A TLB Special Discussion with Zen Honeycutt, Founder of Moms Across America: GMOs, Biotoxins & the Harm to Our Children

TLB Special with Zen

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Most who would read this article, or listen to this recorded discussion, are already painfully aware of the super pesticides and herbicides we  suffer today in the form of allowable residuals in the food we eat, and more importantly … what we feed our precious children.

Now for some total insanity! A relatively new product branded ENLIST DUO is about to increase in proliferation in a huge fashion. This Frankentoxin contains a combination of Glyphosate and 2,4-D, (active ingredient in the deadly Agent Orange), two of the most damaging chemicals to the human physiology and the biosphere know to science. And to utilize this new bio-toxin, new Genetically Engineered foods needed to be created … again with no long term testing accomplished or required.  This government seems oblivious to scientific facts, historical data or the ever increasing rage of the population. Where or When does this all Stop?

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Well today we are very proud to present a guest who is doing something to combat this lunacy, along with the most potent army she could muster to support this vital mission, MOMS ACROSS AMERICA … Ever seen a mother (of any species) angry or frightened, protect her children … stand back, Way Back!

Zen Honeycutt, has three boys with allergies and autism symptoms which greatly improved when they went GMO Free and organic. Inspired by her children, she created Moms Across America, a National Coalition of Unstoppable Moms, with the motto “Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids.”

With 310 leaders who have created over 400 events in the past 18 months in 44 states, Moms Across America empowers and amplifys the voice of the mom locally and nationally. Zen has been seen on CNN, the Dr.Oz show,CSPAN, in the news in Rueter’s, RT.com, Fox News and hundreds more media outlets.

Zen has also been a speaker at the International GMO conference in Beijing, China, the Heirloom Expo, Health and Freedom Expo, Commonwealth Club and others and you can find much more information on her website


Please listen as Zen describes the reason for this vital organization, from GMOs to Biotoxins  including the corruption and complicity we all face from our “so called” health and regulatory agencies. Also a main point of topic is the White House petition that is so very vital (Please see the link at bottom of attached article).


It is time to get angry … It is time to get organized … it is time to get results!

Read Zen’s latest article on the discussed topics and the vital petition below and share this information as much as possible!


Moms Call EPA to Protect Kids

By TLB Contributor: Zen Honeycutt

Six Months Ago we released the information to the EPA that Glyphosate has been found in our breast milk at shockingly high levels.

What have they done about this? What will they do?

This chemcal is a chelator (vitamin and mineral deficiency), an antibiotic (destroys gut bacteria and can weaken immune system) and is an endocrine disruptor (birth defects and miscarriage). It is also recorded by the EPA to cause liver and kidney damage. It has been link to non Hodgkins Lymphoma and to an increase of cancer by reputable doctors and scientists.

See article that describes higher levels of cancer, birth defects and miscarriage around fields sprayed with glyphosate in Cordoba, Argentina.

Monsanto’s Roundup Linked to Cancer – Again

And the EPA has still not acted to protect our children and citizens.

When I met with the EPA on May 27th, Rachel Carson’s birthday (author of historic boook “Silent Spring”),

Neil Andersen shared, “My job is to approve chemicals and to asses the potential risk to human and environmental harm.”

No Neil, your job is not first to approve chemicals. It is to PROTECT the environment and the people FIRST. Not provide a service to the chemical companies so that they can make a profit. You work for US.

The problem is, the EPA only hears from chemical companies all day, influencing the EPA to work for them. We need you to take two actions today.

1. Call them today and say,

“It has been SIX MONTHS since you found out there is glyphosate in breast milk,WHAT are YOU doing about this? How are you protecting us?”

We want them to make statement that pregnant or breast feeding mothers should avoid glyphosate and eat organic. AND we want them to revoke the liscense of glyphosate and Recall Roundup Immediately.

Neil Anderson
Phone: 703-308-8187
[email protected]
Chief, Risk Management and Implementation Branch I
Pesticide Re-evaluation Division
US EPA (Mail Code 7508P)
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20460

 We have an URGENT need to take action and stop this chemical. The EPA is on the verge of approving glyphosate for another 15 years and a toxic combination of glyphosate and 2,4-D (Half of Agent Orange) as the “next wave” of stronger chemicals.

For the first time ever, Dr.OZ created a Petition to the President to do exactly what we want, STOP THE TOXINS! STOP Enlist Duo from being approved! With 100K signatures by Oct 22 the rule is that the President has to respond.

Please see the first three minutes here with Moms Across America Mom, Zen Honeycutt sharing how her kids get better when they eat organic:

Dr OZ: New GMO Pesticide

And watch further past the commercial  for the petition to the President clip.

Please  promote this petition along with the clip to the Dr.OZ show, it is very compelling that Moms and Doctors and MAINSTREAM AMERICA are standing for the health of our kids, to stop the next wave of toxic chemicals on our food and the spraying of fields near schools.

2. SIGN and share !!!

Demand the President step in & oppose EPA’s approval of the New 2,4-D resistant Genetically Engineered Crops!

UPDATE as of today (Oct. 9th) Zen Honeycutt

We need 8,000 people to sign the Dr.OZ Petition to the President to stop Enlist DUO TODAY ( a catastrophically toxic herbicide that will be sprayed on our food and fields 200 feet from over 5500 schools) !!! The word is that the EPA is set to approve it tomorrow morning. It is NOT approved yet. PLEASE call 202 564 4700 NOW. Keep calling. Leave MANY massages !!! AND SIGN THE PETITION !!! Sign until you get an email confirmation, some had to sign 5 times!!!

Demand the President step in & oppose EPA’s approval of the New 2,4-D resistant Genetically Engineered Crops!



TLB recommends you visit MOMS ACROSS AMERICA for more great/pertinent articles and information.

See attached article and read comments here: http://www.momsacrossamerica.com/moms_call_epa_to_protect_kids

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