Angels of The Night: We Are the Gatekeepers of the Next Generation


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Our children are our most precious resource and the undisputed purveyors of all to come … good or bad. But we are truly helping or failing them in our litmus test as the gatekeepers of the up and coming generation.

Our children are sick as never before suffering from childhood cancers, autoimmune disorders, cognitive dysfunctions (ADHD & Autism) and life threatening food allergies at a rate that makes us world leaders in most if not all of these.

Because of worsening economic conditions and longer work hours, our parenting time and thus our skills suffer more as the cycle deepens.

Schools are preparing to rule over our children via a myriad of school and state psychiatrist, psychologist or counselors trained to believe that the state can do a better job with your children than you can … and out to prove it either by taking your children (with no charges), or drugging them with dangerous psychiatric or psychotropic drugs at the drop of a hat … for just being a kid

Today parental rights are under as much fire and attack as any other constitutional issue we discuss today, because when you capture and control an up and coming generation … The next one belongs to you!

As much as we would like to and CAN place the blame for the misery so many children face daily on others like CPS (or other Child Protective Services), Common Core, Big Pharma drugs, etc… we must also consider the facts.

There are hard economic conditions at hand and entire families suffer, but more children suffer abuse or neglect during periods of economic hardship … and they are. But there will always be abusive or extremely neglectful parents or foster care guardians. All the boogeymen don’t live on the outside … some live with us.

For this reason we at TLB are proud to be associated with the Angels of The Night

If you truly believe that our children are this worlds future, thus its most valuable resource …

If you truly believe we are the gate keepers of this next generation charged with their care, protection, and education …

Then please don’t ignore them.

TLB highly recommends you visit Angels of The Night  for more pertinent and vital information, that may just improve or even save a child in your life (if not now … some day).

Visit to see what you can do to help, because there has never been a more vital time for that help in America’s history … and “YOU” are a big part of the answer!

Because …

Without strong, happy, healthy children … this worlds future looks mighty bleak!

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