Benghazi Whistleblowers Threatened By Obama Administration

The fiasco surrounding the attack last year of the US Consulate in Benghazi  has all of the makings of another Watergate cover-up.  As information  continues to leak out, it appears that President Barack Obama and then Secretary  of State Hillary Clinton not only lied to the American people about what  happened, but they may have broken a number of federal and possibly  international laws that they are trying to desperately cover up.

Even though the US has federal laws to protect whistleblowers, it seems that  the Obama  administration has been threatening the whistleblowers concerning Benghazi,  adding to their list of crimes.

According to the latest reports, at least four people from the State  Department and CIA have or are obtaining legal counsel to protect  themselves.  All four individuals are career federal workers who are  preparing to testify before Congress and present them with sensitive information  regarding the events connected with the Benghazi attack.

One of those four has retained the services Victoria Toensing, a former  official with the Justice Department and a Republican counsel to the Senate  Intelligence Committee.  She is not releasing the name of her client, but  did tell Fox News:

“I’m not talking generally, I’m talking specifically about Benghazi – that  people have been threatened, and not just the State Department. People have been  threatened at the CIA.”

In her interview below, Toensing says that her client has information that  contradicts what the Accountability Review Board reported.  The client’s  information covers what happened prior, during and after the attack on the  consulate and it all differs what we have been told.

Toensing also says that State Department officials have lied to the general  public when they recently stated that they have received no requests from any  lawyers to allow them to receive classified information.  She has copies of  two requests that were sent to them from her prior to the State Department’s  statement.  Her client cannot release any of the classified information  until they and the attorneys have been cleared to do so and the State Department  is purposely not clearing them which is also a violation of federal law.

The Boston bomber was given access to attorneys within hours after being  captured and these attorneys are being paid for by taxpayers.  Toensing is  handling this case free of charge but cannot receive the necessary clearance to  talk with her client.  She points out that the law says that whistleblowers  have the right to legal counsel, but in this case, the State Department is  purposely denying her client that legal right.

View Interview with attorney Victoria Toensing here.

The Watergate scandal resulted in the resignation of President Richard Nixon,  the only president ever to resign from office.  We can only hope and pray  that once the real story of Benghazi comes out and how the Obama administration  has been breaking laws to cover it up that it will either lead to Obama’s  resignation or his impeachment.

Obama has broken so many laws that I can no longer count them.  I don’t  understand how Congress has allowed him to do so without any attempt to stop him  from repeatedly breaking one federal law after another.  In reality, Obama  is worse than any mob boss that ever walked the streets of America and he should  be treated no differently than they have.  He needs to be arrested,  convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole and without his pension  for the multitude of crimes against the American people of which includes  treason as defined by the United States Constitution.

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