America, The Shemitah, And September 2015


By Mary Carmel (TLB)


This Shemitah is definitely being used by the criminal banking elites (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Goldmans, Warburgs, the Vatican etc.), to create hell on Earth and amass great wealth and power. Throughout history, these people have done this to start world wars and wreak havoc across the planet. This insane push for the new world order (one world government), is the old story of enslavement, presently oppressing us through UN Agenda 21, period.


The United States is virtually unrecognizable to me. There is Jade Helm troop movement everywhere this summer, with convoys of military personnel, foreign troops, hundreds of detention camps, and a police state that is so vicious the air reeks of the fascist state to come if people do not pay attention now! There is no doubt in my mind, that our forefathers would have preferred anarchy to this centralized chaos we have in place at the moment. (Within our Constitution and Bill Of Rights, we are constantly reminded of the necessity for the least government control possible.) The only people that seem to be doing the killing are the police and the military, in the name of protection and freedom. This war on terror MUST go down in history as the biggest HYPOCRISY our society has had to witness, as we take a body count once again, of those that have fallen, and that have lost their freedoms because of it…abroad and here at home. The war on drugs has to take it’s place right there with this. There are countless innocent people, losing their lives, as well as their freedom, at the hands of the very people that profit from running the biggest drug cartel in the world!  


Understandably, America is now seen as a terror state, as they keep marching forward with their NATO plans to control the resources of other countries, using the military to commit unthinkable crimes against humanity. Many spectators still do not understand (as they are propagandized by the mainstream media), that the US is an occupied country at present, very separate from the people that reside here. Washington DC (all ten miles of it), since they have been operating as a fraudulent corporation, and not a sovereign country, is no different than the empires of the past, such as Rome, Germany, & Great Britain, to name a few. America and many countries of the West, with ties to this banking cabal, are headed for very turbulent times. As empires have risen to power in the past, they have also fallen, I believe we are witnessing this now.


This video, is a great discussion of the present political environment, and observation, that the Shemitah has been used in the past, to initiate banking instability, stock market crashes, war, & even collapse. It’s religious origin was of an agricultural nature, and they seem to  have interwoven it into the events of our Western financial system. Take a look at other countries that have endured the same fate. I do not believe that people, anywhere, at anytime, deserve to suffer in the name of corporatism, or war for profit. These bankers promote it! This was planned, and these illegal wars are not with the consent of the people! America almost made it, until these secret societies, and old bloodlines, dug their claws into us, just as they did to Europe before us. I would hope that world holds them accountable for it, once and for all, EVERYWHEREMC




Jeff Berwick On The Free Your Mind Podcast: The Shemitah And Ending Government!



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