Correcting Contrail Narratives Part II: The History & Potential of the Persistent “Contrail”

Correcting Contrail Narratives Part II: The History & Potential of the Persistent “Contrail”

by Raphaëlle O’Neil, TLB Contributing Author

The powers that be LOVE to divide & conquer… in our first article, “Contrails Matter: Reframing the Chemtrail Narrative” (1) we explored the hair splitting that’s involved in the contrail vs. chemtrail narrative. We illustrated that deliberate or accidental, all contrails matter, since water vapor (2) video is the most prominent greenhouse gas and that, as NASA (3) states,

“Even small changes in the abundance or location of clouds could change the climate more than (any)… other factors associated with global change.”

To advance our cause and further the narrative, we must first repair it where it is broken so as to build our foundations on solid ground. It is necessary to keep in mind, too, that truth is superior to provability, meaning that just because you can’t or haven’t proven something, does not mean it doesn’t exist (4). Now that we understand why all contrails matter, we are ready to dive into the truths & myths of the persistent “contrail”.

For the purposes of clarity within this paper alone, we shall refer to jet cirrus that isn’t deliberately formed as contrails and those that are deliberately created, for whatever purposes, as chemtrails. (Either way, the fact remains, deliberate or accidental, they are both climate engineering (5), and both chemical trails (6)).

So when one is fairly asked how one can tell the difference between the two, the first thing chemtrail activists usually claim is that contrails didn’t used to linger and spread, taking out as much of the blue skies as they do today. They believe the lingering trails are chemtrails, and that those that dissipate more quickly are contrails.


It is true that contrail pollution has been on the rise. Also true is the fact, that the aviation industry has taken to the air with more flights, frequency & fuels over the years. BUT, it is also a fact that increase in airline travel is 1) even more reason to start being concerned about contrail pollution & 2) no proof or reason to assume that chemtrails from some other shady gov’t or industry program(s) aren’t piggy backing or being “covered up” by an otherwise “natural” persisting contrail phenomena. Of course, when it comes to jet fuel and its additives, “natural” persistent contrail phenomena is a relative term… So, let’s clear the air, then, and clean up some of our facts, shall we?

The first documented mention of the persisting contrail phenomena that I have documentation of was in 1921 when a U.S. Air Service reported on a Cloud Formation By Supercharged Plane (7). The mention is short and clear enough, but a later document by Vladimir K. Zworykin in 1945, “Outline of Weather Proposal” (8) reveals not only that contrails persisted and grew back then, but that the occurrence of three trails turning into overcast in the space of one hour was “STRIKING”. These days, it’s appears to be less striking to many, since it has become a regular occurrence.

What is especially striking to me, is the paragraph immediately following the vapor trail observations, Zworykin’s mentions the use of “nuclear power”:

“In a discussion of the energy for weather control one cannot avoid reference to the possible utilization of atomic power, but adequate knowledge of the absorption and reflection of different types of surfaces will permit utilization of the other great source of power- the sun.”

Also in the document:

“There are a variety of possibilities for modifying local heat balances… thru its effect on the local heat budget, surface friction, and moisture distribution”.

“According to Zworykin:

‘The eventual goal to be attained is the international organization of means to study weather phenomena as global phenomena and to channel the world’s weather, as far as possible, in such a way as to minimize the damage from catastrophic disturbances, and otherwise to benefit the world to the greatest extent by improved climatic conditions where possible. Such an international organization may contribute to world peace by integrating the world interest in a common problem and turning scientific energy to peaceful pursuits. It is conceivable that eventual far-reaching beneficial effects on the world economy may contribute to the cause of peace (original emphasis).’

John von Neumann formally endorsed Zworykin’s view in a letter enclosed with the proposal dated 24 October 1945. Von Neumann wrote, “I agree with you completely. . . This would provide a basis for scientific approach[es] to influencing the weather.” Using computer- generated predictions, von Neumann envisioned that weather and climate systems “could be controlled, or at least directed, by the release of perfectly practical amounts of energy” or by “altering the absorption and reflection properties of the ground or the sea or the atmosphere.” It was a project that neatly fit von Neumann’s overall agenda and philosophy: “All stable processes we shall predict. All unstable processes we shall control.”

Zworykin’s proposal also contained a long endorsement by the noted oceanographer Athelstan Spilhaus, then a U.S. Army major, who ended his letter of 6 November 1945, with these words: “In weather control, meteorology has a new goal worthy of its greatest efforts.”

Zworykin’s proposal is proof that 1) though, striking, the persistent contrail phenomena has been around for decades, and 2) they could be exploited for an end, be it benign or otherwise, and 3) the intent to harness the radiative forces of clouds and other earthly elementals is nothing new.

So how can we be sure whether the contrail phenomena is occurring “naturally” or is being manipulated? Let’s first examine the most obvious source of the trails- jet fuel, as a cause of contrail creation.

Now we are in Jim Lee’s territory

His extensively detailed timeline at (9) is a staple in any activist’s educational arsenal. He is the definitive jet fuel expert and has not only spoken, lead, and brought a team of anti-geoengineering activists before the EPA (10)video, but has helped further the narrative with the EPA, and other climate agencies on behalf of the public, helping bridge the gap between the stupid linguistic game we exposed in our last article of this Contrail Narratives (1) series, and has proven that contrails at the very least are a grave, yet under reported pollution problem.

Tons of dirty jet fuel history can be found in Jim’s recent article “FAA Scientist: We Want Clouds By Day, None By Night” (11). Besides listing the precise different kinds of fuels and their contents, he also shows that jet trails have been the source of pollution and complaints for decades now. Reading from the article we learn that contrail pollution is nothing new. Turns out “the airline industry was sued in 1970 by the state of Illinois & New Jersey for chemtrails, but they called it “smoke pollution of the sky. The airline industry settled out of court, swore to clean up pollution and the clouds should go away. But, 10 years later, Chicago skies were still covered by clouds made by planes.”

1970 was also the year scientists started admitting that aircraft contrails can potentially modify the weather (5).

In another article entitled,”Contrails, Geoengineering & the single Fuel Concept” (12) Lee illustrates how contrail pollution problems have had a lot more scrutiny within the aviation and climate agencies than they have in the public arena, citing contrail studies going back to 9/11 and how it is believed that contrails, though they both cool and warm, probably have a net warming effect.

In it, he also goes into great detail of the Single Fuel Concept, where, long story short, for various security and cost reasons the military’s aviation industry decided to go to a single fuel source across the board using mostly JP-8 with HiTTS added to more cheaply replace a list of other mandatory additives that relate to cooling the fuel and other “necessary” functional uses, coinciding exactly with when the chemtrail complaints started entering the scene back in 1988 to 1997.

Then, Lee continues to educate us on bio fuels which enter the scene in about 2000, and which, believe it or not, are enlisted for contrail control.

Okay, hold up- contrail CONTROL?? Who the heck is engaged in contrail control these days?? We surely do not see any evidence of that, since we clearly have all been complaining of the increase in aviation induced cloudiness for years now (Jim Lee’s term). So please excuse me, but for what it’s worth, the term contrail “control” makes me snort.

And who’s to thank for creating the standards for jet fuel and sanctioned additives across all 28 NATO countries? The NATO Pipeline Committee.

Lee concludes:

1 Covert geoengineering is currently undetectable. (Meaning the technology to detect it scientifically doesn’t exist)
2 Aviation fuel is a complex soup.
3 Jet fuels and their additives are tested for many, many things, including Contrail production.
4 The military claims the ability to both create and suppress contrails, yet there is no demand for all contrails to be removed, they are simply studied in order to use them.
5 Scientists are screaming bloody murder over the “uncertainties” surrounding Contrail Cirrus while bragging about their “climate change” models.
6 No real solution has been put forward to stop contrail production, in fact, scientists seem to be planning to take advantage of contrails when they can accurately predict them (which turns “prediction studies” into “Geoengineering SRM field tests”).  The plan is clear: find out what contrails are doing and leave them in the sky for now…
7 The sky is coated in man-made clouds.

Going back to Jim’s latest article (11) we see that a duel fuel solution is proposed and desired. Regarding contrail control, Jim updates us that:

“Contrail cirrus clouds are always referred to as inadvertent or accidental, never intentional.  All of that has changed.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that contrail cirrus clouds cool during the day but they trap too much heat at night.

• Cloud blanket warms up melting icecap (13)
• Greenland ice sheet melts more when it’s cloudy (14)
• Clouds enhance Greenland ice sheet meltwater runoff (15)
• Clouds, like blankets, trap heat and are melting the Greenland Ice Sheet (16)

There is a major scramble for a contrail pollution solution due to the 9-11 and 2008 research papers and the looming carbon taxes faced by the airline industry.  The leading candidate for contrail control is geoengineering the jet fuel.

The idea is simple: change the type of cloud seeds (aerosols or cloud condensation nuclei CCN) coming out of the jet engines so they make clouds that do not trap heat.  Generally speaking their plan is to reduce soot and add sulfur, this should make cooling clouds.

If the airline industry can pull it off they can claim they are doing climate mitigation and get carbon credits (cash) for making clouds instead of paying a hefty carbon tax bill.”

Read Lee’s entire interview with Dr. Rangasayi Halthore, head of the FAA Aviation Climate Change Research Initiative (ACCRI), who is also the head of the ACCESS flight experiments on biofuels and contrail control (17) for more details.

So we can see that though contrail creation is a monumental pollution problem, those that call them what they are, chemtrails – chemical trails- are called tin foil hatters because they believe it is deliberate. We have seen by the ridicule that jet fuel is dirtier then the aviation industry is publicly intellectually honest about and that is why instead of meeting the public’s concerns they wage a war of propaganda engaging in use of the CIA’s weaponized term (18) “Conspiracy Theorist” to squelch inquiry from going any further. And it has worked… to a certain extent.

Of course, many of us know that when it comes to weather modification, there are other components besides contrails involved. After all, we are not just seeing these trails randomly laid, we are seeing them interacting with weather fronts, guiding weather by either, bringing (19) video, or stopping (20) video rain. And we are seeing other electromagnetic signatures (21)video in the clouds. And weather causing anthropogenic clouds (22) are not limited to just contrails. Still, sticking just to contrails for now, is there a way that the contrail phenomena could be hiding other programs within it?

The Correcting Narratives Series will continue next week, as we explore ways in which other weaponized agendas could be threaded into the existing contrail pollution problem, and why it’s important to not just assume that they aren’t.


About the author:

Raphaëlle O’Neil is a climate engineering awareness activist & educator, and author of the children’s chemtrail book “Funny Clouds: A Chemtrail Tale”, illustrated by Sean Gautreaux. [See video review below] She is also a massage therapist, who’s passion for liberty has made her a freedom fighter going back her whole life, but after surviving recent assaults on the environment after Katrina and the BP oil spill, she renewed her commitment to ringing the alarm on various pressing environmental issues.

Because no safeguards to a clean environment can be made without the right to freedom of speech, she was forced to defend herself against such tyranny by going up to bat for the constitution of the Unites States of America, which she did by being Press Chief for P.A.N.D.A (People Against the National Defense Authorization Act) until the birth of her child.

Podcast: Though she covers multiple issues on her podcast Beyond the Veil on her nolabutterfly youtube channel, ranging from free speech, mind control, and other shady government cover-ups, she is primarily focused on climate engineering and the way it is being used to advance the globalist agenda we see unfolding today.

She is currently working with others to change the chemtrail narrative into one that holds anthropological cloud makers responsible for the effects of their creations…regardless of the intent… driving the making of clouds in hopes of forcing greater scrutiny, integrity & accountability on the part of the public at large. Raphaelle is a contributing author and researcher at The Liberty Beacon Project.

Book Review: Funny Clouds – A Chemtrail Tale from Harold Saive on Vimeo.

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  1. This article is a crucial step in understanding the attempt to hide weather modification behind false narratives and subterfuge to hide the ongoing, fully deployed but an apparently world-wide clandestine program to control society by controlling weather. Great article with meticulous research and factual reporting. Thank you !

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