Boys’ Town and the Conspiracy of Silence

Boys’ Town and the Conspiracy of Silence

By Elizabeth Nahas

Hollywood’s conspiracy of silence continues regarding the most vulnerable. The Left will do nothing to cut off the hand which feeds it.

Many years ago, the supermodel Cindy Crawford made a movie. She had been reluctant to engage in the world of movies but eventually acquiesced and made her debut. It was mediocre to say the least, and to my knowledge, Ms. Crawford stuck with her successful modeling career, never making a movie again. I recall Ms. Crawford’s explanation for her initial hesitation. She indicated she had control in the world of modeling about as much as any woman could at that time, but regarding Hollywood and the motion picture industry, she labeled it as “Boys’ Town.” How correct Ms. Crawford was.

Hollywood is indeed Boys’ Town, a leftist one at that, as we see unfolding with the Harvey Weinstein [pictured here] scandal. For years, young women have been tempted and pressured to sell their bodies and, often, their souls for the lure of fame and fortune. Some are lucky, if you think it is worth it, and their deal with the devil allows wildest dreams to come true as long as they maintain silence and express appreciation. Many others are not so fortunate, and their bargain with Mephistopheles offers little in return. For those who did not succumb to the lure of Mr. Weinstein’s promises, their careers have suffered gravely. It takes much to resist the temptation of Hollywood’s inner circle, and brava to any extremely courageous woman who is able to do so.

For the last week and a half, discussion has kept a buzz around the horror of what occurs in hypocritical Hollywood. Consequences abound for those who do not ingratiate themselves to the powers that be, and some sympathy can be allotted to those young women who bite the forbidden fruit in return for money and adulation. Other than those who are victims of rape, however, and as difficult as it may be not to capitulate, women have choices. What about the population that does not, the children whom the left is always exploiting regarding government overreach. Where are they when it comes to the gravest of all crimes? Pertaining to the Catholic Church, the Leftist media did not hesitate to expose their crimes and secrets as they absolutely should have says, I, a semi-practicing Catholic, but what about the other corridors of power? Yes, what about Hollywood where those nubile young bodies often appeal to the most deviant?

Several years ago, I read an article regarding the support for Roman Polanski because his rape of a 13-year-old was years gone past. Yes, people such as the actor Debbie Winger and the director Martin Scorsese were calling for his long-ago conviction for a crime against a minor to be vacated. The director Kevin Smith was not so benevolent and stated that rape is rape. He was a brave lone soldier amongst the collectivist left. How about Woody Allen [pictured here] consorting with and eventually marrying his partner’s adopted daughter? There were some cries of purported outrage but not much, and now? Meh! Mr. Allen continues to make movies, and little is said.

A few years ago, the director Bryan Singer, of the popular X-Men movie series came under scrutiny when accusations regarding sexual inappropriateness with underaged boys was brought to light. Apparently, those charges went nowhere, but he is cited in the 2014 documentary film on child sexual abuse in Hollywood, An Open Secret. As of this day, silence ensues for him and others who are believed to have been predators of children.

The actor Corey Feldman recently expressed his belief that the downfall and eventual death of his friend and fellow actor Corey Haim was the result of his being victimized by men of power. How many more? Who are these abusers remaining under the radar? Why do men who have survived this scourge or have been victimized as adults even now refuse to reveal their perpetrators’ identity? Most of them have reported their fears of retribution and loss of career. Understandable, but again, as the conspiracy of silence continues, this rapacious behavior will not cease. In fact, it will put the most innocent at graver risk.

Sexual abuse is about power and is physical, emotional, and sexual all wrapped in one. This crime is often committed under the auspices of love and kindness enticing the child to accept the confusing behavior. No good comes out of it except for the child’s ability to be heard and healed. Once is too many. The worst thing to happen to a child is to be misused in this way because it is the ultimate and most intrusive element of control. The attempts are to own the child and rob them of their very essence.

With all said and done, the Left remains silent about the deadly rot that permeates Hollywood. Sexual abuse occurs in many arenas, but it is a known-extracurricular activity in the cesspool of Tinseltown. The Left must be careful not to cut off the wealthy hand that feeds it so they will not take too strong of a stance against Hollywood’s sinners regardless of the victimization of children. Although the chickens have come home to roost as regards Hollywood’s darkest secrets, the Left is already circling the wagons and diverting the message. One of their own, Hillary Clinton, is now accusing Donald Trump of being like Harvey Weinstein. Regarding her own husband’s predatory tendencies as well as his association with a convicted pedophile, either no comment is made or she repeats the usual mantra of the Left: That was a long time ago.

Will Hollywood change its ways? Many us resoundingly say no. More scapegoats may be offered for sacrifice, but the drama will eventually drift into the background with a new story or cause taking its place. Unless a few valiant, powerful figures keep the issue front and center, all will be forgotten… Consequently, as Ms. Crawford aptly labeled it, Hollywood will remain “Boys’ Town, and I repeat, “A leftist one at that.”



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