30% of Arab Immigrants in Bosnia Follow Notorious Ideology of ISIS

A country which receives little attention in the European context turns out to be critical to issues of European migration, terrorist network activity and the general fight against western-generated ISIS, writes Pam Barker

Preface by Pam Barker | Director of the TLB Europe Reloaded Project

The short article below gives us some interesting specifics about the former Yugoslavian territory of Bosnia-Herzegovina, a well-known war zone in the early ’90s which was subsequently carved up into various smaller nations along ethnic and religious lines during the Clinton administration.  Over the last 30 or so years, Bosnia has become a natural home to a significant Muslim community, especially from the Gulf states, among Bosniaregionalmapwhich reside some of the most notorious Islamic radicals from every known terrorist faction, motivated by the Wahhabist ideology of Saudi Arabia.  Money is apparently no obstacle as they buy up local real estate, own banks and supply weapons, with the Muslim leader of the Bosnian tripartite government Bakir Izetbegovic thoroughly complicit.

The EU Parliament views Wahhabism as the main source of global terrorism with its ideological reach spanning the globe through Saudi- and Qatari-funded networks of schools and mosques. With its strong network in Bosnia, Wahhabi-inspired jihadism is believed to be behind just about every terrorist attack in Europe.  While not yet being an EU member, Bosnia is geographically positioned to be a gateway for Muslim refugees entering through southern Europe.

What is very disturbing is the pro-Muslim agenda the US State Department has been pursuing in the Balkans first with Clinton, then Bush, and right up to Obama recently refusing to allow the leader of the Christian faction in Bosnia a visa to attend Trump’s inauguration.  The foothold radical Islam has in this region is directly attributable to Washington’s longstanding agenda against the Christian faction, which turned a blind eye as foreign jihadis piled into the region to fight on the side of the Muslims in the 1992-1995 war between Serbs, Croats and Muslims.

As Aleksander Pavic argues, if there is a serious intention to eliminate terrorism in the Middle East, then the Balkan nation is the likely bolt hole for fleeing jihadists.  Bosnia should therefore be just as much a priority, as Syria and Iraq currently are, in the fight against terrorism.


30% of Arab Immigrants in Bosnia Follow Ideology Made Notorious by Daesh


Approximately 30 percent of those who moved to Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Arab world, primarily the Gulf states, follow Wahhabism and Salafism, movements within Sunni Islam given a bad name by terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda and Daesh, Brankica Ristic wrote for Sputnik Serbia.

“There is clearly nothing wrong with Arabs flocking to Bosnia. However, the issue is that approximately 30 percent of the newcomers follow Wahhabism and Salafism, primarily known because organizations like al-Qaeda and Daesh adhere to these movements,” she said.


According to some estimates, more than 40,000 Arabs live in the capital of Sarajevo, Ristic added.

“The Ministry of Security is aware of these numbers. It has carried out investigations targeting real estate companies and other businesses established by the Arabs in Bosnia. As a result, 30 nationals from Arab countries were deported from Bosnia and forbidden to enter the Balkan nation due to their ties to Daesh and other radical groups,” she detailed.

Arab immigrants coming to the Balkan nation “are purchasing lands and real estate en masse” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ristic said, adding that the deals are brokered by companies that belong to Bakir Izetbegovic (pictured).

Bakir IzetbegovichRistic was referring to the Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the president of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA). Izetbegovic recently said that Sarajevo would challenge the International Court of Justice’s 2007 ruling that cleared Serbia of genocide charges relating to the Bosnian War which broke out in 1992 and lasted until 1995.

“Media outlets in Bosnia have engaged in guess work on why Izetbegovic was ‘rocking the boat.’ His enormous personal wealth, including two apartments in Istanbul, a villa in Bosnia, a shopping mall in Sarajevo and offshore companies, has been mentioned as the key reason,” she explained. “Some media outlets think that he received the majority of his assets during the war through assistance that Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations provided to fellow believers.”

Sarajevo-based political analyst Zlatko Hadzidedic suggested that the Bosniak politician was not acting in the best interests of Bosnia or its people since any activities which have not been coordinated with other institutions are detrimental to the country.

“Any potential benefits from finding Serbia guilty of the Srebrenica massacre are nothing compared to the risk of ruining government institutions in Bosnia,” he said.

Other members of the tripartite Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina do not support Izetbegovic’s initiative.


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