The Weaponization of Justice

August 13, 2023 0

The Weaponization of Justice By: Clarice Feldman If you read nothing else this week, read Victor Davis Hanson’s article in American Greatness detailing how Obama began “the most radical revolutions” in our history. As legal matters […]


The DOJ’s Dirty Deeds

July 30, 2023 1

DOJ’s Dirty Deeds By: Clarice Feldman It has been a week of scandalous doings on Attorney General Merrick Garland’s watch. Congress seems paralyzed to intervene with more than hearings, and so far, only federal district […]


A Cabal of Sociopaths

May 21, 2023 0

A Cabal of Sociopaths By: Clarice Feldman If we learned anything this past week, we’ve learned that the continued life of this Constitutional Republic is in grave danger from the cabal of sociopaths in critical […]


The Counterattack Of Reason

May 14, 2023 0

The Counterattack of Reason By: Clarice Feldman For some time, optimists like me have had to work hard to keep believing that reason will prevail. I now think, as reality sets in, my faith in […]



April 23, 2023 0

Erasing Women By: Clarice Feldman I’m not sure why it’s happening — perhaps it’s a backlash from the most obnoxious of the feminists and their conduct or the widespread denigration of and discrimination against white […]


Yes … We Have Gone Bananas!

April 2, 2023 0

Yes, We Have Gone Bananas By: Clarice Feldman The two big stories this week illustrate the corruption of the legal system and of the Democrat party, which controls key portions of it. As well, they […]


Eating Their Own In The Golden State

February 19, 2023 0

Eating Their Own in the Golden State By: Clarice Feldman History shows that leftists always end up eating their own, as they continually jockey for the top rung on their political ladder. This week’s target […]


Balloons & Hot Air

February 5, 2023 3

Balloons and Hot Air By: Clarice Feldman There are sites which regularly publish President Biden’s verbal gaffes. When he’s not hiding in his basement these perilous days, those gaffes are one of the few things […]


The Corvette Files

January 15, 2023 0

The Corvette Files By: Clarice Feldman The internet posters are making hay of the news that Joe Biden had classified documents, obtained when he was vice president and some labeled top secret, stored insecurely in […]

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