Cape Town Drought and the GeoEngineering factor

Cape Town Drought and the GeoEngineering factor

by Ralph Ely | TLB Editor-at-large

Drought and GeoEngineering has been working for the Elite Power Brokers of the world for a good many years now. Just in the last few years, due to stepped-up weather modification programs, a majority of the global population is asking “What the hell is going on?”

What indeed

GeoEngineering is no longer your friendly electric company paying someone to go up in a prop driven aircraft… drop pellets into some clouds to make it rain… so they have water run off to fill reservoirs… so the water can run turbines and produce electricity. Ah, yesteryear.

Today’s GeoEngineering is tied into technology that is on the ground, in the air and on the sea. Most activist know about HAARP, SRM, and Directed Beam war applications to name a few. The average “Joe Citizen” is now becoming aware of these programs due to “never before weather events,” strange things happening during fires (that popped up out of nowhere) such as ‘blue beams’ coming from the sky that worsen the fire’s intensity.

Who benefits

As usual when man is trying to control something he should not be involved with, it is because he makes money or needs to feed his “addiction for Power.” Both of these factors are in play here. Control the weather and you can move farmers off their land for cents on the dollar and Big Ag can plant GMO foods. Create giant fires that consume thousands of acres of homes and property, and you control the natural resources in that area. And the people? Many do not want to rebuild and accept the Insurance Pay Off and move into or close to a metro area. Just what Agenda 30 calls for. (Round up the cattle and herd’em in.)

What we have pointed out here is only the tip of the iceberg. The point of  talking about these issues is the positive news of the Global Wake-up to GeoEngineering in-spite of very little or no coverage from Main Stream Media. That is not a surprise being they are nothing more than the PR Department for The Corporation of America,   formerly known as The United States of America. This is not just a U.S. thing… this revenue and power program is in place through the U.N., NATO and other Government “ride along” programs and mandates.

More about the Media PR  and Cape Town

What keyed us to set down at the keyboard was the picture below of the sky that accompanied a story on a weather feed from AccuWeather about the lack of water, due to a drought, in Cape Town, South Africa

For those of us that are fortunate enough, due to our age, to remember what a “real” sky looks like.. with “real” clouds.. will experience the emotion of Red Flags going up the minute we see this picture. Point made, enough said.

The following video from AccuWeather makes no mention of any “man made” participation in the drought… just peddling “soft fear porn” in-spite of what is known about Cape Town and GeoEngineering. More on that later:

AccuWeather  and the rest of MS Media have no excuse to not acknowledge GeoEngineering  and it’s effects on a Global Scale. Look what we can find on line by entering just a few key words:

Proof that South Africa Has Been Subjected to Geoengineering via the “Rainfall Enhancement Program”

South Africa under SRM attack!

Why Africans are wary of re-engineering the climate

Governments remain silent about bids to geoengineer the climate

We have established there is more than enough information for even a six year old to understand. Just going outside and looking up should give a skeptic pause for thought, but only if they are ready to handle the Truth.

More MS BS, selling fear

Let’s take a look at headlines from MS Media PR agenda… Never addressing cause or looking for a solution… or reporting on one if it were available.

water crisis on News24

City of Cape Town set to reach out to the bottled water industry

Cape Town, on verge of running out of water, braces for … – CBS News

Cape Town water supply near ‘point of no return’ as reservoirs run dry ..

Cape Town could be first major city in the world to run out of water

Read this last story headline (above), ” Cape Town could be first major city in the world to run out of water.”  They could be the first city? Is that a hint that there will be more to come or A Slip that tells us the media knows more than they pretend? Put that on your ponder list.

The race is on

One of the biggest races of all time is occurring  just outside your window. The race has only two participants, Demonic Force and Humanity.  The winner will get (and in one case keep) the Body, Mind and Spirit of Humanity.

There are many things you can do to help Humanity Win. Just running outside and snapping a few pictures of the sky and posting them on line is useless. (Preaching to the Choir.) Get with other activist that are doing something in the real world.

Check out what Matt Landman is doing. Tune into what Pam Jones is up to. [Facebook is going out of their way to Censor Pam. We picked up a YouTube link from a radio show to bring you her latest information.] We can stop right there, as their activities include and are open to all of the anti-GeoEngineering movement. There are many other fine Activist that we could mention, but space and time limit us and the fact that they are not listed here is in no way a slap against their work.  You can step up your involvement by reaching out to them or anyone involved in the mix of activists that have had enough of the planned genocide that is GeoEngineering.


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  1. I think that perhaps we should be taking a close look at MeerKAT and HERA right on our doorstep. Why would you need 64 parabolic dishes to look at some way, way distant star. A parabolic dish is as good a transmitter as it is a receiver and HERA (Hydrogen Epoch of Reionisation Array) says it all South Africa’s own new improved HAARP. Able to “see” all of SA, Namibia, Mocambique etc at the 90KM height where ionospheric heating can be induced. The R4,4 billion could maybe be better employed to build desalination plants or something that will actually benefit mankind.” Real eyes, realize, real lies”

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