August 25, 2013 1

By: Stone GMOs are made by manipulation of extremely deadly viruses & bacteria (such as E. coli) that have been engineered to be IMMUNE TO ANTIBIOTICS (Pause video at 8:08). Monsanto spends millions of dollars each […]


Egypt’s Salvadorian Option

August 17, 2013 0

By Zine Larbaoui, TLB Staff and Contributor “Skull and bones” John Kerry’s nominating Robert Ford as Egypt’s ambassador should sound alarm bells, as an ominous omen of what abominations lies ahead for this country. Who […]


Turkish pilots, Hezbollah and the Bigger Picture

August 12, 2013 1

By: Ceylan Ozbudak, TLB Turkish Contributor Yesterday, Turkey woke up to the news of two Turkish Airlines pilots being abducted in Lebanon. Later in the day, the abduction was claimed by a group called Zouar […]


Monsanto, Agenda 21 and Globalization

August 5, 2013 6

Monsanto among many other powerful corporations in America is known for its hypocritical business model and its glorious past from helping to build the first atomic bomb and poisoning more than 5 million Vietnamese with […]


Ex-Military Bio–Enviro–Engineer: Chemtrails Are Real

July 27, 2013 22

By: Avalon Ex-Military Bio-Environmental Engineer Exposes the Covert Air Force Geoengineering Program currently In Progress Globally Years of research into Geoengineering among scholars and scientists has proven the technology of Geoengineering to be an inexpensive […]


The Storm is Over in Turkey…Or Is It?

July 21, 2013 1

By: Ceylan Ozbudak, TLB Contributor Prime Minister Erdoğan asked the crowds in his rallies after the Gezi protests in Istanbul: “Where were all those people back on the 28th of February 1997?” The protesters answered […]

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