ACTION NEEDED: Saving Olympic Peninsula from Electronic Warfare

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First of all, some good news…our letters ARE making a difference!! Thanks to you, top government officials now know that TENS OF THOUSANDS are fiercely opposed to an Electronic Warfare Range on the Olympic Peninsula [in Washington State,USA].

A special thank you to the military personnel who have courageously spoken up and joined us in our stand against this ill-conceived Navy plan. A number of retired military pilots, trained in Electromagnetic Warfare, have expressed grave concerns about using this dangerous technology over landscapes teeming with people and wildlife. They agree that keeping our pilots adequately trained does NOT require sacrificing public safety or valuable wildlife sanctuaries.

I am requesting that we all write the officials AGAIN at this critical time. We must highlight the serious public health risk from Growler jets jamming practice. “Jamming” signals entails shooting powerful beams of focused electromagnetic radiation down into the landscape.


Navy reps have assured the public that the Growler jets would “never” practice jamming on the Range.

However, according to Navy documents, jamming is the core component of Electromagnetic Warfare. Growler commercials boast that jamming is their premier feature. Indeed, the EA (“Electronic Attack”)-18 Growlers were built to jam!
See the Boeing Video below:

Staying Off the Radar

By jamming enemy radar, the EA-18G Growler helps aircrews reach their target without being detected. The Growler is an elite electronic attack aircraft. (Boeing)

The permit that the Navy is requesting would legally allow for jamming, as the Range would accommodate “all future training needs” — which the Navy has defined as specifically including jamming.


Why would the Navy spend 11.5 million dollars to establish an Electronic Warfare practice range, and then prohibit their pilots from practicing jamming, the core skill that’s essential for them to be adequately trained?

Where will the pilots practice jamming, if not here?

How will the government ensure the safety of the millions of annual visitors to Olympic National Park? Which government agency will be monitoring the Range to make sure the pilots are not jamming?

Since jamming is both silent and invisible, how would the public even know if it was occurring?

If jamming does occur, exactly how much radiation — how intense and how frequent — would be shooting down from each Growler jet?

What is the latest scientific data on the impacts to wildlife and humans of these levels of man-made electromagnetic radiation?

According to Federal Law, (NEPA) the Navy must fully disclose to the public the impacts of ALL possible future actions in their initial application. Why has this not been done? Jamming signals is a highly probable future training scenario. Why is the Navy not disclosing this fact?

For those inclined to trust the Navy in their promise to “never” practice jamming, please view this short video of a public meeting. A citizen confronts the Navy on their excessive noise directly over critical habitat of endangered species during nesting season.

Video credit: RainDagger Productions

Obviously Navy officials consider themselves to be above Federal laws —and they have no apologies about it !! Question: Will the harm inflicted to humans and wildlife by the electromagnetic radiation from jamming also be summarily dismissed?

Many of us who signed this petition are in full support of our pilots being adequately trained. Given that the Dept. of Defense owns a fully established training range 20 minutes away in Idaho, isn’t it irresponsible to risk public health and sacrifice our precious wildlife sanctuaries when it is not a necessity?


Top government officials carry the responsibility of protecting public health. It is up to us to make sure that they are made VERY aware of this critical issue concerning jamming.

Even if you have already written to these officials, please write again, specifically addressing the jamming issue. Contact info is below.

I believe our letters at this time can make a critical impact. The light of truth needs to shine upon this very important issue, BEFORE that permit is approved.


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Action contacts:

Jon Jarvis, Director of America’s National Park System:

[email protected]

SEND A COPY of your letter to Sally Jewell,Secretary of the Interior, and Christy Goldfuss, Director of Council on Environmental Quality, and UnderSecretary Robert Bonnie, via Leslie Jones, and Tom Tidwell, Chief, USFS.

“CC” your letter to:

[email protected],
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Its VERY important for President Obama to hear from all of us at this time. Copy and paste your letter into his official “contact the White House” form at this link:

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