America Used Up and Betrayed

Constitution on fire 2

By TLB Contributor: Ken Larive.

“Now that I no longer write for newspapers, I am no longer required by them to write for a sixth grade readership. America can only be saved by what is being called an intellectual revolution. It is a revolution that can only be gained by an education. An education that seeks truth to be its primary goal, as no decision can be made without it. It is a truth that is gained by an open mind attempting to understand both sides, viewed from a standard based on love, responsibility, and honor. Elements hardly even considered today.” -Ken LaRive

Dog tired of the lies?

Some newcomers to the Tea Party movement are much suprised at how little of our civil liberties remain here in America. They see that what we hold so dear in the Constitution is wholly ignored by both sides of the isle, though they would deny it. They lie. What the NDAA and Patriot Act has done, in the name of safety, destroyed due process, and our civil liberties are thought to be and are, at their whim. Liberty granted by them…

There is also a growing revelation that something, a power deep inside of the folds of our American fabric, our government, is working to undermine the fundamental ideology that built this mighty nation… but as we delve into the makeup of our current power structure it is found to be far more convoluted…. it is called a “shadow government” and that ring of power does not originate from inside of our American ideologue, but from men who have an agenda for world dominion. They are men who are beyond the law, with dual citizenship… and they control our Congress from the outside in…

Christians can not even fathom an ideal such as this, and that makes this betrayal all the more harder to swallow… They are men who knew that 9-11 was going to happen, and saw the opportunity to make a wager on it. They used PUT options on United and American airlines three days prior, and though the Progressive/Neocon regime now in control of the congress know exactly who these people are, they are not brought to justice. Why? Because they belong to that very same mindset.

These men give America, or what is good for America… no thought at all, but to bankrupt us. As they dominate the world in debt, they use us as feeding stock to do it…And as they destroy the middle class in increments, they move offshore for more lucrative ventures…

They are in league with international banks out of England, and they are in union with The Federal Reserve who can print money out of thin air to back any program or agenda their collective hearts desire, and amazingly, have the ability to put that debt on the backs of our children. This isn’t hyperbole… we are now at 17.3 Trillion in debt, and these traitors are pushing for an unlimited ceiling on spending… When Bush got in office we were at 6 trillion, when he left we were at 10 trillion, and now this new administration, seemingly reelected, has done the rest… and it isn’t over yet. Soon, very soon, we will not be able to pay the interest on that, and we will die an agonizing death as we eat each other alive. As we will descend into a third world country, a country carefully orchestrated by them, they will laugh and dance on our crushed dreams for a Constitutional Republic based on law.  This concept is so evil, the motivation so perverse, few Christians can even begin to comprehend it. It is indeed motivated by the devil himself.

There is a growing panic in a Patriot’s heart, like mine, as we realize our world is an illusion based on lies and our own ignorance, and because of that, this country is little more then a house of cards. They see, some for the very first time, that we are being played… And that everything, from assets to heritage, is ether being dismantled or sold piece by piece, and that these cards are not light weight and flimsy, but structures, our very American superstructure, a framework that holds intact the entire world.  A structure based on debt… And then we see, and this is the most scary part, that our Congress, almost to the last man, ether works for or are overtly influenced by this International Banking Cartel, from outside of the United States, and that they are undermining and assimilating the destruction of America by usury. Usury, look it up.

These profound issues hit us in the face like mace, and from all sides at once, and we are blinded by the overwhelming complexity and convolution. And it isn’t small issues, but holy cow big issues, and each of them so profound they seem to threaten our very existence, and indeed they do. And as we sit in front of the black box, our eyes are opened to the vast wasteland of self-centered agendas, and they reverberate to the very core of our immortal souls as both fear and anger. Fear and anger, two of the most negative motivators men have ever devised.

The RAND Foundation

Our Government, controlled by what is referred to as the Military Industrial Complex, headed by what can only be described as a shadow government, creates these issues from the mega think-tank called The RAND Foundation. Yes, it is designer shock and awe, and it originates in top secret think-tanks that utilize well proven scientifically designed propaganda and cant to control and dominate. It is like creating a disease and a secret cure all at the same time, spreading the disease around, and then coming forth with the cure as a savior, and then charging for it. Do your homework on RAND, it is one of the primary sources of our folly.

If we could understand and focus upon what is found in the above, we might stand a chance of survival… you see… if you want to put a fire out, you must go to the source of the fire. If you want to find a source of our hatred, go to Leviticus and Deuteronomy. If you want to find a source for your fear, go to your own ignorance. You see, Liberty does not belong to them. It is found deep in the heart of every man, where hope and optimism is found by God-given Liberty. Truth come from hard work, and Liberty by blood. As Liberty, above all other ideals we find to be fundamental, is not free. It has to be fought and won by each and every generation. If not it will be stolen from you, and once taken, as it has been taken from us, will not easily be restored…

Those few who are finally standing up have no problem finding an issue to oppose. We are surrounded by so many it is hard to wrap our minds around them. And that seems to be the plan, if not a plan, a mindset perhaps, a universal and international corporate mindset. A mindset for power and control, with the end game being a bottom line. It is a good plan, scientifically designed to maximize potential, your potential, and your enslavement, and it goes back all the way to a book our founders once read called The Prince. Get a copy and read it. It was once required reading for the Trivium, the most fundamental of colonel education, and our Constitution was specifically designed to combat the concept of that book. Read it. Or not, but remember this, there is a universal law, and it is called The Law of the Higher Potential, and that is the most fundamental law of attraction, and it states that for every action there is an opposing reaction. Ignorant fools are indeed slaves… and that is a universal law. There is a reason the Trivium is not taught in or Government mandated schools today. Why CORE is being implemented…

In a nutshell…

From the Benghazi betrayal to the IRS fingering The Tea Party, unconstitutional presidential mandates, drones and gun control, the NDAA and Patriot Act, Monsanto’s GMOs, False Flags, preemptive war, the drug war, printing money out of thin air and diluting our currency value by an unaccountable Federal Reserve, dual citizenship on capital hill, unbridled lobbing, fixed elections, new ignored information on 9-11, FEMA camps and hollow point bullet-buying by our government and millions of plastic coffins that can hold ten bodies each, supplying arms to the Mexican drug cartel, Acorn, law from the bench, 17.3 trillion in debt with Obama proposing a 20 trillion ceiling, 134.5 billion in US bearer bonds confiscated on a train from Japanese Nationals between Switzerland and Italy, and an immediate media blackout… Banker conspiracy and the manipulation of commodities and precious metals for personal profit and to hide the tax of inflation, far reaching and unconstitutional executive power through homeland security, and then the PUT options three days prior to 9-11 tells us by its paper trail who knew, but is sealed from view with the excuse of National Security… with media black-out, the Justice Department and AP phone records, an empty Fort Knox, bogus and illusionary hyper-partisan polarization that is nothing more than a dog and pony show, the socialism of Obama care, fixed elections, and on, and on, and on… and each of them ether hidden from view by media suppression, buried in a mountain of red tape and paperwork, or just outright lies and suppression of truth. And all of it taboo to talk about, or the label traitor, terrorist, subversive, conspiracy theorist, truther, will be branded by a computer’s red flag, and even fingered by the IRS.

So what have we learned as the shelves of ammo and guns grew empty last year? How many actually connected the dots, as they stood for hours waiting their turn at gun shows? Who looked at who stood to gain from this fear and subsequent panic, as another false flag by the Progressive Ms. Clinton seemingly played ball with our Constitution, and the possibility of nullifying the second amendment by UN sanction, the small-arms-treaty? Was it all a ploy of the military industrialist complex to maximize profit, and indeed it was profitable? More profitable than a good sized war could have provided, and all of it produced by media hype, fear and anger, and without a shot… How very clever. Blindsided, we never see it coming…

Stay tuned for part two. There will more than likely be five parts, possibly six. I will share with you everything I can find on Obama’s slaughter of the Constitution, and his traitorous acts that go unpunished. You will see the real power that an Oath Keeper, a Patriot, and what the Liberty movement has to contend with.

God bless America, and because Jesus said to Love the world, let us bless one and all, in the name of Love. And yet, there are those so insidious, they would use our Love as a weapon. Christians had better wake up. There is a fundamental difference in religions, and you would learn that if you actually studied them, along side of your own. Read the Koran, Rig Vita, and the Talmud. And as the night envelopes you, you will cry at the revelations they will reveal, as I have. And you will see that the LOVE of Jesus has been used and betrayed, just as we all have.


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  1. we will die an agonizing death as we eat each other alive. As we will descend into a third world country, a country carefully orchestrated by them, they will laugh and dance on our crushed dreams for a Constitutional Republic based on law. This concept is so evil, the motivation so perverse, few Christians can even begin to comprehend it. It is indeed motivated by the devil himself……. WOW!!! Excellent words to describe our future. I’m in full agreement. I “try” to throw this out to others, they never catch it.

    The shadow has completed it’s work. We will descend into a darkness of horror. Everything you hold dear will be ripped from you. Get ready…. it’s coming.

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