The Most Dangerous Greeting Your Child May Ever Receive

abstract-artwork-depicting-holiday-vaccinations-paul-brown[2]By: Christina England

It is interesting, just who is linked to whom, when it comes to vaccinations. Very often, what we as individuals perceive as one thing is something else entirely. This is because we are not in possession of the full facts, which make the larger picture. However, when we delve deeper, what we uncover can often be far more sinister than even we expected.

As we are aware, the governments and pharmaceutical companies are always searching for new ways to push vaccinations onto unsuspecting parents. The earlier they can target a child’s parents, the better they like it. One of the vaccination initiatives being used by twenty-seven states across the US is to send every new parent a “congratulations on the birth of your baby” card.

According to reports, governors from twenty-seven states across the US have teamed up with Hallmark Greeting Cards to send every new parent a card following the birth of their baby. The card includes a personal message from the governor of their state, a detachable growth chart and an up-to-date immunization schedule. This vaccination initiative attempts to make parents fully aware which vaccinations their newborn baby should receive.

The Healthy Home Economist, reporting on the story, stated, “Having the cards actually come from state governors themselves is the new twist which gives the program’s ‘friendly’ pressure to vaccinate a more personal and authoritative touch.” [1]

With Love, From Your State Government

Although Mike Adams from Natural News had covered this story back in 2011, as well as many other sites, I have decided to revisit this issue in greater detail. I have uncovered some interesting facts that must be exposed.

Obviously, the state governors do not send these touching sentiments to parents out of the goodness of their hearts, so, what is the real reason behind these cards? It appears that their real agenda is to meet their vaccination targets. The Capital Times explains:

“When it began, the immunization rates for children up to age 2 in Missouri and Kansas were roughly 45 percent and 52 percent, respectively. Immunization rates for the youngest citizens in those states now hover around 76 percent, according to the program’s website.” [2]

Beth Kaplan, a spokesperson with the state of Wisconsin’s Division of Public Health, whose state vaccination compliance rates have reached as high as 84 percent since the implementation of this program, believes that this initiative is just one way to create awareness about the importance of vaccinations for children. She says, “the program is one of many things we do to encourage the vaccination of children.”

Your Tax Dollars At Work … For Big Pharma

I am sure that one question on many people’s lips is, “Who exactly is paying for these cards?”

Sadly, you are.

According to reports, the taxpayers are footing the bill for the implementation of Hallmark’s For America’s Babies project and it does not come cheap. Although Hallmark Greeting Cards is supplying the cards and paying for the printing costs, an initiative which they proudly boast on their website, the state of Florida alone has budgeted $10,000 for the distribution of these cards, which has been hailed as an excellent program. [3]

The cards are very attractive, in pastel colors, with added bunnies and flowers for effect. I am sure that most new parents would be very moved by this gesture. The Mid America Immunization Coalition has been so impressed by Hallmark’s wonderful work that in 2010 they awarded Hallmark the Sending the Very Best Message Award.  In presenting the award, coalition director Deb Bumgardner said, “Hallmark is definitely one of the behind-the-scenes, unsung heroes in the fight to raise immunization rates in the United States.” [4]

Heroes is Not A Term I Would Use

Behind-the-scenes are definitely the real key words, and that’s where we are going to take a look in order to tell you the whole story of these “unsung heroes.”

In 2006, Hallmark Cards joined forces with UNICEF to form a partnership. Today Hallmark Cards is the exclusive creator, manufacturer and distributor for all UNICEF greeting cards and gifts sold in the United States, giving UNICEF more than $10 million in royalty payments from the sale of their cards and gifts. The U.S. Fund for UNICEF receives 15 percent of every net wholesale shipment of UNICEF Hallmark products.

According to Hallmark Cards, UNICEF works in more than 150 countries to keep children alive and safe. The organization focuses on providing children with clean water, food, medicine, vaccines, and education. [5]

Remember, UNICEF is also responsible for testing vaccines on children in the developing world. This year I found them linked to forty children paralyzed in a small village in Africa after they received the test vaccine MenAfrivac. [6] UNICEF also was involved in the testing of the pentavalent vaccine Quinvaxem, which caused the deaths of 26 children across the developing world. [7]

In 2012, Hallmark, in partnership with UNICEF, won the Fastest Growing Family Business Award, sponsored by Barclays, at the Family Business Awards. [8]

According to the Family Business Awards website, Hallmark made a record year turnover amounting to a massive £4.4million, an increase of 83% since 2009. Hallmark also commissioned Nottingham’s Together Agency to design the UNICEF UK New Range catalog, which echoes Leo Burnett’s UNICEF international theme and promoted the charity’s new line of products in 2012. [9]

Look Who Else is Holding Hands with Hallmark

As well as their links to UNICEF, Hallmark Cards has interesting links to other organizations which need to be exposed. The chairman of Hallmark Cards is Donald J. Hall, and the current president and CEO of Hallmark Cards is David E. Hall. Both men are trustees to a company called MRIGlobal. [10, page 14]

MRIGlobal “offers world-class expertise and experience in bioanalytical model development, testing, and validation—a complete array of services for the development and licensing of new vaccines.” They also supply “government and industrial clients with high-purity, reference grade chemicals.”

Their website states:

“MRIGlobal’s work in the development and testing of human and veterinary vaccine candidates encompasses safety, toxicity, potency, efficacy, and vaccine formulation stability.” [11]

This indicates that this company is in the business of testing vaccines on both humans and animals.

Interestingly, MRIGlobal also has been linked to PATH and the FDA.

One of MRIGlobal’s recent projects was in partnership with PATH. [12] The project involved providing support to biotechnology companies that are developing influenza vaccines that can be “accessible and affordable for low-resource countries.” Despite MRIGlobal’s noteworthy claim that their work “encompasses safety, toxicity, potency, efficacy, and vaccine formulation stability,” children who have received vaccines from their partner organizations, like PATH and UNICEF, are still suffering many adverse reactions from these vaccinations.

PATH, an organization which claims “to help communities worldwide break longstanding cycles of poor health,” was involved recently with the testing of tens of thousands of tribal girls in India, leaving them without appropriate follow-up care, as well as the vaccination trials in Chad, Africa, in which many children were paralyzed following vaccination. [13]

Selling Out to Survive

MRIGlobal is also involved in licensing medication and vaccinations for the FDA and the CDC, claiming to maintain “all necessary licenses and certifications to conduct safe, defensible studies on a host of diverse materials, from pharmaceuticals to chemical agents.” MRIGlobal operates laboratories for the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Defense. The company has been granted numerous licenses by the US government as well as internationally. [14]

This leaves me asking two questions:

Why would Hallmark Cards form a partnership with UNICEF, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and many state governments? [15]

Why would the chairman and the CEO and president of a greeting card company also be trustees of a company which tests and licenses vaccines?

The only answer I can come up with is money, and lots of it.

The leaders of Hallmark, one of the largest privately owned companies in the US, may have found a unique way to survive in a troubling economic times, using their skills and knowledge to tap into the lucrative vaccine business, as their greeting card endeavors have suffered stagnant sales and declining profits for years. [16]


What appeared at first glance to be an act of charity on behalf of Hallmark Cards now appears to be something far more sinister. Hallmark Cards is doing more than making a tax-deductible donation to the government. In addition to recommending that parents keep up to date with their children’s vaccine schedules (because the corporate leaders will profit from increased vaccination rates), they are also heavily linked to the testing of vaccines on innocent animals and humans.

Once highly regarded as an organization of love and caring, Hallmark Cards now has tarnished its trademark crown with what can only be described as deep connections to several of the largest pharmaceutical organizations known to man. So, are Hallmark’s intentions as charitable as they would like us to believe? It is clear that Hallmark Cards is affiliated with MRIGlobal, the US government and Canadian government, UNICEF, PATH, FDA and the CDC. The common denominator linking all of these groups together is vaccination.

Far from being the kindly souls they first appear to be and making sure that children stay strong and healthy, I believe that the leaders of Hallmark Greeting Cards are laughing all the way to the bank. Are you going to let them trick you into vaccinating your child, without doing any research, just because they sent you a card?


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1 Comment on The Most Dangerous Greeting Your Child May Ever Receive

  1. So it’s good news that vaccination rates are increasing obviously because all respected and peer reviewed research for the past 30 years and the billions of dollars that have been invested by shareholders in the many independent drug companies from throughout the world have improved the risk benefit outcomes so that thousands of babies are now being saved from horrendous viruses such as measles, meningitis, polio and so on. These diseases are virtually history in first wold countries and are becoming scarce even in third world countries where good nutrition is still a problem. Because of the small value to the drug companies of vaccines the drug companies and philanthropists such as Bill Gates have got together to virtually give these third world countries the lifeline that they need to reduce the misery that these diseases can render.

    It is great that the state is paying for the recommendation cards to persuade families to have their children vaccinated because if the drug companies were paying for this, the cynics among us would be suggesting that the drug companies were promoting their own product. Nothing wrong with that as everyone from Coca Cola to Nappy manufacturers do that. The drug companies, however, would have to increase the very small margins they make on vaccines so that less would be able to take advantage of the life saving gift of modern medicine.

    It is clear that the state of Wisconsin wants the best for their children and to achieve this they got a hold of Hallmark cards and did a special deal, probably with Hallmark giving a very cheap price to be seen to be good citizens for the good of the community. This is a great promotional gesture which they undoubtedly use in their advertising for customer relations and advertising purposes. It is great to see Hallmark winning so much customer support as a result of assisting with the community vaccination program that profits have soared. On top of this Hallmark is philanthropically supporting UNICEF which would give them even more public support and profit in return.

    One can see why Hallmark would choose vaccine promotion as its way of promoting itself in the community as a good commercial citizen because of it’s close relationship with MRI Global. It would be natural for them to support UNICEF in this field.

    Progress in all spheres of medicine have been amazing over the past 50 years. Even with the best of intentions everyone would openly concede that through trials there have been some tribulations but today, the quality of life for all of us, especially those who are looking after themselves with healthy diets and exercise, are being assisted with much healthier and longer lives and with a better quality of life in those older years due to the medical research and the advances in preventative medicine that have resulted. The patient that received the first heart transplant in South Africa did not live for long but today, thousands live for much longer do to the research and success with new anti rejection drugs.

    In 1980 there were 2,600,000 deaths from measles every year. In 2011 there were 158,000 deaths. All correlated with a rise in use of the measles vaccine. Again, in 1980 over 7000 deaths a day, in 2011 fewer than 450 death a day. Two and a half million fewer people dying every year, because of the vaccine. Mostly children.

    Good on you Hallmark!

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