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The Elite 1% are in panic mode. The people of ‘the world’ are waking up to the depopulation plans that are occurring in our air, food, water, medicine and technology at an ever increasing rate.

To keep their ‘plan’ on track and keep you and I distracted, we are presented the daily dog and pony shows in the 3 Ring Circus of Political, Financial and Military arenas.

While our attention is on our favorite candidate (or pending bill), our 401k (or stock buy) or whether our son or daughter is going to be shipped to some far off place to fight a War that no one can justify… the Elite just keep marching forward toward world domination with no reason other than their Thirst for Power.

If the 1%’ers Get it All… what then? Might the Water cooler talk at the next Bilderberg Meeting be: “My Mansion has Eight more bathrooms than yours.” Reply: “Well, we have been around the world at least a dozen more times than you have.”

We ‘the people of the world’ can win this… get active… get off the computer and get into peoples faces and arm your fellow human beings with the ‘wake up’ facts. Let your local, state and federal representatives know that you are aware of what is going on, and arm them with ‘anti-sheeple’ material. Much of what is going on is because government is not being held accountable and is allowed to live in a nice comfortable bubble bought and paid for by the likes of George Soros, Bill Gates and any number of the other Elites.

Understand, these Elites will ‘eat their own’ if necessary to push forward their sick and diabolical agenda. We begin our update of just one of the dangers we are facing with the following video from Dr. Devra Davis of the Environmental Health Trust. (RE)



[See more about Dr. Davis and the Environmental Health Trust at the bottom of this post.]


EMF radiation is all around us. It is heart breaking to know that so many cell towers are in the back corner of school yards, where School Boards have sold out the health of the children in order to fatten the coffers of the school district. Even after school administrators have been made aware of the EMF dangers, most have chosen to ignore the warnings. Where are the Teachers Unions? Are not the teachers being exposed to this health danger as well? Another popular place for transmission towers is the local Fire Station… again always near populated areas, both residential and commercial. In the following video we widen our EMF understanding. ~TLB ed.


Potential Risks to Human Health from Future Sub-MM Communication Systems

All presentations from this conference are availible at…


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