Wake up America! – Dr. John Coleman (Illuminati, Committee of 300)


Mary Carmel (TLB )

The following video presentation is a must for all to see! Dr. John Coleman has written many books on the shadow government that has systematically targeted America for failure. There are 300 people that have caused the breakdown of our trade, our industry, as well as our economy, to the point of economic collapse. The powers that our federal government think they can exercise have put us in clear and present danger! They do NOT have the power to do these things, it is ILLEGAL and unconstitutional to say the least.  Nor does the UN have to  right to make decisions affecting our sovereignty. In fact, they arbitrarily attached us to such nonsense, an act of high treason in itself.


If you care to stop the attack on America, listen to this man, and start  getting vocal! It is time we take back our Republic, as we did  before!  We accomplished this with a very small  percentage of the population. This country has a unique power structure, given to us, and built into our constitution… The power of the individual states. The foolishness of a federal attempt at turning us into a fascist dictatorship must end NOW! Get the tanks off of our streets, and stop the aid to every country that is taking our jobs away. We did not build this country on free trade, the idea is ludicrous!


Speak up Americans or you do not deserve the freedom in which you were given, organically! As well, you are ruining the future of your loved ones, by your acts of silence. They have a depopulation plan in place that will wipe out 90% of us, and they are not gonna change… WE MUST! MC




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  1. In 1975 the Democrats started taking money from the rich, in William Greider’s book, “Who Will Tell The People: The Betrayal of American Democracy”…


    In a British historian’s new book, he said that the Democrats stated taking money from the European Council of 300….it was sent to me by one of my friends to view (it was a multi-hour reading by the historian on his book).

    Yahoogroups deletes its post from a person’s group every 2-3 years; so I have no way of finding it again…unless I run on it by chance again (I sent it to my group called WHAT-IS-WRONG-WITH-AMERICA on Yahoogroups)

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