TLBTV Presents – Alternative Health, the Death of a Child & State Power

Alternative Health vs State Power


Roger LandryBy: Roger Landry (TLB)

On this episode of Eradicating Programmed Ignorance we will discuss Alternative Health, the right to chose, and government devoid of any conscience or responsibility. My Co-host today is Rose Stevens and our guest is David Stephan.


Imagine as loving parents, your infant child has just passed away in a very traumatic fashion.

Imagine emergency services ill prepared to render assistance convoluting the scenario!

Imagine a state run system doing everything in its power (including suppressing or manipulating evidence) to make loving and deserving parents an example to frighten other free thinking parents into a (state sponsored) way of thinking, up to and including tearing a good family apart by prison sentences handed to these loving and caring parents based on faulty and manipulated evidence!

Imagine this and you may just scratch the surface as to what Mr. and Mrs. Stephan are living through.

Today we live in a society where healthcare and medicine are controlled by corporate giants who pull the strings of government much like a puppet master pulls the string of his puppet, leaving ruined lives in their destructive wake …


The following are two excerpts from the article Justice for Ezekiel? and set the stage for today discussion.


… Of course, there may be another agenda at work as well. The Stephans are well known for being “crunchy,” meaning they tend to prefer, when reasonable, alternative methods of healthcare to more mainstream ones. In fact, Health Canada had previously sued David’s father, Anthony Stephan, who owns a supplement company, over claims made about the use of one of his supplements in treating bipolar disorder. However, in 2006 the judge ruled in favor of Mr. Stephan when it became apparent at trial that his supplement, EMPowerPlus, was effective for the many patients who relied upon it to keep them well.

Like many of us here at TMR, the Stephans don’t vaccinate. As Canadian citizens, that is completely within their rights; due to a clause in the Canadian Constitution, vaccines cannot be mandated.

This is a frustrating situation for Health Canada, which has made no bones about their desire to increase vaccine uptake rates. How do you do that if you can’t make them compulsory? Answer: Scare people into doing it. If talk of “deadly diseases” won’t do it, then scare them with the prospect of legal action against people who don’t vaccinate. It seemed that this was exactly what the Crown intended with their prosecution of the Stephans.

The fact that the Stephans had not vaccinated Ezekiel with the Hib vaccine was mentioned in the autopsy report and, despite a lack of evidence, Dr. Adeagbo argued that it washaemophilus influenzae that killed Ezekiel. The Crown ended up dropping this line of prosecution at trial, possibly because it didn’t want the testimony of immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych on the record. If I were the Crown, I wouldn’t want her testimony on the record.

Given the control the government has over the healthcare system in Canada, the Stephans may be considered political dissidents for seeking less invasive, less dangerous, and more efficacious alternatives to the standard mainstream system of pharmaceutical-based care. This plus Anthony Stephan’s winning court case may have made the Stephans an attractive target for the Crown – the idea being that the Crown wanted a precedent that allowed them to crack down on outliers. This might all seem a bit unlikely, if not paranoid, if it weren’t for two things: A prosecution of this type had never been done before in Canada; the Stephans’ attorney could find no case law to refer to. And since the Stephans’ case was filed, at least two other similar cases have been filed in Alberta …


… For people who believe that individual freedom to make lifestyle choices, including healthcare, is an important value, the Stephan case has to be an affront. It is predicated upon the idea that there is only one valid approach to healthcare, that which is sponsored by the government. The underlying assumption is that not doing exactly what Health Canada considers appropriate makes one a negligent parent. It may not be obvious how absurd this position is until you consider that “medical misadventure” is not at all unusual. In fact, it is so common now in the United States that medical mistakes in hospitals may be harming up to nine million people a year and killing up to 440,000 of them, making them the third leading cause of death. In addition, pharmaceutical drugs killed 29,471 people in 2013, far more than the 17,000 that were killed by illicit drug use. A 2015 study at Massachusetts General Hospital, generally considered a leader in patient safety, found that medication errors occurred in nearly half of all surgical procedures. In 2009, more than half of the nearly 4.6 million drug-related visits to U.S. emergency rooms nationwide were due to adverse reactions to prescription drugs, most of which were taken as prescribed. At a medical conference, a Harvard professor “looked out at a room of 2,000 doctors and asked ‘How many of you know of another doctor who should not be practicing because he is too dangerous?’  Every hand went up.” …

Read the entire article HERE

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