An international arrest warrant issued by Russia against François Hollande

ER Editor: The one they’re saying is Francois Hollande within this piece, the former President of France, likely isn’t. This to us is clearly a stand-in, leading us to wonder if the real one has already been arrested and tried. Curiously, also, his infamous scooter that he used as President to go to his girlfriend’s apartment, actress Julie Gayet, is up for auction. Why? This smells like a comm.


The report of an international arrest warrant being issued by Russia against former French president Francois Hollande seems to have a single source, geopolitical analyst Thierry Meyssan, who we have to acknowledge is well regarded. He was the one whose analysis of 9/11 was used as reliable information by former President Jacques Chirac. We’ve looked for an English subtitled version of the video tweet below but alas, cannot find one.

We’ve published before on the reason why an international arrest warrant would be wanted against Hollande. Merkel led the charge on this. She was the one to first admit that the Minsk Accords, originally intended to create autonomy, peace and a degree of self-sufficiency for the persecuted Donbass residents (in eastern Ukraine – thousands were killed by the Ukrainian government post-Maidan coup in 2014) while remaining part of Ukrainian territory, were in fact a front to allow Ukraine time to re-arm itself against Russia. WHO ON EARTH ADMITS TO THIS, and at the end of their careers when they want to leave a legacy? First curious thing. This was revealed around December 2022, almost 18 months ago.

Merkel Pops Up to Make An Admission of Western Collusion Against Russia

Merkel went on to repeat it (or was it ‘Merkel’ by this point?), then so did Hollande or ‘Hollande’ (more facepalming), until Russia made an announcement, presumably leading us to where we are today —

Russia calls for Angela Merkel and François Hollande to be put on trial


While this is proof of nothing, in the first piece above, we noted the following about Merkel, believing her to have a fate somewhat similar to Killary, who it seems was actually arrested publicly on September 11, 2016 (tweet). See Gateway Pundit: 7 Years Ago Today Hillary Clinton Dropped Like a Rock and Was Thrown Into Van Like a Side of Beef (VIDEO)

Here’s what we said about Merkel – notice the images given, context, outfit, vehicle:

What’s currently happening with Merkel? We offer this 4-minute video segment from a recent video file (no.29) by SG Anon (linked to below, around 20:20 to 24:00). Is Merkel’s admission in some way related to this alleged second arrest of her which, as SG notes, resembles that of Hillary Clinton‘s on September 10/11, 2016 (check the video). Alas, we have no way to verify these claims but offer them up as clues in a puzzle. We underscore the fact that the video footage screenshot below, shown in SG’s video file, comes from a 2020 video posted to Youtube and is not current. It matches SG’s first claim, that Merkel was first arrested by German military in the summer of 2020. However, SG is highly confident in stating that Merkel has once again been ‘detain[ed]’ in recent days. Once more, clues in a puzzle.

Angela Taken Down (Again) | Turkey Running Pre-Op Sorties | Brazil Military Tracking [DS] | NCSWIC

Has Francois Hollande’s public turn come at last?

To be sure, on Twitter we can find lots of recent appearances of Hollande, but then we’ve had a visually different President in Macron for the last few years.


An international arrest warrant issued by Russia against François Hollande

An international arrest warrant has been issued in Russia against former French President François Hollande. This decision follows comments made by the latter concerning the Minsk agreements and the situation in Ukraine.


updated 04/08/24

As the war in Ukraine rages, it is common to hear that the Russians are the villains of history, thirsty for land and ready to invade all of Europe. However, Russia claims to have simply implemented Security Council Resolution 2202 and the Minsk agreements, which aim to end fighting in eastern Ukraine.

François Hollande admitted to having signed the Minsk agreements without intending to apply them, to arm Ukraine against the separatists.

François Hollande recently said he signed the Minsk agreements in 2015 without ever intending to implement them, with the aim of giving Ukraine time to arm itself and fight against pro-Russian separatists. This statement has been described as a “crime against peace” by Russia, which considers that it is precisely this kind of attitude that makes crimes against humanity possible.

According to Thierry Meyssan, it is in this context that Russia issued an international arrest warrant against François Hollande. Although this decision has been largely ignored in France, it raises important questions about the responsibility of political leaders in the management of international conflicts.


ER: It’s worth perusing the text below that Le Media en 4-4-2 has included.

Crime against the peace and security of humanity

Article premier


  1. This Code applies to crimes against the peace and security of mankind set out in Part II.
  2. Crimes against the peace and security of mankind are crimes under international law and are punishable as such, whether or not they are punishable under domestic law.

Article 2


  1. A crime against the peace and security of humanity entails individual responsibility.
  2. An individual is held responsible for the crime of aggression in accordance with article 16.
  3. An individual is held responsible for a crime referred to in section 17, 18, 19 or 20, if that individual:
  4. (a ) Intentionally commits such a crime;
  5. (b ) Orders the commission of such a crime, to the extent that such crime has actually been committed or attempted;
  6. (c ) Fails to prevent or repress the commission of such a crime in the circumstances referred to in article 6;
  7. (d ) Knowingly provides aid or assistance in the commission of such a crime or otherwise facilitates it, directly and substantially, including by providing the means to commit it;
  8. (e ) Directly participates in the planning or agreement to commit such a crime, to the extent that such crime was actually committed;
  9. (f ) Directly and publicly incites another individual to commit such a crime, to the extent that such crime has actually been committed;
  10. g ) Attempts to commit such a crime if this crime was the subject of a commencement of execution which only failed in its effect due to circumstances beyond his control.

Article 3


Any individual who is responsible for a crime against the peace and security of humanity is liable to punishment. The punishment is proportional to the character and seriousness of this crime.

Article 4


The fact that this Code provides for the responsibility of individuals for crimes against the peace and security of humanity is without prejudice to any question of State responsibility under international law.

Article 5


The fact that an individual accused of a crime against the peace and security of humanity acted on the orders of a government or a superior does not exempt him from criminal responsibility, but may be considered as a reason for reducing the sentence if this is consistent with justice.

Article 6


The fact that a crime against the peace and security of mankind has been committed by a subordinate does not exempt his superiors from criminal responsibility, if they knew, or had reason to know, in the circumstances at the time. , that this subordinate was committing or was going to commit such a crime and if they did not take all necessary measures in their power to prevent or repress this crime.

Article 7


The official status of the author of a crime against the peace and security of humanity, even if he acted in his capacity as head of state or government, does not exempt him from criminal responsibility and is not a reason for reducing the sentence.

Article 8


Without prejudice to the jurisdiction of an international criminal court, each State Party shall take the necessary measures to establish its jurisdiction for the purposes of trying the crimes referred to in articles 17, 18, 19 and 20, regardless of the place or the perpetrator of these crimes. Jurisdiction for the purposes of trying the crime referred to in Article 16 belongs to an international criminal court. However, a State mentioned in Article 16 is not prohibited from trying its nationals for the crime referred to in this Article.

Article 9


Without prejudice to the jurisdiction of an international criminal court, the State Party in whose territory the alleged perpetrator of a crime referred to in article 17, 18, 19 or 20 is discovered shall extradite or prosecute the latter.

Article 10


  1. If the crimes referred to in articles 17, 18, 19 and 20 do not appear as extraditable cases in an extradition treaty concluded between the States Parties, they shall be deemed to appear therein as such. States Parties undertake to include these crimes as extraditable offenses in any extradition treaty to be concluded between them.
  2. If a State Party which makes extradition conditional on the existence of a treaty receives a request for extradition from another State Party to which it is not bound by an extradition treaty, it has the option of consider this Code as constituting the legal basis for extradition in relation to these crimes. Extradition is subject to the conditions provided for by the legislation of the requested State.
  3. States Parties which do not make extradition conditional on the existence of a treaty recognize these crimes as cases of extradition between them in accordance with the conditions provided for by the legislation of the requested State.
  4. Between States Parties, each of these crimes shall be considered for the purposes of extradition as having been committed both at the place of its perpetration and in the territory of any other State Party.



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