Biden Puts Our Children At Grave Medical Risk

Biden puts U.S. children at grave medical risk

By: Deane Waldman, M.D.

As a pediatrician (and cardiologist) for nearly fifty years, I cannot remain silent while President Biden – an unlicensed, untrained, wanna-be physician – practices bad medicine on our nation’s children. Following the CDC’s unwarranted revision of the vaccination schedule for children, Biden urged all Americans to get their children vaccinated and boosted against CoViD; mRNA injections – the “jab” – are neither safe, nor effective, and certainly unnecessary in healthy babies, children, and young adults.

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To most physicians, the CDC’s recommended routine vaccination schedule has been the gold standard. After all, CDC has access to reams of medical data and employs tens of thousands of analysts to review outcomes data. Clinical physicians do not have the time to review all this information themselves. We must rely on the CDC to provide a vaccination schedule for children (and adults) that is proven by hard evidence to be safe and effective against deadly infectious diseases. CDC is, purportedly, an apolitical agency driven solely by medical considerations, with no political agenda. Or so we thought!

Most clinicians believed this, at least until CoViD. The evidence slowly came out that CDC withheld, manipulated, distorted, and outright lied about medical data. They gaslighted the public in order to support the official Washington narrative. The CDC changed definitions in order to justify mandates to mask, lockdown, and take the jab. They banned, canceled, and censored any reports that question the medical necessity of their pseudo-martial law in the name of public health.

As just exposed by Joseph Mercola, neither Pfizer nor Moderna did the testing necessary to confirm the jab would prevent the spread of CoViD. The CDC and FDA knew this. Even as they told Americans it was their civic duty to protect others from contagion by getting the jab, Biden and the CDC knew the mRNA vaccine was a fraud: it did not stop viral spread!

A purely medical advisory agency has been corrupted into a political tool of the Biden administration.

Recently, a 15-person CDC panel called the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted unanimously, without public comment or dissenting medical opinions, to add mRNA jabs to the recommended routine vaccination schedule for children, beginning when they are 6 months old.

Apparently, the ACIP members never read or chose to ignore reports by Drs. Paul Alexander, Kristie Clarke, Charles Kim, Jennifer Margulis, Joseph Mercola, Jack Phillips, Zachary Stieber, US Politics and News, Deane Waldman, and Allen Zhong to name but a few. These and other reports prove the jab has frequent, serious, even life-threatening adverse effects; masks don’t work; lockdowns cause more harm than good; and natural immunity (which CDC said doesn’t exist!) is more protective than mRNA injections.

Trust in the CDC, crumbling before now, was totally shattered by the latest move: to impose mRNA vaccination – the “jab” – on children. That was a final straw, sweeping away any remaining faith clinical doctors or average Americans have in the CDC.

Children are in no danger from CoViD. The vast majority – 99.97 percent – have inherent defenses, natural immunity, against CoViD. No CoViD vaccine, or any other, standard vaccine, comes close to this level of protection. Given the dangers associated with mRNA vaccines, and absence of medical risk from CoViD infection in children (and healthy adults), there is no medical justification for the CDC to add CoViD to the routine vaccination schedule. Furthermore, there is another compelling reason not to do so: lack of outcomes data.

For the standard vaccinations, viz., against polio, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus (DPT), and measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), there were literally decades of outcomes research before vaccines were given to the general population. For CoViD, based on Fauci’s and CDC advice, the FDA approved mRNA vaccination with no long-term data! The short-term data that showed safety concerns were hidden by the CDC and censored by academia. Recently, the FDA recently approved a booster with no clinical trials at all.

In an attempt to avoid accountability for unpopular mandates based on the revised vaccination schedule, a CDC spokesperson lamely declared the ACIP decision “does not alter official policy.” No one was fooled.

The hidden but very real peril related to the new CDC schedule is that school districts might require a vaccine card before allowing in-person education. Noting the danger to Florida’s school age and younger population, Governor DeSantis immediately responded saying, “As long as I’m kicking and screaming, there will be no COVID shot mandates for your kids.”

Based on purely medical criteria, children do not need and should not be given mRNA vaccination against CoViD. When the CDC advises and the president mandates administration of the jab, they go against sound medical practice and put our children at unnecessary medical risk.  


The above article (Biden puts U.S. children at grave medical risk) originated on American Thinker and is republished on this TLB site under “Fair Use” (see project disclaimer below) with attribution to the articles author Deane Waldman, M.D., MBA and the original website

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About the Author: Deane Waldman, M.D., MBA is Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics, Pathology, and Decision Science; former director of the Center for Healthcare Policy at Texas Public Policy Foundation; and is the author of Curing the Cancer in U.S. HealthcareStatesCare and Market-Based Medicine.

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