CBDC Currency: Creating Shortages With Full Shelves

July 21, 2024 0

CBDC currency: Creating shortages with full shelves By: Paul F. Cwik Of all the areas that economics students need to master, counterfactual reasoning is near the top of the list. Counterfactual reasoning is outlining and […]


Biden Is Not Running the Government – So, Who Is?

July 11, 2024 1

Biden Is Not Running the Government. So, Who Is? By: Connor O’Keeffe After a disastrous debate performance two weeks ago and a weak damage-control interview last Friday, it’s finally become clear to almost everyone that […]


The State of US Real Estate Is Not Good

July 7, 2024 0

By: Jonathan Yen The Home Buyers As reported by ZeroHedge recently, the NAR U.S. Pending Home Sales Index dropped 2.1 percent MoM in May, down 6.6 percent YoY. To put these numbers into perspective, the […]

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