Safe and Effective eh? Yeah, right . . .

March 4, 2024 1

Intro by Steve Cook The following feature comes to us from Frontline news. Whilst it specifically talks about the FDA nd the American experience of the Covid psyop,  much of the data- possibly all – is […]


They Called Him “Crooked Cohen”

March 3, 2024 0

They Called Him “Crooked Cohen” Science Magazine’s Jon Cohen is a case study in embarrassing pandemic reporting and highlights why science writing should rarely be called journalism. By Paul D. Thacker The COVID pandemic created […]


Free Speech On Trial

March 2, 2024 0

Free Speech on Trial By: Jeffrey A. Tucker In a lifetime of observing policy controversies and court cases, we’ve never witnessed anything as crucial to the future of the idea of freedom itself compared with […]


Dr. Phil Slams Impact Of COVID Lockdowns On Children

February 28, 2024 0

Dr. Phil Slams Impact Of COVID Lockdowns On Children Phil Shocks ‘The View’ Hosts By Paul Joseph Watson via Dr. Phil left The View hosts stunned after revealing the true impact COVID lockdowns had […]


Dissolving Illusions About Vaccine Safety

February 25, 2024 0

Story at-a-glance The vaccine industry intentionally deceives us about the risks and benefits of vaccines in order to make a profit, with complete disregard for human suffering and the destruction of public health over time […]


A Digital Coup d’Etat

February 23, 2024 0

A Digital Coup d’Etat By: Jeffrey A. Tucker There was a time. What seemed to be unfolding was a huge intellectual error for the history books. A new virus had come along and everyone was […]


The Year of Cascading Crises

February 22, 2024 0

The Year of Cascading Crises By James Rickards via I often write about different crises, but usually one at a time. Whether it’s a market crash, recession, bank failures, etc. I take them on […]

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