10 Tips & Tricks to Save Money on Eco-Friendly Products

10 Best Tips and Tricks to Save Money on Eco-Friendly Products

By TLB Contributing Writer: Wayne

Our environment needs to go green everywhere, we are running out of time as our environmental pollution keeps increasing. It’s high time we all pitch in to help protect our planet and create the necessary mindset for change in our society. Every single person on this earth needs to practice an eco-friendly lifestyle. Besides recycling, we also present a list of some interesting tips to save you big bucks on eco-friendly products.

  • Replace light bulbs with LED lights: Replace your home and office’s old-style incandescent bulbs and florescent tubes with LED lights. This would be a small yet strategic investment, saving considerable cost (the average LED bulb uses about $2 in electricity a year) and loads of energy. LED lights are long-lasting (average 10 years) and available at most hardware stores and large retailers.

  • Install sink water aerators: Sink water aerators are useful in your kitchen, they are rather inexpensive, and simple to install. These aerators save on your water use, and as a result save you money by lessening the total water flow.

  • Install low-flow shower heads: By installing a low-flow shower head in your bathroom you can reduce water consumption and also the energy it takes to heat a larger volume of water. There are many different brands of shower heads available ranging from fancy to reasonably priced.

  • Install a programmable thermostat: This thermostat can be programmed easily at the wall panel, or by its remote control to activate your heat or air-conditioning, before entering your home, and switch it off before leaving your home, or before going to sleep. This mini device can easily save energy, lessen pollution, and mainly save money on your monthly utility bill.

  • Use cloth napkins: Stop using disposable napkins or paper towels, and start using durable cloth napkins. This move will save you money for years. Your dinner looks fanciful with cloth napkins and this lessens the total amount of waste (trash) you produce. This also lessens the amount of energy required to transport and ultimately process your waste (among other eco-savings).

  • Grow your own food: If your aim is to save money and help make the world more eco-frindly, instead of buying veggies and fruits from the store, you can grow the best and healthiest natural/organic foods in your backyard or front-side garden, like potatoes, tomatoes, green (or red) peppers, beans, onions, squash, Pumpkins etc… (veggies), and apples, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, etc… (fruits). Now you are helping the environment, your wallet … and your health!

  • Begin a compost pile: Starting a successful compost pile usually takes a few months. It can be utilized to enhance the garden mentioned above, thus making the project eco-friendly. The compost heap can also help in maintaining healthy nitrogen rich soil, save money on fertilizers (their manufacture releases environmentally harming gas into the atmosphere), and keep those food scraps from rotting needlessly in a landfill or garbage dump facility.

  • Dump the disposable dinnerware and cups: Get rid of all the disposable plates, bowls, utensils, and cups from the kitchen. Sure you may have little to nothing to wash after a meal, but this also greatly increases the waste you generate, and the energy it takes to transport and process that waste … which in no way will aid this planet. Also taking a little time to wash your dishes (or load the dishwasher) instead of using disposables will save you a surprising amount of money on an annual basis.

  • Opt for reusable water bottles: Instead of plastic bottles which easily run 3 times the cost of the water in the bottle to manufacture, select reusable water bottles which are BPA-free, well-designed and rather inexpensive. These are the untreated, unlined, stainless steel bottles that are wide-mouth and easy to clean. One can boil water in this reusable bottle, and can also cook in them in an emergency. This again will cut sown on your generated waste and overall energy footprint.

  • Install solar roof tiles: If you are really considering becoming more eco-frindly you can opt for solar roof tiles, rather than standard tiles. Innovations like solar roof tiles have made solar power even more affordable, accessible, and cost-effective. Today we are seeing solar power generating devices on industrial, commercial, residential, and even many public buildings. These lightweight tiles are resistant to harsh weather, easy to transport, install, and very durable.

The above ten points are just a start to help you on your journey to become more eco-friendly, and save some serious cash as well.

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