When the tallying of the Brazilian elections began last Sunday, one had the feeling of being faced with a real deja vu of what happened two years earlier in the American elections.

The outgoing president, Jair Bolsonaro, had started with a margin of ten percentage points over his direct challenger, former president Lula.

Little by little, however, all that advantage has gradually diminished until it has completely disappeared.

What has happened is what practically never happens at a statistical level: the opponent in the elections managed “miraculously” not only to regain all his advantage but also to overtake President Bolsonaro.

Statistically, when certain advantage thresholds are reached in the elections, 3% or more, and when a certain point in the count is reached, from 20% upwards, it practically never happens that there is a recovery of the other candidate and then an overtaking.

But here what was unthinkable on paper actually happened. Lula advanced while Bolsonaro remained practically stationary at the post, and could no longer defend his full advantage.

As soon as this unthinkable recovery took place, there were many who had the distinct feeling that the hands of the clock had gone back in time, to be precise on the night of November 3, 2020 in the United States.

It was precisely on that unfortunate night that one of the biggest electoral frauds ever seen in the history of the much vaunted liberal democracies took place.

It was on that occasion that all the brazenness of the subversive machine of the deep state of Washington that had decided to overthrow Donald Trump at any cost was exposed.

Out of nowhere appeared postal votes that were all assigned, “strangely”, to Joe Biden, and for the occasion, even the deceased came back to life to give their vote to the candidate of the Democratic Party.

This was what concerned the internal side of the fraud, that is, the one that took place inside American soil, while for what concerns the external side, the international one, various actors took part in the attempt to overturn the electoral result.

Above all there is that of the Italian deep state which, as stated by various qualified sources, would have participated in this subversive act through a company owned by the State, Leonardo, with the endorsement of the then Conte government.

Apparently, the subversive operation was so far-reaching as to see the involvement of the entire Italian political system in an attempt to block the road to re-election for Donald Trump in what would have been an even more sensational coup than the one already seen in 2016, when the then Renzi government was accused of helping Obama illegally spy on Trump and fabricate the Russiagate hoax.

The Brazilian deep state war against Bolsonaro

This time something similar happened with Jair Bolsonaro, another great opponent of that web of international powers that everywhere seem to follow the same direction. The one that sees the ignition of a machine composed of Masonic and transnational powers that has one and only purpose: to overthrow by any means available those leaders who are in no way devoted to the cause of globalism but who rather want to preserve their roots intact, the culture and spirituality of one’s nation.

This is certainly the case of the Brazilian president, who had written a tweet before the elections in which he seemed to clearly refer to those dark and occult forces that lurk behind the private circles of globalist subversion.

Bolsonaro quoted a passage from the letter of St. Paul to the Ephesians, in which the Saint writes that the battle of the Christian is not only against the potentates of this world, but against that kingdom of darkness that uses such potentates to establish the dictatorship of the world, evil, based on a visceral hatred of Christianity.

And the Brazilian president knew that hatred already during his first presidential candidacy in 2018, when a man, Adélio Bispo de Oliveira, tried to kill him with a knife.

The man was later acquitted by the ineffable Brazilian judiciary, which judged de Oliveira as “mentally ill” and set him free.

As in all liberal democracies, the judiciary is not a body that responds to the interests of the nation and whose ultimate goal is the protection of justice. The judiciary in this system has the task of preserving the domination of the capitalist elites who are those who hold the real power and are the real managers of democracy.

And it is always the robes that ensure protection for the powerful and leave their crimes unpunished. This was seen precisely in Brazil during the beginning of the pandemic farce when the highest judicial body, the Federal Supreme Court, snatched the management of the false emergency from Bolsonaro’s hands, transferring power instead to the local level, especially to the governors of the Brazilian states.

The purpose of the Brazilian togates was to ensure that the coronavirus terrorist operation was carried out with the greatest possible harshness, as seen in several other countries of the world, such as Australia, Israel, Italy and practically the whole of Western Europe.

Bolsonaro, on the other hand, did everything he could not to fuel the fire of psychosis and ensure that his country did not fall into the nightmare of the Great Reset in Davos. A society that if it had reached its final fulfillment and manifestation would have seen the birth of the most ferocious and repressive dictatorship in history. The last two years have served this purpose.

To reveal the true nature of liberalism, behind its hypocritical facade of human rights it planned the most authoritarian of dictatorships, the one that provided for the complete transfer of the powers of nations into the hands of a handful of faceless financiers from London, Davos and New York they claim to decide the fate of the whole of humanity.

Bolsonaro got in the way of this plan and the power of the Brazilian deep state, as already seen two years ago with Trump, set the fraud machine in motion.

But just as Trump knew his enemies in Washington were planning an electoral coup against him, so Bolsonaro was aware of it.

Trump and Bolsonaro seem to share an acute political intelligence as well as the mutual esteem shown by both on numerous occasions, most recently the most recent which saw the American president express all his support for the elections to his Brazilian counterpart.

The political acumen of the two presidents can also be seen in the moves undertaken to thwart the subversive plans of their opponents.

The first, Trump, had signed executive order 13848 in which already in 2018 he established the imposition of sanctions against those foreign powers who wanted to overthrow his presidency in 2020 through electoral fraud.

Trump was prepared for such an eventuality. He was not taken by surprise as some naively believe. He let the Democrats and their financiers start the fraud and then later made his own answer to the subversives. Even today, almost two years later, what is called the “Biden administration” has not moved even one iota of its predecessor’s foreign policy.

The United States has not once again become the armed wing of Atlanticism, nor has it once again taken on the role of the world gendarme who punishes and overthrows governments that do not align with the interests of the internationalist powers that have dominated Washington for a long time.

History will probably one day clarify what really happened in January 2021 when Donald Trump, according to several military sources, appears to have used his presidential prerogatives to prevent the completion of the electoral coup on November 3.

And these prerogatives would have led the American president to sign the act against insurrection and to resort to the intervention of the armed forces, which since then would be the real manager of a presidential administration de facto commissariat.

Bolsonaro knew of the plan to defraud the elections

Jair Bolsonaro likewise knew that his enemies would seek to unseat him. He knew this from before the election, when he denounced how electronic voting was the ideal way to carry out electoral fraud.

Such a fraud is even simpler than one involving the use of paper cards. It is not necessary to pull ballots out of thin air and often fabricate a number of voters who are not even registered in the electoral registers. The votes are moved from one side to the other through electronic machines that assign the victory at the table to one of the candidates with a margin of difference already established in advance by a mathematical model or algorithm.

It will probably be for this reason that in many Brazilian municipalities Bolsonaro turns out to have taken zero votes and Lula instead 100%. Something that had never been seen in past elections when there was still no electronic voting.

The Brazilian president, however, knew that they would try to remove him through a scam and that is why already last October he ordered the armed forces to check the safety of the electronic machines that would count the votes.

The Ministry of Defense had already carried out checks on electronic voting systems a month ago and compiled a detailed report on the subject. The report has not been made public but it is quite possible that Bolsonaro saw the document and took his due countermeasures.

Just as the support of the US military was what enabled Trump to become president and eventually sign the Act Against Insurgencies, so the factor of the Brazilian president’s enormous popularity in the military is what made him able to defend himself against powerful internal and external enemies.

And once again it was they who made the difference: the military. According to reports from the Brazilian news site, Santa Teresa Noticia, three foreign companies, one Russian, one North American and another European have carried out a technical review of the electoral machines together with the Brazilian army technicians and the outcome would have been almost unanimous.

There has been fraud, and even massive. Last week Bolsonaro went to the headquarters of the Supreme Federal Court from which he left without making statements to the reporters who were waiting for him crowded outside the door.

When the president left, he was preceded by a soldier carrying a briefcase. According to some sources close to the Brazilian government, Bolsonaro went to the robots to show them irrefutable evidence of the theft suffered on October 30th.

And the president would even have imposed an ultimatum on the judges to proceed to declare the illegality of the vote, under penalty of arrest of the leaders who have hatched and implemented this attempt to overthrow the highest political authority of Brazil.

In this case, there would also be the constitutional ground to obtain the involvement of the armed forces of the country through the activation of Article 142 of the Brazilian charter, which provides for military intervention if the constitutional order is jeopardized.

And that would certainly be the case given that the outgoing president would have been deprived of the ability to win a second term through massive electronic fraud.

And this would be the reason why when Bolsonaro called his press conference two days after the vote, he did not in any way recognize Lula’s “victory” nor did he speak out clearly about the start of the transition process. of the powers towards the progressive candidate.

The president seems to have quite clear ideas on the next steps to take.

In all this, the Brazilians seem to have a clear perception of what has happened and have invaded the streets of the country. For more than a week, demonstrations by hundreds of thousands of Brazilian citizens have been staged in every part of Brazil, denouncing the fraud and demanding that their legitimate president, Jair Bolsonaro, remain in power.

In Rio de Janeiro, in Florianopolis and in many other cities of Brazil, this green-gold river of people has been seen everywhere who have felt called into question to defend their homeland from what can be considered in all respects a coup.

These demonstrations were even joined by the federal police and the military as their armored vehicles passed through the streets and expressed all their sympathy for the people who took to the streets.

There is a whole people on the side of its president and there is a whole people who do not want to go back to the past.

There is a whole people who do not want to return to the presidency of Lula, famously financed by circles close to George Soros and supported by the entire financial establishment.

Brazil has closed the door to the past and opened it to that of the future embodied by the multipolar world. A multipolar world which, rather than imposing the unilateral vision of the Anglo-Saxon establishment, is based on respect for the sovereignty of nations.

Brazil no longer wants to remain in that globalization that strips nation states of their sovereignty making them subject to obscure supranational entities that govern nations in the secret rooms of lodges and banks.

Brazil wants to remain Brazil and defend its existence. On Bolsonaro’s electoral posters it says “God, country and family” and it is that trinity that most terrifies liberalism. Liberalism that sees as smoke in the eyes all those values ​​that refer to Christianity because liberalism wants to cancel these values ​​to replace them first with those of state atheism until then revealing its true identity which leads to the adoration of the Luciferian cult.

And the Brazilians want to defend their true identity and reject the false one imposed on them by liberalism. This is why in 2022 in Brazil the same machine of international subversion was set in motion that was set in motion in 2020 in the United States.

This subversive powerhouse overthrows all those who struggle to prevent the power of globalism from having the ultimate upper hand over nations and their peoples.

And Bolsonaro fully belongs to that alliance of patriots who want a better future for their people. Not a fact of slavery and repression against those who do not adapt to the authoritarian model of the New World Order, but one of peace and mutual prosperity for the homelands.

These are important hours for Brazil because they are the hours in which this nation will decide its course in the coming years.

History in the last period seems to have clearly turned towards the course of de-deglobalization.

The Brazilians are on that path they want to stay. On the side of Brazil and not on the side of those who want to destroy it.



Featured image: Alan Santos PP

Published to The Liberty Beacon from EuropeReloaded.com