Controversial Anti-Islam Ads Set for Washington DC

March 15, 2013 3

A federal judge has ordered the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Agency to begin displaying anti-jihad advertisements beginning on Monday, the Washington Post reported on Saturday. US District Judge Rosemary Collyer issued the one-page ruling on […]


Is Our Food Poisoning US? (GMO’s)

March 11, 2013 4

Food is supposed to provide us nourishment and health  but because of the toxins it contains, what we consume has become a major threat to our health. Some toxic substances are added to our food physically, […]


UN: Colo., Wash. Legal Pot Violates Drug Treaties

March 5, 2013 21

A United Nations-based drug agency urged the United States government on Tuesday to challenge the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Colorado and Washington, saying the state laws violate international drug treaties. The International […]


GE Crops are Destroying our Planet’s Soil and Food Supply

March 3, 2013 2

Introduction: This article is a comprehensive look at Genetically Engineered (GE) or Genetically Modified (GM) Organisms and their impact on the health of humanity and the global biosphere in general.  GE Crops and Unsustainable Agricultural Practices are Destroying […]


When Journalists Are Not journalists – Turkey’s Trials

March 3, 2013 0

By: Ceylan Ozbudak German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s criticism of Turkey’s detention of certain “journalists” during her February 2012 visit to Ankara highlighted the political challenges which becloud relations between Turkey and her sister European states. […]


261 MPG Volkswagen XL1 Production Confirmed

March 2, 2013 1

Volkswagen has toyed with the idea of cigar-shaped ultra-eco cars for some time now, but a production car is finally on the way. The Volkswagen XL1 is a plug-in diesel hybrid with a body seemingly […]

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