ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves or information about themselves and thereby reveal themselves selectively. The boundaries and content of what is considered private differ among cultures and individuals, but share basic common themes. Privacy is sometimes related to anonymity, the wish to remain unnoticed or unidentified in the public realm.

With these new technologies under development, and the very real prospects that our government must by default already posses much more advanced mechanisms (DARPA) for this type of intrusion into our privacy, will your ability or desire to be unique in your thoughts be in danger of evaporating? Will what makes you stand apart as an individual also put you in danger of being accused of being a danger to society, and who defines “a danger”?

This is a very slippery slope we are imparting on and one that must be considered in manners of the extreme. Is society ready for this, or will it foment another major push-back against those who would rule and control us. These are all unanswered questions, but the answers need to be found and well defined before this mechanism becomes common practice in both the commercial and legal aspect. The question presented to us all is Will they be?”

So in summation … A thought is an expression of self, a manifestation of conscience, and of existence as put in the famous sentence of Decartes: “I think therefore I exist” Our understanding of fundamental civil rights are far behind technology. As mind reading science advances at an alarming rate our most fundamental right of developing and maintaining a thought is under siege. Please watch this short film below about this, life imitating science fiction, research that if unchecked is guaranteed to destroy our fundamental notion of being human. No one has the right to pry into the mind of another human being and read his private thoughts.


Still think we aren’t living in the Matrix? Sadly, this isn’t science fiction but science fact and it’s coming in the next decade as part of the Internet of Things smart surveillance grid they want everyone swept up into. Technology is about to openly bring us an era where government authorities can read people’s minds without their permission and use it against them including in court, pre-crime, thought police/thought crime and labeling people including children as potential criminals based on their brainwaves… and all of this was discussed casually at Davos this year like it’ll be a rip roaring roller coaster of rose-colored awesome instead of the Orwellian Nightmare 2.0 we all know is coming under the technocrats in charge. Hey, why watch a horror movie when you can watch a panel at Davos instead?

Philip K. Dick and George Orwell are spinning in their graves…

See original video HERE


Roger LandryAbout the Author: Roger Landry (TLB) spent about three decades of his adult life either in, or working for the military, with about two decades working directly for the Military Industrial Complex facilitating DOD contracts. His awakening to Political, Economic, and Health realities was less than seven short years ago. Since that time he has founded The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) consisting of over a dozen proprietary global websites, media projects such as TLBTV, and partner websites across the planet. He contributes regularly to multiple forums both in and outside of TLB Project. Most of his work can be found on the TLB Flagship website TheLibertyBeacon.com


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4 Comments on Mind Reading: From Science Fiction to Science Fact: Are Your Thoughts Really Private?

  1. Awakened2Truth – Your comments are bordering on arrogant and self-serving, as in trying to make the author (myself) look shallow or ignorant for postulating a possible scenario by claiming you are aware of what Jesus (God) will or wont allow … REALLY? God puts no limits on man … Only man puts limits on man! I presented information already available to all and then presented my commentary associated with said information. First off I NEVER said the technology actually exists, or that I could prove it … but postulated “what if it did”? Second brain waves are measurable and record-able electrical impulses, and with enough information/research ANY intelligible electrical impulse can and will be decoded, the question is when … not if. Third Just how do you know what DARPA is or is not capable of? I worked this area (electronics communication and detection research) for DOD for about 30 years and I don’t lay claims to be able to tell you with any accuracy their darkest secrets or capabilities (yes compartmentalization). You can go ahead and type another book in reply (most was totally unnecessary or unrelated) but unless you can say with absolute scientific fact that thought impulses (electromagnetic impulses) can NEVER be deciphered you are merely grandstanding and wasting your time. The propaganda issue … yea we agree on that. I wish you a pleasant weekend !!!


    30 years in DOD, impressive. Compartimentalizaton applies to such levels especially. I’m no stranger to such levels of the technology considering i follow it closely for double digit decades as well, perhaps not from a insider view as yourself but nonetheless i know that DARPA is run by high level satanists, and since Jesus’ aka GOD’s version of reality is the only 100% factual one, and since i know quite a bit about how the N W O aka J W O aka S W O works due to a background of work that consists of being in at minimum several different fields that directly relate to such topics like *programming/coding software* / bio-science / robotics and various other forms of technology, i know that what you are claiming DARPA is capable of, there is a portion of it that depends on aggressive propaganda and NLP techniques to pre-impose sometimes unjustified fear into people concerning such technologies that from a GOD EXISTS REAL REALITY UNIVERSAL ENTROPY CONSTANTLY DECAYING point of view actually do not have the power that is claimed about them since “DARPAISTS” believe “Evolution” is actually “observable science” when it’s 5000+ year old Mesopotamian pagan & heathen philosophical religion of the mindless and thus to give that much credit to the technology that is based on such an erroneous view of the very reality we live in how man’s body actually does what it does, is more intensely STRONG delusion (2ndThessalonians2) and illusion, which you could have read the article linked for you to see why that even though it is done from a secular type view, it still shows that people are giving a little too much more credit then they should.

    A software program that is coded to take electrical potential input ranges from mankind’s nerves in their body when we perform a certain action with our bodies that begins in an immaterial mind, and then for the software to understand what that particular electrical potential is being translated as, is not reading our mind because the software coder is who decides in the coding of the software for the electrical potentials what that specific electric potential will mean for that specific man or woman and that electrical potential is not always the same for everyone which introduces inherent errors and even more problematic, is believing that thoughts and memories are somehow written in physical tissue of man’s brain which is based on the fraud of “evolution” aka pagan religion.

    So sorry.. no, Jesus aka GOD makes clear these people won’t be able to read your mind (spirit) like you claim that DARPA claims, and yes you may have 30 years of experience in these matters, but GOD KNOWS ALL THINGS and He knows dimensions more than DOD people of course so if He makes clear that man will TRY/ATTEMPT to do these things to achieve 100% success, much of it will be illusion and fraud somewhere in the mix because when a state or nation gains so much power over it’s people to control their minds CIA NLP style and via ELF/EMF manipulation also (which it itself is not as accurately successful as claimed at times – See Barry Trower), then it’s not hard to make the sheep believe that technology is much farther ahead then what it really is which is KEY part of FEAR INDUCED PROPAGANDA, for when you can SCARE the enemy into believing the technology is ‘so far ahead’ when it’s not really as far ahead as they claim though they may be a little ahead, then you can keep the populace in a perpetual “oh man, look how far ahead they are, there’s no hope!” so it’s a GREAT MIND CONTROL TECHNIQUE to use to make the enemy think you are much powerful than you actually are which is at least 3/4 of a battle arguably. But now i’m supposed to believe they are 10-20 years ahead which is something i used to believe much more but since learning years ago, the amount of lying the US Military does for mind control purposes, and that they still have computers running Windows 98 and XP and floppy disk for the nations most powerful nuclear weapons, which actually made news recently again……well, sorry then for choosing to believe a perfect being who’s name is JESUS and His written words tried and true for several thousand+ years concerning what mankind is and and is not going to be successsful in then believing “DARPA” has figured out God’s creation works in 100% full understanding as it was created in which they never well seeing as how DARPA minds already subscribe to a worldview that refutes itself and that’s the facts which were told to “TRUTHSTREAMMEDIA” but of course, the unsaved are fueled by pride, not by absolute truth and it’s pride that blinds, not truth since true is LIGHT in the darkness.

    *”We know intuitively that Darwinism can accomplish some things, but not others. The question is what is that boundary? Does the information content in living things exceed that boundary? Darwinists have never faced those questions. They’ve never asked scientifically, can random mutation and natural selection generate the information content in living things.”* _Dr. Michael Egnor professor of neurosurgery and pediatrics at State University of New York, Stony Brook_

    “Darwinism is a trivial idea that has been elevated to the status of the scientific theory that governs modern biology.”* _Dr. Michael Egnor, Professor of Neurosurgery and Pediatrics at State University of New York, Stony Brook_

    *”The ideology and philosophy of neo-Darwinism which is sold by its adepts as a scientific theoretical foundation of biology seriously hampers the development of science and hides from students the field’s real problems.”* _Dr. Vladimir L. Voeikov, Professor of Bioorganic, Moscow State University; member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences_

    *”Darwinian evolution — whatever its other virtues — does not provide a fruitful heuristic in experimental biology.”* _Dr. Philip S. Skell, Member National Academy of Sciences, Emeritus Evan Pugh Professor at Pennsylvania State University_

    *”I found it important to sign this statement because I believe intellectual freedom fuels scientific discovery. If we, as scientists are not allowed to question, ponder, explore, and critically evaluate all areas of science but forced to comply with current scientific orthodoxy then we are operating in a mode completely antithetical to the very nature of science.”* _Dr. Rebecca Keller, Biophysical Chemistry_

    *”I signed the Scientific Dissent From Darwinism statement, because I am absolutely convinced of the lack of true scientific evidence in favour of Darwinian dogma. Nobody in the biological sciences, medicine included, needs Darwinism at all. Darwinism is certainly needed, however, in order to pose as a philosopher, since it is primarily a worldview, and an awful one, as George Bernard Shaw used to say.”* _Dr. Raul Leguizamon, Pathologist, and a Professor of Medicine at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, Mexico_

    *”Life as revealed by new technologies is more complicated than the Darwinian viewpoint anticipated. Thus evolutionary theory, which was considered to be a key foundation of biology in 1959, today has a more peripheral role.…modern science makes it possible to be a scientifically informed doubter of Darwinian theories of evolution.”* _Dr. Roland Hirsch, Chemistry_

  3. Awakened2Truth – Please don’t consider things quite so “obvious” without reading the full content or intent. The author is VERY aware … are YOU aware of DARPA? Because what we discuss or are exposed to as propaganda, fiction, or near term … they practice in reality! Their technology is anywhere from 10 – 20 years in advance of what we are afforded. This I am very aware as a result of having myself worked on classified projects for almost three decades for the DOD (FACT). You did (of course) see the several references to DARPA in the article … ??

  4. The author of this article obviously isn’t aware enough that some of the claims they make, don’t hold water according to this information of more accurate understanding of such technologies, and thus they are getting carried away with the ‘FICTION’ of “science fiction” a little too much.

    Meet the Bogus Technology the Government Will Use to Frame You — https://www.corbettreport.com/meet-the-bogus-technology-the-government-will-use-to-frame-you/

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