TLBTV: THE RED PILL HARDCORE – Electronic Harassment & Plight of the Targeted

The Red Pill Hardcore, Episode #5 – Electronic Harassment & Plight of the Targeted


By TLB Contributing Author & TLBTV Show Host: “V”

THE RED PILL HARDCORE Radio Show has had its share of electronic harassment government sabotage for the purposes of censoring the information and truths exposing their illegal covert technologies and psychological operations. Such sabotages have included call dropping, audio dropping, internet service interruptions, signal jamming, audio dampening, computer recording programs stop working, computers freezing, and having computer operating systems never loading being stuck on an unresponsive BIOs screen.

The radio show was aired at 2 different radio stations at the time in the same city and could experience all of these problems in the same day. The Department of Defense and so called “intelligence” agencies feared our show and how many people we could inform. They still are in fear of us and the people that we can wake up and pull out of the matrix, the big lie that surrounds us all. The TV show is no different. Although we have learned many tricks and do our own counter surveillance, many times they continue to censor and sabotage communications from the side of our guest.

In this episode the we were supposed to have had 2018 U.S. Senate candidate for the state of Nevada, Mr. Eric Griffin, on the air with “V”. This did not happen because of all of the government interference and cyber terrorism tactics that they employ. But we decided to record the other tricks the governments like to use to covertly censor “V’s” most important guest. We all need to learn the process of how the government destroys our freedom of information and press and their success in the internet disrupting independent media determining the information that reaches society.

The second half of this episode features a video sent to us by the P.A.C.T.S. conference committee which states:

“Our goal is to bring together as many support groups, media shows, activism groups and organizations of targeted individuals, so we can work together and learn from each other and strategize on solutions to bring about change and end the suffering of hundreds of thousands of victims nationwide. The number of people experiencing electronic harassment and gang-stalking is growing exponentially daily. People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance (PACTS) estimates there are currently 300,000 people being victimized by electromagnetic weapons and neuroweapons, often in combination with implants and covertly administered nanotechnology.

Our hope is to come together, to build, empower and educate the community on technology, resources and support, and as a unified front attempt to educate the public. As a result of this conference, we will be able to strategically fight for freedom and justice for the victims of targeted crimes. The goal of this conference is to unify all the groups worldwide and provide a knowledge and understanding of the program and the technology.

We also strongly encourage targeted individuals to bring friends and family for support and to educate the ones around them on what invisible crimes are being committed against them.”

We here at THE RED PILL HARDCORE want you to be a part of this movement to learn and participate in spreading the awareness of the Targeted Individual plight.

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