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Message fRoger Landryrom TLB’s Founder on Membership …

The real difference between just Having the Truth and Knowing the Truth is, Comprehension. Come join us and help those who are mired down in the fog of ignorance to truly Comprehend! Together we can achieve what others deem impossible, because the only limits we might suffer in The Liberty Beacon Project, are those we may through caution inadvertently, or temporarily impose on ourselves …

See more about the origin and mission of The Liberty Beacon Project in the two part video series at the bottom of this presentation.

The mission of The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) is …


To be accomplished by publishing pertinent websites and produce media content (podcasts, telepodcasts, video-magazines, blogs, internet TV shows etc…) as well as to increase access to the abundance of coordinated alternative source media to the liberty movement or to any and all who wish to be informed and educated as to reality in this climate of political, social, health and economic turmoil.

One thing we are all aware of is that the MainStream Media (MSM) is seriously remiss in its stated mission to keep the American people informed in real time on topics of importance by presenting timely and fact based reporting of events as they occur both in this country and across the globe. So TLB will do this in earnest knowing that an informed and educated society cannot and will not be subjugated!

The Liberty Beacon Project is a large and growing organization (the largest of its type) operating on a ZERO DOLLAR budget for both staff and structure (presently all volunteer staff and donated services). As we continue to grow this is inevitably unsustainable, so your membership will help provide the funds to keep this project growing for the benefit of all humanity. Please understand that you are appreciated!


For more information and to read about TLB Project’s Mission  …

Please visit our ABOUT Page.

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“We are reaching millions of people worldwide with our 15 proprietary websites, our many global partner websites, and media projects such as TLBTV broadcasts, Radio shows, and it is totally 100% free and fully independent news/media … the real news! Much more is coming in the near future, such as an in-house TV studio”, So …

On behalf of The Liberty Beacon Staff we cordially invite you to become a part of something special, something intended to amplify the voice and will of ‘The People’ globally … Because there is always “Strength In Numbers!”




Compare the following project membership package to ANY other on-line news network, website, or agency membership, including the unique benefits we are offering and actual project participation … Then compare pricing! You will find that what we are offering is like nothing else.

TLB Project Membership Benefit Package:

From the TLB Project FounderYou will be sent a (exclusive to members) quarterly video with TLB Founder, Roger Landry, presenting all new developments within TLB and prospects for future developments.

Monthly Video Newsletter – You will be sent a (exclusive to members) bi-monthly newsletter (2 per month) in the form of a video presentation anchored by TLB staff, Susan Price and Ariyana Love. The newsletter will summarize major news and events from our global proprietary and partner websites as well as our media presentations such as TLBTV. Links will be included for easy accessibility.

E-Books – You will have up to 8 (Free, Not available to the general public, or Exclusive to TLB Members) e-books available to you. The value of one book itself pays for the yearly membership. You can choose from a variety of books relating to Global or Domestic Politics, Science, Finances and/or the Holistic Health field. You are not limited to one or two selections … you can elect to receive from zero – all as you wish! Total cost for requesting all 8 books … $00.00. Additional books will be added as time progresses (see more below).

Quarterly Conference Call – You will be invited to listen in on our quarterly accomplishment and planning conference calls with our TLB senior staff members. Calls will be live-streamed for TLB Project Members ease of attendance, and recorded/archived for all members convenience.

Bi-Annual TLB Project Congress – All TLB Members will be invited to join our bi-annual (2 per year) Congress. You will have exclusive access to our main TLB chat room where you can listen to a live-stream staff conversation and provide chat feedback, empowering you to be an active TLB Congress member. Live polls will be conducted and votes taken on certain project goals and directions. This new platform allows your voice to be heard by our TLB Directors/staff, and encourages membership participation in selected TLB goals to help move the project forward in a democratic fashion.

On-going Exclusive On-line Video content – Media created by TLB Project staff, contributors and members (see more below).

And there is much more in the wings currently under development.

Note: All above stated items will commence on January 1, 2017, except Free or Exclusive (but still free) E-Books (see selection below) which are available now.

Anything added to this list after your membership is activated … you will automatically receive access to, in addition to what you have already selected or qualified for.

For those who have opted for a TLB Press Pass we are currently not providing these as we work to sort out the legal issues we have been made aware of associated with this offering. As soon as this has been accomplished we will re-institute the availability of these passes.

This Unbeatable Membership Package is just…


 For so little, you can help this project say so much!

Be part of something Positive, something Real,

The TRUTH … in a World of LIES!

If you would like additional information, please continue reading below for a much more in-depth understanding of the benefits listed above, and what it means to become a part of The Liberty Beacon Project, a membership like no other offered anywhere!



List of TLB Website active links and Under Construction websites:

A few sites are in various stages of development but all active links are functioning websites to a large degree with a few still being optimized. Websites under construction are indicated by a (UC) and are all schedule for launch from as soon as one week to as far out as 60 days.

The Liberty Beacon TLB Flagship website

The Falling Darkness

Go Forward Together

Middle East Rising

Europe Reloaded

UK Reloaded

Freedom of Joyce

Profitable Harm

Parents & Carers Against Medical Injustice

TLB TOXYSolutions

Fuel for the Body


TOXYSolutions (UC)

The Liberty Beacon Town Crier (UC) (UC)

Hidden History (UC)

Note: There are additional specialized sites under development.

YouTube 2

What is TLB Project Membership, and how does this empower you …

The Liberty Beacon is once again exploding at an accelerated rate! Our first major expansion took place in 2014, with whistle-blowers such as Dr. Lewis and insider breaking news, which earned us a reputation as one of the top 100 on-line news projects in the world.

There are well over 100 million on-line news agencies, news providing websites or on-line media providers and we have been listed up with BBC, CNN, Fox news, etc… for original and truthful reporting (not just sensationalism and programmed news) over the past year. We are proud to announce that TLB now consistently rates in the top 100 on-line news projects and often in the top 50 covering the world!

We are reaching millions of people worldwide with our many proprietary websites, our many global partner websites, and media projects such as TLBTV broadcasts, and it is 100% free and independent news/media … the real news. Much more is being developed as you read this. Coming in the near future are far reaching projects such as an in-house TV studio that will make Honest Media a staple planet wide.

With the near term launch of the TOXYSolutions health project and its multiple websites, and other outstanding projects within TLB, we anticipate another massive expansion and growing numbers within our membership, global partner websites and audience. To support these exciting changes, we are offering you a chance to participate in our yearly TLB Membership package. We want to include you in these exciting changes by inviting you to have a voice within the TLB project.

Members will have an exclusive pass to participate in our Congressional platform, which empowers your voice to be heard by other TLB Members, TLB Directors and Staff. By taking an active role, the voice of the majority will be relevant in the future development of TLB.

TLB Directors will keep our Members updated through monthly TLB Video Newsletters (to commence January 1, 2017), anchored by Susan Price and Ariyana Love. The Newsletters will summarize and keep you informed of all major activity taking place, and reported on our global TLB websites, with easy access to links.

You will be able to choose from many exclusive (to TLB Project members) gifts or benefits (more coming), including on-line e-books, and other content free, from a list of books, and presentations within the Economic, Geo-Political and Holistic Health fields (see images below). Exclusive recorded videos will also be included (in the near future) with the authors and/or creators of all these books/media presentations.

Note: The books 20/20 A Clear Vision for America and Fuel For The Body are not exclusive to the TLB Project and cost $20 and $25 respectively to purchase (and well worth the price). BUT TLB Project Members (Only) will receive these selections for FREE (a $45 savings), that alone is a savings of well over 4 times the cost of a years membership!

(current choices … any or all)

Combo 1c

Combo 3a


(Several of these books are available in a very limited fashion via the author to certain other organizations, but are not openly available to the general public. Find out more about publications on the Sign-up page)

There are additional Membership perks that will be included over the coming weeks and months (if you are an existing member you will get automatic access), like additional specialized websites, publications, exclusive recordings, live streaming and access to archived videos. Also, stand up comedy presentations geared for the TLB audience. One such exclusive coming soon is …

Tere JoyceTLB’s Radio Host Comic Activist Tere Joyce from Freedom of Joyce will live stream her new stand-up comedy show for free exclusively for TLB members. This includes a free archive to view anytime at a later date. Tere Joyce was a top ten finalist on the first season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and was an original cast member of the long-time running reality television series. Joyce became a cannabis activist after staring down the barrel of gun during a FBI/DEA raid of a medical marijuana dispensary in North Hollywood CA. The experience not only inspired the comedian to write a new comedy routine, but also to examine our government, politics, media, cannabis legalization, and the one percent. Activism with satire as only Tere and her guests can deliver it, and all exclusively for TLB Project members! Here is a short sample …

And there are already many more membership exclusives in the planning stages.


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The two video series presented here is from the launch of the original TLBTV series Eradicating Programmed ignorance. Some of the websites mentioned, and the number of global proprietary and partner forums, has changed over the time since this programs launch, but we would be hard pressed to give a better description of the reason for the launch, and the goals or mission of The Liberty Beacon project. Check this out and understand where we came from … and where we wish to take this project. Please watch as Roger Landry (Project Founder) and Randy Maugans (TLB Projects Facilitator) describe all of this and more …

Hour 1 on TLBTV

Hour 2 on Off Planet TV

The views expressed here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect our views and opinions.

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