Hail to the Chief?

July 22, 2024 0

Commentary by Bill the Butcher Every president has faced challenges to his mental capacity at some point in his tenure as Commander in Chief. If you will note, every president went stark grey during their […]


CBDC Currency: Creating Shortages With Full Shelves

July 21, 2024 0

CBDC currency: Creating shortages with full shelves By: Paul F. Cwik Of all the areas that economics students need to master, counterfactual reasoning is near the top of the list. Counterfactual reasoning is outlining and […]


The Hand of God

July 17, 2024 0

Commentary by Bill the Butcher It’s not often that you get to see the hand of God being demonstrated so plainly as it was in Pennsylvania on July 13, 2024. And it was never clearer […]


Insurrections and the Leviathan State

July 15, 2024 0

Insurrections and the Leviathan State By: John F. Di Leo For the past four years, we have been constantly reminded of “the insurrection,” a brief moment on January 6, 2021 when a couple hundred unarmed […]


The Lone Nut

July 15, 2024 1

Commentary by Bill the Butcher The Lone Nut is a creature predominant in the American culture. Whenever there is an event that is so outlandish, so nonsensical that the “average Joe” cannot get his mind […]

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