Austrian Press Conference Exposes Alarming Death Rate of Vax-Injured

ER Editor: We’ve inserted Pharma insider Aussie17‘s tweet on this below, so that the video becomes readily available to readers.


Explosive Press Conference out of Austria (First two minutes are short highlights followed by longer clip.)

Of these 50,000 cases, 35,000 cases are cataloged by age, gender, and symptomatology. …17.5% of these are [vaccine] death cases, meaning death occurred post-vaccination.. And we gladly provide this information archive to all authors, scientists, and journalists, for further work, research, and analysis


Mr. Rudolf Wagner – Corona Vaccine Victim, Dr. Helmut Luck, Head of the Pathology Institute, Microbiology at the Amstetten Regional Hospital, University Professor Dr. Hannes Strasser, Urologist, Emergency Physician, Mr. Forsthuber, Lawyer Mrs. Maria Barnett, Vaccine Victims Association Representative


Mr Rudolf Wagner (Vaccine Victim) “…Immediately after the first vaccination, I experienced dizziness, circulatory problems, numbness, and scotomas. My condition rapidly worsened at home. Fever, severe headaches, body aches, and difficulty breathing afflicted me. Pulmonary embolism the next morning. I collapsed coughing up blood next to my son. Suddenly, everything became dark around me. “

“My family doctor, who had vaccinated me less than 24 hours before, dismissed me and spoke of hypochondria, psychological issues. “

“He prescribed some antidepressants and sleeping aids. The second and third vaccines were taken at the insistence of a former family doctor, who assured me they could improve my condition. I went through hell. Bleeding, coagulation disorders, cramps, tears in the skin and muscles. Severe dizziness in the eyes, sparkling and flashing. Excruciating ear cramps while eating, difficulty breathing and unbearable pain were constant….”

Mrs. Maria Barnett (Vaccine Victims Association Representative)…We have already heard it concerns making vaccine side effects visible, as they are unfortunately often swept under the rug. All too often, or almost always, let’s say, especially in media.”

“We have been collecting vaccine reports in a private vaccine archive in Germany since June ’21. And now we have gathered 50,000 cases. “ “Of these 50,000 cases, 35,000 cases are cataloged by age, gender, and symptomatology. By the way, 17.5% of these are death cases, meaning death occurred post-vaccination.”

Dr. Helmut Luck, Head of the Institute of Pathology and Microbiology at the LK Amstetten: “Notably, there were more fatalities in 2021 than in the Covid year 2020 when there was no vaccination. This observation is also supported by data from Statistics Austria, which also recorded very high mortality in 2021. Having also had to note a series of deaths, that occurred a short time after vaccination, I doubt the safety of the vaccine.

University Professor Dr. Hannes Strasser:Everyone who has contributed to this, all governments, all politicians who signed it, all regulatory authorities, knew from the outset, clear and simple, it is unknown what will happen with it. So, and I say this plainly, this was the biggest human experiment in history.



Austria’s Alarming Press Conference: Deaths in 17.5% of 50,000 Documented Vaccine Injury Cases (so far…)

“Of these 50,000 cases, 35,000 cases are cataloged by age, gender, and symptomatology. By the way, 17.5% of these are death cases, meaning death occurred post-vaccination. “

In Austria last week (March 23, 2024), a press conference has stirred considerable debate and concern over the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, uncovering more unwanted truths on a side of the experimental gene therapy that is rarely covered by mainstream media.

The conference featured a compelling lineup of speakers, including victims of vaccine side effects, medical experts, and legal representatives, each bringing forward their observations and experiences with COVID-19 vaccinations.

At the heart of the conference was the gripping account of Mr. Rudolf Wagner, who described a severe and alarming reaction following his COVID-19 vaccination. Wagner’s story took a distressing turn with symptoms ranging from dizziness and numbness to a life-threatening pulmonary embolism. Despite seeking help, Wagner claimed his condition was dismissed as psychological by his doctor, who prescribed antidepressants rather than delving into the possible links to the vaccine.

Mrs. Maria Barnett, representing the Vaccine Victims Association, emphasized the group’s effort in documenting adverse vaccine reactions. According to Barnett, the association has compiled a database of 50,000 cases since June 2021with a shocking 17.5% of these incidents resulting in death post-vaccination. Database of cases available here (

Medical professionals at the conference presented their insights, further complicating the narrative around vaccine safety. Dr. Helmut Luck highlighted that fatalities in 2021, post-vaccine rollout, exceeded those in 2020, when the vaccine was not yet available. This contrast, according to Dr Luck, suggests safety concerns surrounding the vaccine gene therapy.

University Professor Dr. Hannes Strasser offered a critical perspective on the global vaccination campaign, denouncing it as “the biggest human experiment in history.” Strasser criticized the lack of comprehensive knowledge regarding the vaccine’s long-term effects and condemned the decision-makers for proceeding without caution.

We need to keep hammering away at the doors of the so-called trustworthy mainstream media and those government agencies, who apparently think it’s okay to just brush these life-altering issues under the carpet like they don’t matter. It’s absolutely outrageous how they pretend everything is fine, ignoring the cries and suffering of those affected. I’m telling you, it’s about time we blast this truth far and wide! Don’t let them mute our voices. Please help share this far and wide!

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