Anti-Gunner David Hogg Visits Gun Range

Anti-Gunner David Hogg Visits Gun Range

Hogg says “30 Round Mags” are for “war and people who don’t know how to shoot.”


Gun-control activist and now ‘Harvard-educated’ David Hogg visited a gun range on Wednesday. He apparently shot a semi-automatic rifle in a ‘controlled’ environment to claim magazines over ten rounds are only for “war and people who don’t know how to shoot.”

“If you need more than 10 rounds to hit something you need more range time or you need glasses, not a larger magazine. Hell, if you’re that bad of a shot you’re safer with a baseball bat because a gun will probably be turned on you. Especially if you are shooting a rifle and you can’t hit what you are aiming for in 10 rounds you need to check your sights, check your eye dominance, and/or improve trigger pull,” Hogg tweeted, adding, “30 round mags are for two two things, war and people who don’t know how to shoot.”

Hogg continued, “I know many who follow me haven’t shot guns or semi automatic rifles before. Even with zero training I could shoot a pretty tight grouping at 20 yards.” 

Judging by the picture the young gun control activist tweeted, his groupings were far from ‘tight’ — especially at such a short distance.

“You don’t need 30 round mags. If you can’t stop whatever you need to with 10 7.62 rounds. You got bigger problems,” he told his 1.2 million followers.

Yet the Harvard-educated gun-control activist spends one day at an indoor range in a controlled setting and now believes he’s an ‘expert’ in all things guns. 

However, the gun blog Bearing Arms noted:

My problem here is that Hogg is taking a day at the range to provide “proof” that no one needs more than 10 rounds. He’s trying to use this to argue that there’s no reason to not have restrictions on magazine capacity. He’s basically pretending to be an authority so he can try and justify the positions he already had.

The problem is that there are too many people who know more than him, for one thing.

In fact, based on this bloviating, I’d say that includes almost everyone not a braindead moron.

For another, the Constitution isn’t about what David Hogg says we need. It’s about preserving the right of the people to make that determination for themselves. 

We would like to know if Hogg requested his security team only to carry ten round clips.

Like any fresh Ivy League school grad who believes they’re now the voice of logic, many have never been in the real world. Many on Twitter pointed this out about Hogg:

“Go run a mile at full speed then shoot for accuracy. Do 45 pushups then shoot for accuracy. Wake up from a dead sleep to a loud noise and shoot for accuracy. Go on, prove it. Bet you won’t,” one person tweeted. 

“Translation: I’ve never been in a firefight,” someone else said. 

Someone pointed out, “This moron can’t envision more than one attacker at a time?” 

The key issue here is that Hogg’s lack of real-world experience raises questions. Deciding magazine capacity purely based on one day at an indoor gun range is gross misinformation.


(TLB) published this article from ZeroHedge as compiled and written by Tyler Durden

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4 Comments on Anti-Gunner David Hogg Visits Gun Range

  1. Biden, the ATF and the entirety of the District of Criminals can also kiss my backside. Nobody every gave any of them any semblance of authority to determine what my rights are or aren’t but they were given due and proper notice by the Bill of Rights and by every state constitution that my rights are paramount and their authority inferior.

  2. War is certainly one of the things they are useful for…
    War against despotic tyrants and “governments” involved in High Treason.
    War against sycophants who believe they have some higher authority, to determine what other peoples rights should be.
    War against criminals and traitors.

    Yep, I agree. Don’t know why anybody is even bothering to argue that point and give this little runt any credence of any kind. I couldn’t care less what his opinion is about my God given rights.

  3. So many people in this world for whom reality is only what they think it is… Until real reality hits them square in the face. Then, it’s likely too late for them. Sad. If only they had more than 2 brain cells to rub together… Or, actually had the capacity and willingness to be honest, and act accordingly.

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