Common Law 101: Why You Are Not a ‘Person’ and Shouldn’t Be [VIDEO]

ER Editor: This rather simple 10-minute video is action packed with ideas, which we’re going to give some notes to below. The video is pretty stand-alone, but it’s worth having a text.

We are told that the difference between Common Law and Contract Law is going to be important going forward, at least to our understanding of what is coming and how we’ve been living so far.

Basically, we haven’t realized that we have been re-created as a LEGAL FICTION, each of us, at our birth by being registered and given a birth certificate, where our FAMILY NAME is usually CAPITALIZED. And that our governments are really a grouping together of separate corporations, who don’t tell us that they are precisely this. The opposite concept of us under COMMON LAW is that we are living beings, an individual man or woman. Here are our notes.


Why we are not a ‘person’

See the visual below of who can contract with whom. Living people (man / woman) CANNOT CONTRACT with Corporations. Living men and women can only contract with each other, and corporations can only contract between themselves.

The shocking item here is that our governments (the UK in this case) are made up of different CORPORATIONS. So the police, the Crown itself, the government itself, social services, etc. are all corporations, amazingly. (ER: which means they are there to make sizeable profits and satisfy shareholders.) So how do these corporations – these government entities – come to have so much power over us, individual living men and women?

At birth, each of us receives our LEGAL FICTION unwittingly through our birth certificate. We are each registered in this way as corporations by being designated with a CAPITALIZED surname. Neither our parents nor we are aware of this. Thus the living person (man or woman) becomes an incorporated PERSON. Then and only then can we contract with other corporations, in this case various branches of our so-called governments.

In 1862 (UK), the definition of ‘person’ was changed to mean ‘corporation’.

So as incorporated persons with our LEGAL FICTION (capitalized surname), the government (a set of corporations) can contract with each of us over such things as taxes, rules & regulations, licenses, fines, etc. So all government communications concerning these matters will come to us with our name capitalized. Our individual dealings with these ‘government departments’ are actually contracts established between that corporation and each of us as persons individually.

At 2:32 minutes, a VALID contract is discussed. For a contract to be valid, there must be informed consent on both sides (where have we run into this problem before?!), and competency (obviously a mentally ill person or a baby/child are not competent). Plus, both parties need to receive something of VALUE. And there has to be reciprocal consent between both parties. (A living individual puts an ‘autograph’ to this contract whereas a ‘person’ writes their ‘signature’.) And contracts cannot be sold on to 3rd parties. This pretty much tells us why these contracts we make with our ‘governments’ are in no way valid.

You, a living man or woman, are not your legal fiction (a ‘person’)

We do act on behalf of our legal fiction, however, so we can (or should be able to) CHOOSE the contracts we wish to take on.


  • no harm, injury or loss to another living being
  • no THREAT of harm injury or loss to another living being
  • our dealings with everyone should be honorable

So what constitutes a CRIME?

This concept refers to an action that violates a LAW, which is based on rules, which only apply to PERSONS. The crime is also defined as ‘serious’.

So forgetting to update your car insurance, for example, results in a fine. This is a crime but to whom have we caused harm, injury or loss? We haven’t broken a law but a RULE. And these rules apply to PERSONS.  All legislation passed by Parliament only applies to ‘persons’. The words ‘man’ and ‘woman’ don’t appear because these rules cannot be applied to living souls. And where is the VICTIM in the case of us not paying our car insurance?

Each of our legal fictions becomes a member of the society of the UK Corporation. The rules of the society say the LEGAL FICTION only has to obey the rules of the society. (Listen to the discussion of the Tesco Clubcard – Tesco is a supermarket – and what a member can or cannot do.)

However, you cannot opt out of this contract by REMAINING SILENT (another trap we have fallen into). We must respond by REBUTTAL, by stating that what they are saying to us is not true. Staying silent is taken to mean TACIT ACCEPTANCE.

7:36 minutes: How to rebut face to face is discussed. So when a police officer wants to fine you, WHICH IS AN INVITATION TO CONTRACT, say:

  • I do not consent
  • I do not wish to contract with you
  • I don’t answer questions

Stick to the script or else you can be in trouble. For example, if the police officer says ‘do you understand?’, it means ‘do you stand under my authority?’ So we have to resist the temptation to simply say ‘yes (I understand)’. If you say ‘yes’, you’ve just made a contract. Keeping strictly to the verbal script constitutes our rebuttal.

8:46 minutes: How to rebut in writing (which should be done within 3 days)

When you reply in writing, you are only making a CONDITIONAL acceptance: ‘I will accept the terms of your offer IF …’

  • if you can show a contract (“prove to me that there’s a contract in place where I agreed to the terms of it”)
  • if you can prove I’m not a living man or woman (they’re fining your legal fiction, not you as a living being)

Everything other than common law is a contract

For those wanting more, see this video:


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2 Comments on Common Law 101: Why You Are Not a ‘Person’ and Shouldn’t Be [VIDEO]

  1. It is refreshing to finally see someone writing about this in a public forum! Now, let’s have you write about Justinian deception; where is come from, what it is, how to watch for it and what it means to living men and women. There is a Utube channel on this subject which gives lots of info and everyone needs to begin studying this if they plan on living as free men and women. This America is run by the British and we are ignorant as a population as to what that means. Just ask yourself a few questions and start searching: 1) Why is my name in ALL CAPS? Is that how you write your name? 2) Why are you paying property taxes? Is your property listed as residential? What does residential mean? Are you conducting business from your home? I could go on but just like we have experienced these last few years, the meanings of words have changed over time and we were never told and just assume that we know what they mean. Unlawful conversion of your status from American on the Land and Soil to U.S. Citizen has occurred on every one of us and we never knew, authorized it, and have no idea what that means. You have no rights…only privileges. It’s time to research and study how to become free!

  2. “Thus the living person (man or woman) becomes an incorporated PERSON. Then and only then can we contract with other corporations,”

    Why? Would love to understand some detailed explanation about this part… It’s kind of lacking in substance.

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