Clinton Still Trying To Steal Election, Democrats Blatantly Subvert Electoral Process

The Whole World Watches the C.I.A. Execute a Soft Coup … in its Own Back Yard

The Electoral College is now under extreme assault!

By: State of the Nation

Anyone who does not think that the Clinton Campaign, the DNC, the CIA and the MSM (aka the Clinton cabal) are colluding to steal the 2106 U.S. presidential election had better think twice.

ELECTORGATE: Was the anti-Trump elector blackmailed? Or bribed? Or both?

There are very good reasons why the electoral college procedure is exploding in real time. And especially why the DEMs did not begin to blow up the statutory process prior to this week.  The element of “S U R P R I S E”  is their only way to perpetrate this black op successfully at this point.

Is the C.I.A. executing a soft coup?

For those who still doubt that Hillary R. Clinton will not relent in her quest to steal this election, please read the following headlines.  These articles come from mostly MSM news outlets, so they only show you the tip of the iceberg.  The true depth and breadth of this conspiracy to subvert American democracy is so much deeper and broader, respectively.

It’s the lawyers as usual!

There is, in fact, no greater threat to the American Republic than the machinations of the legal class.  As a voting demographic, neighborhood lawyers and corporate attorneys alike have leaned hard left for many decades. Many of the laws that they concoct in Congress and statehouses across the country have proven to be patently unconstitutional, practically unenforceable and grossly immoral.  Welcome to the anarchy created by the Democratic lawyer, as well as many Republican attorneys

How The Lawyers Destroyed American Society …
… And Corporate Attorneys Have Devastated The Civilization

So this is what we are really dealing with.  The lawyer class really does not like Donald Trump.  He offends their limousine liberal sensibilities.  He also is not like the smooth-talking imposter and constitutional lawyer President Obama who supported their every cause…right down to the wholesale destruction of the country.  It’s well known that nothing tears apart the social fabric of a society like bad lawyers and corrupt judges.  Look at how they both have collaborated over generations to transform the USA into an utterly depraved Obamanation.

The critical point here regarding the upcoming electoral college voting is that there is a legal counselor (read lawyer) for every group and initiative aiming to sabotage the upcoming process. Hidden behind every headline (preceding list) is a law firm, university law professor, legal advocacy group or lawyer who is providing the legal basis for the outright election theft.


There’s a very good reason why “lawyer” rhymes with “liar”.  They do the same thing, only lawyers get paid extremely well for their serial lying and prevaricating.  In the case of Electoral College tampering, these vultures are getting paid big bucks to take down The Donald anyway they can.  Be advised that they will stop at nothing until they contrive a fake legal way to prevent him from being officially declared POTUS.

If anyone can carry out this transparent coup d’état, it’s the lawyers who can commit the treasonous crime and get away with it…seemingly.  They will fabricate every specious argument to unlawfully prop up their legal strategies and judicial tactics.  The U.S. Congress is populated by lawyers of every stripe who are also contributing to the present environment of electoral anarchy.  Each one should be charged with sedition—post haste!

Timing is everything

The DNC knew exactly what they would do once their Soros-funded engineered riots against President-elect Trump were exposed.  They also had a backup plan once the bogus Jill Stein recounts were properly revealed to be a Democrat plot to flip the 3 key states that guaranteed Trump his victory.

All along, the Clinton cabal had planned for a coup by way of the Electoral College.  Which is why they quite stealthily waited until the week before the Electoral College vote to float their subversive plot throughout the mainstream media (MSM).  In fact, they quite purposefully waited to galvanize the necessary support nationwide until the latest possible moment.  In this way they had hoped to catch the Trumpsters off guard.  Their election theft would then be a fait accompli, and no one even saw it coming…except every DEM on the block.

Surely the Trump Transition Team is well aware of this treasonous conspiracy to steal their victory.  Certainly they have taken the proper measures to thwart these traitors.  If they don’t head them off at the pass very soon — as in yesterday — Donald Trump may not be elected by the college.  Which would undoubtedly trigger a civil war also known as the Purple Revolution that is being surreptitiously led by ex-candidate Clinton and her Clintonista cronies.

Leaders of the Purple Revolution

Leaders of the Purple Revolution

The Bigger Context

There is no question that the NWO globalists are in a fight for their life against Team Trump an authentic popular movement that is essentially nationalist.  The voting demographics have been shaping up over several election cycles which indicate that the Clinton camp is made up of globalists, whereas the Trumpsters are predominantly nationalists.

The NWO cabal knows that the United States of America cannot be lost if they are to continue their conquest toward a One World Government.  They have already lost Europe via BREXIT as they continue to lose with the many other nationalist movements triggering their own national exits from the European Union.  Likewise, their pivotal anthropogenic Global Warming scheme has also been outed for the fraud that it truly is.

However, there is one highly radioactive issue that compels the Clinton cabal to be so bold as to steal this election in broad daylight by manipulating the Electoral College.  In other words, this cabal has been found out in the most profound and fundamental way that they are really scared.  It’s called: PIZZAGATE!

PIZZAGATE: The Scandal That Will Take Down the Clintons, the Democratic Party and the U.S. Federal Government

Yes, the sheer desperation that is pushing the Democrats to commit outright treason by stealing this election is the enormity and gravity of PIZZAGATE.  Truly, the Democratic Party is at great risk of being dissolved.  Just as Hillary and Bill Clinton face their political demise and criminal prosecution, and John Podesta confronts the very real prospect of life imprisonment, the whole ultra-liberal, left-wing, progressive conspiracy to transform the USA into a totalitarian communist country is now toast.

This is why there are serious plans afoot to steal this election.  Trump represents not only an immediate cessation of their New World Order agenda, he has arrested their march toward a One World Government, both here and abroad.  Hence, their Electoral College criminal conspiracy will only be the latest attempt to knock Trump down once and for all. Quite unfortunately for TPTB, they will not stop until they are successful (which they will never be).


As long as the American people remain vigilant and stalwart in their mission, the traitors can be expelled from the kingdom.  Before this historic election, relatively few understood that the barbarians are not at the gate, the barbarians are inside the gate…where they have been for many decades in full force.

With such an obvious tyrant like Barack Hussein Obama, it became clear that they would attempt to overtly convert the nation from a constitutional republic into a naked dictatorship.  Leave it to the Manchurian Candidate Barack Obama to not only betray his own people, but also to press for so much repugnant change so quickly that We the Peoplefinally caught up with him.

Lastly, the Electoral College vote is the last major hurdle that can prevent Donald J. Trump from being properly inaugurated.  Therefore, it is imperative for every citizen of conscience to kick up the biggest sh*tstorm is history, which will forever stain this 2016 election and thwart the conspiracy to carry out a covert coup.  Toward that end, every article and blog, every video and radio interview which exposes this treasonous plot needs to go viral—YESTERDAY !

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