Congress Told WW III May Be Inevitable & the US Cannot Win



WW III Inevitable & the US Cannot Win

By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

The wheels are coming off of Obama’s flawed foreign policy as it relates to Syria. Congress has now heard testimony that the United States is not ready for World War III while Russia is chomping at the bit to “get it on”. Further Congress has learned that Obama has been once again been badly outmaneuvered by Putin, the master chess player.

Obama’s Duplicity Is Exposed By Putin

The Cold War was never this hot except 53 years ago during the Cuban Missile Crisis. But in that particular instance, the U.S. faced a potential Soviet nuclear attack upon the United States, by Soviet missiles being placed near the U.S. in Cuba. However, this march towards World War III is different, Putin has repeatedly requested the U.S.’s cooperation with the war against Mudlim jihadists in Syria, but Obama has steadfastly refused, and for good reason. Presently, Russia is the only foreign nation inside of Syria that is legally operating inside of  Syria. The Syrian government, headed by Assad, has invited Russia into his country. The great interloper, the United States, has invented and continues to support rogue terrorist organizations such as ISIS and the Syrian rebels in an attempt to unseat Assad in a desperate move to save the Petrodollar. The Syrian rebels and ISIS are illegitimate, rogue entities supported by the United States CIA. Under international law, the United States is a criminal nation supporting an illegal takeover of the Assad regime.

Putin continues to be a tactical genius. By inviting the United States to join his forces in ridding Syria of the criminal ISIS, Putin exposes America’s bad guy role in Syria.

Congress Has Finally Realized That the United States Is Going to be Attacked by Russia

putin hellbent on starting ww3At least some in Congress have set aside their insider trading ways long enough to contemplate how many different ways that the Chinese and the Russians are going to kick America’s rear end in the upcoming war.

In the coming weeks and months, look for a Congressional to invest in the construction of their of their soon-to-be hideaways while they create a safe haven, in places like Paraguay,

This past Tuesday, there were three congressional hearings that spelled out the future of America. In the first meeting of the morning, the Senate Armed Services Committee held a lengthy hearing on cyber-warfare and the possibilities of our enemies to take down our cyber infrastructure. In the afternoon, a second meeting was convened and it consisted of a subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee which discussed the present size and deployment of the US fleet of aircraft carriers as well as their vulnerability to attack. Yet, another Senate subcommittee of the same panel discussed the modernization of US nuclear weapons in what I would dub a “day late and a dollar short discussion”.

Very disturbingly, there is a growing awareness, among Congress, that the United States cannot win World War III.

There was only discussion, in these congressional meetings, as to whether, or not, the U.S. could prevail in World War III, not win the conflict. In other words, Congress wants to know if it can expect its gravy train to continue courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer, to hell with winning the war.

Undeniably, the idea of World War III is being both implanted and normalized in the minds of policy planners. How would you like to be a fly on the wall as these double-dealing Congressman realize that their days of impromptu Congressional pay raises, increased medical benefits while they stick the nation with failed Obamacare policies, could be coming to an end?

Impediments to American Success In World War III

The people of the United States are vehemently critical of military intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Syria, potentially Iran, Yemen and in North Africa. Americans are questioning why the present administration is willing to wreck the nation’s economy in order to carry out these imperialistic wars of occupation. The all-volunteer force is insufficient to carry on sustain these war efforts.

In the event of war, it is likely that the President would be forced to impose both a civilian and military draft in order to meet the needs to the country’s coming war efforts. The government would be drafting the same working class people, with declining pocketbooks, to serve in a military whose mission is already being negatively judged by the people who would be forced to serve in the coming war. This is a very tough sell for citizens who feels that their government has already abandoned them.

This kind of involuntary mobilization and servitude would result in a huge deterioration in the American standard of living for most Americans. And did I mention that many of these soon-to-be drafted men will die in combat fighting in a war that they are ill-equipped to win? And as  stated, these young men tend to be the children of the working class. This is the stuff that revolutions are made of.

A Stark Realization


While compiling data for this story, it dawned on me, that Obama has already prepared for these contingencies. This preparation took the form of Executive Order 13603.

If you desire to understand the implications that these events will have on you and your family, may I suggest that you take a moment and read about Executive Order 13603. If there is a silver lining to these events,  most of Congress will be in the same boat as the citizens that they have been plundering for years.


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