Brexit Vote V.2 Stuns Globalist Media in Europe

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And they still don’t get it.

Boris Johnson getting elected by millions of working class British voters, a seeming contradiction as we have noted here (Johnson Wins Majority to Get Brexit Done, But What on Earth Comes Next for Joe Public?), seems to serve as a kind of Rorschach test for the MSM and others to project on it whatever interpretation suits them. Electing him, however, has simply been a (once again) stunning affirmation of the desire to see Brexit properly delivered, which was originally voted on more than 3 years ago. No more, no less.

Independent right, anti-socialist US sites and journalists like Zerohedge and Mike Shedlock, for example, have been interpreting it as a vote against ‘socialism’ and Corbyn’s ‘radicalism’ or the alleged anti-semitism within his party (see here and here). Not true at all. Only the Zionist-owned media (which is most of them) simply hate Corbyn (who’s Jewish) for his pro-Palestinian stance; claims of anti-semitism within his party have never been proven, like those of Russian interference in the US election of Trump. The dominant Blairite/Fabian faction of the Labour Party, part of the Zionist camp, have been trying to get Corbyn out forever; Corbyn, however, had the popular grassroots support of his party. He just didn’t support the traditional working class voting base of Labour over its desire for Brexit, which has been a Labour party problem for many years now.

We republish below a section of FreeWest Media’s report on how the pro-Boris vote has been received by the Great and Good in Europe. They still don’t get it.

As for the French, if you can’t understand someone, just insult them!


Brexit Vote Stuns Globalist Media in Europe

FreeWest Media

Despite the comfortable majority in the lower house, it will not be a walk in the park for the beaming winner, Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Negotiating a free trade agreement with the EU in a year will be pretty tough, especially since Brussels is now offended (again) and turning its nose up at British voters.

The end of January – the date of the official withdrawal – and the conclusion of the free trade agreement does not end the negotiations: The last chapter in the Brexit book could be thicker than the election results suggest.

US President Donald Trump tweeted: “Looks like a great victory for Boris!” Austria’s designated Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP – pictured) congratulated Johnson on an “impressive election victory”. The ÖVP leader said he hoped that the agreement to withdraw Britain from the European Union can now be swiftly ratified.

AfD Group leader Alice Weidel saw the result as a vote in favor of Britain’s exit from the EU. “The British people have made a clear decision: they’ve had enough of the buzz about the #Brexit – and finally want to see the referendum result carried out.” She congratulated Johnson on “his strong mandate” and wished him “good luck” on leaving.

AfD leader Jörg Meuthen criticized the coverage of German media in the run-up to the election:

“Since June 23, 2016, the day of Brexit voting, [public broadcasters] ARD and ZDF, as well as numerous print and online media, told us that the vote at the time was pure coincidence, at best owing to a short-term mood, wanted only by old white men and by no means representative of the still overwhelming EU enthusiasm in Britain. That was years of fake news at its finest – at least since yesterday night it became completely clear.”

The errors and ideological biases of many pundits in French media and political figures over the past three years were also revealing.

Since June 23, 2016, with 51.9 percent of Britons voting for an exit by the United Kingdom from the European Union, French media and political figures have continued to spread their alarmism and their disdain for the British while criticizing a “stupid” or even “irresponsible” choice.

Boris Johnson was ridiculed daily in the press. But on Thursday, December 12, the Conservative party and its leader obtained an absolute majority in the House of Commons, during the legislative elections, illustrating once again the support of the British for an exit from the EU.

The expression “hangover” was most used on news channels in France in the aftermath, and the French media had trouble swallowing the bitter pill of defeat.

“Their troubles, and those of the whole country, are just beginning”, announced L’Express. For BFMTV, “the English do not know why they voted”. The interviews only included the British who regret their vote.

FranceInfo noted that “some supporters of Brexit already regret their choice”. And “Vote ‘out’ … and ‘bite your nails’,” announced Le Télégramme.

And since Boris Johnson came to power, the French press has found its new scapegoat. “The liar who weakens Europe” , headlined Le Parisien on November 26. The British Prime Minister was particularly qualified as being a “rogue” and “manipulator” according to Remainers.

Le Monde, for its part, spoke a few days ago of “disturbing elections for Europe”, referring to the legislative elections. The newspaper estimates that the United Kingdom is “more divided than ever on the question of Europe”. Once again, it is clear that one of the leading daily newspapers in France has erred.

“The ‘Great Britain of the world’ that he promised after Brexit flatters imperial nostalgia but very much resembles a chimera,” wrote Le Monde. And to clearly display their ideological bias: “For all Europeans, starting with the French, the closest neighbours and partners, the rooting of a Trump on the small island dreaming of transforming the United Kingdom into a tax haven by practicing social and environmental dumping at the doors of the continent, would be very bad news”.

Jean-Michel Aphatie (pictured above), a journalist, noted without any hint of nuance that “these British” are “little morons anyway”.

A tweet from pundit Alain Duhamel also emerged: “I bet the following: when the Brexit negotiation ends in two years, it will have become very unpopular in Great Britain.”

And one of the “great visionaries of our time”, the incontrovertible Bernard-Henri Lévy (pictured), who has delivered many faulty prophecies before, said on the morning of the British vote: “Probable Brexit defeat. Rout, therefore, of sovereignists, xenophobes, racists. It remains to reinvent Europe next.”


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