What really happened on 7th October?

October 25, 2023 0

What really happened on 7th October? Evidence is now emerging that up to half the Israelis killed were combatants; that Israeli forces were responsible for some of their own civilian deaths; and that Tel Aviv […]


French Media Are Running A Campaign About INCEST

September 20, 2023 1

ER Editor: We have to ask, why this? why now? And we’re wondering if this is a toe-in-the-water for the French public regarding the pervasive problem of pedophilia and any major reveals that are planned(?) […]


Rape Allegations Against Russell Brand Launched

September 17, 2023 0

ER Editor: We heard – quite some time ago – that figures like Russell Brand, Andrew Tate (twitter X) and Ricky Gervais (recall Gervais’ stunning Golden Globes speech) were put there by the white hats […]


The Real Trouble With The Trump Indictment

August 29, 2023 0

The Real Trouble with the Trump Indictment By: Michael Lesher The first thing we do,” says Dick the Butcher in Shakespeare’s early history play Henry VI, Part II – “let’s kill all the lawyers.” In […]


The Mounting Urgency to Affirm Parental Rights

August 12, 2023 1

The Mounting Urgency to Affirm Parental Rights By: Linda R. Killian School starts soon, and this year, parents of K–12 children are likely to be greeted by new, well orchestrated assaults on parental rights provoked […]


What They Did To The Children

August 9, 2023 0

What They Did to the Children By: David Bell & Hugh McCarthy Children, as any parent knows, are not small adults. Their brain is growing and being acutely shaped by their environment and experience. Social […]

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