At Least 10 Dead In Shooting At Texas High School; Shooter Identified As 17-Year-Old Student

At Least 10 Dead In Shooting At Texas High School; Shooter Identified As 17-Year-Old Student

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Myles Kanipes, son of Sante Fe High School athletic director and football team head coach Mark Kanipes, told CNN that his dad is on lockdown on campus, but is otherwise safe.

“He is fine but he said it’s crazy (right now) but would call me once he finds out more. All I know is someone pulled the fire alarm and once everyone got out the classes someone started shooting. His secretary is the one who first heard the shooting, the shooter was in the art class,” Myles Kanipes said.

After the shooting started, a group of students were directed to empty their backpacks in a field.

Meanwhile, at least three helicopters were seen waiting in the school’s parking lot.


The shooting suspect, who is rumored to be a white male according to earlier reports and has also been confirmed to be a student, is now in custody.


A Santa Fe, Texas High School is on lockdown after an active shooter has been reported on campus. One student told local media that she saw a gunman shoot a female student, but that has so far been unconfirmed.

Santa Fe Police, the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies are responding to the scene.


Sophomore Leila Butler told ABC13 that at about 7:45 am fire alarms went off and students left their classrooms. Some students believe they’ve heard shots fired. She is currently sheltering with other students and teachers near campus.

Police were called to the school on 16000 Highway 6. Students were seen being lined up outside.

Santa Fe is a small city just south of Houston.



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