An Inside Look As Los Alamitos Votes To Return To Constitution, Defy Calif Sanctuary Law [videos]

An Inside Look As Los Alamitos Votes To Return To Constitution, Defy Calif Sanctuary Law

The anti-America agenda in California suffered a setback on Tuesday as the patriots in Los Alamitos voted to return to the US Constitution, America first, to opt-out of sanctuary law.

by Rick Wells

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The City of Los Alamitos, California held hearings on Tuesday to decide whether or not to opt-out of the California sanctuary state law which conflicts with federal law and the US Constitution and in fact mandates insurrection against the United States government and lawlessness. [[WATCH VIDEOS BELOW]]

The Grindall61 patriots recorded the events, starting off with a greeting to Omar Navarro, who is challenging Maxine Waters for her House seat in the upcoming midterm elections. As is obvious, liberals of every stripe came out to protect their anti-American legislation, attack president Trump and the Constitution, and promote the homosexual assault on American values, including a guitar playing fake preacher.

Mayor Pro Tem Warren Kusumoto identifies the action being considered as the compliance with the US Constitution, the supreme law of the land, noting the untenable position that business owners are place in under the state mandated violation of our founding document.

One citizen addressing the meeting said, “California has gone rogue. The politicians here, the Democrats have gone rogue.” He employs one of the left’s tactics of reciting a chant, saying, “We have no hate. We have no fear, it’s legal immigration that’s welcome here, straight out.”

He asks, “What would happen to  me if I were to harbor an illegal? I’d be put in jail, I’d be arrested. Why is it that Governor Brown, De Leon get away with all of this? They are in violation of harboring, subsection 1324 A1a, a federal offense. They need to be arrested and they should be in jail.”

He continues, “Trump is building that wall for the love of America and to keep the drugs out and to keep illegals out. I was born in Mexico, I came here legally. My parents came here legally and that’s how it should be done. If we can’t vet you, we don’t want you. We don’t know who you are. We don’t know if you’re a criminal, we don’t know if you’re a rapist.”

“Trump is right in that way,” the citizen says, “because not everybody’s a good guy. And I know plenty of illegals that are good and I know plenty of illegals that are not really good, they’re drug addicts, they do robberies, they own guns. This has to change but it’s a bigger agenda here.”

He goes on to spell out what the Democratic Party is really up to, saying, “The war is on the middle income families. In order for socialism and communism to exist in the United States and California, you need to get rid of the middle class families and that’s what the Democrats are doing. They have been taken over by the Communist Party for over thirty years.”

He says, “That’s exactly what they’re doing in California, because our taxes are the highest. Our gas tax is killing me. I do a lot of driving and it’s killing me right now. The registrations just went up. We have the most homeless here. It’s brutal here. We need to get out and vote, people. The Democratic Party is killing California. Arrest Governor Brown and De Leon, they’re criminals.”

A Legal Immigrant from Mexico exposes the Democrat Plan and how California is Part of a Grand Scheme…

City council members comments and vote 4-1 in favor of restoring Constitutional Government to Los Alamitos…

Another Patriot standing up for America against communist California state government…


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