12 Educated Doctors Speaking Out About Vaccination

Preface by TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

The following list is from BellyBelly an Australian website that promotes natural health for families. I commend them for listing doctors who question vaccines BUT I take serious issue with the fact that the list includes doctors such as Dr Paul Thomas who support delayed vaccination. Knowing that vaccines are dangerous I can not support this or pretend that a doctor who is supposed to heal is OK with injecting vaccines that cause injury 100% of the time.

My advice is to actively seek out the childhood illnesses, eat real organic food when possible, and run like hell from any doctor who wants to offer vaccines of any kind. NATURE KNOW WHAT IT IS DOING!

We The People NOT They The Elite (CW)

12 Educated Doctors Speaking Out About Vaccination
By Kelly Winder

Please note: this article is aimed at allowing wider access to the full range of opinions in the vaccine debate, in order to help individuals make informed decisions. The aim is not to encourage parents to either vaccinate or not vaccinate their children.

Find any conversation about vaccination, on social media, and you’re guaranteed to see an interaction which goes something like this:

“Are you a doctor? Because unless you are, your opinion is invalid”.

Ironically, the ‘Are you a doctor, and what is your qualification?’ accusation tends to be blurted out by those who aren’t doctors either.

Clearly, they don’t realise the inference in their statement. They are not doctors, by their own admission, and therefore, by their own definition, they have no capacity to make, or even understand, any statement on the matter.

Therefore, I have sought out highly qualified medical doctors and specialists to share the other side of the debate on vaccinations.

Doctors Speaking Out About Vaccination

Given there’s such intense, continuous media coverage about vaccination – all of it condemning those who don’t vaccinate, (without ever interviewing parents who say their child was injured by vaccines) – it might be hard to believe there are, in fact, plenty of medical doctors and other health professionals who have serious concerns about vaccination.

And no, they’re not simply professionals with a PhD to their name, nor are they ‘alternative’ doctor types either.

In fact, most, if not all, started their medical career being pro-vaccine, and once proudly vaccinated their patients.

Some of those doctors even admit to being pro-vaccine bullies, and egosistical in the past, prior to having big realisations about vaccines.

The number of doctors with questions and concerns has been growing over time.

So much so, organisations have been forming, such as Physicians For Informed Consent, The International Medical Council on Vaccination, and Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines. Private groups also provide a safe haven in the face of bullying, trolling and attacks.

In Australia, doctors, nurses, midwives, chiropractors, and other health professionals who participate in such groups, risk being reported to the AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency), courtesy of dedicated, witch-hunting groups who troll the Internet, and delight in every single professional they can report.

The healthcare providers’ details – including their photo, medical registration information, and their place of work – are then slathered across blogs and social media. Members of these groups will even go so far as to pick up the phone to call the hospitals and other places the targeted health professionals work, and make complaints about them.

Australian Doctors – Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Australia’s health professionals are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to questioning the current way of thinking – especially when it comes to vaccines. Many were too nervous for me to interview them, as they have been bitten before. They worry that eyes, and insider ‘plants’ are everywhere.
I was given this explanation from an Australian GP, on the more complex issues of speaking out:
“There is a split here between the AMA [Australian Medical Association] code of ethics and the Medical Board of Australia code of conduct. The former specifies that one must state clearly whenever your opinion is not consistent with the consensus of the profession. What that really means is that whenever one utters an opinion that does not fit within that consensus, one is speaking as an individual, not as a doctor. Therefore, by extension, your opinion can safely be ignored, as you are just a ‘lone nutter’.”

Unfortunately, speaking out about vaccination guarantees health professionals will become targets for bullying and harassment (from within their industry, as well as from the public). It might also risk their registration and, therefore, their ability to earn an income, and continue along the career path they love and enjoy.

The Appalling Treatment Of Australian Surgeon, Dr Gary Fettke
You only have to look at what happened to Tasmanian orthopedic surgeon, Doctor Gary Fettke, who was reprimanded by AHPRA for telling his diabetic patients about the LCHF (low carb, healthy fat) way of eating.
Doctor Fettke spent many years performing limb amputations due to diabetic complications, and of course, Doctor Fettke wouldn’t want his patients to have to go through that if it could be helped.
However, Doctor Fettke was reported to the AHPRA by a dietician. Because he was not seen to be qualified in nutrition, he was gagged from offering any nutrition advice to his patients, or on social media.
His wife (who is not a doctor) was able to continue running his Facebook page, but only after Doctor Fettke’s name was removed from it.
To give you an idea of the absurdity of the whole situation, recently, a GP in the UK won a prestigious award for her work advocating the same LCHF lifestyle Doctor Fettke does.

To add even more salt into the wound, the CSIRO (Australia’s national science agency) recently released a cookbook dedicated to low carb recipes.

Why should it matter to you?
Because when the media, or other sources, tell you to talk to your doctor (as they always do) they know very well your doctor is obliged to give you information that is compliant with one way of thinking; otherwise the doctor puts career and livelihood at risk.
I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather hear what my doctor genuinely thinks, about my individual situation, based on his or her own research and experience, without the fear of backlash.
“The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act acknowledges that vaccine injury or death may be “unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and accompanied by proper directions and warnings.” 42 U.S.C. 300aa-22(b)(1). The “unavoidable” language in the Act is from the Restatement (Second) of Torts that applies to “products which, in the present state of human knowledge, are quite incapable of being made safe.” Restatement (Second) of Torts Section 402A, comment k (1965).”
But I digress…. Back to the topic at hand.
While this article contains 11 videos of medical doctors and thoughts from an anonymous Australian doctor (the GP wishes to remain anonymous due to attacks and calls for deregistration of such Australian doctors at the moment), I’ve also added links to even more medical doctors and paediatricians at the very end of the article.
I can assure you I have spoken to – and have been made aware of – plenty of doctors (including GPs, paediatricians, neurologists, obstetricians, and others), as well as nurses and midwives, who have serious concerns about the side effects and safety of vaccination. In fact, a couple of them have had vaccine reactions themselves.

12 Medical Doctors Who Decided They Could No Longer Keep Quiet About Vaccination

These are just 12 of many doctors who have similar stories. They all graduated from medical school, and received very little information about vaccines – apart from being told vaccines were safe and effective, and they should follow the schedule.
Working in their own practices, the reality was quite different. They all noticed a worrying trend: vaccine reactions were increasing at a fast pace, along with the increasing number of vaccines in the schedule.
The doctors featured below were driven to do their own research and education, which amounted to much more than they were ever taught in medical school.
Some of these medical doctors are now also researchers, specialists, educators and professors.
There are more concerned medical professionals than you might imagine. Most of them fear retaliation, if they were to speak out – one of the reasons you won’t see these stories on mainstream news channels and websites. Some do speak out.

I think it’s important to be as brave as these doctors are, in saying what they think.

Two doctors are speaking under oath.

#1: Professor Alvin H Moss, MD, Nephrologist, West Virginia University
Professor Alvin Moss has taught medical ethics for over 25 years, and is the director of the Centre For Health Ethics and Law at West Virginia University.

You can find out more about his own journey, as he speaks out about vaccines and vaccine-related injury, in this video.

Professor Moss says many physicians are well aware of what’s going on with vaccines.
His neighbours are physicians; their son regressed on the night of his vaccines – and hasn’t been the same since.
One of the questions Doctor Moss answered before the Senate was about the billions of dollars paid out in the National Children’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program; another question was about aborted fetal cells in vaccines.
He states, “In 1986, the US Congress established the National Vaccine Childhood Injury Act (NVCIA), because the vaccine manufacturers had come to them and said we have so many lawsuits we’re going to go out of business, because we cannot afford to pay for vaccine related injuries for which we’re being sued. So they passed the National Childhood Injury Act, and in it they created the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation program, and they also created the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has, as of March 1st, paid out $3.6 billion for vaccine related injuries, since 1986.
2016 was the year in which they reported the most injuries and the most vaccine compensations. In 2016 alone, $250 million was paid out to 800 individuals, which works out to be around $300,000 per person”.
An interesting point in his testimony is that the flu vaccine is resulting in the most compensation payouts. In another video, he mentions Gardasil, a HPV vaccine, is also fast becoming a big one.

#2: Dr. Ramon Ramos, Paediatrician

Doctor Ramon Ramos is a paediatrician of 36 years. When he first started out in medicine, there were not that many vaccines. For example, the Hepatitis B vaccine was not available, nor was the injectible polio vaccine. The MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine was available separately too.
Doctor Ramos worked in a hospital for 10 years before he worked in private practice. When asked if he ever saw autism in the early days while he worked in hospital, he said that if he saw one autistic child, it was a lot.
“We did not see autism. If we did, we did not see them as a paediatrician. They would be seen by a psychiatrist or psychologist as a psychiatric disorder.”
When asked if he saw parents coming to him saying their child has been injured by vaccines, he said he didn’t notice it – not before 1995 anyway.
“Now it’s just mind boggling how often I encounter parents that complain of their child suddenly becoming ill and having some neurological… what they feel is neurological insult following vaccines.”
What does he think of newborns being given the Hepatitis B vaccine on the first day of life?
“I think it’s senseless. There’s just no reason whatsoever that a newborn, a one month old, a six month old should be vaccinated against a disease that is basically sexually transmitted or bloodborne. It’s just senseless.”
He would not give the HPV vaccine to any of his daughters, nor would he recommend it. Find out more in the video below.

#3: Dr. Bob Zajac, MD, Pediatrician

Doctor Bob Zajac has 15 years of medical and specialist training under his belt.
He’s a board certified pediatrician, has a 4 year degree in child development and has a phD in special education (which also took four years). Doctor Zajac is also a father of eight children.
In the video below, Doctor Zajac shares his experiences being a specialist for children with special needs, and says that he’s been reading about vaccines since 2009, about an hour per day. He admits that some parents he has seen have been more educated than he was about vaccines. A truly fascinating video, well worth the watch.

#4: Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD, Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist)

Doctor Suzanne Humphries admits she used to be one of those doctors, who bullied and ‘guilted’ patients into getting vaccines.
But it wasn’t long before she saw, with her very own eyes, multiple vaccine reactions – especially in her kidney patients. The reactions mostly occurred in hospital, immediately after vaccination, with no other possible explanation.
When she noticed the pattern, she faced a huge wall of resistance from other doctors, who didn’t know anything about vaccine reactions, the contents of vaccines, the history of vaccination, or the medical literature on vaccination.
Doctor Humphries has given up everything, including a very highly-paid job as a medical specialist, and has spent the last eight years of her life researching vaccines, immunology, the components of vaccines, and their effects on the body.
As she explains, even if we have a 100% vaccination rate, there will still be outbreaks of diseases like measles, if they are brought in from another country. This is because the vaccine is simply not effective enough. Many recent outbreaks – for example, the measles outbreak in California, and the ongoing outbreaks of mumps across the US – were mostly among vaccinated individuals.
Merck is currently being sued by scientist whistleblowers for conducting fraudulent studies of its MMR vaccine, in order to “report efficacy of 95% or higher, regardless of the vaccine’s true efficacy”.
Doctor Suzanne Humphries is the author of an intriguing book which is recommended by many of the doctors who know there is a problem with vaccines.
Her book is titled, Dissolving Illusions – Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History, and is well worth reading.

#5: Dr. Paul Thomas, Paediatrician

Speaking at Doctors For Accountability In Medicine, Doctor Paul Thomas delivered a highly interesting and eye opening presentation, based on his years of experience as a paediatrician, where he would see 100 newborns every year.
In the late 1980s, he noticed only one out of every hundred children would have autism. But as time went on, kids started to become sicker.
Today, he believes a major contributor to our kids being sicker is the bloated vaccination schedule. He recommends no vaccines during pregnancy, no Hepatitis B vaccine at birth, MMR after three years of age, and chicken pox at school age. If your child has a reaction to any vaccines, he suggests you stop vaccinating, because it’s a sign from your child that vaccines aren’t going well for him.
Doctor Thomas says we don’t even know whether vaccinating women during pregnancy is making a difference, because there are no long term studies. But we do know the flu shot is causing problems, because a study found an increased risk of autism in the first trimester.
He compared the data of children in his practice, and found the unvaccinated children were the most healthy.
In the video, Doctor Thomas’ talk starts at about seven minutes in, but Del’s introduction is also well worth listening to.

#6: Dr. Franz, Paediatrician

Doctor Franz is a board-certified paediatrician of over 30 years.
When she started medicine, children would receive two vaccines at a time. She began to see some problems early on, after just two vaccines. By the late 1980s, the number of vaccines had started to increase. Since the vaccination schedule is only a recommendation, and because she had already recognised there were issues, Doctor Franz continued to give her patients no more than two vaccines at a time.
As the years went by, she saw an increasing number of autistic patients, whose parents all said the same thing: after vaccination, they had seen a significant change in their children. That was when she started to read up on vaccine ingredients, and what they do in the body.
Doctor Franz says the children she sees today are sicker. They receive four times the number of vaccines, compared with when she started her career. They now receive a total of 117 antigens, by the time they are five. The DTaP vaccine, for example, contains three antigens (diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough), and it is given a total of five times, making up 15 of the 117 antigens.
One of the most telling answers Doctor Franz gave was in response to being asked about autism cases 30 years ago. Given she has been in medicine so long, did she see autism as often then, as she does today, and have doctors simply become better at diagnosing it?
After confirming she was able to diagnose autism, she responded, “It just wasn’t there. It wasn’t… we’re getting better at diagnosing because there is more of it”.

#7: Dr. Patricia Ryan

Doctor Patricia Ryan is a family doctor, who has been studying the vaccine “problem” as she calls it, for some time. She attended a screening of Vaxxed and, as she says in the video, she feels the documentary’s producer, Del Bigtree, is well informed, and has done a great job.
From the time she was a graduate out of medical school, Doctor Ryan always vaccinated her patients. She was simply taught that vaccines helped prevent diseases, especially those that were crippling, like polio and encephalitis.
She began questioning vaccines when more and more were added to the schedule, and her patients were getting sicker as years went by.
Doctor Ryan is a mother, and she also vaccinated her own children. More doubt about vaccines crept in when her youngest child screamed the whole way home after her two month vaccinations. She described the screaming as “abnormal”. Her motherly instinct kicked in, and she made the decision never to give her daughter another vaccine.
She also recalls one of her patients, who had twin girls. The twins were perfectly healthy, normal girls, who were diagnosed with cerebral palsy after their MMR vaccines. Doctor Ryan stopped giving patients vaccines in 2004.

#8: Dr. Terry Wahls, MD, Professor (US)

Doctor Terry Wahls is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, in Iowa City, where she teaches internal medicine residents in their primary care clinics. She also performs clinical research, and has published over 60 peer-reviewed scientific abstracts, posters, and papers.
In this short but fascinating clip from the documentary, Bought, Doctor Terry Wahls discusses the hypothesis that important messaging might be going on – from early childhood illnesses (caused by bacteria, parasites, and viruses) which then speak to immune cells, helping to regulate a healthy immune response; then, later in life, there is less auto-immunity.
She also says that most vaccines are effective with a live agent, but more risky; most vaccines, therefore, use dead infective agents. The disadvantage is the body knows they are dead, and doesn’t stimulate the immune system very well, so additives – for example, aluminium – are needed in the vaccine.
In safety trials, vaccines are usually tested individually, but are later lumped together with other vaccines, for which no safety research has been done.
Aluminium is a well known neurotoxin; however, most vaccine safety trials do not include aluminium or other toxic ingredients in their vaccines. So it makes it difficult to know how safe, or toxic, these vaccines really are.

#9: Dr. Jim Meehan, MD, Former Medical Journal Editor

Doctor Meehan took to Facebook to announce that he’d stopped vaccinating his children, and why.
You can see the post on his page, else here it is below:
I will no longer vaccinate my children…
… because I am a well trained medical doctor and former medical journal editor that has studied the vaccine research and analyzed both sides of the evidence.
… because I know how to read the medical literature, recognize bias and discern characteristics of good and fraudulent research.
… because I know that too much of the science supporting vaccines is fraudulent drivel bought and paid for by the vaccine manufacturers themselves.
… because I understand the risks of vaccination as well as the benefits of my children and grandchildren encountering and overcoming the wild type diseases naturally.
… because I know that diseases like mumps, measles, and chickenpox aren’t dangerous and untreatable diseases that justify the risk of injecting toxic ingredients into the tissues of my children.
… because I have seen the evidence of neurotoxicity from ingredients like aluminum, polysorbate 80, human DNA and cellular residues from the human cells lines upon which many of the live viruses are grown.
… because I’ve seen vaccine manufacturers like Merck promote what they knew was bad medicine for profit, kill 60,000 patients with Vioxx, and I have no reason to believe that they wouldn’t do the same thing with vaccines, especially when you consider they can’t be sued when their vaccines maim or kill children.
… because I believe the vaccine industry has thoroughly corrupted the science and safety of vaccines.
… because I recognize the aggressive and unreasonable tactics of a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry desperately working to maintain the illusion of vaccine safety, keep consumers consuming, grow their markets, and increase their profits.
… because I have met so many families whose children were stolen from them by the battery of vaccines administered at pediatric vaccine visits.
… because I believe the U.S. vaccination program has become a progressively dangerous assault on the health and lives of the children of America.
… because I am awake and aware, I will not vaccinate, nor will I remain silent as the pharmaceutical and medical industries pretends that vaccines are safe and effective.

#10: Dr. Rachael Ross, MD (US)

Doctor Rachael Ross is a co-host on the Emmy® Award-winning talk show, The Doctors, a practising board-certified family medicine physician, and a sexologist.
Before producing the Vaxxed documentary (which is a best selling DVD on Amazon), Del Bigtree was a producer of The Doctors. When he was alerted to a story about a vaccine whistleblower at the CDC, he reached out to other doctors who, he thought, would be keen to hear about it.
Doctor Rachael Ross was one of the doctors featured in Vaxxed. She almost fell off her chair when she read the information Del presented to her. It triggered a massive shift in the way she saw vaccination, and the way she practised medicine. Since then, Doctor Ross has attended vaccine rallies, and supports families who choose not to vaccinate.

#11: Dr. Sam Eggertsen, MD (US)

In a presentation designed to help doctors understand why some parents refuse to vaccinate their children, Doctor Sam Eggertsen, a family physician for 35 years, does a great job of explaining parents’ biggest concerns, without bias, and in a way that educates parents and other physicians.
He covers many common, key topics, including Hepatitis B vaccination at birth, herd immunity, flu vaccines, Gardasil (HPV vaccine), aluminium in vaccines, Doctor Andrew Wakefield, autism, and more.

It’s a long presentation that runs for an hour, but it is often recommended to doctors, by other doctors, and well worth watching.

#12: (Name Withheld), Australian Doctor

It’s time to share the story of a brave Australian doctor, who had a reaction to vaccines himself.
What did he learn about vaccines in medical school?
“They very briefly touched on vaccination, mostly basic instruction on how they work, but that was really all that was said. After three years, the focus was more about looking after hospital patients”.
When this doctor began his practice in the 1990s, there were always some patients who were concerned about vaccines. But there was a lack of information – the Internet wasn’t used as much as it is now – and he didn’t know much about the issues.
Informed consent, however was always very important to him. This was what led him to investigate, and learn more about vaccines, because he felt that he wasn’t able to give his patients proper reassurances, or ask for informed consent.
In the next decade, more vaccines were added to the schedule, and some of them made no sense to him – for example, Hepatitis B for young babies (see our article about Hepatitis B vaccinations at birth), chicken pox, and HPV (despite zero evidence that it actually protects against cancer; pap smears are the best way to detect it).
I asked him if he thought we had become better at diagnosing autism, or whether something else was the issue.
He said, “No, I don’t think it’s an issue of getting better at diagnosing it. There has been some increase, and awareness; however a Danish study revealed at least 60% of the increase in autism is not related to better diagnostics”.
What are his biggest concerns about vaccines?
This doctor believes there are too many vaccines nowadays, and the intense pressure to get the annual flu vaccine, creates a never-ending, ever-increasing load on the system. Aluminium worries him the most, as well as the cumulative effects of all these vaccines.
His advice to other doctors and everyone else?
“Do your research. Suzanne Humphries’ book is a great place to start. It’s very comprehensive, well structured, and she’s well qualified”.
More doctors will be added to the list at the very end of this article.

Recommended Reading/Watching:

Kudos if you’ve read this far! If you’re still skeptical about vaccine reactions, you won’t be after seeing this one.
Three triplets ‘shut off’ just hours after a vaccine – a response that their geneticist called “impossible”. So, there is only one explanation left.

Watch the story of the McDowell triplets, who all regressed into autism the very same day. Bring tissues.

More Doctors Speaking Out About Vaccination

I’ll add more to this list when I have more time. To make it clear, I am not saying they are anti-vax, they are simply expressing their concerns about various aspects of vaccination.
  • Doctor Jay Gordon MD, FAAP
  • Doctor Kelly Brogan, MD, Board Certified Psychiatrist
  • Doctor Anthony Phan MD – a doctor of 22 years. This clip contains his touching story about why he became a doctor, skip to 5:30 minutes for the vaccine talk.
  • Doctor Neville Wilson, Ob/Gyn, Master of Science (Nutrition and Exercise).
  • Doctor Robert Sears, Board Certified Pediatrician
  • Doctor Daniel Neides, Director of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute. B eing part of a clinic, the decision was made to remove his comments and apologise, however his comments included this statement: “Does the vaccine burden — as has been debated for years — cause autism? I don’t know and will not debate that here. What I will stand up and scream is that newborns without intact immune systems and detoxification systems are being over-burdened with preservative and adjuvants in the vaccines.”
  • Doctor Mark Hyman (he wrote about thimerosol – a form of mercury – which is still in some multi dose vial vaccines like the flu vaccine)
  • Interview with an Emergency Room Physician (A doctor who witnesses vaccine reactions)


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