From Black Lives Matter TO All Lives Matter [videos]

by Ralph Ely, TLB Editorial Staff

We love videos that tell the story. A video [unedited] shows what really happened… not some writer or reporter telling us what happened or what they want us to believe happened, as in the case of most MS Media reporting.

In the following two videos we see the start of similar situations but with Very Different Endings.

In the first video below, we see Social Unrest starting in Milwaukee and working it’s way up to a full blown Riot.
Video credit: Tony 2 Time

Now let’s examine a video with the same explosive potential and see a very different outcome, as we switch from Milwaukee to Dallas, TX.

Video credit: CNN

When reason and common sense come into play… not only do Black Lives Matter… All Lives Matter. And when you take George Soros and and the Power Elite’s funding of social unrest out of the picture, we see a very different scenario in the end.


More on BLM funding and manipulation:

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  1. Hi Lee- We hope you will take another look and understand that was not the point of the post. When you understand all of the “players” involved it takes on a whole new meaning.

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