Climate Summit, Huh? Global Warming? Dale Bozzio Sings About What’s Really Happening to Our Weather


By TLB Contributor: Mona Lidji Fishman

Mona“LOOK UP! The Sky Is Falling!” Geo-Engineering, aka : Chemtrail activists earlier looked on as “Conspiracy Theorists” are now being more widely accepted as “Conspiracy Fact- Tellers”. You can’t go shopping without noticing the streaks being sprayed in the sky as you unload the groceries into your car. Mention “Chemtrails” and the young employee in the parking lot is aware of them and chimes right in! More and more scientific proof that Chemtrails are real, including a quote by Dennis Kucinich when referring to the weather warfare bill in 2001 legislation HR2977, are being presented to the public via internet, and even some on tv on the History Channel discussing Weather Warfare.

Movies and award-winning documentaries with scientists and scientific proof; such as ” What In The World Are They Spraying?” and “Why In The World Are They Spraying?” are offered for free viewing on YouTube, and have been viewed by millions…..but not millions enough, as the problem is becoming more ferocious as the aerosol spraying has increased in not only volume of spray, but also in the frequency in which they spray. It’s definitely not just for sky-writing any more!

These days, we are so conditioned to seeing the streaks in the sky that many don’t even notice them. Burning eyes, allergies, always blamed on something else. “Contrails ” are vapor trails which dissipate within 5 minutes. “Chemtrails” stay up there and spread into fake metal blobs in the sky. Doctors argue, if they are vapors, then “Why do some planes discharge and others flying next to them do not? Are the ones who are not discharging supposedly flying with their engines off?” This is a global problem, not only the United States, but these trails made of barium and aluminum metals are being sprayed around the world and are effecting every living being on our planet.

Anyway, I had written a fun song describing Chemtrails, and had originally titled it” Ignorance Is Bliss”, and then re-recorded it with the talented Dale Bozzio of the band Missing Persons.I had been searching for a famous artist to record the Chemtrails song, and Dale fit the bill perfectly. Even though the subject is serious, the song is light-hearted , so enjoy.

I have included my Chemtrails song here, as well as some useful videos should you decide to explore the possibility that man IS effecting the weather with Chemtrails, yet NO MENTION OF CHEMTRAILS AT THE CLIMATE SUMMIT WHATSOEVER?! They know we are too busy looking DOWN at our iPhones to notice. Well, it’s time to ” Look UP!

By the way, one of my favorite artists, Prince, has spoken out about Chemtrails in the past. Bravo to you Prince, and fun-trivia : Prince had worked with Dale Bozzio in the past! I’m including the link of Prince’s discussion about Chemtrails, as well. I am also including a video by ex-FBI Chief Ted Gunderson, which should be official enough to satisfy the skeptics.

I don’t put anything past our government since I learned of the massive cure-blocking achieved by our FDA ( See my War On Drugs article on this site in my archives for more info on that). EDTA Chelation is the only thing that can remove toxic heavy metals from your body, and a Chelation song was going to be the subject of my first song. Then I discovered Ron Paul, and knew I could do more good by helping him and his ideals take hold, therefore ending the reign of cure-blocking and lies that we have experienced since cable tv and the media took charge.

Two full length presentation/documentaries containing a plethora of information. Watch and learn because … It is what you don’t know that will harm you and your children most!

As always, I am a grass roots supporter and do not speak on behalf of Ron or Rand Paul. All of my Liberty music is available for free uploads at my soundcloud channel

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