AWOL Academy: Knowing Their Founders & Services

AWOL Academy: Knowing Their Founders & Services

By TLB Contributing Writer: Nirdesh

AWOL Academy was actually established by the Kameron George and Keala Kanae who officially launched this program in the year 2015. According to this website, AWOL is basically the world’s leading and most comprehensive education, internet marketing and also mentorship platform for everyone. AWOL stands for another way of life and it is the stand alone program for the people who would like to involve yourself in the internet marketing. It will also provide you the best training and mentoring on the online marketing techniques and strategies thus it is known as the high ticket system for everyone.

Marketing training at AWOL Academy:

The online marketing training at this AWOL Academy usually starts at 99 dollars that gets you began with the affiliate marketing and then moves through the elite level training & also mentoring package for certain amount. If you are buying the products individually, they are really worthy within this program. Whenever you are buying the elite package for the particular amount, it will include everything you need. At the beginning, you can start this training by just attending the free webinar hosted by one of the founders who is Keala.

For the beginners, these free webinars are actually some good value to learn more about this academy and its online marketing service. In order to reach the real success in your marketing needs, you should need to put real efforts and work in learning everything by attending the training package. If you are purchasing the AWOL Pro Academy training package, it will usually have 4 steps including,

  • You can watch a short welcome video.

  • Complete your profile and all other necessary contact details.

  • You have to complete the AWOL coaching steps.

  • Then, you can book your coaching call.

You should need to probably spend at least 4 hours to get through all of these steps in the successful manner. The first two steps are very simpler and don’t take much time to complete but the third step is quite in depth and take a little more time to complete. The 4th step is just booking the coaching call and you might receive a call even about a week later on schedule.

Modules in the AWOL training:

When it comes to the marketing training at the AWOL Academy, you can able to access the four different module training that usually includes 25 videos.

  • Module 1

This first module includes totally 6 videos to explain everything you learn. The first video in this module provides you a complete overview of your learning and this is considered to be the affiliate marketing with the paid traffic. Affiliate marketing is generally promoting the products of other persons for getting a commission to earn more. Similarly, this module is greatly very helpful to completely understand all the fundamentals of this marketing business model and attaining everything properly setup. You will get information on how to buy a domain name, website hosting and also install the WordPress. You will also obtain details on how to setup the personalized email address with your new domain name. This module will completely explain the initial framework of your business in a better way.

  • Module 2

This second module in this training program includes about 12 videos and also given by the AWOL academy is all about setting up your personal landing page along with the email auto-responder. These two things are actually the key components of your business sales funnel. The landing page is nothing but where you send others before they visit your sales page for whatever you promote as an affiliate programmer. The main idea is to gather email addresses from the different people who are all visiting your page and also send them onto the related promotion. Everything is explained in detail within this training module. In order to obtain all of these setup, it is highly recommended getting the 3 important services such as,

  • Lead pages or landing page builder

  • Get response or email autoresponder

  • Click magick or tracking system

They are high quality products and also significant to make more real money with the business like this.

  • Module 3

In the 3rd module of this marketing training program, you can have totally 3 videos which will provide you information on how to discover the affiliate products to promote. In these videos, the founder Keala explains the various types of the affiliate products which you can able to promote and at which time. You can also able to promote different offers to your email list over time so it is very significant to get this training. He also gives you the details where to discover such products and how to sign up for the variety of affiliate programs recommended by him. After that, the training will slowly move onto the traffic generation using the solo ads.

  • Module 4

The 4th module of this training includes 4 videos worth about 3 ½ hours training to cover email marketing, tracking, increasing your profit and also setting up your advertising budget. You can surely get the best level of training here to learn more when you are a beginner. In this module, you can surely learn the analytics training of the email marketing and how much you can earn depending on the conversion rates, traffic quality and also ad spend among other important things.

Different academies in the AWOL Academy:

In the AWOL Academy, you can get the service of various academies for the different purposes including,

  • Pro academy – It explains step by step and also click by click instructions when you are very new to the internet marketing.

  • Inbox academy – It makes every email you are sending too effective.

  • Conversion academy – It helps converting your business leads into the new customers.

  • Traffic academy – You can learn about the secrets on how to generate the flood of site visitors which convert into the potential customers.

  • Masters academy – It is very helpful to reach your desired success in internet marketing.


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