Commenting on the Political Scene, a Minefield of Emotionally Based Reactionism

Commenting on the Political Scene, a Minefield of Emotionally Based Reactionism

Commentary by TLB Contributing Partner: Randy Maugans

I have to put this out there. I hate commenting on the political scene, as it is a minefield of emotionally based reactionism. And, I get it – that we all want a respite from the endless roiling storms of geopolitical gamesmanship that disrupt peaceful, productive lives.

I have watched now, for over four years, as the corrosive process of splintering the psyche of America, hence the world, has reached proportions not seen since the 1930s rise of the Third Reich. The lobotomy of the collective is in effect.

As the two sides of the political spectrum have become more stark in their oppositional shadows, each drawing into their gravity the respective mass of human passions; and amplified by events that uproot our fundamental “reality”; even some of the most grounded among us have shifted footing to embrace clinging to the splinters of a sinking ship of state once called “America”.

The “alt-media”, of which I am often mistakenly lumped into, and including some of my dear friends, (ex)colleagues, and respected voices; has, also been lured into the creeping desperation of “hope” that Donald J. Trump represents a sea of change in American direction.

No, I’m NOT arguing for the dreadful specter of an America run by leftist-posturing Biden and Harris. In fact, strategically, the Democratic ticket is a train wreck as acknowledged by that party’s own pundits. They simply represent how visionless and bereft of new vitality that once great party has become.

That the two parties (and that is ALL that there really are!) are now such fossilized and lunging monsters of a monolith called THE STATE is all one must observe in order to assess the futility of this GAME. It is the final crush of the Hegelian dialectic in play. The worst have become so bad that we will choose the lesser evil!

I have always allowed for a small margin of optimism regarding Trump. I deeply dislike him while, at times, admiring his ability to maneuver the landscape. Like Obama, I held out a small hope that he could, despite his flaws, display the integrity and resolution to at least stabilize the process and foster a better vision despite the corrupt system they inhabit.

But, mass human nature is still too unevolved to resist hero worship (and it it’s opposite, scapegoating), to pick up the mantle of INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY, and not fall prey to again laying laurels at feet of clay. The mind control that has worked its lines of dissimulation via Antifa and BLM on the left, and MAGA/QANON on the right, continues its toll in the ranks of the so-called “woke”.

Even the appearance of extolling any more of the pretense that Trump is anything other than the next brand of pseudo-change, to assuage the public consciousness—-while cauterizing its remaining cognitive abilities is repugnant to me. The ruse of the < wink wink > crypto semantics of Q messages and veiled insider revelations are B movie plots without popcorn. Wake the hell up!

Or not.

We cannot know what truly lives in another’s heart. To the extent that any of these political actors may harbor some good will, I wish them well. Regardless,there WILL be an election. It WILL be razor thin. Regardless of the outcome (which I see as being for Trump, but highly contested), the polarization will only escalate.

Wisely, the scripture of the New Testament gave us an admonition: Be in the world, not OF it.

Politics and voting are silly, futile, wasteful exercises in GIVING UP YOUR (PSYCHIC) POWER. Expecting to solve the problems of a society corrupted by THE STATE via using their processes is Einsteinian idiocy and Stockholm Syndrome.

To whatever small degree I have influence to persuade, it IS to direct this energetic outpouring towards ADVANCING the human collective in harnessing their inherent INTENTIONALITY towards creations of new vision, inspiring the embrace of our profound SPIRITUAL POWER, and simply turning our backs on the SYSTEM OF THE STATE and our hearts toward each other. Let this system whither and die from neglect.

In lieu of VOTING, CAMPAIGNING, and political machinations, use this time and energy to PURPOSEFULLY engage in focused visioning, creative interactions, and community building. Leave the rancor and divisions of the political machine and it’s archontic lords to parasitically starve, as they have lived from our blood for too long.

I speak this in great LOVE and COMPASSION for ALL living Beings.


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