Is Sanity Returning?

May 16, 2023 0

Is Sanity Returning? By: Sloan Oliver In case you’ve been in a cave this past month, sane people (i.e. non-Democrats) have finally said enough with the Marxist/Leftist insanity that Dems are trying to force onto […]


Love Hurts … So Do Progressive Policies

May 5, 2023 1

Love Hurts. So Do Progressive Policies. By: Jeffrey Folks I’ve always wondered why liberals would support legislation that obviously harms them. Tax increases, open borders, defunding the police, weakness abroad, eliminating gas-powered cars — these […]


AOC declares after Fox axes Carlson, ‘Deplatforming works’

April 30, 2023 0

AOC declares after Fox axes Carlson, ‘Deplatforming works’ A new peer-reviewed study concludes deplatforming frequently backfires, breeding deep-seated resentment, driving those banished to seek out “alternative platforms where these discussions are less regulated and often […]

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