The Truth About Treaties

April 14, 2019 0

Truth About Treaties By: KrisAnne Hall, JD Constitutionally speaking a treaty is a very specific federal act that must be established under conditions established by the Constitution. Every “deal” is not a treaty and every […]


What happened to the Republic? Democracy happened…

December 21, 2018 0

What happened to the Republic? Democracy happened Utopian fantasies verses a better world by Jon Rappoport “When you come to the subject of who should ‘fix things,’ the government or private individuals, you could throw up […]


Paleoconservatism: The Light of Liberty

May 17, 2014 0

Without knowing who and what we are as Americans, we cannot name our enemy… By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive. America did not get into the shape it is in by accident. There is a sound […]