Brace Yourself, I’m About to Agree With a Democrat (sort-of)! Part 2

Plus defend another, this will not become a habit (I promise)

Brace Yourself, I’m About to Agree With a Democrat (sort-of)! Part 2

Plus defend another, this will not become a habit (I promise)

By: Joseph M. Lenard

First, let’s do a minor flashback  a few months back for PART 1

Brace yourself, I am about to agree with something a #DUMBocrat is (trying, well claiming to try) to do… #PrinciplesNotPersonalities

Well, let’s be clear, what a few FASCICRATS are pretending to do. They know Pelosi and Schumer will never let this get anywhere near the floor. [What was this? An update to the STOCK Act. And, indeed, it never made it out of Committee.] A few desperate for reelection FASCICRATS now pretending to care about this, knowing it isn’t going to happen because their own leadership is blocking it. And, many DUMBocrats will fall for this dumb shit of pretend again. Their entire world is a delusional state of make-believe.

VIDEO (1m 3s): Just one of the many Democrats slapped with Trading ethics complaints (using the BUT IT WAS MY SPOUSE dodge (as if MARITAL ASSETS isn’t a thing in Law already)):

They actually put forth a POTENTIALLY GOOD #BILL
Jon Ossoff the FASCICRATS member, who knows he’ll likely be a ONE TERM US Senate member, Bill would strengthen the STOCK Act.

[snip (see that whole article: here): And now with GOP in control of the US House they should pass it and return it to the US Senate where then Schumer would block it. EXPOSING their corrupt nature yet again; as we have to keep doing it over and over and over again because there are a whole lot of STUPID PEOPLE still ain’t got it yet!! Moving further along PART 1 article…]

#PrinciplesNotPersonalities It is rare that any FASCICRAT would ever put forth any good legislation Again, it is OUT OF PURE DESPERATION, he is trying to work on his large negative approval rating and give the public, something, anything, positive that this FASCICRATS controlled US House and US Senate COULD DO!

As always, I AM ABOUT PRINCIPLES AND CONSERVATIVE VALUES, and RULE OF LAW, common-sense Legislation, and STOPPING OUR SUPPOSED REPRESENTATIVES from going to D.C. SWAMP to LINE THEIR POCKETS by passing Legislation they know will effect certain Stocks, while buying or selling in advance those Stocks they KNOW will go up or down due to the Bills they are going to Pass, is A VERY VALID PRECEPT.

VIDEO (13m 40s): CNBC – Congress and Insider Trading:

[SNIP, and now, as Paul Harvey would say: THE REST OF THE STORY. Well, not really, a whole different story/direction, but semi-related in that finally and on occasion a DUMBocrat actually is on the Right side of an issue, but usually (Hell, normally always) for the wrong reasons…]

Brace yourself, I’m about to agree with a Democrat (sort-of)! Part 2

Is idiot Alendraia-Ocrazio-Cotex (yes, purposefully being offensive here; as THEY never restrain in name-calling and in fact it is often all they have; actually right about something? If so, of course, for the wrong reasons!!!

AOC and other Leftists have (of course) gotten TIK-TOK monies so they oppose banning it (usual quid-pro-quo FASCICRATS Money-Laundering loyalty, and not to mention their usual CCP or Russia/USSR (going all the way back to Teddy Kennedy ties to Kremlin aiding/abetting them during the Cold-War) Ass kissing). HOWEVER, she is Right in that we have to TREAD LIGHTLY on this as there can be a slippery-slope with just as #THEPATRIOTAct; now twisted to use against American Patriots trying to preserve the Promise our Founders had for our Republic; the banning of a Private company App like this can set a very dangerous precedent (well, actually, continue down the Road to yet another of countless bad precedence) — that would be the discussion and reason to oppose; based on FREEDOM PRINCIPLES (and why many Conservatives are opposing based upon that/those Principles (but there is zero reason it cannot be banned on any/all Government bought/paid-for devices) and leave the FREE MARKET alone)!!!

VIDEO (10m 22s): Robby Soave: BEWARE the Restrict Act; TikTok Ban a FEDERAL PLOT to Seize Control of Speech:

The RESTRICT Act, like The Patriot Act before it, goes way too far and would be used by FASCICRATS to shutdown Conservative Platforms. They have been begging for Internet control via the fake NET NEUTRALITY Act manure.

VIDEO (5m 10s): Josh Hawley v Rand Paul – Shocking Senate Floor Clash Over Proposed TikTok Ban:

PLUS: Brace yourself, I’m about to defend a Democrat (sort-of)! Again, part number getting to be too many…

Bumbling Biden… No, not that one, Dr. Jill Biden…

#PrinciplesNotPersonalities (am I repeating that enough yet?) and Jill’s LET US WELCOME THE LOSERS TO THE WHITE HOUSE TOO dribble (yes, Basketball pun intended)… We must not allow others stupidity and harshness and evil/anger/jealousy/etc to harden us and drive us to lose our Christian humanity nature…

It should NOT, but it will, SHOCK many but i will cut her a bit of a break here!!! Did you actually take the time to listen/watch the Jill Biden comments in full context and with honest/open heart and not our preconceived hyper-partisan notions/lens?

This is ONE RARE TIME (sadly, far too often of late for my own liking potential sanity that I feel the need for calling on LET US BE FAIR, something the Left never is, and “partially” defending a Leftwing moron) that I will cut her some slack in that I think her “intention” (and I’ve said over and over we JUDGE on RESULTS NOT INTENTIONS/RHETORIC) was FOR GOOD and that she probably wanted a “IF you gave it your all, you should not FEEL BAD, and continue to give it your all and next time YOU may be the Champions” type speech and it all came out the jumbled mess it did. NONE OF US are Perfect, save Jesus, and we all likely have had a “didn’t form Right statement in our Heads or spewed spaghetti through our Lips not as desired moments” if anyone here dare like to tell me they can look in the Mirror and say with a straight face to themself they had never had that happen when speaking off-the-cuff then they are a FOOL or a LIAR and I’ll be reaching for the BLOCK BUTTON!

BUT HAVING SAID THAT… what IMO is FAIR GAME to point out, while BEING FAIR LIKE WAS/AM ABOVE; something the Left never is, honest or fair; “You shall know them by their Fruits” and this is a PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR of always shooting off the mouth before engaging the Brain and WORD-SALAD spewing.

VIDEO (7m 52s): Jill Biden Invites Iowa to White House Despite Being the Losing Team (Doug Gottlieb):

So, yes, I CAN/WILL/AM going to criticize BUT IN A FAIR FASHION that reflects upon our OWN RECOGNITION OF GRACE AND WE ARE ALL IMPERFECT as part of our logic, reasoned, common-sense, response!!!! Thankfully I am not alone in my sentiments, Doug Gottlieb has some great/wonderful thoughts (hope you’ll watch that video above) so I will not repeat them here. Let us, like Doug above and Rich below, CAN SOMETHING GREATER/BETTER come from this clear goof/flub/foot-in-mouth and can/will I (as I am here) YOU then show some GRACE in this situation while still calling out criticism?!?!

My God people, there is so much very much more/other important legit shit we need to FOCUS on and keep on about in-so-far as FASCICRATS (and that is not hyperbole, see that article) POLICY; endless #EpicFail Policy; that if you go on and on and on about stupid shit like this then WE only make ourselves look bad and in the process aid/abet the Biden Regime and #ENEMEdia to engage in deflections of what really matters most – something they want! You really want to help the FASCICRATS with there “do not look at our failings” distraction agenda?!?! Work smarter, not harder; as the saying goes.

HELL NO, certainly do not want us to engage in the usual/perennial CINO/RINO squish throwing the Left a lifeline and way out every time nonsense. However, the Left is indeed always hyper-partisan and NASTY and do you really want to be as pathetic as them (sure, respond-in-kind sometimes, but not let it become a habit). Remember the adage: “I have seen the enemy and he is us” in that we cannot become as pathetic as either the nasty Left nor the never-ending surrender CINO/RINO class. So, YES, we must get down in the gutter and pound them back as they constantly pound us, BUT AT SAME TIME we must indeed show WE ARE THE REAL CHRISTIANS AND GRACE PARTY (and “The Party of ‘kNOw’”) we claim to be  and show some Class, Grace, once in awhile – or, think of it this way; USE SOME F****** INTELLIGENT STRATEGY IN OUR CRITICISMS to demonstrate we indeed can/will/do oppose the Left’s stupid but while maintaining a sense of decorum (unlike them) and that we do hold our Christian values dear (unlike the fake Christian FASCICRATS like Biden, Pelosi, et al).

VIDEO (6m 33s): Should Losing Teams Get White House Invitations Now? (Rich Eisen):


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)
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