The Catastrophic Rise In Vaccine Induced Epilepsy

The Catastrophic Rise In Vaccine Induced Epilepsy

By: Roger Landry (TLB)


I have spent the last ten years researching in depth such topics as perpetual warfare, global tyranny, economic collapse and many other topics … but none of these puts the fear of God in me more than the massive lies and cover-ups being perpetrated and perpetuated by the global vaccination program, a program that sees its most horrendous results right here in the good old USA. Nothing I state below is based on guesses, hype, or fiction, and everything I state can be referenced in articles archived on this very website and all based on valid research.

I have watched the degradation of America’s health accelerate over the last three generations to the point where we now have the distinction of being number one again (Americans love being number one), but this is not a milestone to celebrate. In just three short generations America has fallen from what was arguably the healthiest and most vibrant society on this planet … to the most chronically ill. This is not a guess, but is catastrophic beyond understanding!

Today America suffers the highest (or will soon at the current rate of increase) levels of Autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Childhood Diabetes, Deadly food allergies, Cancer in our elderly and children, Epilepsy, and the list goes on and on and on … Americans also suffer the fastest rising incidences of sterility or infertility and stillbirths in the industrialized world. How is this even possible in a nation that outspends any other first world nation on healthcare by magnitudes?

We have available to us today the means to research any topic as only scholars could a few short generations ago … the internet. Via this mechanism and the voluminous information from peer reviewed studies and other research made available from scholars globally, we can now tie most of this catastrophic rise in chronic illness back to the source … Vaccines. Yet our doctors, healthcare givers and government health agencies refuse to acknowledge what so many of us now consider obvious.

Here are just two huge issues we as Americans, and indeed all of humanity (to a lesser degree) now face:

Researchers and statisticians are now stating that if the massive increase in autism occurrences is not checked immediately, one in two children in America will suffer autism by the year 2030 (with some stating it could happen as early as 2025).

Now add to this another warning from said scholars that …

Our last generation born will be the first generation in recorded history to have a shorter lifespan than their parents.

… and you must realize the immensity of what is transpiring!

America is dying … and to push back against this statement … won’t make it any less true !!!

A past (but germane) meme …

What I offer you below is yet another piece of the puzzle described above. What you are about to read and watch should shake you to your very core and bring tears to your eyes. If you are pregnant, have a newborn child, or are preparing to bring your infant to a well baby visit where you know vaccinations will be insisted on by your pediatrician … this is a must see.

I strongly urge you to continue reading and PLEASE watch the included short video.


Campaign to Restore Child Health: Epilepsy from Vaccines

Contributed to TLB by: Children’s Health Defense Team

Children’s Health Defense Team is struck by the unhealthiness of today’s children. Chronic and often debilitating conditions such as autism, ADHD, allergies, tics and more affect our nation’s children in alarming, unprecedented numbers. All too often, parents describe their now chronically ill children as having at one time been completely healthy up until something went horribly wrong.

As part of Children’s Health Defense’s Campaign to Restore Child Health, this #restorechildhealth story focuses on Brandon Guppy’s story of vaccine injury. The seizures and other health issues he has developed have changed his life forever. He will never work or enjoy the life he deserves. Brandon’s mother, Michelle: “Do not fear normal acute childhood illnesses. Fear the chronic debilitating and lifelong adverse reactions to vaccines and all of the toxins that are in them.”

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