Why Medicine Won’t Allow Cancer to Be Cured

January 9, 2014 0

By Dr. Mercola Imagine a commercial plane crashed and there were some fatalities involved. You can be sure that would make the headline of every major newspaper. Well, we have the equivalent of 8-10 planes […]


Free the Yandina 5 !!!

January 9, 2014 1

  By: Zine Larbaoui Social injustices have littered the annals of history for ages. Victor Hugo exposed this dark side of our societies in his opus “Les Miserables,” narrating so well how vulnerable people may […]


GM Cabbage With Scorpion Poison Coming Soon

January 8, 2014 1

Agribusiness is in a mad rush to take over the earth, and seems willing to stop at nothing. Coming soon is cabbage with scorpion poison engineered in every cell. Of course, they claim it’s safe […]


The End of the Age of Dinosaurs?

January 8, 2014 1

By TLB Contributor: Steve Cook A few days ago I came upon an interesting meme that someone posted on Facebook. I can’t locate it now but its message went something like this: “Government should protect […]


America: The Grand Illusion

January 7, 2014 0

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive Government by the People Our founders argued a lot, but one thing they all knew and thoroughly understood was the despotic British banker control system hovering over them, and the […]

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